Arknights CN: Translation of [Heart of Surging Flame Retrospection] Extra Story

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Article by Daniel O'Brien Lauli

[Heart of Surging Flame Retrospection] Extra Story

Article Feature Image Credits: alchemaniac

Translation Credits: Laulicon#6707, Nightsky#3319, and Razr39325 ‡Anomalous Keys‡ #9977



Elysium: Hello hello, hello hello hello, can you pick up? You can't just ignore the calls again?

Elysium: Hello? Ah, hey hey! I hear you I hear you.

Elysium: Man, you finally picked up...


Elysium: You should've arrived already right? So, how's Siesta?

Elysium: I heard from the Doctor that it's so hot over there people keep on passing out on the streets, then get woken up with free beer, is that true?

Elysium: Oh right, how many celebrities are at the music fest? Is Emperor coming?

Elysium: Hey, did you see anyone from AUS? I've been using their songs as background music. Listen to this one—

Thorns: Say what you have to say. If there's nothing I'm hanging up.

Elysium: Wait wait wait! Don't!

Elysium: There's something, I have something to say, don't hang up bro!

Thorns: (Sighs)

Thorns: If you wanted to come so badly, why didn't you?

Elysium: I couldn't! You think I didn't want to?

Elysium: A bunch of you left, so someone gotta stay back in the ship. Besides, there are some internal things to take care of too. You know, this time Gavial


Thorns: Stop, you don't need to tell me about the mission details.

Elysium: Eh, it's not something that's a secret. But, uh, there's something that's...

Thorns: Get to the point, what is it. Say it in thirty words.

Elysium: Hey, bro.

Elysium: Did anyone ever tell you that it's super hard to get along with you?

Thorns: No.

Elysium: Poor thing, no one dared to tell you the truth.

Thorns: I'm hanging up.

Elysium: Wait! I'll talk!

Elysium: (Inhales)

Elysium: So the source of the information isn't too reliable but this music fest might somehow go wrong but I don't think you'd really care too much if they actually start to fight or something so if you do happen to run into an AUS member please ask them for an autograph thank you so much for your troubles that's all!

Thorns: ... Is that what you wanted to say?

Elysium: Hm? Yeah.

Thorns: That was sixty words in total. You exceeded the limit by a hundred percent.

Thorns: And, if you continue to play music in the office at this volume, then in the next ten seconds someone from the engineering department next door will run in to smash your stereo.

Elysium: Huh?

Elysium: Hold on? Is there something you need Jane... disturbing work? Then... wait I'm sorry hold on listen to me don't do it—


Thorns: Tsk.

Thorns: Just how much does that guy like this band?

Thorns: I can almost recite the lyrics backwards... hm?


Provence: The scenery is nice, but it's actually so hot here! You can wring water out of my tail!

Provence: Siesta's local temperature seems to be higher than I estimated, odd... hey, Skyfire, don't you feel hot?

Skyfire: Wearing clothes like this, it'd be weird if we don't.

Provence: Ugh, that's true.

Provence: Everyone is wearing too much, someone might actually get a heat stroke. It'd be best if we can change... I heard that we'd have a chance to go to the ocean, so I brought my swimsuit.

Skyfire: Wait, not now! We're still going to the foot of the volcano, at least wait until we get back!

Provence: Then we'll hurry up, I want to enjoy the beach too. A chance like this doesn't come by often all right!


Thorns: ...

Thorns: Beach, ocean?

Thorns: ... This place doesn't smell like it has an ocean.


Alty: Phew, how many songs was that? We still have a show tonight, why did we get excited beforehand.

Aya: Don't know, but I'm pretty happy. Frost too.

Frost: (Plucks string)

Dan: It doesn't matter, not like we'll get tired.

Alty: Ah, haha, makes sense.

Alty: All right, then, before nightfall—

Alty: Let's party ahead of time!!


Thorns: (This is the band that guy likes? This style is surely noisy.)

Thorns: (And... )

Thorns: (Strange. Something feels off.)

Thorns: (Is it because of the song? What is... this familiar feeling?)


Bodyguard A: Did you find missy?!

Bodyguard B: Hurry! Chase them, they couldn't have gotten far!

Bodyguard A: Come this way, we have to get missy back!

Fan A: What are you shoving for, so rude!

Fan B: Fuck who stepped on me?

