Materials and Items List

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Materials and Items List
Icon Material
Bronze Crystal
Silver Crystal
Gold Crystal
Ripe Dragonfruit
Succulent Dragonfruit
Bronze Whetstone
Silver Whetstone
Gold Whetstone
Flame Orb
Blaze Orb
Inferno Orb
Water Orb
Stream Orb
Deluge Orb
Wind Orb
Storm Orb
Maelstrom Orb
Light Orb
Radiance Orb
Refulgence Orb
Shadow Orb
Nightfall Orb
Nether Orb
Rainbow Orb
Flamewyrm's Scale
Flamewyrm's Scaldscale
Waterwyrm's Scale
Waterwyrm's Glistscale
Windwyrm's Scale
Windwyrm's Squallscale
Lightwyrm's Scale
Lightwyrm's Glowscale
Shadowwyrm's Scale
Shadowwyrm's Darkscale
Knight's Testament
Champion's Testament
Moonlight Stone
Sunlight Stone
Steel Brick
Damascus Ingot
Holy Water
Blessed Water
Consecrated Water
Silver Key
Golden Key
Flamewyrm's Sphere
Waterwyrm's Sphere
Windwyrm's Sphere
Windwyrm's Greatsphere
Lightwyrm's Sphere
Shadowwyrm's Sphere
Damascus Crystal
Dyrenell Aes
Dyrenell Argenteus
Dyrenell Aureus
Vermilion Insignia
Royal Vermilion Insignia
Azure Insignia
Royal Azure Insignia
Jade Insignia
Royal Jade Insignia
Amber Insignia
Royal Amber Insignia
Purple Insignia
Royal Purple Insignia
Sunlight Ore
Golden Fragment
Iron Ore
Fiend's Claw
Fiend's Horn
Fiend's Eye
Bat's Wing
Ancient Bird's Feather
Bewitching Wings
Light Metal
Abyss Stone
Crimson Core
Twinkling Sand
Sword Tablet
Blade Tablet
Dagger Tablet
Axe Tablet
Lance Tablet
Bow Tablet
Wand Tablet
Staff Tablet
Violet Insignia
Royal Violet Insignia
Tricker Treats
Jack Chocolates
Candy Basket
Windwhistle Grass
Astral Ornament
Flamewyrm's Greatsphere
Looking Glass
Tent Canvas
Quality Honey
Exquisite Honey
Ethon Ashes
Blessed Ethon Ashes
Summon Voucher
Void Leaf
Void Seed
Solid Fungus
Shiny Spore
Steel Slab
Golem Core
Great Feather
Zephyr Rune
Raging Fang
Raging Tail
Arcane Tome
Forbidden Knowledge
Prudent Bookmark
Divulgent Lens
Goblin Thread
Aromatic Wood
Old Cloth
Floating Red Cloth
Otherworldly Lantern
Obsidian Slab
Dark Core
Eggsploration Points
Woodland Herbs
Mushroom Medley
Blazing Horn
Blazing Ember
Waterwyrm's Greatsphere
Twinkling Grains
Storm Fungus
Spongy Spore
Floating Purple Cloth
Shadowy Lantern
Amber Slab
Light Core
Oceanic Fin
Oceanic Crown
Motivational Log
Fortifying Crystal
Amplifying Crystal
Fortifying Dragonscale
Amplifying Dragonscale
Fortifying Jewel
Amplifying Jewel
Fortifying Gemstone
Amplifying Gemstone
Astral Shard
Abyssal Standard
Greedy Tail
Lightwyrm's Greatsphere
Glam Shell
Crimson Fungus
Burning Spore
Purple Thread
Acoustic Wood
Catoblepas's Hoof
Catoblepas's Stormeye
Ruinous Horn
Ruinous Wing
Shadowwyrm's Greatsphere
Imitation Squish
High Flamewyrm's Tail
High Waterwyrm's Tail
High Windwyrm's Tail
High Lightwyrm's Tail
High Shadowwyrm's Tail
High Flamewyrm's Horn
High Waterwyrm's Horn
High Windwyrm's Horn
High Lightwyrm's Horn
High Shadowwyrm's Horn
Burning Heart
Azure Heart
Verdant Heart
Coronal Heart
Ebony Heart
Longing Heart
Floating Yellow Cloth
Unearthly Lantern
Soul Vestiges
Eolian Soul
Smoldering Tail
Dragonyule Present
Incandescence Orb
Tsunami Orb
Tempest Orb
Resplendence Orb
Abaddon Orb
Destitute One's Mask Fragment
Plagued One's Mask Fragment
Volcanic Mane
Volcanic Claw
Volcanic Horn
Proud Tail
Ebon Mane
Ebon Claw
Ebon Horn
Almighty One's Mask Fragment
Uprooting One's Mask Fragment
Chef's Special
Floating Blue Cloth
Abyssal Lantern
Catoblepas's Heateye
Half-Eaten Bread
Infernal Soul
Tempest Mane
Tempest Claw
Tempest Horn
Eliminating One's Mask Fragment
Despairing One's Mask Fragment
Catoblepas's Shadoweye
Abyssal Soul
Flame Tome
Water Tome
Wind Tome
Light Tome
Shadow Tome
Rebellious One's Insanity
Wu Kong's Conviction
Adamantite Ingot
Tidal Mane
Tidal Claw
Tidal Horn
Soaring Ones' Mask Fragment
Liberated One's Mask Fragment
Ornate Lantern
Luminous Mane
Luminous Claw
Luminous Horn
Rebellious One's Arrogance
Summer Amane's Conviction
Agni's Essence
Prometheus's Essence
