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Article by Kiera Hoogendam


This page features reliable, tested teams for clearing Master Imperial Onslaught with Auto play enabled.

This isn’t a ranking of Adventurers or showcase of optimal builds. Rather, the goal is fine-tuning team synergy to balance damage and survival. Each team comes with alternative characters that are at least as good as those listed.

Individual success rates vary by team, but to be featured on this page, a team must clear the Onslaught within the four-minute time limit at least 90 percent of the time.

Choice Autobattle Teams

Principles for an AI-proof team

Because the player behaves so differently from AI, several challenges come with building teams for this content:

  • The character will execute the full weapon combo until interrupted. Movement doesn't change at any HP level, so critically low characters will also charge straight into danger.

  • Characters will target invulnerables such as the Phantom Assault silhouettes or enemies with shields up.

  • Characters use Skills the moment they’re charged.

  • Assists and shapeshifting can't be used without player intervention.

  • Adventurers can walk endlessly against obstacles, getting stuck. However, this is less of an issue now that a large portion of environmental obstacles were removed, especially logs in Imperial Onslaught (Water).

  • Chasing down low-level foes reduces damage to the boss while running down the timer. This is why multi-target weapons are so good-- they can injure the boss while also clearing out small enemies so the AI is no longer distracted by them.

For all these reasons, survivability and full status immunity become essential. Brute-forcing with high Strength and Might is common-- typical Autobattle teams have 12,000 to 15,000 Might. Having extra weapon Skills is also a huge boon, since this means more iframes and likely AoE damage as well. Most recommended weapons are the generic 4★ ones. Void Weapons generally aren't included since they lack an active Skill, but some have passives that are great for IO anyways (Slayer's Strength, Recovery Potency).

Bringing two healers is also a common approach to let the lead attackers focus on their task. This higher frequency of heals offers a larger safety net, given the DPS can finish the boss within the time limit. Conversely, parties that are well-equipped may opt for less healers in exchange for faster clear times.

Even with full considerations, the success rate isn’t 100%, especially when the AI targets things other than the boss. 

Recommended Wyrmprints

Defense and Last Recovery are excellent for keeping the reckless AI alive. If the timer runs out due to subpar damage, equipping one survivability Wyrmprint with one offensive print is a decent compromise.

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