Fan C: Don't worry about those people, they're singing again. Ahhhh this is the first song from "Deep colours of the Sea"!

Thorns: Hm?

Thorns: (Just now, what were those people looking for?)

Thorns: (Those fashion of clothing doesn't seem like that of a civilian organization... )




Vigna: Phew, finally got out...

Thorns: Where are you going in a hurry?

Vigna: Whoa! Who is it!

Vigna: Oh, it's Thorns, scared me there... since you're here, then it means you're a fan of AUS as well?

Vigna: Right, I remember that you're Aegirian, I always thought that no Aegirirans can resist them. The ocean in their songs are prettier and stronger than even Siesta's waves!

Thorns: ...

Vigna: Oh, wait, it's not the time for this!

Vigna: The Doctor seems like he needs help, I'm going over! Since I ran into you, don't stand around, let's go together—

Thorns: The Doctor doesn't need me there.

Vigna: Eh, why?

Thorns: There's an old man from Ursus with him, they'll be fine.

Thorns: ... No, put it this way.

Thorns: I didn't receive any direct contact, meaning that this isn't necessary.

Thorns: I believe that the Doctor has a degree of certainty regarding his arrangements. He's not someone who would put operators and himself in danger.

Thorns: Before I receive proper instructions, I have no need to participate in your operation.

Thorns: Don't underestimate the Doctor. Acting alone may actually disrupt his plans.

Thorns: These are my speculations. Are there any problems?

Vigna: ...

Vigna: No.

Vigna: There aren't any problems, but I made a new discovery.

Thorns: ?

Vigna: You and I definitely won't get along! Why do you need to ponder so much about helping out!

Vigna: Oh whatever, the Doctor asked me for help, but not you, right?

Vigna: Fine, then stay here for the performance, I gotta go.

Thorns: ...

Thorns: What is that attitude?

Thorns: I don't understand.



Male Tourist: Have you heard? There's a barbeque vender in the food district by the beach, and there's a half-price discount, the line is already on the street!

Male Tourist: So, let's go check it out!

Female Tourist: Barbeque in this weather? It's too hot, let's not...

Male Tourist: Hey, you can't say that. Barbeque on the burning beach, the blazing coal fire, doesn't that fit the fiery atmosphere of this music fest!

Male Tourist: And there are so many people lined up, it's gotta be good, you don't want to miss out!

Male Tourist: We're on holiday and we're here anyway, come on, my treat!

Female Tourist: You sound like my aunt... fine, if you say so, then let's check it out.

Female Tourist: Hm? What's that sound?


AUS: What did you say?

AUS: Louder—


Fan A: Ano—ther—

Fan B: Encore—


Male Tourist: Seems like there's a temporary stage, some band is performing there.

Female Tourist: Compared to the barbeque, let's go have a listen first. Looking at the crowd, it might be some famous musician...

Female Tourist: Hey, who bumped into me!


Thorns: Careful.

Female Tourist: Oh... ah, t, thank you.


Male Tourist: Cool!! They're awesome!!

Female Tourist: It's my first time listening to this band, in person it's better than I thought...

Female Tourist: We've came to the right place. Compared to barbeque in the summer, it's much more worth for the songs! If they release a new album, I'll definitely buy it!

Male Tourist: I can tell, you're just not interested in barbeque...

Female Tourist: You just noticed?

Male Tourist: Hey, that aside, where's your bag?

Female Tourist: ... Huh?

Female Tourist: I remember I had it in my hand...

Thorns: Are you looking for this?

Unremarkable Tourist: Wah!

Unremarkable Tourist: What are you doing, why are you getting violent? Ow ow ow my hand hurts.

Thorns: Shut up, it's not broken.

Thorns: I don't like noise, or do you want to shut up via another method?

Unremarkable Tourist: (Gurgles like his throat is being clamped)

Thorns: There.

Female Tourist: Ah, it's my bag!

Thorns: Two watches, four purses, and a lady's bracelet. Looks like being surrounded by music does lower one's guard. It's the same for everyone.

Thorns: Must've been easy for you to grab all this? Otherwise you wouldn't be so bold, doing it over and over again.

Unremarkable Tourist: What, what are you bullshitting about! These are mine, my own...

Thorns: Unreasonable.

