Teller of Tales

Event Information

Event Name (CN) 讲故事的人
Event Max Choices 1
Event Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Page
You set up camp under the cover of night. Across from you sits a special passerby who calls himself a storyteller. He shares many interesting stories with you: “Upon the tundras of the frigid North, the ancient Wendigo bloodline fought for the motherland against terrible, warped demons.” “Under the magnificent tower, twin princesses defeated the witch-king and saved their people.” “When a great silence fell across the city of gold, the people of faith stepped forward...” “There once lived a man in an uninhabited volcano...”

Event Choices

Choice Text How interesting!
Choice Description Gain 2 Hope.
Scene Dialogue This land is full of cruelty and indifference, but behind all the devastation are numerous stories full of strength and humanity. Are these stories real?
Choice Text (CN) 真是太有趣了!
Choice Description (CN) 获得2希望
Scene Dialogue (CN) 这片大地充斥着残酷无情与冷漠,但是在满目疮痍的背后,也不缺少这些充斥力量与人性的故事。这些故事是真的么?