Should You Purchase: 1st Anniversary New Year Edition!

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Dear Doctors,

Happy New Years!  I hope everyone is safe and enjoying the coming new year.

Speaking of the New Year, Arknights has quite a large batch of skins for the anniversary!  Of course, with the power of foresight and the magical… instinct to know what's coming at least 6 months in advance (patent and order pending), we get to see our beloved Operators at their prime/previous points in their lives!

Amiya - Fresh Fastener (Free)

Dressed in a Fresh Faced Winter Outfit, Amiya also gains a pretty cool moped!  Delivering deliverance and winter cheer, she rides on to chase her ideals

Why Should You Purchase:

  • Amiya gets a rockin' moped.  You know how cool mopeds are?  So cool she doesn't need shades to be cool.  It's cool, yo.
  • She has cute little bunnies on her socks.
  • Literally cool - the wintery color theme heralds the coming of chill times contrasted with a warm red scarf.

Why Shouldn't You Purchase:

  • You shed frozen tears for Amiya's chopped ponytail.  
  • You're worried Amiya might be cold in this outfit.
  • You like newspaper Amiya better.

Saria - Stronghold (18 OP)

True to her description, Saria's convictions are even more rigid than diamond in this glimpse of her past.  120% battle ready, she is an immovable force on the battlefield. 

Why Should You Purchase:

  • Saria is completely prepared, with extra mags for her syringe gun and a coat stocked high with medical supplies.
  • In her base animations, you can see that Saria is quite adept at martial arts.  Forget about imagining if she had a real weapon, she is the weapon!
  • She creates pylons from the ground in her S3, showing us what she could do in her normal E2.  Rock on.

Why Shouldn't You Purchase:

  • Saria looks pretty similar to her modern day style, just less streamlined.
  • You prefer Cop Saria instead.
  • Your therapist told you hornier Saria doesn't exist and can't hurt you.  Hornier Saria: Exists.

Angelina - Distinguished Visitor (18 OP)

After the obligatory joke about how Angelina flips the script on the Sniper class being made of Snipers, our favorite messenger really grew up in this skin!  Along with a confidence boost, Angelina not only evolved her twintails and gained a badass overcoat, but also the ability to literally fly with her upgraded Gravity Staff!

Why Should You Purchase:

  • Tetsuya Nomura approved belt count.
  • Glorious-er Fluffier Twintails
  • She's as cool as Mary Poppins y'all!

Why Shouldn't You Purchase:

  • You're not into BDSM: Bashing Dirty Slugs Magically
  • You miss Angelina's shorts.
  • The skin isn't named "Visitor Re: Chain Drop Factors/32 χ 2.8 Definitive Edition"

Special Note: Apparently Ange's S3 shoots projectiles 1 frame earlier.  P2W benefit for the diehard Ange fans.

Lappland - Refined Horrormare (18 OP)

Here we see Lappland at what appears to be a pivotal point in her life.  Clothed in wealthy fashion while stained with blood of unknown origin, she is yet to visibly suffer from Oripathy.

Why Should You Purchase:

  • Tres Elegant, we can see vestiges of Lappland in formalwear.
  • Double the blades, double the fallen angels, double the edge!
  • Double the STAND POWER, which Lappland uses to Hadouken her enemies!

Why Shouldn't You Purchase:

  • You're less about elegance and more about cool, even though decapitated fallen angels stands shooting hadoukens are pretty cool.
  • You don't like the blood on her blade.
  • You have a fetish for seeing originium growths on operators.  Why?

Greythroat - Homecoming (15 OP)

Greythroat has grown beyond her prejudices into someone willing to give their all and put their life on the line to save people.  The refined plumage reflects the strength of her newfound convictions.

Why Should You Purchase:

  • Those ear things on her head are pretty cool.  What do they do?
  • She has a bigger crossbow now.  Now she can speak brusquely AND carry a big stick.
  • She puts on a scarf.  Scarf buddies with Amiya?

Why Shouldn't You Purchase:

  • You prefer Liberi ear-feathers to whatever she is wearing now.  And you still don't know what it does.
  • The high collar in her sprite looks like shoulderpads would make Vegeta jealous.
  • The bigger crossbow doesn't increase her damage and you're P2W. 

Executor - Titleless Code (18 OP)

Still not to be confused with "Executioner", Executor dons his Notarial Hall outfit:, an official-looking jacket.  Notably, he undergoes a palette swap to a futuristic blue that pops aesthetics and enemies.

Why Should You Purchase:

  • He's Executor but blue.  And you love blue.
  • He looks like he could be the straight man in a buddy cop movie.
  • Forget sparkly vampires, sparkly Lateranos are the new hotness.  Just look at that jacket flick!

Why Shouldn't You Purchase:

  • You like Executor but orange.
  • Executor's new color scheme is too cool for you.
  • Your obsession with sparkly vampires is undying.

Midnight - Seventh Night, the Awakened (15 OP)

Midnight brings in the style with his thrilling Promotional Video costume!  Looking P'Badass in Pink, Midnight owns his namesake with over-the-stop style!

Why Should You Purchase:

  • More style than a Persona game.  Midnight doesn't even need to try.
  • Covers his left eye to hide his true power.  His laugh just means he's at .01%!
  • Pretty much the E2 art he always deserved. 

Why Shouldn't You Purchase:

  • The skin is a little too over the top for your fragile heart to handle.
  • The only ranged guard in your heart is Thorns.  We can fix that though with some photoshop.
  • You don't want to pay 15 OP for Midnight to get an E2 Art.  Even though he deserves it.

Beagle - Dreadnaught (Free)

The reliable Rhodes Island Defender continues to be a staunch staple, serving as the rearguard in the March of Bolivar.  Clad in the freshest tactical gear and contact lens, Beagle will continue to ensure enemies will not pass!

Why Should You Purchase:

  • Tacticool outfit provides even better preparation for the battlefield.  Enhanced movement options allow for better combat performance.
  • Clothed in confidence - Beagle is ready to face enemies head on!
  • Laugh and Mad animations in dorms are super cute!

Why Shouldn't You Purchase:

  • Like Greythroat, Beagle does not gain any in-game combat buffs from this skin besides looking cool.
  • You're into the shy-glasses aesthetic.
  • You missed the event.  Why would you miss an event that gives free rolls every day?