Attack Type




Can launch Ranged Attacks that deal 80% of normal ATK
atk_scale = 0.8

Operator Description

Midnight, Guard Operator of Rhodes Island, will dispose of enemies with his swordsmanship.

Operator Quote

Surprisingly, he's quite skilled at fighting. Impressive.

Obtain Approach

Recruitment & Headhunting
Headhunting: Yes Recruitment: Yes
Release Date (CN) 5/30/2019
Release Date (Global) 2/5/2020
Recruitment Pool Date (CN) 12/24/2019
Recruitment Pool Date (Global) 12/30/2020


Potential Item

Midnight's Token A delicate goblet. Under the yellow light, it gives off intoxicating colors.


When attacking, has a 10% chance to increase the current damage of that attack to 150%
When attacking, has a 10% chance to increase the current damage of that attack to 160% (+10%)
When attacking, has a 20% chance to increase the current damage of that attack to 150%
When attacking, has a 20% chance to increase the current damage of that attack to 160% (+10%)
Talents from Module Upgrades


Arts Resist
Redeploy Time
DP Cost
Attack Interval


SP Cost:
Initial SP:
SP Charge Type
Skill Activation
30 Seconds
31 Seconds
32 Seconds
35 Seconds
36 Seconds
37 Seconds
40 Seconds
Skill Effect
ATK +5%; Damage dealt by Normal Attacks turn into Arts damage
ATK +10%; Damage dealt by Normal Attacks turn into Arts damage
ATK +15%; Damage dealt by Normal Attacks turn into Arts damage
ATK +20%; Damage dealt by Normal Attacks turn into Arts damage
ATK +25%; Damage dealt by Normal Attacks turn into Arts damage
ATK +30%; Damage dealt by Normal Attacks turn into Arts damage
ATK +35%; Damage dealt by Normal Attacks turn into Arts damage
Detailed Skill Info
atk 0.05
atk 0.1
atk 0.15
atk 0.2
atk 0.25
atk 0.3
atk 0.35

RIIC Base Skills

Communication Lvl: 1
Room Type:
Trading Post
When this Operator is assigned to a Trading Post, order acquisition efficiency +30% and Morale consumed per hour -0.25
Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to a Factory, Originium formula related productivity +30%

Botzu's Quick Evaluation

+ Trait: Can perform ranged attacks at 80% power
+ Talent: Passive crit chance
+ A Ranged Guard with Arts damage is rare and if you don't get lucky with Lappland, he can do similar things but weaker
- Low ATK boost on his Skill means he may not be able to completely bring down big enemy tanks.

Operator Overview

“There’s only one thing that’s impossible for me: being imperfect.”

Covering up his hard work with a barrage of quips, former host club member Midnight brings style, sexiness, and flexible ranged damage to the battlefield. An accessible 3★ DPS Guard who can deal Arts damage on demand, Midnight is a low-investment damage dealer whose unique talents may still be helpful on later maps with tight DP constraints.

Midnight only has one Skill, but he knows that what really matters is how you use it. Enchant Weapon α gives Midnight a damage boost and turns his attacks into Arts damage. It’s a simple effect, but very useful against high-DEF enemies. Having range and being able to block 2 enemies makes placing him very easy, and the critical hits from his Targeting - Primary Talent further capitalize on his DPS role.

Unfortunately, when you try to please two clients equally, you run the risk of pleasing neither. While Midnight can deal both physical and Arts damage, he sacrifices power in both areas for his flexibility. In some situations, it is better to have dedicated DPS units for both roles rather than trying to combine the two, especially since Midnight’s Skill is expensive and doesn’t last very long. That being said, on maps with a low Unit Limit or a particularly wide variety of enemies, you might be quite glad indeed that Midnight swings both ways.

Newbie Tier List Explanation

A great early game choice with good damage potential from Talent and Melee Arts Skill.

Integrated Strategies Tier List Explanation

General IS Notes

+ Very long and versatile range.
+ S1: Powerful Arts conversion.
+ 0 Hope Cost.
- Instant-E2 Guard Boon is commonly the preferred option, which makes Midnight pale in comparison to powerful 6* carries despite his low Hope cost.

IS2 Specific Notes

Good Relics

Relic Interactions

Recommended Promotion

E1 Max recommended, as it is a pretty low investment.

Skill Upgrade Costs

Level Requisites Materials
1 ➝ 2
2 ➝ 3
3 ➝ 4
4 ➝ 5
5 ➝ 6
6 ➝ 7

Overall Skill Cost

Elite Upgrade Costs

Level Materials

Overall Elite Cost

Total Cost

Operator Profile

Artist Ryuzakiichi
CV Takuya Satou
CV (CN) 马洋
Gender Male
Place of Birth Far East
Birthday May 20
Race Sarkaz
Height 187cm
Combat Experience
Infection Status Infection confirmed through clinical diagnosis.
Physical Strength Standard
Mobility Standard
Physiological Endurance Excellent
Tactical Planning Normal
Combat Skill Standard
Originium Adaptability Excellent


Initially a patient at Rhodes Island, volunteered to become an Operator. He was assigned to Reserve Op Team A6 after completing his examination battery.

