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Please Note: Dragons are placed in their tier, but their placement within the tier is alphabetical. This does not reflect their power within the tier. All dragons in a similar tier are considered similarly useful.

This tier list can be seen as a guide to which dragons are the safest, most broadly useful investment. A higher tier dragon is going to be useful on more Adventurers and will be able to help you clear harder content. It is far safer to use Sunlight Stones on a tier 1 or 1.5 Dragon than it is on a tier 3 Dragon, but individual preferences and needs are still important. 

Note that the tier list is heavily segregated by element. As different elements have different access to dragons, their power levels can vary wildly. 

Also note that tier placements are primarily deduced by their usefulness in the current Agito Uprising endgame environment. As such, some dragon, which are placed in higher tiers within this list, may not perform as well in the Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests, due to some or all of their passive abilities being nullified by the Curse of Nihility debuff. Due to this, we have included in the explanation tabs warnings where a dragon's passive ability is not potent within these quests, to better paint a picture as to where you should utilise this dragon.

Tier 1 - Meta

A Dragon in the top tier is one that sees heavy usage in end game content (Primarily Legend Agito). It's widely considered to be the optimum dragon for a number of Adventurers in their element. They should also not require any specific team build, instead being generally useful to most of their elemental Roster. You will find buff damage and support-oriented dragons within this placement, as both types of dragons can be seen as huge benefits in a teamplay environment depending on the benefits they provide.

Tier 1.5 - Near Meta

Placement in tier 1.5 indicates that a Dragon is very useful for progression, having a wide range of applicability on multiple Adventurers, as well as being powerful enough to clear the hardest content. Often the difference between these dragons and the very best is one of minor degrees, but in end game progression every little bit counts. These dragon also are not typically recommended to be used in the Legend Agito Uprising fights, but can pull their way on other difficulties.

Tier 2 - Off Meta

These are older dragons that have simply been eclipsed by newer ones. They're still good enough to clear content some endgame content, but it is typically not recommended to bring these dragons along for the hardest Agito Uprising and Rise of the Sinister Dominion fights. If these are your only options, you will have troubles getting accepted into public lobbies as they are simply no longer at the top of their game. 

Tier 3 - Sub-optimal

These are dragons that are just not the best around.  Any sort of lower rarity or free to play dragons will typically belong here, as their passive abilities are simply weaker to those that you can summon. Generally not recommended for any endgame content. 

Unlike Adventurers, some Dragons in Dragalia Lost are simply more effective than others. While you can debate the merits of Noelle vs DY!Xainfried as they both do different things, it's hard to argue that Stribog is in any world better that Garuda. Note that we assume the dragon is MUB and fully leveled. Obviously, a MUB Ifrit is superior to a 0UB Cerberus, even though Cerberus is ranked higher. 

That said, individual Dragons have certain pairings that are better for them. You are encouraged to check out an Adventurers and a dragons page to see who they would go best with. Explanations tabs are also provided for each dragon on this page, to further provide information as to the performance of a dragon within endgame content.

Factors included in the ranking are:

  • The primary factor is how represented the character is in the games current "meta," or in other words how popular a Dragon and their paired Adventurers are for clearing end game content (primarily High Dragon Trials, Mercurial Gauntlet, and Agito)
  • Damage based on theoretical simulation data.
  • Synergy with a large number of Adventurers of the same element
  • Attack combo effectiveness and active skills.
  • Status Afflictions and Boss resistances where applicable. When opposite-element bosses are immune to a Dragon's skill's Affliction, that’s a poor matchup counting against that character.

April 9th, 2021

Wow, it really has been more than a year since this got updated huh. Well, either way similar to the recent updates with the Adventurer Tier List, the Dragon Tier List has received has been entirely redone to better reflect the current meta's present within each element. We have decided to increase the important of support-oriented dragons to be eligible for Tier 1 status, as they can make or break team setups in the tight damage thresholds present in the Legend Agito Uprising fights. As with the adventurer tier list, the explanation tabs for each dragon will be updated over time as we continue to rewrite each entry to better reflect the current game environment. We will also include disclaimers where a speciifc dragon's passive ability is ineffective in a Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests, to better inform you as to better equip for those fights and to avoid public players who are running an poor setup. 

