Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Delphine] Talents, Skills, Art, Animations.

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Credits:  LastChancellor, mel


"Let's save ourselves the trouble of introduction. I'll take this contract as a token of your approval of our collaboration. Can I get back to work now, Doctor?"


As she walked along the corridor to the location where the operators reported, Delphine couldn't help but reminisce the days of fighting alongside Rhodes Island. In that war, the blood-red sun stood as a witness to innumerable unspeakable sorrow and anguish, and the scorching summer wind blew the flag of Rhodes Island and the military flag beside it. At night, the gentle twin moons would watch over the mingling chatter, whistles, and intermittent singing of their companions. I've been through it all, and I haven't yet backed down, she told herself. However the scenes of ruined towns around Londinium and the marching ground illuminated by the setting sun still appeared intermittently in her mind. She paused, carefully smoothing out the wrinkles on her coat, and then walked through the open door.

Talents and Skills

Rarity: 5★ 

Archetype: Caster [Charge / Mystic]

Trait: Attacks deal Arts damage; When unable to find a target, attacks can be stored up and fired all at once (Up to 3 charges)


Talent 1: Deal 118% ATK to enemies with 80% or more HP.

Talent 2: In [The Whirlpool That Is Passion], Delphine deals % ATK to Sarkaz enemies and stores an extra charge that's only fired against Sarkaz enemies.

Skill 1: Reduce Attack Interval, Delphine's range changes. Delphine's charges deal an additional % ATK Arts Damage.


Skill 2: Increase ATK. Delphine will not attack enemies with less than a certain amount of HP. Delphine's charges causes the enemy to take Arts Damage/second that can stack up to a certain amount and lasts until end of skill.


Other Art and GIFs

E2 Art

Full E2 Art

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