Thorns: Your lies are clumsy. You're wasting my time meaninglessly.

Female Tourist: Right, right! And that's clearly my bag!

Male Tourist: Ah? There are actually thieves? Are those people in black suits a while ago running around catching thieves?

Thorns: Black suits? They're not so kind-hearted.

Thorns: Take your belongings. If there aren't any problems, I still need to take this person to the other owner.

Unremarkable Tourist: Hey hey hey I'm innocent I'm the owner!

Unremarkable Tourist: Let go before I sue you—

Thorns: Quiet.

Unremarkable Tourist: Ow ow ow!

Male Tourist: Bro, uh, of course we believe you, but, do you know where the other owners are?

Male Tourist: How did you find out?

Thorns: ... This group of people often wait at crowd gatherings, picking out foreign tourists as targets, and leave immediately after they succeed.

Thorns: He's a repeated offender.

Thorns: I only confirmed when he acted the second time. Followed this guy for five blocks and found their hideout.

Unremarkable Tourist: ?!

Thorns: Don't be so surprised. Apart from you, everyone else is in the police station.

Thorns: Is the scarred one your leader? He had a few tricks, wasted a lot of my time.

Unremarkable Tourist: ...

Unremarkable Tourist: ... You even caught old Tom? Tsk, should've said that earlier. Fine, you win, I surrender.

Male Tourist: Hey, you're still acting so arrogant even after getting caught?

Unremarkable Tourist: Siesta is our city, what do you know? So what if I get caught? It's just some time in jail...

Male Tourist: You... whatever, there's nothing to say to you. Hey, bro, thanks a bunch for this.

Thorns: It's nothing.

Female Tourist: Wait wait wait, don't leave in a hurry!

Thorns: ?

Thorns: There's no need to thank me.

Thorns: I just happened to need to help my colleagues take care of some things, that's all.

Female Tourist: Don't say that, I still need to thank you!

Female Tourist: Handsome, want to get barbeque together?

Female Tourist: I heard that there's a store with a bunch of people lined up, it must be good. Since you're here already, why not go have a taste? My treat!

Male Tourist: Hold on?? Didn't you say you didn't want barbeque??

Female Tourist: But that's not the same thing?

Thorns: ...



Cutter: This batch of meat the customers ordered is done. Can you get the next one in time? Right, the fire is getting smaller, I'll add a bit more coal.

Ifrit: No prob! Just watch me!

Thorns: So the barbeque shop with many people lined up is this place? Mm, indeed it doesn't look bad.

Thorns: But, this coal you're using...

Ifrit: Hah? Wait who are you? Don't touch my stuff randomly!

Ifrit: Wait, I think I remember your weapon... let me think... hey don't speak, don't remind me! I can definitely remember!

Ifrit: Hmmmm... are you the one following the Doctor before? Oh no, no, that guy doesn't look like you, he only has a black cloak and he doesn't have such a long sword.

Ifrit: Then you must be the one running around in circles and yelling on the deck right! I saw! It must be right, I also saw that Yen lady run out cursing, was she cursing at you?

Cutter: Ifrit, the one who was running should be Mr. Elysium.

Cutter: By the way, he was yelling "I was the one who ate the jelly sundae slushie".

Cutter: Miss Leizi reprimanded him, probably because the sundae that he ate happened to be the one Miss Leizi put in the freezer.

Ifrit: He was yelling what... wait, he did something bad, so why is he yelling it out loud?

Ifrit: How did you know, big ears?

Thorns: Because he made a bet with me, on whether the next operator that passes is a guy or a girl. He lost.

Cutter: I was the one that passed by.

Ifrit: The heck? How childish are you?

Thorns: Interruption, your meat is getting burnt.

Thorns: If you flipped it thirty-six seconds earlier, you could've made it medium. If you turn off the heat now you can probably salvage the taste.

Thorns: And, If I'm not mistaken, the coal you put into the stove is wet. In the next ten seconds, there's a 73% chance it will explode.

Thorns: Mm, judging from the smoke and the sparks, the percentage can go up by another ten.

Cutter: Ah.

Ifrit: Ah. ----

Ifrit: Ah—pah, cough cough, bah, bleh!

Ifrit: Ugh, why did this stupid stove just explode like that, can't you even control it? I just raised the temperature a little!

