Arknights: Should You Purchase - Coral Coast Retrospection!

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As they say, it's summer somewhere in the world (like Australia), so it's the perfect time for the return of sizzling summer skins!  This time we have three new models representing the allure of the beach!  That being said, when do I get a Summer Skin…  Or paid vacation...

What's that?  Where's the free skins?  Aha, they're not free anymore-- but don't wring your wallets just yet!  Castle-3 and Matterhorn's summer attire will eventually appear in the Permanent CC shop.

Skadi - Waverider (18 OP)

Why You Should Purchase:

  • Skadi's sunglasses really sell the beach beauty vibes.
  • She comes with an instant shade setup, complete with drinks.
  • Skadi now plays golf with an inflatable Orca!

Why You Shouldn't Purchase:

  • Skadi will only sleep harder in return for your efforts.
  • You don't believe that Aegirs need dedicated swimsuits.  
  • SHE WANTS HER HAT BACK (oh dang oh heck, run for it)

Bonus: You prefer Thorns Skadi.

First up we have our resident (sleeper) killer whale.  Though she may be a walking calamity, even Captain Ahab can appreciate how serene she appears.  The inflatable Orca adds to the non-threatening appearance, but that doesn't mean she can't beat down enemies with it!

Platinum - Shining Dew (15 OP)

Why You Should Purchase:

  • Step one, take their breath away.  Step two, break the armor of their heart.  Step 3, go for the kill.  Yep, she executes perfectly.
  • Included foliage and lightweight fabric makes the perfect cover for making plays.
  • Who wouldn't kill for a tropical beach date with Platinum?  But for the price of 15 OP...

Why You Shouldn't Purchase:

  • Chess metaphors go over your head/you think chess is boring.
  • Platinum still won't divulge her medical records even if you bribe her with this.
  • Even with the skin you're still as clueless about Platinum as you are in chess...

With elegance resembling Aeaean charm, Platinum will be sure to checkmate your heart.  Provided careful positioning, the tactical drapery will allow her to read the wind and protect the doctor from any knightmares (save for her).

Provence - Casual Vacation (15 OP)

Why You Should Purchase:

  • Provence gets to take a tropical vacation from being a Catastrophe Messenger.
  • Infinite supply of popsicles, half of which go towards feeding crabs.
  • Crabs not only approve of the skin, but rave about it.  

Why You Shouldn't Purchase:

  • You wanted a more strikingly different skin.
  • You miss having Garurumon in the E2 Art.  
  • Provence might not get past security with her clear bag showing off her crossbow.

With summer in full blast, it truly is the season to enjoy Provence's fluffy tail.  Just kidding, that's any season.  Full of optimism and cheer, Provence is sure to enjoy a beach vacation with her new clothes!

Where are the other skins, Closure?

Now usually I don't end with a parting remark, but some of you might be wondering about some missing rerun skins - namely those for Vigna, Ifrit, and Sora.  Not to worry, just like Part Two of the original run, they will be rerun alongside the upcoming Gavial event!

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