Arknights: Second Week Permanent Stage Contracts and Challenges Now Available!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Week 2

The second week of CC#1 is upon us, the Plating Pressure has passed, and new Contracts and Challenges are now available for the Permanent Stage.

Week 2 Contracts

For new Contracts we have (marked with (Week 2))

1. A 3rd level of reduced Operator DEF.  The best defense is a good offense?

New Contract 1

2. A Class restriction to ban Supporters *gives Suzuran a head pat*

Week 2 contracts

3. a level 3 DP regen Down.  Vanguardknights!

week 2 contracts

4 and 5.  Increased skill SP costs.  Do you have the skills to win with less skills?

week 2 contracts

6. a Level 2 increased enemy ATK.  Dead enemies can't attack...

week 2 contracts

Week 2 Challenge Missions

1. New Challenge Mission 1


2. New Challenge Mission 2


For full Permanent Stage details, see the following page:

For other CC#1 related content, see:

Best of luck with week 2!!

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