Leviathan's Essence
Poseidon's Essence
Zephyr's Essence
Garuda's Essence
Cupid's Essence
Jeanne d'Arc's Essence
Chthonius's Essence
Nidhogg's Essence
Cerberus's Essence
Siren's Essence
Long Long's Essence
Gilgamesh's Essence
Nyarlathotep's Essence
Remaining One's Mask Fragment
Vengeful One's Mask Fragment
Holy Ore
Manacaster Tablet
Wyrmsigil Remnant
Mordecai's Conviction
Rebellious One's Desperation
Konohana Sakuya's Essence
Simurgh's Essence
Pazuzu's Essence
Liger's Essence
Shinobi's Essence
Rebellious One's Cruelty
Rebellious One's Loyalty
Rebellious Wolf's Gale
Forager Cleo's Conviction
Arctos's Essence
Kamuy's Essence
Freyja's Essence
Takemikazuchi's Essence
Epimetheus's Essence
Appearance Ticket
Kuzunoha's Conviction
Nature's Blessing
Rebellious Ox's Lightning
Sophie's Conviction
Apollo's Essence
Nimis's Essence
Vayu's Essence
Pop-Star Siren's Essence
Andromeda's Essence
Sacred Stone
Twilight Shard
Twilight Prism
Crown of Light's Memory
Tutelary Successor's Memory
Queen of the Sands' Memory
Otherworld Auspex's Memory
Twilight Queen's Memory
Determined Auspex's Memory
Rebellious Bird's Tide
Humanoid Midgardsormr's Conviction
Gala Prince's Conviction
Gala Prince's Devotion
Gala Elisanne's Conviction
Gala Elisanne's Devotion
Gala Ranzal's Conviction
Gala Ranzal's Devotion
Kagutsuchi's Essence
Gaibhne & Creidhne's Essence
Hastur's Essence
Corsaint Phoenix's Essence
Azazel's Essence
Cyclone Shard
Cyclone Prism
Anointed Lance's Memory
Doting Sister's Memory
Sentient Vegetable's Memory
Twilight Hunter's Memory
Dreaming Vegetable's Memory
Twilight Hawk's Memory
Nurse Aeleen's Conviction
Nurse Aeleen's Devotion
Gala Alex's Conviction
Gala Alex's Devotion
Yukata Cassandra's Conviction
Yukata Cassandra's Devotion
Rebellious Butterflies' Searing Fire
Summer Verica's Conviction
Summer Verica's Devotion
Gala Laxi's Conviction
Gala Laxi's Devotion
Gala Luca's Conviction
Gala Luca's Devotion
Horus's Essence
Styx's Essence
AC-011 Garland's Essence
Tie Shan Gongzhu's Essence
Ramiel's Essence
Tidal Tears
Blinding Shard
Blinding Prism
Arc in the Storm's Memory
Songstress of the Century's Memory
Thunderswift Lord's Memory
Devout Oracle's Memory
Thunderswift Savior's Memory
Praying Oracle's Memory
Akasha's Conviction
Akasha's Devotion
Rebellious Lion's Twilight
Summer Prince's Conviction
Vixel's Conviction
Vixel's Devotion
Gala Cleo's Conviction
Gala Cleo's Devotion
Lea's Conviction
Lea's Devotion
Yaten's Conviction
Yaten's Devotion
Whirlpool Shard
Whirlpool Prism
Belle Healer's Memory
Free-Spirited Pirate's Memory
Crystalian Princess's Memory
Born Ruler's Memory
Crystalian Hope's Memory
Majestic Ruler's Memory
Kirsty's Conviction
Kirsty's Devotion
Lazry's Conviction
Lazry's Devotion
Harle's Conviction
Wedding Aoi's Conviction
Wedding Aoi's Devotion
Conductive Bolt
Firestorm Shard
Firestorm Prism
Woodland Archer's Memory
Suave Lithomancer's Memory
Nature's Avatar's Memory
Genius of the Century's Memory
Heaven's Avatar's Memory
Genius of the Ages' Memory
Twilight Amethyst
Gala Leif's Conviction
Gala Leif's Devotion
Cyclone Emerald
Victor's Conviction
Victor's Devotion
Annelie's Conviction
Annelie's Devotion
Primal Windwyrm's Sphere
Primal Windwyrm's Greatsphere
Primal Windwyrm's Emerald
Izumo's Conviction
Catherine's Conviction
Catherine's Devotion
Sazanka's Conviction
Sazanka's Devotion
Blinding Citrine
Gala Sarisse's Conviction
Gala Sarisse's Devotion
Gala Zena's Conviction
Gala Zena's Devotion
Whirlpool Azurite
Gala Mym's Conviction
Gala Mym's Devotion
Primal Flamewyrm's Sphere
Primal Flamewyrm's Greatsphere
Primal Flamewyrm's Ruby
Origa's Conviction
Primal Shadowwyrm's Sphere
Primal Shadowwyrm's Greatsphere
Primal Shadowwyrm's Amethyst
Valerio's Conviction
Valerio's Devotion
Primal Waterwyrm's Sphere
Primal Waterwyrm's Greatsphere
Primal Waterwyrm's Azurite
Primal Lightwyrm's Sphere
Primal Lightwyrm's Greatsphere
Primal Lightwyrm's Citrine