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For the bare basics on the Daily Reset, see here.


Shop Free Item Summon

Buy Upgrade Essentials
Bonus Chests Avenue to Power x2

Avenue to Fortune x2

Elemental Ruins x2

Dragon Trials x3

The Imperial Onslaught x3

Endeavors Host a Co-Op Quest

Play active Event

Halidom Buy out Dragon gifts

Collect Rupies and Dragonfruit

Upgrade Facilities

Purchases Daily Deal Summon

Daily Packs (recovery, resources)

Portioning Energy

Stamina recharges at a rate of 10 per hour, so a player with 50 Max Stamina can take a five-hour break from playing without sacrificing natural regeneration.

Getherwings are regained at one per hour, for a total of 12 hours to fully regenerate. This is a fixed maximum for every player. Here are the total costs and recharge times for the following Daily Event Quests at the highest difficulties:

Quest Stamina Cost Getherwing Cost Most Efficient
Avenue to Power x2 30 Stamina (3hr) 4 wings (4hr) Stamina
Avenue to Fortune x2 30 Stamina (3hr) 4 wings (4hr) Stamina
Elemental Ruins x2 30 Stamina (3hr) 4 wings (4hr) Stamina
Dragon Trials x3 60 Stamina (6hr) 6 wings (6 hr) equal
Master IO x3 75 Stamina (7.5hr) 6 wings (6 hr) Getherwings
Expert IO x3 60 Stamina (6hr) 6 wings (6 hr) equal

If a player does the most efficient methods-- Stamina for the x2 Quests and Getherwings for Master IO and Dragons-- the total cost is 90 Stamina and 12 Getherwings. This leaves 150 Stamina and 12 Getherwings for the remainder of that day’s Event quests and farming.

Daily Endeavors

As part of each daily reset, there are some simple Endeavors that provide several rewards each day. Many of them are covered when aiming for the daily chests, especially if using Getherwings.

  • Consecated Water x5 (Clear Avenue to Fortune)
  • Mana  x5000 (Clear Avenue to Power)
  • Exquisite Honey x1 (clear five Quests)
  • Wyrmite x50 (complete all Endeavors)
  • Gold Crystal x6 (perform an item summon)
  • Gold Whetstone x3 (collect Rupies from a Facility)
  • Eldwater x300 (Clear a Quest playing Co-Op)

Bonus Chests

Quest Per Chest Daily total (approx.)
Avenue to Power x2 17-19 Gold Crystals about 62 Crystals
Avenue to Fortune x2 34,800-35,200 Rupies about 110,000 Rupies
Elemental Ruins x2 2-3 Advanced Element Orbs 5 Advanced Orbs
Dragon Trials x3 2 Ripe Dragonfruit, 2 rare Dragon Scales 6 Dragonfruit, 6 rare scales
Master IO x3 5 Dyrenell Aureus (Gold) or 5 Dyrenell Argenteus (Silver), 4-5 Large Insignia 15 coins, 13 Royal Insignias
Expert IO x3 Dyrenell Aureus (gold) or 3 Dyrenell Argenteus (Silver), 5-7 Small Insignia 9 coins, 18 small Insignias

The Shop

Item Cost (each) Total
Gold Crystal x3 10000 30000
Succulent Dragonfruit x3 10000 30000
Gold Whetstone x3 10000 30000
Consecrated Water x3 10000 30000
Tier 1 material x20 200 4000
Tier 2 material x10 1000 10000
Total 134,000

Succulent Dragonfruits and Consecrated Waters are easily the most scarce of these resources, though any are worth purchasing with surplus cash. Buying everything in the shop will cost 134,000 Rupees per day which is slightly more than the amount awarded by AtF dailies. Crafting materials rotate on days of the week as follows:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Of course, forgoing the shop allows for huge savings, which will be necessary to foot the cost of 5★ elemental weapons; a single one costs 2,275,000 Rupies! The process also requires abundant Tier 2 materials, so it may be worth buying the crafting materials and nothing else.

Treasure Trade

The Treasure Trade in the Shop exchanges materials between tiers. Note that the values are asymmetrical; crafting Materials are more efficiently traded down (few of high value exchanged for many of lower value) than the reverse.

The main items of interest will be Greatwyrm Wyrmprints and unbinding materials such as Damascus Ingots. The former are necessary to access High Dragon Trials, while the latter are extremely helpful towards advancement.  

Void Battle Rewards

Although the Void Battles Treasure Trade resets monthly, daily farming will be needed to collect Void Leaves and acquire the best rewards. These include goodies such as Damascus Crystals, Moonlight Stones, Steel Bricks, Honey, Ethon Ashes, Knight's Testaments, and Champion's Testaments. Buying out the Void Leaf stock requires 545 total leaves, which averages to earning about 20 per day. 


Hitting the “collect” button about three times per day is enough to gather a good supply of materials, and starting new upgrades periodically will keep Smithwyrms busy.

Dragon Roost

Each day, there is a handful of gifts for sale to feed Dragons and increase their bond level. Feeding them everything daily is good for several reasons:

  1. Immediate gifts of Mana, Dragon Talons, and elemental orbs
  2. Higher Bond levels increase Shapeshift time
  3. Unlocked Dragon Stories award Wyrmite upon being read
  4. Reaching level 30 will yield a precious Sunlight Ore.

To get the most mileage out of Dragon Gifts, feed the fifth gift (which changes daily) to a Dragon who especially likes it. More info on the rotation can be found here.

  • Bread: 0 Rupies; 100 exp
  • Tasty Milk: 1,500 Rupies; 300 exp
  • Strawberry Tart: 4,000 Rupies; 600 exp
  • Hearty Stew: 8,000 Rupies; 1,000 exp
  • Weekday Item: 12,000 Rupies; 1,000 / 1,800 exp when liked
  • Golden Chalice: 15,000 Rupies; 2,000 exp

Tapping “items” will reveal Four-Leaf clovers, which grant a flat 1,000 exp to any Dragon. They’re quite scarce, so saving them for speed-leveling the last few bond levels of new Dragons is recommended.

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