Arknights: Permanent Returning System Preview

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Article by Alyeska

Permanent Returning System Preview

Translation: Nightsky

Players who satisfied the following condition will trigger the Permanent Returning System:

  1. Doctor Reputation Rank > 8
  2. Clear Maintheme 1-10
  3. Complete the [Get Familiar with Rhodes Island] content
  4. Offline period > 60 days
Returning Player 1

For players who satisfied the conditions, click the "Reconnect" button to claim the rewards when login


The returning system will demonstrate new contents since last login.

Returning Player 3

The 14-day returning period begins from 4am on the returned day. A limited-time log-in event will be available during the returning period.


In returning period, players can obtain rewards and [Secondary Verification Token] from returning missions. [Secondary Verification Token] will be cleared in the end of returning period and can't be accumulated to next returning period.


Returning missions includes daily missions and long term missions. The daily missions need to be claimed within one day or it will be disappeared


[Secondary Verification Token] can be used to unlock Returning Rewards.


A 7-day exclusive unlimited access to resource stages will be available from day one in returning period. The counting down of exclusive unlimited access will be paused if there is another unlimited access event.


Players can visit the returning system interface from the lobby to check the progress. T


his system can be triggered repeatedly as long as you satisfied the conditions. [Permanent Returning System] will be implemented on Jan. 25th.

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