Combat Description

Blocks 2 enemies

Operator Description

Yato, Vanguard Operator of Rhodes Island, will fight on the battlefield to give the squad the upper hand.

Operator Quote

Everyone admires how much effort she puts into training.



Redeployment Time -30 seconds


Magic Resist
Redeploy Time
Attack Time

Total Cost

Building Buffs

Room Type:
Trading Post
When this Operator is assigned to a Trading Post, order acquisition efficiency +30%

Operator Overview

“Victory is the most welcome news.”

As an Oni that prefers the dark and is rarely seen without her mask, the name Yato, or “Night Sword” suits this Rhodes Island Vanguard well. She is a low rarity Starter that can block 2 enemies.

Yato has a very low DP cost in addition to the shortened redeployment time granted by her Fast Redeployment talent. Unlocking her potential will reduce these even further, making her an extremely cost efficient drop. But even off the battlefield, she can be a valuable asset in the Trading Post, as her RIIC skill is better than some higher rarity units.

Yato’s main downside is her rarity, which means her low level cap will make her quickly fall behind other operators and that she cannot use special skills. Noticeably, Yato cannot recover DP like typical Vanguards. Thus, she functions more as a redeployable, low-cost Guard.

Overall, Yato is a low-rarity, low-cost filler unit that can be rapidly deployed to stop enemies or used until better units are available, though she might find better use manning the Trading Post.

Operator Profile

Artist Skade
CV Saki Fujita
Gender Female
Place of Birth The Far East
Birthday May 14
Race Oni
Height 161cm
Physical Strength Normal
Mobility Excellent
Physiological Endurance Normal
Tactical Planning Normal
Combat Skill Normal
Originium Adaptability Normal


Yato is the team leader of the core operators. She is a loyal and dependable warrior.

Clinical Analysis

Increase Trust to 25.
Radiological scans showed blurred outlines of internal organs with visible abnormalities. Originium Particle Tests of the circulatory system indicate Oripathy. The subject is confirmed as Infected. [Cell-Originium Assimilation] 8% No major visible symptoms of infection. [Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.22u/L Severity of infection remains low, with no major hindrance to motor functions.

Archive File 1

Increase Trust to 50.
A quiet warrior with no particularly memorable traits except for the mask she wears. As a result, people tend to overlook the fact that she's there. She doesn't seem to mind though, instead focusing on diligently carrying out every task given to her. Dr. Kelsey has praised her as "the cornerstone of Rhodes Island."

Archive File 2

Increase Trust to 100.
No one knows when Yato joined Rhodes Island, and no one has ever tried to find out. Her presence as a Rhodes Island Operator is taken for granted, but if she were to suddenly disappear one day, it's unclear how many people would actually notice.

Archive File 3

Increase Trust to 150.
Some curious Operators once asked Yato about whether she had a history with Noir Corne, but she didn't provide a straightforward answer. Like Noir Corne, she is rarely seen without her mask.