Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - Cutter: Skills, Talent, Art, GIFs

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That One Cuts Deep...

Translation: Jetroyz from the RIHQ server


The newest GuardKnights addition has been announced!  [Cutter] is a 4★ Dualstrike Guard from Rhodes Island that wields two razor-like blades and has rapid-fire knife chucking skills!  She comes equipped with built-in SP regeneration and abilities to take on flying enemies.

Arknights Cutter Full Info

Talents and Skills

Trait: Normal attacks deal damage twice.

Talent 1: Every normal attack has a chance to recover an additional 1 SP

Skill 1:  Immediately throw several flying blades, randomly attacking enemies ahead and dealing physical damage.

Arknights Cutter GIF S1
Skill 1: Knife Gattling!

Skill 2: Deal physical damage to a number of enemies around her. Increased damage to flying units.

Arknights Cutter S2
Skill 2: Two Handed Shave

First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

As a 4★ Operator, Cutter fills out the Dualstrike Archetype lineup, joining the higher rarity members Ch'en and Bibeak.  With her Skills, she not only continues the trend of Dualstrike Guards having anti-air capabilities (eg Ch'en and Bibeak S2), but seems to almost suggest a specialty in it with her S2 increased damage.

It's pretty safe to assume that her Skill SP generation will be the on-attack type (similar to Ch'en and Bibeak), so she will likely need to be a front-line Operator to be effective.  Her Talent will be a welcome kit addition that may help alleviate somewhat the sometimes slow charging of on-attack Skills (depending on what the rate ends up being, of course).

Other Art and GIFs

Arknights Cutter E2 Full

Full E2 Art

Arknights Cutter GIF Deploy

That was a close shave...

Arknights Cutter GIF poke


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