Arknights CN: [A Walk In The Dust] PV

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Arknights CN: [A Walk In The Dust] PV

The PV for the next CN event [A Walk In The Dust] has been released!

PV Translation by Lauli:

Kal'tsit, Kal'tsit.

What a beautiful signature.

She swayed between Columbia and Sargon.

She had chieftains and mercenaries wrapped around her little finger.

And we,

We can't even see how long was the path she walked.

Say, when winter does arrive,

Which tree in Victoria can be safe from the wind and snow?

May Ursus forget about you, Grand Duke.

here are some highlights:

  • Side Story featuring Kal'tsit!
  • New to recruit: ★★★★★★ Mostima ★★★★★ Waai Fu ★★★★ May ★★★★ Purestream
  • New banner will have new Operators 5 Star Heavyweight Sniper [Toddifons] and 6 Star Chain Caster (Archetype unconfirmed) [Passenger], and will also have Sesa.
  • Event welfare will be 5 Star Normal Defender [Heavyrain]
  • New Skins for Hellagur and ShiraYuki

Event page here:

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