Attack Type




Deals Arts damage

Operator Description

Sideroca, a reliable mercenary from Corinnia,

Operator Quote

She desires trust over fealty or glory.

Obtain Approach

Activity Acquisition
The Operator is acquired by completing specific activities (in-game Events).
Obtain Approach Detail
From the Darknights' Memoir event.
Headhunting: No Recruitment: No
Release Date (CN) 4/21/2020
Release Date (Global) 12/10/2020


Potential Item

Sideroca's Token This shiny figurine seems to hold great significance to Minosians. The patron god of travelers, protector of Sideroca, may now be watching over you.


After defeating 7 enemies, Sideroca gains +15 ASPD and Status Resistance
After defeating 5 (-2) enemies, Sideroca gains +15 ASPD and Status Resistance
Talents from Module Upgrades


Arts Resist
Redeploy Time
DP Cost
Attack Interval


SP Cost:
Initial SP:
SP Charge Type
Skill Activation
Skill Effect
Restores HP by 30% of Max HP
Restores HP by 33% of Max HP
Restores HP by 36% of Max HP
Restores HP by 40% of Max HP
Restores HP by 43% of Max HP
Restores HP by 47% of Max HP
Restores HP by 50% of Max HP
Restores HP by 55% of Max HP
Restores HP by 60% of Max HP
Restores HP by 70% of Max HP
Detailed Skill Info
heal_scale 0.3
heal_scale 0.33
heal_scale 0.36
heal_scale 0.4
heal_scale 0.43
heal_scale 0.47
heal_scale 0.5
heal_scale 0.55
heal_scale 0.6
heal_scale 0.7
SP Cost:
Initial SP:
SP Charge Type
Skill Activation
25 Seconds
25 Seconds
25 Seconds
26 Seconds
26 Seconds
26 Seconds
27 Seconds
28 Seconds
29 Seconds
30 Seconds
Skill Effect
Attack Range decreases, ATK +40%, restores 5% Max HP each second
Attack Range decreases, ATK +45%, restores 5% Max HP each second
Attack Range decreases, ATK +50%, restores 5% Max HP each second
Attack Range decreases, ATK +60%, restores 6% Max HP each second
Attack Range decreases, ATK +65%, restores 6% Max HP each second
Attack Range decreases, ATK +70%, restores 6% Max HP each second
Attack Range decreases, ATK +80%, restores 7% Max HP each second
Attack Range decreases, ATK +90%, restores 7% Max HP each second
Attack Range decreases, ATK +100%, restores 7% Max HP each second
Attack Range decreases, ATK +110%, restores 8% Max HP each second
Skill Range
Detailed Skill Info
atk 0.4
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.05
atk 0.45
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.05
atk 0.5
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.05
atk 0.6
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.06
atk 0.65
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.06
atk 0.7
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.06
atk 0.8
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.07
atk 0.9
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.07
atk 1
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.07
atk 1.1
hp_recovery_per_sec_by_max_hp_ratio 0.08

RIIC Base Skills

Room Type:
Training Room
When this Operator is assigned to be the Trainer in the Training Room, Guard Operators' Specialization training speed +30%
Room Type:
Training Room
When this Operator is assigned to be the Trainer in the Training Room, Guard Operators' Specialization training speed +30%; if training this skill to Specialization Level 3, training speed will be further increased by +45%

Botzu's Quick Evaluation

+ Archetype: Attacks do Arts damage
+ After killing enough enemies, ASPD increases and gains Status Resistance effect
+ A tanky Arts Guard with very high HP recovery and regen
+ Higher than average max HP for an Arts Guard
+ S2: Decent skill uptime with a high ATK boost
= Archetype: Block-1
= Better at dueling high Arts damage enemies because of her high RES and HP regen
- Typically enemies that do high Arts damage also have high RES, which lowers her DPS
- There are usually better options for her role (such as Enmity Guards) to 1v1 powerful enemies

Operator Overview

Sideroca became a mercenary to see the world beyond her Minoan hometown, and as part of Rhodes Island, she’s certainly seeing a lot of wild and crazy things. Fortunately, she’s able to take care of herself when the situation gets hairy, being a 5* Arts Guard who can heal herself in an emergency.

As an Arts Guard, Sideroca’s basic attacks deal Arts damage instead of physical damage, giving her an advantage against enemies with high DEF but low RES. Her Mercenary’s Tenacity Talent also grants bonus ASPD and the Status Resistance buff after Sideroca kills a certain number of enemies, giving her a bit of a power spike later in a fight. However, most of Sideroca’s power comes from her Skill 2, Restorative Surge. This Skill has fairly good uptime and offers a massive ATK buff and constant healing for its duration. Even at Skill Level 1, Restorative Surge heals Sideroca for more than her maximum HP, and at max level, the amount healed is frankly ridiculous. The Skill does reduce Sideroca’s attack range, but this is hardly an issue considering the Skill’s other benefits.

