Arknights: JP and KR Maintenance Extended to Fix Rate-Up and Byproduct Bugs

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Bugs and Compensation

Special Thanks: Salieri

The 5/27 maintenance for JP and KR servers were both extended by roughly 4 hours to fix the following bugs:

  • Firewatch was not correctly being included in the Rate-Up (was this a good thing or a bad thing?)
  • Enhancement materials introduced with Episode 6 were obtainable as by-products from Workshop Crafting (Saving for Blaze):

Maintenance has now completed for both Servers, with compensation being the following:

  • 1 [10 x Headhunting Permit] (I'd take 4 hours of maintenance for this)
  • 100 Sanity

Since these bugs have been found and fixed for JP and KR, it is reasonable to believe that they will be fixed for EN before maintenance has finished.  There is also no reason at this time to believe that EN Maintenance will be extended.  We will keep you posted with any updates!

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