February 5th, 2020

  • Dreadking Rathalos placed in tier 1. DK Rath may be the most overpowered dragon ever released to this point. His drawback is virtually nonexistant, and he offers a 55% Strength boost AND a 60% Force Strike Boost. He's a monster, pure and simple. 
  • Cerberus, Agni, > Tier 2. DK Rath is so much better than these two it's astounding. They no longer have any place in the top end meta, so thoroughly have they been eclipsed. This is a trend that is likely to continue for older dragons. While Zephyr and Cupid still have a niche thanks to their special abilities, other older dragons will not be so fortunate. 

February 2nd, 2020

  • Rathalos placed in tier 2. Since Rathalos is a free mixed dragon with similar boosts to High Brunhilda, he gets a tier 2 placement for his ease of use and minimal investment for adequate results. 
  • Fatalis placed in tier 2. Despite his power, Fatalis has a huge drawback gimmick that really hurts how usable he is in a number of situations. 

January 24th, 2020

  • Garland placed in tier 1. Garland is a second generation dragon, offering an 80% Strength Boost with an easy to meet conditional, and provides a solid form of damage mitagation. 
  • Zephyr moved to tier 1.5. In a trend that is likely to continue, the first generation strength dragon no longer stacks up to the second generation dragon. Unlike Cupid, who has a useful active skill, Zephyr is simply inferior to Garland in most circumstances. 

January 4th, 2020

  • Ebisu placed in tier 2. An HP bonus in Shadow just isn't very good.
  • Daikokuten placed in tier 1. The new optimum Light DPS dragon, though he doesn't completely outmode Cupid.

December 18th, 2019

  • Tier List Dramatically Overhauled. 
    • Tier list now heavily favors dragons that see the most play across the most Adventures, specifically in HDT and MG 51+.
    • Certain Dragons, such as Skill Haste Dragons, have risen dramatically given their usefulness.
    • Other dragons, especially gatcha mixed dragons, have fallen as they simply are outmoded. 
Dragon Tier List Changelog


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Tier 1

Gala Reborn Agni
With a decent active skill and HP and Skill Haste, Azazel is great for support or healing focused Adventurers like Grace or Patia.
With a 55% Strength passive and a 25% Flurry bonus, Daikokuten is the first of a new wave of Dragons that looks to push the power level higher. He's nearly comparable to a pure Strength dragon like Cupid, but his potential output is far higher.

Thanks to her Skill Haste, Frejya is the top choice for Support Adventurers such as Noelle or Lowen. She might not have much in the way for DPS focused Adventurers, but for those more concerned with healing or buffing, she's easily the top wind pick.

With powerful Skill Fill and a great strength bonus, there are few situations where Big Chungus is not the right dragon for the job.
Gala Cat Sìth
Gala Sith is the cat's meow, and frankly puts to shame all other dragons in the entire game. She's so much better than even Gala Mars in her own element that's actually pretty silly. The only Adventurers who don't want her at all are those like Durant who can't use her insane skill damage boost.
Gala Mars
Gala Mars stormed into the game as the first gala dragon, and made an immediate impression that this class was not be messed with. His unique abilities grant an effective 90% strength boost to flame attuned adventurers in most fight scenarios, while his second ability grants Skill Prep to an adventurer at the end of their shapeshift, immediately readying them to punish the enemy with their damage skills. While in dragon form, Gala Mars boasts impressive standard attack modifiers, as well as the Alchemical Hellfire skill, which deals respectable damage and grants a 20% strength buff to the user for 20 seconds. This skill can be charged twice during a shapeshift, allowing adventurers to deal great damage and attain a 40% strength buff at the end of a shapeshift. With excellent damage and utility within and without dragon form it's no wonder has left all other flame dragons in the dust.
Offering one of the highest raw Strength boosts in the game at effectively 100%, Gala Poseidon is a force to be reckoned with. Big Chungus is often better thanks to the skill fill and incredible active skill, but Poseidon is a good choice for DPS in nearly every circumstance.
Gozu Tenno
Gozu Tenno enters the New Year’s celebrations as a flame-attuned dragon that can rival the utility that Gala Mars presents for both healers and certain damage dealers. His first ability grants an innate 70% strength boost to flame attuned adventurers, while his second ability grants a 30% modifier applied to damage against wind-attuned enemies for 30 seconds by charging a force strike for 3 or more seconds. This synergises excellently with the rapid-fire manacaster playstyle, exhibited by Gala Leonidas, or force strike heavy units such as Seimei. His dragon form meanwhile boasts impressive modifiers for his standard attacks and his Infernal Charge skill, with the added benefit of lowering the flame resistance of the enemy by 10% on a successful hit. All of this utility combined makes Gozu Tenno an excellent choice option to stand with the prowess of Gala Mars.
With a powerful aura and a skill that reduces enemies resistance to wind for the rest of the quest, Midgard Zero is easily the best dragon in wind at the moment.

