Arknights CN Dev Update: New Summer Operators, Skins, and Event Updates!

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Summer Salt and Stuff!

The recent announcement for the details of the upcoming Summer rerun event [Heart of Surging Flame Retrospection]

caused a flood of anguish from many CN players primarily because of the following statement:

  • Event stage progress/first clear rewards are passed down to the rerun from the original [Heart of Surging Flame] event (In other words, if you already cleared the stages in the first run, you won't get Originite Prime from the first clear in the rerun)

A new Operator banner  and new skins with no OP rewards meant that free-to-play and monthly pack players would be left drooling over the new stuff without any way to purchase or roll for it.  Other players were concerned about introducing too many new Operators without sufficient development of their backstory, thus neglecting the deep roots of lore that many players love about the game.

In response to the player outcry, the developer responded with the following announcements:

Dev Announcement

Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319


Thanks for your focus and support of Arknights. Due to the long period of summer events, large quantity of content and improper arrangement, we're sorry for bringing confusion to players about the arrangement of the events. Meanwhile, the description of [Heart of Surging Flame] Retrospection is not complete and detailed. In order to introduce the future arrangement of summer events and retrospection, devteam added this Dev news here to show more about the mechanism of summer event and retrospection.

We are devoted to provide brand new events, gameplay and contents to everyone and this is what we mainly focus on in our future development and operation. While the retrospective event only functions as a complement of game contents rather than the major part of the game. There will be no new Operators introduced in future retrospection events.

With the retrospection events, our intention is to provide an opportunity for players to retrospect on past game content between two new major events. So all the retrospection events will be implemented in an abbreviated form from the original, where the gaming time, total number of rewards in event shop (that may require sanity), rewards in gameplay and rewards from mission will be greatly decreased. Future retrospection events will be run in a similar abbreviated way in terms of sanity cost and gaming time, and the core of the retrospection event will mainly aim at the content.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for new players to get the one-off rewards. For players who earned the rewards in the original event, we will provide Headhunting resources and materials in the Intelligence Certs shop. Meanwhile, we will add some new stories in retrospection events to enrich the story and gaming experience. In summer event of this year, devteam prepared [Gavial, the Great Chief Returns] and [Ceobe's Fungimist] as the main part of the summer events.

On Headhunting


There are two limited time Headhunting banners in the summer events as follows:

[Unbound Reflux] in [Heart of Surging Flame] Retrospection Event

Event Period: 16:00 Aug 11th - 03:59 Aug 25th

[Unbound Reflux] Banner Operators:


[Heart of Surging Flame] Event Operator


[Heart of Steel] in [Gavial, the Great Chief Returns]

Event Period: 16:00 Aug 25th - 03:59 Sept 8th

[Heart of Steel] Banner Operators:


[Gavial, the Great Chief Returns] Event Operator


Considering the problem of summer event arrangement, both of these banners will also be re-run, (along with a free 10-pull award described below).

  • rerun period: Sept 8th - 03:59 Sept 15th Notes:


  • The reruns are [Standard Headhunt]s, and the rate-up operators are the same as the original banner.
  • The banners above are separated and independent, so you can get the guaranteed 5 star operator in first 10 roll in the re-runs as well.

Free 10 Roll Headhunting Permit


We will giveaway 10x Headhunting permit via in-game mail during the Headhunting Banner reruns.

Giveaway Time: 16:00 Sept 8th

Eligibility: All players who registered before 16:00 Sept 8th (including guest account)

Summer Skin Updates


The purchasable Summer Skins release plan is as follows:

Skins during the [Heart of Surging Flame Retrospection]:

New Skins for sale


Skin Reruns for sale


Skins during [Gavial, the Great Chief Returns]

New Skins for sale


Rerun Skins for sale


Event Skins


The 6 new skins introduced this year will also be rerun with the banners.

Rerun Period: 16:00 Sept 8th - 03:59 Sept 15th

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