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Welcome to the grand return of Should You Purchase: Earthborn Metals edition! Today we have a bunch of New Year's themed -- what? They're Half Anniversary skins? Can we just call these New Year's Skins like they clearly are? No? Ok. Well anyways, let's take a look at the goods HyperGryph has prepared for us!

Ch'en - Ageless Afterglow (18 OP)

Ch'en goes from Chi Xiao to Qi Pao in this skin, wowing Doctors with her Half Anniversary blessings for the price of 18 OP. Even Reunion would turn themselves in at this sight.

ch'en skin

Why You Should Buy:

  • You want Ch'en to glare at you so you can savor the feeling of your nerves standing on end as her draconian gaze pierces through you.
  • You want Ch'en. (Sadly, Operator not included)
  • You think her twin bun hairstyle is pretty neat and reminiscent of fortuitous bells.

Why You Shouldn't Buy:

  • You're worried that Ch'en can't instantly use her Skill 2 while wearing high pumps.  (Don't worry, she can.)
  • You prefer the giant dragon in Ch'en's E2 art instead of blue Mushu.
  • You only have 17 OP and that's going towards Nian.

Swire - Honor and Splendor (18 OP)

GAO!  Swinging the Swirecrackers and tossing out Red Envelopes while holding the smuggest little tiger you've ever seen, our resident tiger is burning bright in her Half Anniversary outfit.  For just 18 OP, you, too, can indulge in Swire's high profile Lungmen lifestyle.

swire skin

Why You Should Buy:

  • Two-for-one deal on smug tigers.
  • Swire will fan you with Red Envelopes.
  • Complementary Half Anniversary Weapon makeover, from her morningstar to her drones.

Why You Shouldn't Buy:

  • Swire loses her ohoho ojou drill curls.
  • Why should you finance her outfit change when she's literally handing out Red Envelopes like there's no tomorrow?
  • You're afraid people will call you a Swire simp.  They're not wrong.

Liskarm - Spring Vouivre (15 OP)

Donning an auspicious red jacket, Liskarm stuns Doctors and enemies alike with her Half Anniversary skin.  Quiet and reserved, the outfit brings out a subtle elegance that fits Liskarm perfectly


Why You Should Buy:

  • The red shield will aggro enemies (but only if she's deployed in the right order).
  • Her high tech jacket will protect her from the elements, for when you have a field operation at 11:00 but dim sum at 12:00.
  • This outfit offers a behind-the-scenes for her shock shield.  Rhodes Engineers, take note.

Why You Shouldn't Buy:

  • You only have the budget for one dragon/wyvern's skin and you're already set on Ch'en.
  • You prefer Liskarm with ZR.
  • You like blue Liskarm more than red Liskarm.  Her shield should be BLACK steel, not red.

Jessica - Clivia (Free!)

Jessica wishes you a happy Half Anniversary with this skin.  She has been able to grow so much under the doctor that she evolved from sadcat to gladcat!  Clad in comfortable sleeves and high mobility shorts, she will continue to do her best on the battlefield.

jessica skin

Why You Should Buy:

  • Happy Jessica, happy life.  Why wouldn't she deserve to be happy?
  • Jessica looks really happy prepping her gun.  Almost too happy if her happiness wasn't well deserved.
  • That floral aesthetic is tres elegant.  It flows smoothly from her hair pins to the background.

Why You Shouldn't Buy:

  • You believe there are too many Jessica skins and want to take a stand against them by purposefully protesting this skin even though it's free.
  • You savor schadenfreude and want Jessica to perpetually be a sadcat.
  • You prefer her madcat hazmat suit instead with its radioactive cat.
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