Arknights CN: Developer Newsletter #12 - Interlocking Competition, [Vigilo], and [Gavial, the Great Chief Returns] rerun!

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Interlocking Competition


Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319, iana#9999

Warriors, did you heard the calling from the Hymnoi Wiseman? It’s recovering, it thrist for returning, it’s looking forward to a noisy massive ceremony., are “Rhodes Island”? Nice, pretty nice! You must be confident with your power and wisdom if you are here.

Then please show yourself on the land of Minos, under the Hymnoi!

The heroes’ souls in the mountains, are willing to be awaken by your roaring.

  • [Interlocking Competition: Hymnoi WIsdom] limited time event will be available in early July. This event will be proceed in “Interlocking Competition” mode. Players are required to arrange your operators to push forward or station the stages and complete the competition missions. It also includes new operators and skins.
  • Stay tuned for detailed introduction later.



I did not hide away hope

I shall not truly forget

I know not if it was worth

I presume that there is more to come

I fear not where the road lies

That bet I made with finality

  • Storyset [Vigilo] will be available in mid July. Players can obtain rewards including operator skin by completing event missions.

[Gavial, the Great Chief Returns] Rerun

  • Sidestory [Gavial, the Great Chief Returns] Retrospection will be available in late July.
  • For the upcoming summer event, we will have a retrospection event for [Gavial, the Great Chief Returns]. Limited time headhunting [Heart of Steel, The Rage Ironhide], event skins and furniture will also receive a retrospection. Besides, some new skins in [Coral Cost] series will be on sale in this retrospection event.
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