1.7.1 Patch Notes Recap

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Fairy Notte's Fairly Informative Guide to Patch 1.7.1

Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo, Cygames, or the fairy Notte's opinions... probably. If they do, it's just a coincidence!

Hey everyone! Patch 1.71 has some big changes! But don't worry, I'm here to tell you just what you need to know. The biggest and most important are the changes to how you’ll get new Adventurers and Dragons!

Reduced Summoning Costs

First off, the cost to summon is going down to 120 Wyrmite, or 1200 for a Tenfold. That’s a massive 20% decrease! This won’t change how Summoning Vouchers work, but from this patch forward Wyrmite costs will be reduced.

If you were experiencing buyer's remorse, don’t worry-- Cygames is refunding any summons you have performed in the game as Eldwater! Expect to receive Eldwater equal to 20% of the value of all summons from the beginning of the game until now. 

This is in addition to the refund being given for all the duplicate 4★ and 5★ Adventurers previously obtained or sent home. So, with the initial amount raised to 8500 for a 5★ and 2200 for a 4★, you can now expect to get the difference refunded: 5500 Eldwater for each 5★, or 1200 for a 4★. The amount for 3★ dupes remains the same. 

Personally, I’m planning on building a pool for all the Adventurers at the Halidom to come and hang out with me in! Oh, that reminds me, there’s some pretty big changes coming to all the Adventurers too!

Adventurer Changes

Uniform Co-Abilities

The most dramatic change is that across the board, all Adventurers will have the 5★ level of Co-Ability when fully upgraded. This is huge for lower-rarity Heroes-- When maxed out, Aoi's Strength Co-Ability was only at 5%. Compared to Mikoto, who maxes out at 10%, that's a huge loss! Now the playing field has been evened, and 3★ and 4★ characters can contribute just as much to the team as natural 5★ Adventurers. 

AI Improvements

The next major change concerns AI, which will now use Force Strikes. While we have yet to see exactly how they use it, this will be great for characters like Xander and Kleimann who lose out on their boosted damage. 

Other minor tweaks include elemental dragon scales being removed from several Mana Circle nodes, namely the Skill-related ones. Previously spent scales will be refunded if you spent them. Adventurers will also turn to face sources of knockback, so it won't be quite as disorienting. Also welcome is the addition of three Team slots, bringing the total to 9 for a full roster of specified Void and IO teams! 

See, I’m not the only one who knows how to fight smart! Looks like everyone’s getting way better at fighting, even when I’m not there to tell them how to do it. Guess all that training has paid off! Speaking of paying, looks like Wyrmprints are about to arrive in the shop!

Wyrmprint Improvements

In addition to the Summoning changes-- in which Wyrmprints are bought in a shop using Eldwater-- you will now have a rare chance to obtain 3★ and higher Wyrmprints for certain campaign missions. Does this mean you could farm for copies of 5★ prints in certain battles? We don’t know yet, but this is surely a welcome change! 

The other huge change is that the maximum power caps of select Wyrmprint Abilities are being increased, so they'll make more of a difference!

Information obtained from the Official Dragalia Lost Newspost
Bonus Increase Bonus Increase
Skill Damage 35% → 40% Gauge Accelerator 30% → 35%
Strength 15% → 20% Shield Prep II(20%) → III(30%)
Force Strike 40% → 50% Burning Punisher 25% → 30%
Broken Punisher 25% → 30% Dragon Time 15% → 20%

Improved Synergy

As you can see, this is pretty huge. Stacking those preferred buffs on your chosen Adventurer allows some creative building and incentivizes mixing and matching different kinds of Wyrmprints. And even better, now Wyrmprint Abilities will improve twice when unbinding! This will occur once at 2UB, and again at MUB. 

The Shop is also receiving improvements to display how many copies of a Wyrmprint you already have-- as well as their unbind levels-- before purchasing them. 

Whew! Those are some big changes, but just in case you thought that was it, there’s even more! The way you find new friends to play with, and how you talk to them, is being changed!

Multiplayer Changes

Happy Thoughts, or its the Frying Pan

Mission Objectives!

You can now set an objective when creating a conditional room, for example earning an Epithet. This should cut down on people bowing out of runs where the timer will be failed, as they can create a special room just for that. You can even state that you need help and are still learning a quest! Other conditions include Clearing Endeavors, Repeating a Quest, and Up for Anything, which is the default. You can also now browse rooms for an exsting one with the right objective.

Removal of "Negative" Stickers

In the past, certain stickers have been used by the community to express some... disgruntled feelings while playing. The major culprits were the Nope, Grrr, and Really? stickers. They'll now be replaced with encouraging stickers saying Again! On Me! and You Got This! 

While this change does remove a huge part of communication-- as "Nope" is the easiest way to deny unqualified players from runs-- it also adds some, as the "Again" sticker can be used to indicate that you had a good time playing and wish to run again. 

Yeah, turns out I was being just a biiiitttt too grumpy in some of my Adventures. I growled at Cleo one too many times, and she told me I had to be more supportive. Or else... Well, I’m a reformed Fairy now! Only happy thoughts Notte, happy thoughts! Or Cleo gets her frying pan again…

Miscellaneous QoL Changes

There are also a bunch of small quality of life changes, such as the one making it so that Raid Endeavors for “Don’t Allow Anyone to Fall in Battle” will now apply only to your own Adventurers, which should make obtaining deathless runs much easier!

Other notables include:

  • You can now damage knocked down enemies.
  • The Void Battle Schedule will be clearer and easier to view from the Void Battles screen.

  • Animations have been shortened to make loading and transitions faster.

  • Daily rewards have been increased!

  • Avenue to Power’s final wave now features a boss monster.

  • The co-op rewards have been reset, meaning you can earn that 2500 wrymite again!

  • A new Tenfold voucher will be sent out, along with 4500 wyrmite and 25000 Eldwater (this does not include the compensation from earlier!)

  • The order of summoning on the summon screen has been adjusted.

And last of all, for those of you willing to drop some cash, a limited Upgrade Pack and Limited Champions Pack will be available. Historically, these have been among the best value for your money, so they may well be worth picking up.  

Ok...I think I’m done. That’s everything, right?

Waaaaaaiiiiittt! What about me, Notte?

Oh, I’m so sorry Feh! I completely forgot! The Collaboration is coming too!


That’s OK, Notte! I thought I’d stop by and remind everyone that me and a bunch of my friends from over at Fire Emblem Heroes are going to be appearing in Dragalia Lost soon!

Yeah, that’s right! Take it away, Feh!

My pleasure!

During the Fire Emblem: Heroes crossover, you can participate in Defensive battles, campaign battles, and quests to obtain emblems, just like the Roses from the Valentine's event. These can be used to advance the story, or be traded in for rewards, like a new Light Sword for the event unit, Alfonse, Prince of Askr who is joining as a 5★ light sword adventurer. Veronica: Princess of Embla, Fjorm: Princess of Ice, and Marth: Legendary Hero, will also be making an appearance. You can even get stickers that feature Fire Emblem characters on them!

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