Translation Guide: Main Menu

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The main menu is the splash page players see when first logging in. It usually looks something like the below:

Each of the menu options are highlighted below.

Time + Currency Display

This is the upper right most portion of the screen, which shows the current time and in-game currencies.

Icon Description
A general in-game currency that is required for actions such as using Open Recruitment (the unit synthesis system), using EXP to level up units, increasing the "Ascension" level of units, among others. A small amount of currency can be earned from doing combat, from finishing tasks, or from some daily logins.
This is the currency used to use the gacha system in the game. The usual cost per roll is 600 for a single roll, and 6000 for a 10-roll. This currency can be obtained from login bonuses, event rewards, and can also be received by converting the premium gacha currency.
Pressing the "+" button allows you to convert the premium currency into 180x normal currency.
This is the premium gacha currency that can be purchased in the shop. This converts into normal gacha currency at a rate of 1x premium currency = 180x normal gacha currency. For a 10-roll, ~34 premium currency is needed, while a single roll is ~4 premium currency.
Pressing the "+" button brings you to the cash shop.

Combat (Quests)

This is where you can progress the main story quests or undertake any other combat quests that are available. The large number indicates your stamina (in this image, 327 = current stamina; 84 = max stamina, this image shows stamina overflow), while the smaller text on the right indicates which quest you are currently on.

Unit Formation (Selecting your Active Party)

This is where your active party can be set, along with any active skills you would like to set for individual units in your active party.

Employee Role Management (All Current Units)

This is where you can see a full list of units that you own. In this menu, you can also:

  • Level up units by giving them EXP
  • Promote units if you have the resources available, which raises their level cap and can modify other aspects of the unit (such as their range).
  • Unlock Potential for units if you have multiple copies of the unit, up to lv5.

Purchasing Center (Unlocked Later)

(This menu option is unlocked at a later time, more info will be included later)

Open Recruitment (“Unit Synthesis”)

This option allows you to conduct Open Recruitment, in which you can obtain an up to 5* Rarity unit depending on the amount of real time spent during recruitment. A guide that describes possible outcomes of Open Recruitment can be found in the Arknights Information spreadsheet under “Recruit Tags”.

Employee Search (The G A C H A)

This is where you can access the gacha. Gacha costs the red currency (600x Single Roll; 6000x 10-roll) shown right underneath the clock in the home menu. There is also a beginner’s gacha that guarantees a 5* and 6* unit.

Tasks (Daily Missions)

This brings you to a screen that shows a list of tasks that can be accomplished for rewards. These will refresh every day and every week, so rewards can be received again once the lists refresh. For a list of all tasks, please check out the Arknights spreadsheet for a list of tasks in both the Daily and Weekly tabs.

Infrastructure (Buildings, Unlocked later)

This feature unlocks once you clear 1-12.

This will allow you to build, upgrade, and customize the various facilities of the RHODES ISLAND base. Characters can also be assigned to work on specific facilities in the base, and have their own stamina that must be managed so that facilities are operating efficiently. More detailed information about infrastructure can be found here at the rhinelab wiki!

Warehouse (Player Inventory List)

This is an inventory screen, showing all items currently owned by the player and how many of each item are held.


Game settings, including Profile / Sound / Notifications can be found here. A full translation of the menu settings can be found here, from u/Marcus_Waterson’s tutorial translation thread.


Latest news and update announcements can be found here.


Messages from the developers, which can sometimes come with attachments that can be claimed and added to the player’s inventory.

Daily Login Calendar

You can click here to access the daily login calendar and claim daily logins.

Compass: Event Bonuses

Any currently active special event login bonuses or rewards can be found here.

Featured Character

The currently selected unit to appear on the home screen can be found here. The unit will say a voice line when the player clicks on them. In addition, the currently selected unit can be changed by clicking on the circular refresh button to the left of the character’s image. The player’s level is also shown above LV.

Breaking News

A visual showing the latest events or news for the game. You can swipe left or right to scroll through each of the active banners.


Here you can open the Friends menu, where you can find the options listed below:

  • Personal Profile is where you can edit a custom in-game message.
  • Friend List is where you can find a list of current friends and visit their facility.
  • Add New Friend allows you to search for friends by their name.
  • Support Units allows you to change which units you would like to allow friends to take as support on missions.

A full translation of the friends screen can be found here, with thanks to u/Marcus_Waterson’s tutorial translation post.

Intelligence (Catalogues for Units and Enemies)

This screen allows you to view all the characters and the factions that they belong to.

Trust: The bottom left of the intelligence screen also contains a link to faction “Trust” which is gained by having and using characters from a given faction. Rewards can be obtained by reaching certain levels of Trust with a faction.

Bestiary: The bottom right of the intelligence screen is a link to an in-game bestiary, where all the different types of enemies that have been encountered thus far will be listed.