Sideroca has other issues instead. Her base ATK is extremely low, reducing her damage output and the effectiveness of Restorative Surge’s ATK buff. This is especially annoying because Sideroca has to get the killing blow on enemies to activate her Talent. Her high DP cost is also an imposition, as is having Block-1, which limits her ability to hold enemies on the frontline.

Usually, a high-HP self-healing Guard is a perfect unit for assassinating enemy Casters, but Sideroca’s snowballing Talent, Arts damage attacks, and high DP cost make her a poor fit for this role. Instead, use her to duel with heavily-armored targets. Her high HP and self-healing help her survive their attacks, and her Arts damage coupled with Restorative Surge's ATK buff helps her cut through them quickly. She is especially good against Defense Crushers, since her Talent’s Status Resistance buff reduces the duration of their Stun. Working with Sideroca is a unique prospect, but for a Doctor who understands her strengths, she is certainly capable of pulling her weight.

Newbie Tier List Explanation

High HP and can sustain through self-heal, but there are much better/more consistent self-sustain operaors, and her overall DPS is on the weak side.

Skill Discussion

S2M3 None

Note: This unit does not have Mastery grades. This means the unit is generally not one worth spending the resources of Mastery on. However this write-up should help with skill selection, should you want to use the unit regardless.

Sideroca is a unit I've always considered to be underrated. Most people ignore her entirely but she brings decent Arts damage with tremendous sustain and is a very rare (and often useful) HP tank. There aren't many good HP tank options, with most prefering to bulk up directly on DEF or RES instead. It’s a strong niche, though still not terribly meta. While both of her skills have use, her S2 is largely better. It gives more total healing as well as more damage. S1 has its uses, but they are far less frequent, so Mastery is a secondary consideration on an already off-meta unit.

Operator Featured Articles

Skill Upgrade Costs

Level Requisites Materials
1 ➝ 2
2 ➝ 3
3 ➝ 4
4 ➝ 5
5 ➝ 6
6 ➝ 7
Skill Level Requisites Materials
Lv1 8h
Lv1 16h
Lv1 24h
Lv1 8h
Lv1 16h
Lv1 24h

Overall Skill Cost

Elite Upgrade Costs

Level Materials

Overall Elite Cost

Total Cost

Operator Profile

Artist Shō
CV Kuwahara Yūki
Gender Female
Place of Birth Minos
Birthday Mar 17
Race Forte
Height 164cm
Combat Experience
5 Years
Infection Status Medical tests have confirmed that no infection is present.
Physical Strength Excellent
Mobility Standard
Physiological Endurance Excellent
Tactical Planning Standard
Combat Skill Excellent
Originium Adaptability Normal


Sideroca is an experienced mercenary from Minos and specializes in bodyguard and cargo transport duties. A long-term employment contract with Rhodes Island has been signed, and after internal training, Sideroca has the strength and experience to participate in a variety of missions.

Clinical Analysis

Increase Trust to 25.
Imaging tests reveal clear, normal outlines of internal organs, and no abnormal shadows have been detected. Originium granules have not been detected in the circulatory system and there is no sign of infection. At this time, this operator is believed to be uninfected.

[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 0%
Is this what an uninfected Minosian Forte's horns feel like? So smooth...

[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.12u/L
Compared to Forte standards, all indicators are excellent.

'How great it is to be young.' —Unnamed senior physician

Archive File 1

Increase Trust to 50.
Sideroca was born in Corinia, a city-state of Minos renowned for its flourishing trade and business, but simultaneously criticized for rampant corruption. Due to the bitter consequences of wealth inequality and classism from a young age, Sideroca left Corinia to wander the various Minosian city-states as a mercenary. In the past, she always wanted to go far away from Corinia to see different facets of life, but after some time as a mercenary, she realized she would never be able to flee from Corinia, the heart of Minosian trade as well as her splendid motherland. However, her struggle was not fruitless - in her line of work, she came across two other nomadic city-states that rivaled her home: Athenus, the spiritual garden of Minos, and Lakedaímōn, the sacred ground of warriors. In these places, she was able to encounter different philosophies as well as different ways of life, and at the same time, it was in these places that the vast world beyond Minos was revealed to her. One day, she will leave her home and travel to a new country. If Corinia taught anything to Sideroca, it is perhaps a lifelong desire for exploration and a deep pragmatism.