Tier 1.5

Tie Shan Gongzhu
Offering Skill Haste and an HP boost, Tie Shan Gongzhu is great for healers and support focused Adventurers like Hildegard or Chitose.
Summer Cat Sìth
As a Skill Dragon, Siren is incredibly powerful. However, unlike in most elements, she has harsh competition from the Strength dragon, Leviathan. Still, with a skill boost skill and her powerful boosts, she's still a top choice for Water DPS and an excellent choice for a dragon to invest in.
Shinobi reins supreme as the Shadow dragon of choice thanks to his massive buff to Skill damage, great attack modifiers, and excellent skill. He's the first dragon you should MUB for your Shadow stable in the vast majority of cases.
Pop-Star Siren
Pop-Star Siren has proven to be a multi-element, multi-format All Star. Her skill is such a great team buff that even off element supports want to shift to her to provide bonus damage when it counts. She doesn't do a whole lot for the Adventurer using her, but if you need extra burst for a healer or buffer and they can afford to give up a dragon aura, Pop Star's the best.
Nidhogg is the premier all-rounder option for Shadow Adventurers thanks to his high 20-30% split boost and Total Eclipse.
Konohana Sakuya
Konohona Sakuya is also a victim of the release of Gala dragons, as she was for the most part the best option for flame-attuned damage dealers within the game. Her two unique abilities boosted an adventurer's strength and skill damage by 20% and 90% respectively, allowing adventurers with significantly high skill modifiers to deal substantial damage compared to other flame dragons around. This made her best in class for meta picks in the flame element in the early lifespan of Volk’s release, as well as the High Midgardsormr fight. However, her one weakness was a terrible dragon form, with per modifiers for both her standard attacks and Deciduous Dance skill, though did provide a useful 40% skill damage buff for the adventurers next skill. Either way, this one weakness has made her an inferior option to those dragons in tier 1, which boast impressive damage boosting utility via their abilities and strong dragon forms.
Before the release of Gala dragons, Arctos was one of the premier choices for flame-attuned adventurers with a kit centring on abusing critical hits. His innate ability boosts the strength buff of flame adventurers by 45%, as well as providing an additional boost of 55% to the critical damage modifier. In dragon form Arctos boasts respectable standard attack modifiers and skill damage from his Dragon Drop skill, which also has the capabilities of stunning the enemy. This was a nice utility back in the days of Master Volk as it allowed the user to stun him before his tornado attacks while plagued, making the fight easier to manage for public lobbies. Nowadays though, the abilities that are present with Gala Mars and Gozu Tenno have sadly cemented Arctos as a second rate option to them, even with respectable utility.
Horus boasts useful abilities that empower support utility units within the flame-adventurers that aren't provided by any other dragon available for the flame element. His innate ability increases the attack rate of flame-attuned adventurers by 20%, as well as their critical hit rate by 50%. While the second part of the ability is more oriented for offensive users, the first part allows support units to get to use their abilities quicker as they can generate sp more from their faster hits. His dragon form meanwhile is fairly weak, boasting average standard attacks and skill damage modifiers from his Eye of Horus skill. The only reason why he is missing out from tier 1 status is due to the flame meta, which doesn’t promote the use of support oriented adventurers within flame endgame contents such as Emma.
High Chthonius
While Maritimus offer's no direct DPS upgrade, his Skill haste makes him excellent for buffers and healers alike. For most Adventurers he's outshone by other offensively oriented dragons though.
Gala Thor
Gala Thor is an incredible dragon with a built in Jojo reference. A good chunk of his damage comes from his dragon form, so he's best used with maxed out Light Dracolith facilities.
As a 2nd Generation Dragon that provides a blanket 50% boost to all Adventurers and provides a massive 80% to Shadow Adventurers, you'd think Fatalis would end up at the top of the tier list. Sadly, he comes with the crippling drawback of inflicting Curse if you ever shapeshift. This means you must either forgo your dragon mode, or you must equip A Suit of Midnight to prevent the affliction. Either way, that's a lot of hoops to jump through and it hurts Fatalis' placement.
Similarly to Arctos, Dreadking Rathalos was also a premier choice for flame-attuned adventurers which utilise force strikes a lot within their combos, such as units who utilise swords. Unlike Arctos, Dreadking Rathalos was eclipsed by Gala Mars within two months of its release, making this a sadder tale for those who invested into him early. His first ability increases the damage of flame-attuned adventurers by 55%, as well as increasing their force strike damage by 60%. His second ability grants flame-attuned adventurers the striking haste skill, which provides an additional 30% skill gauge fill rate at a connection of a force strike, at the cost of reducing the overdrive gauge bar. These two abilities combined allowed force strike units to excel at their damage output, while attaining their skills at a relatively quicker rate compared to other dragons within the flame element. Dreadking Rathalos dragon form meanwhile has respectable standard attack damage, but his Ignition Breath skill has a fairly weak damage modifier compared to competitive dragons within the element. All of these aspects combine for a solid overall alternative for flame dragons besides the tier 1 options within the game.
With 50% Strength and 30% Skill haste, Ariel is a great choice for a lot of Adventurers, especially buffers like Tobias and Noelle. Freyja is also an option however, though with the changes to Coability's that isn't as much the case now.
Thanks to his massive Skill Damage boost and the nature of Wind DPS, Vayu has mostly replaced Zephyr as the absolute top Wind dragon, though the two are mostly comparable. He's an excellent choice to invest in for all manner of Adventurers and has excellent attack modifiers.