Cutter: Cough, cough, sorry, it's my bad. I shouldn't have tried, I thought it'd be fine if I'm just helping out with barbequing things...

Ifrit: Ah? No, you didn't do anything wrong.

Cutter: I'm very sorry, Ifrit, Mr. Thorns, and other customers, I will pay for the damages.

Cutter: ... Ifrit:, I won't cause you trouble anymore, keep up the good work.

Thorns: ...

Thorns: You're saying, you're not doing it anymore? You're giving up?

Cutter: No, no, I don't want to give up, but, I always cause everyone trouble.

Cutter: It's not just once or twice. It's the same back in the ship. As long as I enter the kitchen, accidents happen, no matter how many times it is...

Thorns: Then try again.

Cutter: ... Eh?

Thorns: If you don't know, then learn. If you fail one then try twice, if you fail twice then try thrice. Since you know what went wrong, avoid doing it next time.

Thorns: Don't worry about the compensation, this level of explosion happens all the time, it's fine. ----

Cutter: ...

Cutter: Ifrit, I...

Ifrit: When are you going to stop slacking?

Cutter: Eh? Ah?

Ifrit: I said, when are you going to stop slacking! Come help out! Hey, take this, I need to reassemble the stove!

Ifrit: What are you looking at, get to work! You were the one who came saying that you wanted to help, so don't run away in the middle of things!

Ifrit: Hurry hurry, and get the next batch of meat when you're done, I'll go exchange these coal!

Cutter: Can, can I?

Ifrit: Why can't you? Who said you can't, or do you think you can't?

Ifrit: Tsk, so annoying, why is this crate stuck in the sand. It's too heavy, I can't dig it out...

Ifrit: Oh, where's the pepper? Why is the pepper gone? Ahhh.... ! So annoying! ----

???: Excuse me, I heard that they're selling delicious barbeque here. Do you know where it is?

???: Oh, it's Ifrit and Cutter. ----

Beeswax: What are you doing, do you need help?

Ifrit: Oh! Just in time.

Ifrit: Come come come, help out a bit here, I need to dig this out.

Beeswax: All right.

Ifrit: It's out!

Ifrit: I thought you could only play with sand, but you're a pretty capable person!

Cutter: Ifrit, don't say that...

Cutter: Because you say things that way, people misunderstand you...

Ifrit: Ah? Why should it matter what others think about me.

Beeswax: Eh, isn't Ifrit complimenting me?

Cutter: Eh?

Beeswax: Isn't it? Ifrit sometimes call people "idiots", but I know that's a compliment too.

Ifrit: I, idiot! What are you saying, don't make things up!

Beeswax: Ah, she's jumping.

Beeswax: Right, if you want to play with sand, I heard that Dr. Gavial is planning to return home, you can go along with her to play. I remember that there should be sand pits near her home.

Ifrit: I don't want to play with sand, I'm not a kid!

Beeswax: Really, I kinda wanted to go. How nice, I miss my home too, but before I complete my journey, I can't go back yet...

Ifrit: Go home? I don't get it, I'm fine with Silence and Saria together. Isn't it fine at Rhodes Island?

Beeswax: I don't think it's exactly the same... but, if Ifrit thinks it's fine, then it should be fine?

Ifrit: Tsk... how is it not the same? Make it clear!

Beeswax: Mm... let me think.

Beeswax: I often... dream of home, dream about the swinging golden cradle, the dry, coarse hand of my mother caressing my face...

Beeswax: I know it was all sand, and it wasn't warm at all, but in the dream, it was nostalgic.

Beeswax: It's a place I'll return to no matter where I go.

Ifrit: Oh...

Beeswax: Does that count as being clear?

Cutter: How did the topic turn into this...

Cutter: All right, save the chatting for later, I'll put up the frame, Ifrit, please prepare the new coal.

Cutter: At least, thanks to Mr. horns, we know what to keep in mind.

Ifrit: Right, forget it, time to work.

Ifrit: That guy's name is Thorns? Can't tell from looks, but he's pretty nice.

Beeswax: Mm, Mr. Thorns is a really enthusiastic and nice guy.

Ifrit: Enthusiastic? Sounds weird.

Beeswax: It's true! I just saw him stop a bunch of people who were looking for trouble with the Doctor.

Beeswax: Vigna told me, those people were looking for trouble, but Vigna also said that not a single one of them can fight, and for me to not worry.