Archive File 2

Increase Trust to 100.
Sideroca originally chose to become a mercenary as a method to cover daily expenses, and to leave Corinia as soon as possible. Many people have voiced doubts about whether such a young woman would be qualified for that line of work, but Sideroca's first employer, the president of the Minos branch of Rhodes Island, did not share those concerns. As long as the task can be successfully completed, she cared not for the experience, or lack thereof, of the person carrying out the task. By the time Sideroca officially joined Rhodes Island, she had an impressive track record of zero tasks failed, even completing tasks that allowed the mercenaries to abandon their goods in order to ensure their own safety. Of course, her accomplishments also came at a price, perhaps evident by the extra scars across her body. After several years of cooperation, the head of Rhodes Island's Minos branch decided to grandfather her into the main organization - after all, she didn't want this trusty talent to be snatched up by competitors. As such, Sideroca officially became an operator of Rhodes Island.

Archive File 3

Increase Trust to 150.
During her time as a mercenary in Minos, Sideroca received two different kinds of evaluations. One group of employers called her 'responsible and dedicated to every task.' The other group called her 'nosy, with the very troublesome tendency of asking too many questions.' The reason for these two different types of evaluations is actually quite simple: Sideroca habitually wants to go above and beyond for her employer. While this is beneficial to completing the task, it can also be unsuitable for employers who wish to conceal information from their mercenary hires. The head of Rhodes Island's Minos branch once gave her the following advice: 'Only take on short-term contracts, or stick with one employer until retirement.' She understands that Sideroca's cold personality cannot conceal her inner dedication and work ethic. By working under the right employer, it is possible to achieve twice the outcome with half the effort, but once... because of this very reason, when she learned that the Minos Foreign Trade Union was attempting to strike a long-term deal with Sideroca, she went directly to Sideroca to snag her up before she could sign that contract. When representatives from the Trade Union arrived at Sideroca's temporary residence, she had already left Minos to start a new life at Rhodes Island. However, there was one thing that even the savvy branch leader could not anticipate...
If Sideroca really stayed under the same employer for too long...

Archive File 4

Increase Trust to 200.
'Recently, the Doctor's been taken good care of.'
'The Doctor? Taken care of? I don't know of anyone doing something like that. Unless you're talking about the medical department. It wouldn't make sense if they weren't keeping people healthy.'
'That's not what I'm talking about! C'mon, take a look at this photo from our daily newsletter. Look carefully at the Doctor's arm.'
'What about it...?'
'Wait, I think I see it.'
'The Doctor's putting on some muscle?!'
'Even though it's just a little bit, that is unmistakably muscle!'
'By jove!'
'So, umm, I want to know who's taking care of the Doctor.'
'Isn't it enough to just take a look at the Doctor's record of duties at the office? You're the only one with that authorization here, so I'm counting on you.'
'Good point, let me take a look.'

Fast Forward→

'Did you find it?'
'It's Sideroca.'
'Side-who? That mercenary? Do they train mercenaries for caregiving duties these days?'
'She's probably an exception... I heard that she learned to cook in order to persuade the Doctor to work out. All it took was her borrowing a Leithanian cookbook from the library.'
'How good could something that came off a cookbook be?'
'You've never tried it, have you? The other day, Gummy and I went to try one of her simple meals. Gummy was blown away.'
'That woman's a monster, I'm telling you. I've been cooking for ten years, and even my own mother won't touch my food...'
'I heard that she selects her ingredients in accordance to nutritional theory while accounting for individual tastes. The Doctor, who swore to never set foot in the gym, was seen there the next day after trying one of her meals.'
'So that's where that 'Doctor at the Gym' post came from...'
'This person... is she really just a mercenary?'
'Beats me.'

——Cafeteria monitoring camera, unknown time

Promotion Record

Upgrade to Elite LV2.
Perhaps because she had never received prior formal training, Sideroca still clearly remembers her experiences training to become an Operator. At the time, Instructor Dobermann also has very 'vivid' memories of Sideroca. She says that while it is normal for people to proactively improve themselves during Hell Week, it is inexplicable that someone would ever want to put themselves through Hell Week ever again. In her eyes, Sideroca is the kind of person who can incorporate a brutal regimen like Hell Week as part of their own regular fitness routine, even with already excellent qualities. Because Sideroca kept signing up again and again, Dobermann put her foot down and no longer allowed Sideroca to take the same courses as fresh recruits - after all, that would only serve to intimidate them. Consequently, Dobermann put together a specialized regimen, delving into new training manuals, standard army training, and special operations training and incorporating them to meet Sideroca's needs. She even made an agreement with Dur-nar afterwards, gaining her support in exchange for compromises in some other areas, in order to work together against this person who constantly made the life of the instructors that much harder. Eventually, they discovered that only two things could tear Sideroca away from this almost self-destructive urge to train - going out on missions, or diverting her attention onto the Doctor. Thus, after they deliberately 'leaked' some information about the Doctor's recent malady, Sideroca poured all her energy and enthusiasm into taking care of the Doctor. Even with all of that, however, the reserve operators frequently see Sideroca laboring away on the training grounds.

