Night Watcher

MODEL: Hibiscus
Series: Nian
0011 New Arrivals/Night Watcher. Handmade by Lungmen craftsman, this stylish outfit combines comfortable materials with cutting-edge tech and traditional handicraft. Custom-made services are also available. Fireproof.
Obtain Approach

Marketplace (Free)

Usage One of Hibiscus's favorite new outfits.
Quote To give the most beautiful smile to the last sleepless night of the year.
0011 New Arrivals/Night Watcher. Handmade by Lungmen craftsman, this stylish outfit combines comfortable materials with cutting-edge tech and traditional handicraft. Custom-made services are also available. Fireproof.

Release Date

Release Date (NA) 2020-02-05
Release Date (CN) 2019-05-30

Additional Info

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