Arknights: New Enemies and Mechanics For [Invitation to Wine]!

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Article by Alyeska

New Enemies and Mechanics For [Invitation to Wine]!

Translation: u/Chuijk-Rubed

New Enemies

"器伥"(QìChāng, lit."item apparitions") are transformed from daily necessities of Shangshu.

When an "item apparition" is defeated, its "true form" may appear.

The "true forms" have a low moving speed, don't attack, can't be blocked and get eliminated after receiving a certain amount of hits.

This means ATK doesn't mean anything to the "true forms", ASPD is what really matters.

Wooden Item Apparitions

A large amount of "true forms" may appear upon defeat, but the "true forms" takes a little amount of hits to be eliminated.

"墨浪"(MòLàng, lit."ink waves") spawns 15 "wooden paperweights" upon defeat.

"木制镇纸"(MùZhì ZhènZhǐ, lit."wooden paperweight") can't be blocked, takes 3 hits to eliminate.

Porcelain Item Apparitions

Their "true forms" only receive Arts or True Damage.

"烹泉"(PēngQuán, lit."boil spring water") deals Arts Damage in an area and decreases Opertors' ASPD(can be resisted) upon defeat, spawns 4 "porcelain tea cups" upon defeat.

"青瓷茶器"(QīngCí CháQì, lit."blue-and white porcelain tea set") can't be blocked, takes 4 hits to eliminate.

Their ex versions change the color palette from blue-and-white to gold-and-red.

Metal Item Apparitions

Their "true forms" takes a large amount of hits to eliminate.

"身观"(ShēnGuān, lit."look at body/oneself") has taunt. It spawns 1 "bronze mirror" upon defeat.

"青铜镜"(QīngTóng Jìng, lit."bronze mirror") can't be blocked, takes 30 hits to eliminate.

also nobody wants to try that Lemon Zhe'ergen flavor

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