Tier 2

AC-011 Garland
As a 2nd Generation Dragon, Garland offers a total of 80% Strength boost, far out performing previous offerings. He even offers reliable damage mitigation that can save a run with his shield, though it's best not to break it if possible.
Nimis is a slightly different flavor of Crit Dragon from Dragonyule Jeanne, but there are certain situations where he's better, mostly if you have a sufficiently high crit rate already.
Primed Strength dragons are good only in solo content, and even then it's debatable as to how much better they are than just using a regular dragon on your AI.
Leviathan earns his place in Tier 1 for both his Strength boost and Tidal Stream, a very broad attack that inflicts Bog.

Being a split-bonus Dragon, Liger falls in the same category as fellow 5★ Nidhogg and Poseidon. He’s strong enough, but with full HP and full Strength Dragons available, he isn’t the best option for either DPS or healers.

Long Long
Long Long is actually pretty niche, with Critical Damage being strong only on Crit-based Wind Adventurers such as Lin You. Still, those who do mesh with him enjoy incredible offense and brutal Criticals.
Lumière Pandora
The limited New Years Dragon follows the theme of inflicting Bleed, complimenting offensive Shadow Adventurers with 40-60% Strength. Her animations are also incredibly broad, making for easy sweeping in dense battles.
As a Punisher dragon, Pazuzu is extremely good in his niche, which is on Poison reliant Adventurers against bosses with a low resistance. Outside of that he's a little lackluster, but he's still a decent option.
Jeanne d'Arc
Jeanne is the best healing Dragon for Light Adventurers, courtesy of the ample HP boost. Unfortunately, her active Skill Saint’s Banner has limited use, as healing tends to be more urgent than Defense buffs.
Peng Lai

While being a 4★ Dragon means she doesn't boost HP as much as Garuda or Jeanne d'Arc, Phoenix makes a name for herself with her powerful active Skill, Regeneration Flame. Despite being of lower rarity, Phoenix does a lot for Flame Staff users and is easily upgraded using Moonlight Stones. 


