Arknights EN: Server Problems, [Operational Intelligence] Event PV, and Maintenance, Oh My!

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Doktah, We Have a Problem

Arknights Announcement


UPDATE 2: Compensation has been announced: 500 Orundum and 50 Sanity.  It expires in 2 days, so don't forget to pick it up!!

UPDATE: As of 10:05(UTC-7) the servers appear to back online!  (No compensation announced as of yet)

If you've tried to log in over the last few hours, you don't need me to tell you this:  the Neural Network is down.  The issue is known, and they are working on it.  Hopefully it will be back soon and we will be rewarded with lots of Apolorundum to use for pulling Magallan.

Operational Intelligence Event PV

Maintenance Incoming

Arknights Maintenance

Date: March 25th, 2020, 06:00-10:00(UTC-7)

Update Content: Pre-load new event: [Operational Intelligence]


  • 400 Orundum
  • 50 Sanity
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