Beeswax: I was planning to help, but looks like it isn't really needed.

Beeswax: Right, Mr. Thorns also caught a thief!

Ifrit: I see him dragging his face, with that snobby attitude, but he'd do that? Helping others? Whoa.

Cutter: I thought he was hard to get along with, seems like I was mistaken.

Ifrit: Yeah...

Thorns: You should make sure that the topic of your discussion isn't present before you talk about them.

The Three: Whoa!

Ifrit: Why are you still here?!

Thorns: Just came back. Here, peppers.

Ifrit: Ah...

Thorns: I'm leaving, no need to thank me.

Ifrit: Who, who is going to thank you!

Ifrit: What a weirdo.

Beeswax: A bit... but he's actually a good person too?


Thorns: The ocean, huh. It's not right. It's too humane for the ocean. Apart from the water tasting a bit salty, where's the taste of the ocean?

Thorns: Hey.

Thorns: Hey, you there.

Thorns: ... Hey, speak. You've been standing behind me for a while.

Aya: How! I was found... to sense that I'm here, you're very good, mister.

Aya: So, the scenery here is nice, isn't it.

Thorns: ... Singer of the band. What are you doing here?

Aya: Hm? You know me, are you a fan? Want an autograph?

Thorns: Not really. Don't switch the topic.

Aya: Oh, pity. Want a CD?

Thorns: No.

Aya: Just kidding, I don't carry CDs around on me. Did anyone tell you you're kinda hard to get along with?

Thorns: Yes.

Aya: Trust me, you're not. You just don't care.

Thorns: ...

Aya: I'm here to see the ocean.
The singer watched the surface of the water. Her hair formed into the shape of waves in the ocean wind.

Aya: But this isn't the ocean.

Aya: Siesta's beaches are beautiful. The more beautiful they are, the more I fell it's not like the ocean at all. Our home is completely different than this.

Aya: Those who came here wanting to see the ocean must feel deceived.

Aya: Will you miss your home, mister?

Thorns: —

Thorns: Singer, what are you saying?

Aya: You don't understand? Then don't mind it, I'm just saying. I say whatever I'm thinking about, it's a habit I can't fix.

Thorns: Don't beat around the bush. You're Aegirian.

Aya: Yes.

Aya: But also no.

Thorns: I really don't like beating around the bush.

Aya: Then why don't you ask me directly?

Thorns: ...

Aya: What, out of questions? A chance like this doesn't come by easily.

Thorns: Freak. Wasting my time.

Aya: Isn't it nice to waste some time here? A life is good only if you can afford allowing yourself to waste time.

Aya: The ones being suffocated by survival won't have the chance to waste anything.

Thorns: Perhaps you're right.

Aya: Right? Want an autograph?

Aya: Don't reject it, here, wait for me to grab pen and paper... this is a poster...
The pink-haired Aegirian scribbled a few lines on the poster.

Aya: Here, autograph!

Thorns: Hey.

Aya: Just think of it as payment for being willing to talk with me. It's hard to meet a fellow Aegirian outside.

Thorns: No, it's not right...

Thorns: You're not my kind.
Thorns' eyes widened as he stared into the singer's pupils.
The singer blinked, and watched Thorns' hand slowly extend towards the hilt of his sword.
You didn't even try to hide it.

Aya: You don't like our songs that much... I know.

Aya: But I'm still giving you my autograph.

Thorns: Why? You...

Aya: Because you like to dance. People who likes dancing can't be bad people.

Thorns: That sounded very stupid.

Aya: Don't say that, I've learnt it from many people. We've all been on this land for pretty long, we've learned a lot.

Aya: You're not raised in the ocean are you? Compared to the lively souls on land, the ocean should be closer to you.

Aya: But you've never seen the kind side of it. You won't miss home.

Thorns: My home is only Iberia.

Aya: So the ocean isn't your home. You have no emotions towards it.

Thorns: No.

Thorns: I've drank it. I don't swim in lakes. My ancestors came to Iberia, but they still cannot leave the ocean.

Thorns: I have emotions towards it. I think I'm afraid of it.

Aya: Yeah, eh.

Aya: I heard the ripples of your fallen tear♪ It was your nightmare♪ Your heart cracked into bleeding petals... ♪

Thorns: What are you singing?

