Blocks 1 enemy and ignores the Deployment Limit, but has a long Redeployment Time

Operator Description

Castle-3, Guard robot of Rhodes Island, is assigned by Engineer Closure to carry out combat duties in the field.

Operator Quote

He knows that he's a robot.

Obtain Approach

Operator can only be obtained through Recruitment (using Recruitment Permits).
Headhunting: No Recruitment: Yes
Release Date (CN) 4/30/2019
Release Date (Global) 1/16/2020
Recruitment Pool Date (CN) 4/30/2019
Recruitment Pool Date (Global) 1/16/2020


Potential Item

Castle-3's Token A hard, portable armor piece without an instruction manual.


Increases the ATK and DEF of all [Melee] allies by 10% for 10 seconds after deployment
Increases the ATK and DEF of all [Melee] allies by 12% for 12 seconds after deployment
Increases the ATK and DEF of all [Melee] allies by 14% for 14 seconds after deployment
Increases the ATK and DEF of all [Melee] allies by 16% for 16 seconds after deployment
Increases the ATK and DEF of all [Melee] allies by 18% for 18 seconds after deployment
Increases the ATK and DEF of all [Melee] allies by 20% for 20 seconds after deployment
Talents from Module Upgrades


Arts Resist
Redeploy Time
DP Cost
Attack Interval

RIIC Base Skills

Backup Energy Lvl: 1
Room Type:
Power Plant
When this Operator is assigned to a Power Plant, increases the drone recovery rate by +10%
Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to a Factory, Battle Record formula related productivity +30%

Quick Evaluation

+ Does not count toward the Deploy Limit
+ Decent melee buffs on deployment
+ Good for suiciding or baiting if you don't have room for another Operator.
+ Extremely cheap to develop and deploy
- Very ineffective at fighting anything outside the beginning chapters

Operator Overview

“Well done, Doctor. Castle-3 is your best choice on the path of justice!”

One of the mechanical mascots of Rhodes Island, Castle-3 has been programmed to do two things: to adore “Master Closure” above all others, and to help the Doctor as a 1* Robot Guard.

Like fellow Robot Lancet-2, Castle-3 works by different rules than most Operators. He does not count against Unit Limit when deployed on the field, but he has an extremely long Redeploy Time. He cannot be promoted, and he has no Skills. His value lies in his Talent, Tactical Configuration, which buffs the ATK and DEF of all melee Operators for a short time when he is deployed. Deploying Castle-3 at an opportune moment can allow your Operators to defeat waves that might otherwise overwhelm them.

After his buff has expired, Castle-3 can still serve as a Block-1 melee Operator, but with his terrible stats and lack of Skills, this is rarely useful. It’s usually best to drop Castle-3 for his buff, then retreat him so he can potentially redeploy later. He can also be used as bait for enemies like Bombtails or boss units, as delaying or distracting these opponents for even one attack can sometimes be critical. Castle-3 is a great candidate for these suicide missions because he is incredibly cheap to deploy and can be used even at full team deployment. If you don’t plan to bring him to battle, leveling Castle-3 to max is still worthwhile for his second RIIC building buff, Combat Guidance Video, which greatly increases the production rate for Battle Records.

Newbie Tier List Explanation

Cannot be used as you would a typical Operator, but can be used as a bait at full deployment since he ignores the limit.

Base Skill Analysis

Second RIIC Skill unlocks upon reaching Level 30.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. This is the 2nd highest possible % gain and a dirt-cheap upgrade cost.  The biggest challenge for most players will be recruiting him, as robots tend to be very rare.

Total Cost

Operator Profile

Artist TOKI
CV Atsushi Abe
CV (CN) 马洋
CV (KR) 崔乘勋
Gender Male
Birthday Dec. 10
Height 167cm
Combat Experience
3 years
Place of ProductionColumbia
Inspection ReportMassive wear on outer casing, structure intact, normal durability. Generator and chassis in good condition. Weapon system operational. Slight damage on battery casing but operational. ECU in good condition.


Castle-3 is a custom Raythean -Plus six-wheeled operations platform built by Closure. A likeable mascot for Rhodes Island, his mundane disposition means he is largely ignored.
The solid blocky appearance of Castle-3 gives off a trustworthy, dependable impression.
The marks on his casing may represent kills, but who made the marks if he has no hands?

Archive File 1

Increase Trust to 100.
He does not mind Closure's modifications, and is even quite pleased with the upgrade. His settings were changed to make Closure his favorite person, so he's satisfied with anything 'Master Closure' choses to do.

Voice Lines

Appointed as Assistant Thank you for choosing Castle-3! I am honored to serve as your assistant, Doctor.
Talk 1 Doctor, please do not be intimidated by my appearance. My sturdy metal shell, modified by Master Closure herself, will make you invincible on the battlefield.
Talk 2 Warning: be careful not to strike my case too hard. It may damage me.
Talk 3 The topography in the wild may be treacherous, but Castle-3 is fitted with an engine with outstanding performance and a 4WD mode, to whisk you away from danger.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Doctor, if your life is ever in danger, just summon Castle-3! Castle-3 was created specifically for combat purposes. I am a top-class defensive warfighting robot.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Castle-3 is honored to be at your side. Doctor, should you require me to strike down your foes, I shall go through heaven and hell to see it done!
Talk after Trust Increase 3 Castle-3's official manager is 'Master Closure,'but please understand that you are even more important to Castle-3 than Master is, in most cases. I am your devoted, trustworthy battle companion!
Idle Entering sleep mode. Press any button to wake.
Onboard Hello, Doctor. Thank you for choosing Castle-3. Tap anywhere to initialize startup options.
Watching Battle Record Firmware upgrade complete. Restart required. Please click anywhere to restart.
Added to Squad Device scan complete. All communications working as normal. Castle-3 is on standby, awaiting your orders.
Appointed as Squad Leader Understood. Castle-3 is your best choice, Doctor, to lead a squad against enemy formations!
Depart Next, Castle-3 will show you its true power as an industrial battle platform!
Begin Operation Enemy unit located. Ready for attack.
Selecting Operator 1 Castle-3, awaiting orders.
Selecting Operator 2 Castle-3, ready and waiting.
Deployment 1 Order received.
Deployment 2 Understood.
In Battle 1 Show me what you've got!
In Battle 2 Enemies, you are forbidden to advance.
In Battle 3 Count up your sins!
In Battle 4 Doctor, that was at last a worthy opponent!
4-star Result Well done, Doctor. Castle-3 is your best choice on the path of justice!
3-star Result What an exciting battle! Let's fight together again next time.
Sub 3-star Result Is everyone all right? I hope Castle-3's performance has exceeded your expectations.
Operation Failure I will hold up the rear. Everyone, retreat!
Assigned to Facility Is there anything Castle-3 can help with?
Tap Please be gentle, Doctor!
Trust Tap Doctor, would you like to grab a drink together? I might not be able to actually have a drink, but I can still treat you to one. It is fine, Master Closure will pay.
Title Arknights.
Greeting Lovely weather today, Doctor!

Operator Records

Record: Immortal
Unlock: Level 30, Trust Required: 50