Poseidon is a solid equip for Water Adventurers, providing a split boost of 20-30% each to HP and Strength.
Simurgh is a fantastic option for Water healers, providing 30-40% HP and a massive 40-60% bonus damage during Overdrive. Her active Skill also heals, making her a synergistic option. Still, her kit is somewhat confusing given the lack of damage from most Staff users. Increasing the survivability of an offensive character is also valid, but current content presents few opportunities to take advantage of such bonuses.
Having an extremely long ramp up to a pay off that isn't that impressive (aside from making you nigh-unkillable) isn't something I'm willing to wait for, and neither should you.
Overdrive punisher is a powerful ability for a dragon to have, and it makes Takemikazuchi a good pick to use in a variety of content. He's not quite as good as other dragons, especially since Cupid's heal is so mandatory for many teams.
Primed Strength dragons are good only in solo content, and even then it's debatable as to how much better they are than just using a regular dragon on your AI.
High Zodiark
As a mixed Dragon, HZD is rather meh, but the fact that he's free makes him an excellent goal to grind towards.
As a launch dragon, Agni has been severely eclipsed by options present within the tier 1.5 and tier 1 brackets. His first and only ability just grants a 60% boost to strength of flame adventures, fairly poor to what is offered by gala dragons nowadays. The one saving grace though is that he offers a respectable dragon form, with his Devastation skill boasting impressive mods even with its long animation. His standard attack modifiers deal decent damage relevant to the speed they come out. Overall, an alright option to choose for AI controlled adventurers for solo flame endgame content, but not advised to be used in co-operative flame endgame content unless you have no other options available.
As a Poison Punisher dragon in a Shadow Poison Meta, Epimetheus has a lot of Adventurers who can find a use for him. He loses out to Fatalis in the sheer numbers department, but not Curse locking your Adventurer is a big bonus.
Apollo is slightly better than some of the 60% strength dragon options within flame, but still not impressive enough to be on the level of tier 1.5 dragons. His innate abilities boost flame-attuned adventurers strength by 50%, and grants them an effective 20% burning punisher modifier. This second ability is as effective as the burn uptime applied to a boss. If the burn uptime is fairly consistent you will get alot more value from him compared to 60% strength dragons, but without the burn affliction applied to an enemy he is well below par of what is expected of a damage dragon. His dragon form also boasts weak standard attacks and damage modifiers for his Arrow of Glory skill compared to his competition today.
Cerberus has it all: a hefty 40-60% Strength boost, and her attack which debuffs Strength/Defense while inflicting Burn damage. For hurting enemies, there’s no better Flame dragon.
Chthonius is a bit odd for a dragon, essentially having the Dragon Claws passive baked in. He's be amazing for any Adventurer with a Dragonshifting centered kit, but is pretty good for any longer fight where you know you'll get in the two shifts to get to his 75% Strength bonus.
Corsaint Phoenix
Corsaint offers exceptionally high DPS when paired with specific Adventurers such as Fleur or Yachiyo, or on teams exploiting Paralysis Punisher on specific bosses. Her lack of heal puts her below Cupid in popularity, but she's still an excellent choice for the right team.
On top of his Strength boost, Cupid raises the Critical Rate of an entire team with his active Skill. Although there aren’t a whole lot of Crit-based Light Adventurers, the boost is high enough that anyone’s offense can benefit from it.
Dragonyule Jeanne fills a small niche-- being for Crit-based Water Adventurers-- but is the best in slot for them. For Orsem, her bonuses consistently outpace even Leviathan.
High Midgardsormr is among the only Dragons with a bonus to Shapeshift Time, and carries a strong 20-30% boost to HP and Strength.

While she provides an impressive amount of HP for healers, Garuda's kit is lacking in terms of support-- especially since her active Skill only heals the user. For firing off multiple heals and Energizing the team, Freyja is a better option. Lowen players will also pick Zephyr for High Mercury to increase damage, making Garuda's niche situational at best. 


Like Prometheus, Gilgamesh is a great value for players who can’t go for the MUB. His offense isn’t as high as Cupid, but 35% Strength and 15% Shadow Res will serve most all Adventurers.