Clinical Analysis

Increase Trust to 25.
Imaging test for this Operator showed blurry outline of internal organs with visible unusual dark spots. Unusually high concentration of Originium particles were present in his circulation, indicating signs of infection and confirming him as infected at this stage.

[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 8%
Medical readings indicate subject has many symptoms of Oripathy. Oddly, subject has no visible crystallization on body.

[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.30u/L
Infection is spreading at a constant rate. Regular observation and treatment mandatory.

Archive File 1

Increase Trust to 50.
A former host now assigned to Reserve Op Team A6.
Midnight was the most popular producer at a prominent host club in the Far East. He broke earnings record several years in a row, and was known as the Devil of the Eastern Night.
He tends to speak boldly, even claiming he's here as God's gift to women.
While he has never caused any real problems, he is still often a headache.

Archive File 2

Increase Trust to 100.
Midnight doesn't know how he got infected. According to his own words, he was very quick to retire after his diagnosis.
After retiring, he found Rhodes Island through prior connections and came for treatment.
Then, after being in the program for a while, he made a peculiar request: He wanted work at Rhodes Island.

Archive File 3

Increase Trust to 150.
Midnight finally became a member of A6.
At first, even in eccentric A6, Midnight was widely considered the most difficult person to get along with. But after a while, everyone realized he was actually kind and hardworking.
Even then, there are still many people, such as Orchid, who can't handle his wild boasts.

Archive File 4

Increase Trust to 200.
When Midnight cares about someone, he gives his whole heart, but that means only a few people can reciprocate on the same level.
Since everyone is used to his hard work, they don't notice his exhaustion, which he wouldn't want them to notice, anyway. But it would be best for someone to check up on him once in a while.

Voice Lines

Appointed as Assistant Thank you for choosing me, Darling. Now, what kind of secret are you going to share with me under this velvet of the night?
Talk 1 Fiend of the Night? Ah, I can't hide anything from you. But past glory is nothing to me. After all, I have an even brighter future waiting.
Talk 2 I may work in a different place now, but my job is still the same—to put a smile on everyone's face.
Talk 3 I bet Ms. Orchid must have been born with a negative number on her happiness scale. Why else would she always look so stern whenever I'm there to light her up? If you know anything about her, please tell me.
Talk after Promotion 1 People say my swordsmanship is top notch. All due credit, I have to say. Practicing swordsmanship helps me maintain my figure and cultivate my elegance. It'd be a crime for me to slack off on the pratice. After all, you either keep the momentum and hold the lead or end up getting overwhelmed. Please keep that in mind.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 People used to say that I sold feelings as commodities, that I treated 'happiness' as a product. Fools, all of them. How can I expect my customers to open their hearts to me if I don't open mine to them first?
Talk after Trust Increase 2 I believe happiness can be contagious. It's a tangible atmosphere that truly exists. I feel the joy when others treat me with sincerity, and I will make sure my happiness reaches right into their hearts.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 My colleagues in team A6... they may be a bit weird, but they're truly kind souls. They're a gift from destiny, a gift that continues to remind me to cherish those important to me.
Idle Now that I have some free time, I should read.
Onboard Show me your brightest smile, my esteemed customer! Happiness is at arm's reach when you're by my side. Midnight, at your service.
Watching Battle Record It's important to never stop learning!
Promotion 1 Whoa, so my hard work really paid off! Let's set up a champagne tower to celebrate. My treat.
Added to Squad With me on your side, success is guaranteed!
Appointed as Squad Leader Follow this handsome me!
Depart Show me your spirit, everyone!
Begin Operation Behold, here comes my flamboyant moves!
Selecting Operator 1 Hmm?
Selecting Operator 2 What's up?
Deployment 1 I've arrived.
Deployment 2 OK.
In Battle 1 O sword, pierce the moonlight that veils the night!
In Battle 2 Bathe in fresh blood!
4-star Result Impressive, Dr. {@nickname}, truly impressive. Your blazing brilliance almost stole my show today.
3-star Result There's only one thing that's impossible for me: being imperfect.
Sub 3-star Result Not too shabby. Such a heart-warming result calls for a little celebration.
Operation Failure No need to look back. We'll greet each other with a smile next time.
Assigned to Facility A wonderful place. Let's have a drinking party tonight.
Tap There now, would you please leave my collar as it is?
Trust Tap Thanks for taking care of me.
Title Arknights.
Greeting Good evening, Dr. {@nickname}.

Operator Records

Record: Letter From Home
Unlock: E1, Level 55, Trust Required: 50

Paradox Stages

Stage Name: mem_midn_1
Unlock: E1, Level 55
Quite a few Operators might find it hard to believe, but Midnight's swordsmanship really is as he describes it, 'both glistering and elegant.' When he earnestly takes the enemy, his swordhand can be overwhelming for those lacking Originium Arts resistance. Just have his squadmates draw the enemy to a position best suited to his offensive, and you can kick back and watch his show. Now, come and admire a blade's glint under the gorgeous midnight moons!