Arknights: Skywalking Global League #1 - EN Qualifiers Open Now!

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Article by TacticalBreakfast


Ever want to compete against the very best in the game?  Not just in the global region, but ALL regions?  Well, in the very first cross-regional tournament in Arknights history, you can!  Four players from each Arknights server region, will duke it out in an IS#3 tournament, and this is your chance to qualify to represent the EN community!  Lungmen Dragon's is hosting the qualifiers for the EN region now through April 29th.

Please see the image below and this doc for the full rules and how to submit your run.  Runs can be submitted here.

Tournament Rules

Full announcement here:

Full rules here:

Submit your runs here:

Please note that Gamepress is not involved in running the tournament.  Make sure to direct any questions to Lungmen Dragons!

The LD Discord can be found here:

Tournament dates and prizes will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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