Arknights: Lungmen Dragons IS#4 Bingo Lockout Tournament

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Lungmen Dragons IS#4 Bingo Lockout Tournament

UPDATE:  QUALIFIERS ARE NOW CLOSED!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Don't forget to tune in to the main event beginning on April 5th!

Are you enjoying the new IS#4 iterations and exploring the mysteries of Sami?  Are you starting to think you might be kinda good at it?  Want to prove your mettle with popular content creators and compete for some legit prizes?  Well then I have some good news for you!  Lungmen Dragons, the premier source of hardcore content on the Arknights EN server, is again hosting their officially sponsored Bingo Lockout tournament!

LD Bingo Lockout Prizes


Qualifiers began on March 16th and last until March 31st at 9pm PST (UTC-8). Contestants will attempt to complete a bingo on a 3x3 board. The two highest scores in each 3 square row/column/diagonal will advance.

Lungmen Dragon's Qualifiers Bingo Card

Please see this Tweet for more details and rules.

Runs can be submitted via this form.

The current qualification leaderboards can be seen on the Lungmen Dragon's website.

Main Event

After the qualifiers, each contestant will be paired with an Arknights content creator to form a team of two. The team works together to earn points on another bingo board.

Lungmen Dragon's Main Event Bingo

The 16 teams will compete in a 2v2 bracket, with each winner advancing to the next day.  In the end, there can be only one winner!

Lungmen Dragon's Main Bracket

The main event begins on April 5th.  Be sure to tune in and support your fellow EN players, even if you don’t compete!

Please see this tweet for details and rules.

If you have any further questions, head over to the Lungmen Dragon’s Discord.

Please note that Gamepress is not associated with this event.  Direct any questions to Lungmen Dragons.  However, we do think this is a great chance to share and expand the game we love!

Content Creators

One of the coolest parts of the tournament is the chance to play with some very cool Arknights content creators! Here are just three of them, with 13 more being previews on the Lungmen Dragon's Twitter.

LD CC Preview - EckogenLD CC Preview - TakDesLD CC Preview - Ebi

Got a Tile Idea?

Unable to traverse the north but still want to assist with the Expedition? Ever thought of a condition that would make for an interesting bingo tile? Lungmen Dragons is opening a limited time form to submit tiles to be used in IS#4 Bingo Lockout. If your tile is chosen, it will be used on one of the boards players compete on during the livestream.

Please follow the instructions in the form linked here for more details.

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