Arknights CN: New Game Mode - Encounter Mode

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Encounter and Use Pre-Selected Operators!

[Encounter Mode] is a new game mode that has been introduced for [Twilight of Wolumonde], the most recent event on CN.

When [Encounter Mode] is available, it is shown with a yellow color (instead of a red color for Challenge Mode), as can be seen in the image below.

In Encounter Mode, the player must use a team provided by the game to complete the map, as well as any additional conditions (similar to Challenge Mode conditions). For example, the team provided for TW-S-1 Encounter Mode can be seen here:

One type of condition can be that some Operators are already deployed on the map at the start, as can be seen for TW-S-1 here:

Encounter Mode can also add other challenges and restrictions, such as forbidding some tiles for deployment. More details for the first Encounter Mode stages can be found on the Twilight of Wolumonde Event Operations page here:
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