Adventurer Might Calculator

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Adventurer Might Calculator

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This Calculator reflects the Adventurer Might without any Dragons, Wyrmprints and Weapons equipped.

It should match the Might seen in Team > Collections > Adventurers.

Might Calculator

Skill 1 Lvl Skill 2 Lvl
Co-Ability Ability 1
Ability 2 Ability 3
Force Strike


Might 0
Might Breakdown
HP 0
Skill 1 0
Skill 2 0
Co-Ability 0
Ability 1 0
Ability 2 0
Ability 3 0
Force Strike 0

Adventurer Might Formula

An Adventurer’s might is the sum of five components: Strength, HP, Abilities, Skills, and Force Attacks:

  • Strength and HP as listed on the character page, including any applicable bonuses.
  • Every Ability and Co-Ability have hidden Might values (now visible on GamePress!).
  • Skill Might depends solely on unlocked Skill Level: Lv.1 Skill adds 100 Might, Lv.2 Skills add 200 Might, and Lv.3 skills add 300 Might. This means a 5* with complete Mana Circle will gain 600 Might from Skills.
  • Unlocking Force Attacks adds 60 Might, then 120 Might when fully upgraded.

$$Adv Might = STR + HP + Abilities + Skills + FA$$

Adventurer Might is mainly a reflection of leveling and progression on the Mana Circle; unlocking more nodes adds might, regardless of the qualitative effects. This is good for overall strengthening the character, but selective players may wish to pick and choose nodes to conserve Mana.