Arknights: IS#4 Bingo Lockout Tournament - Showmatch!

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Article by TacticalBreakfast


Qualifiers for the Lungmen Dragon's IS#4 Bingo Lockout are finished, and now we wait for the brackets to be finalized and the tournament to begin!  But while we wait, tune into an exhibition match between Dr.Silvergun and Zafang!  This match will preview the updated bingo format and is sure to provide some quality entertainment between these two heavy-weight Nicheknights players as they attempt to navigate their Expeditioners to victory!  Tune into the match LIVE on April 2nd at 7pm PST (UTC-7) at either Lungmen Dragons' Youtube or Zafang's Twitch channel!

LD Exhibition Match

The main event airs April 5th, 6th, and 12th!

LD Air Times
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