Primed Strength dragons are good only in solo content, and even then it's debatable as to how much better they are than just using a regular dragon on your AI.
High Brunhilda
With HP and Strength bonuses to rival Gacha Dragons Posiedon and Nidhogg, High Brunhilda is a solid option for balanced challenges. Access to Burn through Crimson Inferno is also a huge plus for those who have braved her High Dragon trial.
High Jupiter
Once again, being free takes HJP from "meh" to serviceable. Most Adventurers would prefer with a pure offensive or defensively focused dragon though.
High Mercury
High Mercury is a perfectly viable alternative to Posideon, but most Adventurers will want a dragon that commits to either offensive or defensive capabilities.
Although Zephyr brings a hefty 60% Strength boost at max Unbound, his auto combos aren't impressive and his active Skill, Zephyr’s Wrath, has a fairly long animation time. For most cases of pure damage output in terms of the aura offered, Vayu has outclassed Zephyr. Nevertheless, the Stun utility from Zephyr's Wrath is worth mentioning. However, Zephyr's 60% Strength boost is no longer the best in wind, outclassed by Garland in the vast majority of circumstances.

Tier 3

Astral Imp
The Astral Imp stands above other Imps for one thing: Wisdom Dance, a 20% Strength buff that lasts for 15 seconds. It’s one of the highest available Strength buffs in the game, and can turn the tide of battle if timed appropriately.
Silke’s passive adds 15-20% each to HP and Strength, a modest but versatile boost.
While Nyarlathotep's bonuses are definitely lower than comparable gatcha dragons, they're still decent enough to use. His weird mixture of offensive and defensive abilities means he'll never be as good as a pure example of either in most content.
Pallid Imp
Although the low split boost is better than a Drake’s HP boost, the Pallid Imp carries no buffs but rather an average attack.
Parallel Zodiark
As far as F2P DPS dragons go Parallel Zodiark isn't the worst, but he's outshone by basically every gatcha option.

Although Pele’s Strength boost is lower than Ifrit’s, she does have a good attack-- Blazing Pillars-- which hits the entire surrounding area and inflicts Burn damage. Her availability is limited to those who missed the Loyalty’s Requiem event, but those who got multiple copies can increase her Strength boost and power even further.

While Phantom provides a decent attack bonus for F2P players, just about any dragon from the gatcha will completely outperform him.
Poli'ahu is another moderate split boost dragon, though notably Lilinoe’s Mist inflicts Freeze which synergizes very well with Adventurers such as Lily and Celliera who have similar skills.
Prometheus is the Dragon that has enabled many to challenge High Midgardsormr with an admirable 35-50% Strength boost and 15% Wind Res. While the offense isn’t enough to rival Agni or Cerberus, Wind Res is always relevant to Flame Adventurers, and his total bonuses add up to be even higher than others.
Providing a boost the equal of High Brunhilda in most regards and being free gives Rathalos a huge leg up, as you can quickly and easily MUB him if you happened to be playing during the Monster Hunter event. He's invaluable for F2P, though he's not nearly as good as a gatcha dragon like Cerberus.
Once again, a great offensive stat boost to Strength can be found with Roc. She also has a powerful AoE attack that hits everything around her, which is helpful against moving bosses and in large groups of enemies.

50% Critical Damage is a massive boon. Unfortunately, this comes without the means to improve Critical Rate, or the frequency of critical hits. Without a high probability to land Criticals, the benefits of high Critical Damage may never be seen.


In addition, the Light element lacks high-rarity Dagger and Blade users with Critical Rate bonuses outside their Co-Ability, so implementation of Shishimai’s massive power becomes tricky in practice. Assuming a 10-15% Critical Rate with Wyrmprints and Allied Co-Abilities, Shishimai’s damage increase is comparable to a 20-30% Strength buff.

