Arknights CN: HG Starts Getting Serious - 14,868 Suspensions In Today's Wave

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No More Mr. Nice Guy


Apparently HG feels like it has given enough "nice" warnings, and that it is time to get serious about cracking down on people using 3rd Party Plugins or modifying game code.  Today they suspended 14,868 accounts, a massive spike from the previous high since global launch of 997.  Also, from skimming the list of accounts here, it seems that most of the suspensions were for 3 years, which is a huge RIP in the world of gacha games.

It does not seem like HG plans on letting up on this wave of crackdowns, and there is no reason to think that Yostar doesn't feel the same way.  The gauntlet has been thrown down: use these tools at your own risk.