Arknights: IS#4 Bingo Lockout Tournament Finals!

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Article by TacticalBreakfast


After two days of fierce competition, we are down to four remaining teams!  On the left side, Navigator, and fan favorite, Ebi and his Expeditioner Yotes face off versus Navigator Noelucc and his Expeditioner ArKNP23!   On the right side, Navigators Toboruo and FABKnight clash through their Expeditioners, Vienanmerl and Wayhazel!  These semi-finals matches culminate into one finals match up to crown one winner!

IS#4 Bingo Tournament Finals Bracket

You can check out some highlights from the first two days of competition here!

The finals matchup airs live on Youtube on April 13th at 4pm PST (UTC-7) so be sure to tune in!  ArknightsEN will again be there distributing redemption codes!  There will be two this time, with even better rewards than before!

Please note that this date is a day later than originally scheduled.

Note that due to some technical difficulties, the finals will not be streamed on Twitch.  For our JP friends, a translated bingo card will be available!  And for our CN friends, the event will again be simulcast on bilibili by Tower of Babel!

Finally, if you haven't checked it out yet, Afterglow Collective has produced a song specially for this event called Ascent.  You can listen to it below!

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