Tribal-Style Inn

Furniture Theme Detail

Description A conceptual reproduction of a tribal-style inn. A world where the fist speaks the loudest.
Total Ambience
Total Cost 2,415 or 12
Obtain Approach Event Limited
Release Dates (NA)
Release Dates (CN)
Associated Event

Furniture Sets in this Theme

Set: Such Is Tribal Life (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 245)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Tribal Floor Tiles 225 Floor
Rainforest Panoramic Display 225 Wallpaper
Tribal Stone Wall 305 Decoration
Tribal Stone Pillar 245 Decoration

Set: Just Passable (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 415)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Tribal Decorative Curtains 75 Ceiling
Tribal Decorative Chandelier 80 Ceiling Lamp
Tribal Stone Stand 240 Table 370 or 2
Tribal Loft Bed 585 Bedding 810 or 4

Set: Good Enough (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 275)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Interior Heater 540 Decoration 750 or 4
Tropical Potted Plant 315 Decoration 485 or 2
Totem Pot 135 Decoration

Set: Improvised Amenities (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 135)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Totem Speakers 215 Decoration
Tribal Sofa 210 Seating
Tribal Carpet 75 Carpet