Voice Lines

Appointed as Assistant There are no security risks in your room, and you can work with peace of mind. I'll stand guard at the door to help you turn down any unnecessary busywork.
Talk 1 The automatic door here is broken? Give me a minute—— Hrmph! All right, go ahead and carry on with your work. I'll contact the maintenance staff.
Talk 2 You want to learn more about Minos's terroir? I see, I'll put together a report for you. No, that is not information that I can clearly disclose in just a few words. I must report it to you in detail.
Talk 3 Mercenaries must always update their pool of knowledge. If you can't keep up with the newest information, you'll likely fall into the hands of enemies who utilize new methods, so there's absolutely no room to slack. I hope you understand this, Doctor. Doctor?
Talk after Promotion 1 Huh, what the hell did that Minosian girl in the garden do...? My head feels strangely empty, and I feel completely relaxed... This doesn't... feel right. Doctor, I need to rest. Please forgive me, I'm temporarily unable to carry out my duties as your bodyguard...
Talk after Promotion 2 Hoo, hah! Looks like I'm in pretty good shape today, maybe it'll feel even better to exercise a bit with the reserve operators. Oh, is it Hell Week again? Looks like we'll have to bug Dobermann again to help arrange a place for us.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Corinia was built upon the scales of merchants, and everyone wants to squeeze as much as they can out of everyone else. In comparison, people in other city-states are far more interesting, just like you, Doctor. When I'm guarding them, there's always a lot of interesting things happening.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 You need to train properly, Doctor. I'm not just talking about moving your muscles and bones, that'd just be exercise. What I'm talking about is training. It requires a full range of exercises as well as a healthy diet to burn fat and build muscle. Oh, you're fine with that? Let me see your results then. If I find out that you're— Hey, I'm not done talking yet, get back here!
Talk after Trust Increase 3 Done eating again? Another bowl? Sure... This is the first time I've made a complete meal. Usually I just fill my belly with some rations and don't cook much. Here's the last portion. After you finish, please abide by our agreement and exercise properly so that me learning this skill is not in vain.
Idle Taking a nap to relax, huh? ...What a luxurious way to rest.
Onboard Pleased to meet you, my new employer. I am Sideroca, a Corinian mercenary. The paperwork has already been completed, so please look forward to the results of my work.
Watching Battle Record These clips are only good for reference. Please apply your attention to the actual battle.
Promotion 1 Each badge is a symbol of trust. I'll accept it.
Promotion 2 I waved my blade around and cut down all the threats. I've done what I said I would.
Added to Squad At your service.
Appointed as Squad Leader Passing on your commands.
Depart Rest assured, I'll always pay attention to the team situation.
Begin Operation We're starting.
Selecting Operator 1 Here.
Selecting Operator 2 Approaching the destination.
Deployment 1 Let's see what you all can do.
Deployment 2 Don't even think about taking another step.
In Battle 1 Let's turn this around!
In Battle 2 And stay down!
In Battle 3 Hooaahh!
In Battle 4 I'll show you how a Minosian fights!
4-star Result Judging from your commanding skills, my protection might be a little redundant.
3-star Result What's important is that you didn't get hurt. Let's get ready to head back.
Sub 3-star Result You had to suffer through a fright because of my negligence. I am so, so sorry.
Operation Failure No matter what happens... I have to get the Doctor safely back to base...
Assigned to Facility It's too messy here. I'm going to have to give it a good cleaning.
Tap What's the matter?
Trust Tap Doctor! You were the one who suggested the training, so why are you trying to run away from your own session? Stop right there!
Title Arknights.
Greeting No exceptions!

Operator Records

Record: Diligent
Unlock: E2, Level 1, Trust Required: 50

Paradox Stages

Stage Name: mem_sidero_1
Unlock: E2, Level 1
As a longtime weathered mercenary, Sideroca's well-versed in coping with enemies and their attempts to pull her negative side out in battles of attrition.
As combat gradually turns white-hot, Sideroca's exceptional constitution and tempered gains will all come into prominence. Enemies will realize: no matter how they break through, no matter how they affect her, the Forte before them is still going to fight as bravely as ever.