Arknights CN: [Record Restore] Introduction!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

[Record Restore] Introduction!

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Translations Credit: GTran and BadWolfVindici


On the 26th of August, CN server releases a new function: Record Restore. It’ll give the players an opportunity to get welfares and furniture from side-story events. And they begin with HoSF:


You can click the [Record Restore] button corresponding to the event and enter the [Record Restore] interface to view the available event rewards and the conditions for obtaining the rewards.


Players clear event story stages (no tutorial stages counted), and stars they get for every stage accumulate and enable collection of the rewards. 2 Star stage clear gives 2, 3 star clear gives 3, and Challenge mode gives 4.

Record Repair 4

[Operator Personal Letter] will increase the Potential level of the Operator to maximum.  When the personal letter is used, existing Operator Tokens will be used.


[Furniture Collection Packs] will have all of the event furniture that is not purchased through the furniture store. Claiming the pack will award all furniture pieces that you don't already own.  If you already have all the furniture then you cannot claim the Pack.


Event Avatars have been added as well. The first [Record Restore] will be launched on August 26th for the [Heart of Surging Flame] event, and it will be added for other events in the future.

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