Aya: Nothing, just a random song.

Aya: But you're right. I think you should be afraid of it, mister.

Aya: Of course...

In the distance, a speaker in Siesta began playing the recording of the main stage of the music fest. A familiar tune entered Thorns' ears.
In the past two weeks Elysium has been humming this song every day.
This song seems to be one of the masterpieces by the band this singer is from.
And the singer was...
"The disguise fall off in memories, the scar you left me is the pain you forgot♪
I can't catch your past figure♪ They stand and cry your name, they smell your scent and will hear you repent♪"


Aya: Of course, no matter if you're scared of it or not, it will find you.

Aya: It's coming. Go. Don't look back.

... ?
What is she saying, what is that?
What is... standing on the water?
The sun with a broken piece lingered spotted shadows fell on grey tides taking water
The voice was breathing the silence was breathing the sea is breathing you heard its voice doesn't speak doesn't sing and doesn't breathe
One second two seconds decades centuries it remained silent
It looked at you
Its eyes pressed against your eyes wanting to slowly crawl into its wounds
You were awaken you were embraced you sank into its blood its shadow its sun you heard its figure its figure doesn't have eyes doesn't have sound doesn't have life it was
Motionless like the stars

Aya: Is there a passage underwater that connects to the ocean... then it's not so strange that it smells a bit like the ocean.

Aya: Hey. Hey, mister, wake up, don't fall into a trance.

Aya: Eh, even my songs can't charm you like this. I'm a bit jealous of it.

Thorns: ...

Thorns: It's you who should go.

Aya: Hm? Ah... no. I'm saying, you know...

Thorns: It's not something that should appear here. You won't die if you leave now.

Aya: I know that... but shouldn't it be you who should leave?

Thorns: You want to die?

Aya: Listen to me properly...

???: ...

???: Ae, gir.


Thorns: !!

Aya: Don't be surprised. It's not strange for the ocean to know our name.

Thorns: ... No.

Thorns: I'm not surprised.

Thorns: Ugh...

Aya: Then what are you... ? Wait, are you having trouble breathing?

Aya: Wake up, mister.

Aya: (Aegir) Nothing can strip you of the right to breathe on land.

Aya: (Struggle free, hurry... !)

Thorns: ...

I escaped from home. I left my origins. I forgot the stories, but I know the feelings.
I believe in the things people whispered about in legends. Even in light dreams, I explored the sensation of blade cutting through their bodies.
Can I harm the ocean itself?
I miss my home. No, I've imagined it. I never truly saw our home.
Us Iberians have already left the depths of the ocean.
But I can't escape it. We can't escape it.
I want to kill it.


Thorns: Is this a mirage?

Aya: No. But you can fight it.

Thorns: You're familiar with this?

Aya: Is this the time for a discussion? I said, you should hurry up and leave.

Aya: Wait, are you shaking?

Thorns: Perhaps I'm excited.

Thorns: Stay if you want to. You said I like to dance, then you...

Thorns: You, singer, do you like to dance?


???: R... thin...

???: (Sound of crushing bones and organs)

???: (Blurry noises)


Aya: I do!

Aya: Looks like you really don't plan to leave. Then, do you have the confidence to survive, Mr. Aegir?

Thorns: I do.

Aya: Can I stay here and watch? Watch you dance, that will dye the ocean surface red...

Aya: Those kind of swishes where you jump and swing your sword! Spin, and slide in the ocean water! You getting ripped apart or you ripping it apart, the beginning or ending of your story...

Thorns: Do you know that you're annoying.

Aya: I don't! I think it's fine!

Aya: So, can I watch, Mr. Aegir! For the sake of the autograph, let me bear witness?

Thorns: ...

Thorns: ... As long as you're not scared, be my guest.

Thorns: It's always nice to have an audience, no matter who you are exactly.

Thorns: Hm? Should I also say—

Thorns: —I'm honored.

Aya: Aha, that doesn't sound smart either... no matter what, you have to live, mister.

Aya: I can tell, you care about this. So you have to live. Don't die.

Thorns: Of course I won't die. I have to return with your autograph alive, to my friend.

Aya: Back, back to Iberia?

Thorns: No, although I mentioned Iberia, and the ocean my ancestors couldn't leave from.

Thorns: But perhaps, my home is no longer there.
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