“Barside Entertainment”

Event Information

Event Name (CN) “酒桌应酬”
Event Max Choices 2
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You find several members of the L.G.D. who have arrived at a tavern after crossing mountains and wading through rivers. They are in the process of getting absolutely smashed, and the only one still sober asks you for a small favor, promising to compensate you. You look at the another member of the L.G.D. who is now singing while completely naked, and start to have serious doubts.

Event Choices

Choice Text Forcibly subdue the drunkard
Choice Description Lose 3 Objective HP, but gain a collectible.
Scene Dialogue What a pain in the ass. After the job, the L.G.D. member secretly gives you a small pendant. It looks a bit familiar somehow?
Choice Text (CN) 强行制伏发酒疯的人
Choice Description (CN) 消耗3目标生命,获得收藏品
Scene Dialogue (CN) 这费了你不少力气,事后那位近卫局成员偷偷塞给了你一个小挂坠。看着有点眼熟?
Choice Text “You sing well, friends!”
Choice Description Gain 4 Originium Ingots.
Scene Dialogue The other party throws his wallet to you as a form of tribute to the first rays of applause he received on his road to “artistry.” Hopefully, he won’t regret it later.
Choice Text (CN) “歌声还不错朋友!”
Choice Description (CN) 获得4源石锭
Scene Dialogue (CN) 对方为了向他艺术道路上获得的第一缕喝彩表示敬意,他把他的钱包扔给了你,但愿他不要后悔。