Arknights CN: Content Update Notes for January 19

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

An Update on Updates!


  • Contingency Contract Season #4 [Operation Lead Seal] available


  • New version of [Network] Map available
  • Add a feature that players can press&hold to fast forward story
  • Add a feature that players can pause and check enemy info in battle
  • Update the double check UI of assigning operators in the base
  • The following operators will join [Recruitment] permanently: [Magallan], [Executor], [Vermeil]
  • Add [Operator Record] for the following operators: [Vigna], [Mayer], [Melantha], [Lancet-2]
  • Add [Paradox Simulation] of following operators: [Vigna], [Mayer], [Melantha]


  • Fix the wrong description of number of charges available in [Gavial]’s s1, the skill effect stays unchanged
  • Fix the issue that [Jaye] will automatically retreat when there is exactly 3 dp left.
  • Optimize targeting timing of [Archetto] s3
  • Fix the attack type of [Infected Picket] and [Infected Picket·β] from [Ranged] to [Melee]
  • Fix the targeting timing of some operators’ first attack after skill activation


  • Optimize some fundamental battle-related mechanics
  • Fix the bug that causes Saria’s  [Iron Law] skin to disappear in some special situations
  • Fix the category of furniture [Penguin Logistics Curtain]
  • Fix the issue of the red dot notification of cleared paradox simulation after switching device or clearing cache
  • Optimize some ingame UI
  • Fix some known bugs
  • Optimize the stabilization of the game client
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