[Alert] Warning! This is why you should not miss out on SilverAsh!

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Hello everyone this is Emma, for those that do not know, I'm running a discord server called GamePress - Emma, a community-driven server that attempts to please every user by ensuring their voices always gets heard, while also is the perfect place to involve yourself with GamePress as the staff is active. So you might have ideas, suggestions or just need help, we will be there for you, with our active community.

Now for the important alert

We do not usually make articles like these, but it is very important to address Silver Ash or "SilverAsh" because the unit is "Broken" or as some might call it "God Tier." He appears in the shop once, where you can exchange 180 tokens and redeem him, so it is possible to save up. However, it will be a long time before he appears on a solo banner again (the Chinese version is more than a half year ahead of us in progress and they have yet to see another solo banner with him). This Article is about letting you know that Silver Ash is an operator that many Chinese players have Regret over not getting.

What makes him so strong

Click his name above for open his Character Overview.

What makes him strong is his 3rd Skill or Elite 2 Skill. Which allows him to gain a lot of range, can hit up to 6 targets and cleave them down.

This includes the following

  • Melee Units
  • Invisible Units (Has Eagle Eye Talent which allows him to reveal them)
  • Airborne Units

Here is a Gif you should check out.

SilverAsh using his third Skill.

As a final note, SilverAsh is known to "Solo"  the 3rd Annihilation stage. Feel free to look at YouTube videos of Chinese run where they include SilverAsh, and you will see some crazy stunts that will not be possible on any other units. His Voice Actor pulled him, and he basically says that SilverAsh has Cheat Codes enabled. 

So I did pull SilverAsh, which setups does he work in?

SilverAsh can work in any Squad.

He excels at the following 3 Categories:

- Single Target Killing
- Tanking
- AoE Cleaving

SilverAsh Banner is out right?

Until February 5th, the banner will be out, as stated it has yet to re-appear ever since. He will be in shop once, where you can redeem him for 180 Yellow Tickets.

So if you feel like dolphin-whaling just this once, It might be worth it. Silver Ash/SilverAsh is a unit everyone may regret not getting, which is why this article was created. We usually otherwise never create articles like these.

This was Emma, if you wish to discuss anything related to SilverAsh, feel free to reach out to me.

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