Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Ling] Talents, Skills, Art, GIFs.

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Translation Credits: Jetroyz and Harezora


“Ling, just call me this. My two troublesome younger sisters didn’t cause trouble for you right? Oh? You’ve met me before? Ah… maybe in a dream."


Many operators have seen her not getting drunk after a thousand cups! After a thousand cups, she does not have drunken madness and only likes to chant poems! Breathing in the rivers and seas, filling in the Big Dipper, this is the joy of life!

As the older sister of Nian and Dusk, she is neither temperamental nor arrogant. On the contrary, she is spontaneous, easy-going and bold. Do not suspect how true their sisterly relationship is. Because they are so different, so they are sisters!

A true drinker, poet, traveller, militarist, and dreamer- Ling, has recently arrived at Rhodes Island as a guest, welcoming visits from people with confidence in their alcohol capacity!

“Mr Nothing, you’ve recommended well. Don’t recommend again next time.”


Species: Undiclosed

Place of Birth: Yan

Specialty: Poetry, words, song, combat

“How nostalgic, many years ago, I go into the attic where there are as many advisors as there are rain.”


Illustrator: 下野宏铭

CV: Kikuko Inoue


Ling is a limited 6★ Supporter [Summoner] who's kit empowers her and her summons in different ways.

Talents and Skills

Archetype: Supporter [Summoner]

Trait: Deal Artss damage. Can use summons in battle

Talent 1: Can use multiple summons (can deploy a limited number at a time). Summon abilities change with equipped skill.

Talent 2: When summons are defeated/absorbed/retrieved, Ling obtains some SP and gains ATK (ATK increase stacks up to a limit)

Skill 1 Passive: Summons can be deployed on melee tiles. Active: Increase Ling and the summons' ATK and ASPD. Summons deal Arts damage. Gain 1 summon after the skill is activated.


Skill 2: Passive: Summons can be deployed on ranged tiles and deal Arts damage. Active: Ling and the summons deal a certain amount of Arts damage to two enemies within Attack Range and Bind them for several seconds. When the skill ends, retrieve summons with less than half HP. Can hold charges.


Skill 3: Passive: Summons can be deployed on melee tiles. When there are other summons within Attack Range, combine into a higher form. Active: Ling and the summons gain ATK +100% and DEF +100%. The summons deal Arts damage equal to 20% of Ling's ATK every 0.5 seconds to enemies in the 4 adjacent tiles. Gain 1 summon after the skill ends 


S3 summon Base Form

3607 HP / 823 ATK / 423 DEF / 10 RES / 2 Block. Deals Physical damage. Attacks multiple enemies equal to Block Count.

S3 summon Higher Form

7214 HP / 1481 ATK / 761 DEF / 20 RES / 4 Block. Deals Arts damage, uses 2 deployment slots. Attacks multiple enemies equal to Block Count

First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

Ling is the second 6 Star Supporter [Summoner], and her skills affect her and her summons differently.  S1 allows summons to be deployed on melee tiles, and unlike Magallan, her Summons can block enemies.  The skill is damage focused, increasing the ATK and ASPD of both her and her summon, and causing her summon to deal Arts damage.  S2 summons are deployed on ranged tiles, and the Skill causes both her and her summons to attack two targets and apply a bind.  S3 is the most unique, in that when two of the melee summons are deployed such that one is in the attack range of the other, they combine into a s single, more powerful summon.  The new summon deals Arts damage, has block-4, and attacks a number of enemies equal to its block count.  Activating the skill increases the DEF and ATK of both her and her summons, and causes enemies nearby the summon to take Arts damage over time.

Alll skills have a way of replenishing summons, with S1 and S3 adding a summon at the end of the skill, while S2 retrieves summons that have less than 50% HP.  Her Talent 2 grants her ASPD and an ATK bonus when summons are defeated, absorbed (S3) or retrieved (S2).

Summoners tend to be mostly for-fun units that don't strongly impact high level meta play.  This is because they and theiir summons require deployment slots, yet are much weaker than other stand-alone Operators that could also use those slots.  It will be interesting to see if Ling will be any different in this regard.  Her S2 could have use in challenging content, similar to Magallan S1, but it will depend on the Skill and Bind uptime. S3's higher form has very high stats, better even than Mon3tr, and with a higher block count, so it could have potential.  She lacks Mon3trs True damage, though, and one of the things that makes Mon3tr so good is the great skill uptime and cycle times, so these details are likely to matter for Ling as well.

Other Art and GIFs


Full E2 Art

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