Arknights CN: Amiya Promotion System Preview, Art, and GIFs!

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Promotion System Preview

Translation Credit: Jetroyz of the RIHQ Discord and Nightsky#3319

More details have been revealed around the Amiya Guard promotion that was announced during the CN Celebration Livestream here:

Her Operator Page with stats and other details can be found here:

  • To unlock the Promotion System of Amiya, you need to enter the JT8-2 with Elite 2 Amiya. If you didn't put Amiya in team or you havn't E2d Amiya, you won't be able to enter JT8-2 and the following stages.
  • You can't enter JT8-2 by using Amiya from Friend support
  • You can unlock the promotion system by clearing the stages at any star number. The requirements above only exist when you clear JT8-2 the first time. The team requirements will be removed in JT8-2 and its challenge mode after you clear JT8-2 once.
  • Only Amiya can unlock Promotion System
  • Once you've unlocked the Promotion System, you can switch the current mode of Amiya in the Operator panel. Putting Amiya in Guard mode will sync the levels with Caster mode and unlock the new Guard Skills.
  • The levels of new skills will be synchronized except the Mastery (Specialization) level of each skill.
  • When you're mastering Amiya's skill, you can't switch the class of Amiya.
  • If you enter the JT8-2 when you're mastering one of Amiya's Skills, Amiya will stay in Caster mode after you clear the stage.  Otherwise she will automatically switch to Guard mode.
  • In different Promotion modes, Amiya will have different Class and Art.
  • Amiya's skins are not universal for different Classes. Before switching the skin, you will first have to switch to the Class it belongs to.
  • Different classes of Amiya shares the same RIIC Base skills, the Base Trust Poke voices change depending on the current class.
  • When you appoint Amiya as Main Assistant (home page),  you can switch freely between skins, it won't affect Amiya's current Class.


You can check Amiya's Skills and voices in different class by switching to the corresponding modes in Promotion System. New archives will also be updated (you don't need to switch to different classes of Amiya to check the whole archives, but some archives are only available when you have unlocked the Promotion System)


Amiya's Promotion System estimated available in November 2020.

Skills and Talents

Trait: Attacks deal melee Arts damage

Talent: When deployed, increase ATK and DEF of all Operators. When skill is activated, effect is doubled.

Skill 1: During skill activation, increase ATK and gain a certain amount of Arts Evade. Attacks deal 2 hits.

Skil 2l: Immediately seek enemies with the lowest HP ahead and carry out multiple Arts slashes (the last hit has doubled damage and deals True damage). For every enemy killed during the skill, increase ATK and RES (has limit), and the damage type changes to True for the remainder of the skill. Can only use the skill once in the entire battle.

Art And GIFS






Skill 2