Arknights CN: Developer Notes - Upcoming Events! [OF] Rerun, Gavial's Summer, and a new Game Mode!

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[Obsidian Festival] Rerun


Translation Credits: Nightsky#3319 and Laulicon#6707

The [Heart of Surging Flame] will rerun in August and have new Operators, Skins, Stages, Furniture, and stories. The infinite gachapon will be removed from the rerun, and the event currency farming will be lightly adjusted to create a more relaxing event experience.

Gavial Summer Event


Gavial, who left her homeland to become a doctor at Rhodes Island, suddenly receives a letter from home, inviting her to join the new "Mayasotia" Great Chief Selection. She chooses to return, though she has no idea what is waiting for her...

Sidestory [Gavial, The Great Chief Returns] coming in late August.  This event includes new stages, stories, Operators,Summer Skins, and Furniture Theme.

New Game Mode [Integrated Strategies]


New Game Mode [Integrated Strategies] coming in late August.  When the [Gavial, the Chief Returns] event begins, new game mode [Integrated Strategies] will also open for a limited period. Different from normal stages, in [Integrated Strategies], players can't bring Operators to join the combat directly.  Instead, players use 8 classes of "Recruitment Tickets" to fill their Squads (e.g. Vanguard Recruitment Ticket allows the player to recruit any vanguard Operator they currently have). The recruited Operators are restricted to Elite 1 stats and abilities at the very beginning, but if the same Operator is recruited again, restrictions can be removed. Meanwhile recruiting Operators will consume materials in this mode, the higher the rarity the higher the recruitment cost. Build and develop your team from limited resources and choices to conquer this mode!

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