Deals Arts damage

Operator Description

Durin, Caster Operator of Rhodes Island, will give the squad a tactical advantage with her Originium Arts.

Operator Quote

She looks quite sleepy.

Obtain Approach

Operator can only be obtained through Recruitment (using Recruitment Permits).
Headhunting: No Recruitment: Yes
Release Date (CN) 4/30/2019
Release Date (Global) 1/16/2020
Recruitment Pool Date (CN) 4/30/2019
Recruitment Pool Date (Global) 1/16/2020


Potential Item

Durin's Token A small Originium product made by a Durinese craftsman. Hold it tightly for a while and you will suddenly feel full of energy.


Lucky Lass
Lvl: 30
50% Arts Dodge
Talents from Module Upgrades


Arts Resist
Redeploy Time
DP Cost
Attack Interval

RIIC Base Skills

Laziness Lvl: 1
Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to a Dormitory, self Morale recovered per hour -0.1, but restores +0.2 Morale per hour to all Operators assigned to that Dormitory (Only the strongest effect of this type takes place)
Sleepiness Lvl: 30
Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to a Dormitory, self Morale recovered per hour -0.1, but restores +0.25 Morale per hour to all Operators assigned to that Dormitory (Only the strongest effect of this type takes place)

Botzu's Quick Evaluation

+ Cheap to develop and deploy
+ Talent: high innate Arts Dodge
- low damage

Operator Overview

“What time is it...? You see, I don't work mornings, noons, afternoons, or nights...”

The narcoleptic Durin is allegedly an Arts prodigy but has never been able to stay awake long enough to realize her potential. A 2* Starter Caster, she uses the power of the earth to attack her foes with Arts damage.

As a 2* Operator, Durin has no Skills and cannot promote. She does gain the Lucky Lass Talent at level 30, which gives her an enormous amount of Arts Dodge. Combined with her innate RES, Durin can be a surprisingly good early-game option for tanking enemy Casters.

Without promotion gains or Skills, Durin has a tough time competing with free 5* Caster Amiya for a roster spot, let alone other Casters the player may pull. Her biggest selling point is probably her low DP cost, making her a cheap source of Arts damage for maps with limited DP. Such maps are rare, however, so most Doctors prefer to let Durin sleep peacefully in the base rather than disturb her with battles.

Newbie Tier List Explanation

Extremely cheap to raise, but there are better options that are easily accessible.

Base Skill Analysis

Group recovery Skills are great for use in dorms, since they recover more overall morale than single target recovery skills, and tend to be easier to manage.

Total Cost

Operator Profile

Artist Skade
CV Akari Kageyama
CV (CN) 杨梦露
CV (KR) 梁静花
Gender Female
Place of Birth Undisclosed
Birthday Dec. 15
Race Durin
Height 131cm
Combat Experience
2 years
Infection Status Medical examination confirms she is uninfected.
Physical Strength Flawed
Mobility Normal
Physiological Endurance Flawed
Tactical Planning Normal
Combat Skill Normal
Originium Adaptability Excellent


Durin serves on Rhodes Island Reserve Op Team A4.
She has a tremendous aptitude for Arts but is unable to fully realize her potential due to her physiology.
Extremely narcoleptic, she is able to fall asleep at just about any place or time despite averaging more hours of sleep than most operators. Despite this, she makes very few mistakes in her work.

Clinical Analysis

Increase Trust to 25.
Radiological exam scan showed clear outlines of internal organs with no abnormality detected. Originium Particle Test of the circulation system indicated no Oripathy. The subject is confirmed as non-infected.

[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 0%
Operator Durin showed no signs of Oripathy.

[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.18u/L
Operator Durin has come into frequent contact with processed Originium, but so far no abnormalities have been detected.

Archive File 1

Increase Trust to 50.
Modus Operandi: She takes advantage of her small stature to launch surprise attacks.
SOP: She finds somewhere more comfortable to sleep.

Archive File 2

Increase Trust to 100.
Thanks to her peculiar origins, Durin eats a slightly different diet than most operators, though this does not mean she eats any less. Despite her small stature, she is known to wolf down an entire meal before her fellow operators have taken more than a few bites. She then promptly seeks out a place to sleep.

Voice Lines

Appointed as Assistant Morning, Doctor... Mind if I lay out my sleeping bag here...? Thanks. The rest is up to you...
Talk 1 How do I fight? Using Arts, of course... Want me to show you the power of earth?
Talk 2 What time is it...? See, I don't work mornings, noons, afternoons, or nights...
Talk 3 You'll make an S-sized uniform for me...? No thanks. My oversized one works as a sheet when I take naps... plus, it's really warm.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Dooooctoooooor? I need a break! I'm competing in the Speedy Sleep Contest.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Doctor, check this out. This isn't my normal wand, it's a pendulum. You're feeling very sleepy and will nap in five minutes without giving me any work... Zzzz...
Talk after Trust Increase 3 I was hoping I could tell you about my homeland, Doctor.
Idle After you went to sleep, I somehow didn't feel sleepy at all anymore... Hmmmph...
Onboard Hello? Hellooooo? Can you hear me? Down here. Down heeeeere! Nice meeting you, big Doctor. I'm Durin the Caster.
Watching Battle Record Whoa... I've fiiiinally gotten s-tron-ger.
Added to Squad The secret to staying healthy is to sleep whenever you can.
Appointed as Squad Leader Captain's orders: everyone, save your energy and take a nap!
Depart I wanna dig a hole in the ground and make a shelter to sleep in, if you don't mind.
Begin Operation Take over for me. Thaaanks.
Selecting Operator 1 Wooo.
Selecting Operator 2 Hmm?
Deployment 1 What a pain.
Deployment 2 Okaaaay, I'll do it.
In Battle 1 You're going down!
In Battle 2 Gooooooo!
4-star Result Why do we have annoying missions like this? Can't we do something easier...? Still, it's nice that we won.
3-star Result Of course we won. I worked real hard supporting you with my Arts.
Sub 3-star Result Doctor, are you still worried about those ones that got through?
Operation Failure Ugghh... Sorry... I'll try harder next time...
Assigned to Facility The Land of Giants... Here I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!
Tap Hmmm?
Trust Tap I'm in a good mood, so how about a magic trick?
Title Arknights.
Greeting *Yawn*... Good morning...

Operator Records

Record: Lunchtime Nap
Unlock: Level 30, Trust Required: 50

Paradox Stages

Stage Name: mem_durin_1
Unlock: Level 30
To achieve ever better complementary results in missions, Op Team A4's training regimen will invite other Operators to join now and again, especially when focused on training Durin—the veterans will teach newcomers how to catch Durin when she's goofing off, and cleverly supervise her as she completes her own work.
Please be aware: to achieve effective training, give thought to deploying Operator Durin in the hardest place to slack.