Arknights CN: Maintenance Notes - For Episode 9 [Stormwatch] Content Update!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien
Arknights Maintenance Bannr

Translation Credit - Nightsky

Complete Maintenance Notes

Sept. 17th Maintenance Notice

Arknights will have a maintenance on 10 00 – 16 00, Sept. 17th. During this period, players will be forcibly disconnected and unable to login. Please logout before the update to avoid any data loss. After the update, players will need to update their client to the latest version. This is a mandatory update.

Maintenance time:10 00 ~ 16 00, Sept. 17th

Update description:

  • Client update
    This is a mandatory update.

Update contents:



  • Add the following operators’ [Operators’ Records] and [Paradox Simulation]: [Bagpipe], [Sora], [Catapult], [Midnight]
    ◆ Add the following operators’ CN voices:[Amiya] (including Guardmiya), [Ch’en], [Ch’en the Holungday], [Swire], [Texas], [Exusiai], [Silverash], [Courier]
    ◆ Add the following operators’ [Exclusive Module]: [Firewatch], [Andreana], [Ambriel], [Nightingale], [Ptilopsis], [Breeze], [Perfumer]
    ◆ New mats: [Semi-natural Solvent], [Refined Solvent], [Compound Cutting Fluid], [Cutting Stock Solution]


  • Fix the element bar display issue of [Beanstalk]’s summons after refresh.
  • Fix some vfx issues of some operators costumes in some combat situation
  • Fix the missing hitting sfx of some operators
  • Fix the issue that some operators will do normal attack first rather than casting skill when auto release and auto regen type skill is in full SP
  • Optimize the vfx of [La Pluma]’s normal attack and skill 2
  • Fix the inconsistent sand drifting vfx of new anni stage on some devices


  • Adjust the skill effect of [Empathic Insight] and [Bringer of Good Tidings], adjust the network resources accumulating spd from 30% to 35%
  • Adjust the sorting of some infra skills
  •  Adjust the display logic of morale value


  • Lower the Stage Requirement in some daily and weekly missions
  • New multi-voices setting feature
  • New feature that add an option to auto select the branch in AVG dialog when pressed & hold
  • New feature that disable screen off when AVG is in auto play mode
  • Optimize and adjust some ingame UI and text display
  • Fix some known bugs
  • Further improved the stability of game client

Maintenance compensation: 5 OP 

Eligibility: All players who registered before 10:00, September 17th

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