Arknights CN: Combat Terminal Update Preview

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An Eventful Update

Translation Credit: Nightsky

After the update, a new [Combat Terminal] will be accessible from the lobby or the guide bar. The new Terminal will optimize the classification of main stages, event stages and material stages, and will enable access to different kinds of stages at the bottom.


The main interface will display info like the currently running event, your main stages progress, your annihilation weekly rewards progress, and so on. The corresponding stages can be entered by clicking their info. Event info will be displayed based on the type of event.

What is displayed will changed according to the players own progress. For example, if the player's weekly annihilation Orundum limit hasn't been reached, it will show the weekly progress and entrance to Annihilation stages. When the player's weekly annihilation Orundum limit has been reached, the info and Annihilation entrance will be hidden, but will display again once the weekly limit progress is reset.


The main storyline stories will be collected in [Main Theme], while the important sidestories that have a close relationship with the main storyline will be collected in [Intermezzi]. The sidestories in [Intermezzi] will receive a light-weight retrospection in the future, and cannot be accessed through the [Intermezzi] while the retrospection is running.

[A Walk in the Dust] will be added to the [Intermezzi] after the end of the event


Sidestories that are less closely tied to the main storyline will be collected in [Biography] after its retrospection. The [Biography] will include [Grani and the Knights' Treasure], [Heart of the Surging Flame], and [Code of Brawl]. If the player has experienced a stage in one of these events, either during the original run or retrospection), the event can be accessed from [Biography] directly.

  • After being added to the [Biography] or [Intermezzi], the material drops and drop rates will be adjusted.
  • After adding to the [Biography] or [Intermezzi], the event stages will no longer drop the event currency, and the event shop, event Missions and medals will be excluded too. Players that haven't cleared the stage during the event can still receive first-clear rewards.  The event-exclusive rewards will be removed from first-clear rewards and there will be a different method to obtain them in the future.
  • After being added to the [Biography] or [Intermezzi], the event exclusive rewards (like event operators, skins and furniture) can be obtained by a different method in the future. Players cannot obtain event exclusive rewards twice from an event or retrospection.

Players that haven't experienced any stages in an event in the [Intermezzi] or [Biography], will need to unlock it with an [Event Crystal]. Consuming 1 [Event Crystal] can unlock 1 [Intermezzi] or [Biography] event.

  • Every week (04:00, Monday - 03:59, Next Monday) will have an opportunity to supply an [Event Crystal]. The opportunity will be refreshed at 04:00, Monday and can't be accumulated.
  • The capacity limit for [Event Crystal]s from natural regen is 2.
  • Players that haven't reached the capacity limit can consume an opportunity and get an [Event Crystal] and when logging-in.

The Combat Terminal Update will be implemented in Mid April.