Silver Fafnir
Fafnir dragons are good only for farming resources. In silver's case, that's mana. Otherwise, they're totally useless.
Mini Zodi
Snow Drake
Drakes suffer from having the least useful boost in low magnitude, only 10-15% to HP. This makes other dragons, even the baby ones, easily better options.
A defensive dragon, but his HP boost has a decent magnitude of 30-45%. It’s not as useful as Strength, but Wind-type healers will enjoy the increase to outbound healing.
Styx is so bafflingly bad it just doesn't make sense. There are no situations that will ever realistically come up where Siren is not much, much more effective.
Being an HP boost Dragon, Sylvia is lackluster amongst the Wind element. She is also hurt by a slow attack animation and straight attack, which falls short compared to Dragons like Roc and Pele who hit the radius around them. Still, for Wind healers, she's among the better options for increasing outgoing healing.
The baby dragons all provide 10-15% Strength boosts, which are decent filler on an elemental team. Being common and easy to unbind means essentially a free 15% Strength boost, which is on par with single copies of the story Dragons.
Unicorn is the budget Jeanne D’Arc for those who still like having high HP but prefer Unicorn's attack over a Defense buff.
Being a purely offensive Dragon, Vodyanoy adds 30-45% to Strength and hits hard with Relentless Torrent.
Wellspring Imp
A defensive buff isn’t as necessary in a game centered around offense, and the stat boost granted by Wellspring Imp is minimal.
A 30% Strength boost is decent enough, and if you've acquired Yulong from the event she's a decent choice for a filler dragon.
Zephyr Imp
Affinity Dance provides a small boost to Crit Rate, which Dagger and Blade teams can benefit from. Otherwise, Zephyr Imp offers little in terms of stat boosts.
Moon Drake
Drakes suffer from having the least useful boost in low magnitude, only 10-15%. This makes other dragons, even the baby ones, easily better options.
Mini Mids
Mini Mids is in an interesting place. He is currently the only dragon that is usable on any Adventurer, regardless of their element. This comes with the drawback of reduced stats and a split HP/STR bonus, but it still makes Mini Mids a great choice for players just starting out or to slap on an AI controlled teammate.
The baby dragons all provide 10-15% Strength boosts, which are decent filler on an elemental team. Being common and easy to unbind means essentially a free 15% Strength boost, which is on par with single copies of the story Dragons.
Bronze Fafnir
Fafnir's are for farming resources, in Bronze's case, that's Adventurer XP. Bronze also has a somewhat useful active skill that provides a Strength buff, which in some cases can be usable, but most of the time you're better off with any other dragon.
Brunhilda provides a small stat boost, but it’s all in Strength, which still helps with offense. Being a story Dragon also means extra copies for Unbinding, which makes the 20% buff more accessible.
Cinder Drake
Drakes suffer from having the least useful boost in low magnitude, only 10-15%. This makes other dragons, even the baby ones, easily better options.
A pure HP F2P Dragon, Ebisu offers only a measly 30% boost. In an element dominated by high damage dealers, most Adventurers would far prefer someone else.
As a free dragon, a 30% Strength bonus is alright, but you should replace Erasmus with a gatcha option as soon as you can.
The baby dragons all provide 10-15% Strength boosts, which are decent filler on an elemental team. Being common and easy to unbind means essentially a free 15% Strength boost, which is on par with single copies of the story Dragons.
Gloom Drake
Drakes suffer from having the least useful boost in low magnitude, only 10-15%. This makes other dragons, even the baby ones, easily better options.
Gold Fafnir
Fafnir's are for farming resources, in Gold's case, that's rupees. Otherwise, he's nearly useless.
Gust Drake
Drakes suffer from having the least useful boost in low magnitude, only 10-15%. This makes other dragons, even the baby ones, easily better options.
Halloween Silke
Similar to Shadow-type Silke, but with a useful debuff attack-- Pumpkin Prank reduces enemy Strength by 10%, providing a small boost to survivability to the team. Her ranged attack and smaller-than-average size also allow her to stay in the fight longer than other options that may receive a larger number of incoming attacks.
The baby dragons all provide 10-15% Strength boosts, which are decent filler on an elemental team. Being common and easy to unbind means essentially a free 15% Strength boost, which is on par with single copies of the story Dragons.
Mini Mercs
The baby dragons all provide 10-15% Strength boosts, which are decent filler on an elemental team. Being common and easy to unbind means essentially a free 15% Strength boost, which is on par with single copies of the story Dragons.
A straightforward Flame Dragon, Ifrit earns his place by being compatible with offensive Adventurers-- 30-45% is a good boost for DPS like Mikoto and Ezelith.
Juggernaut adds 30-45% to Adventurers’ Strength, making him a top choice for offense and DPS-based Adventurers.
Provides a small 8-10% boost to HP and Strength. He’s not a bad option if filling out a Light team, but other dragons can serve a more specialized role.
Kindling Imp
Although the low split boost is better than a Drake’s HP boost, the Kindling Imp carries no buffs but rather an average attack.
Lindworm is currently one of the strongest options for offensive Light Adventurers, with a passive that adds 30-45% to Strength and Ethereal Gleam.
An easily unbound moderate split boost and 5* rarity make Martimus a solid all-rounder option for Shadow characters. However, his stats remain lower than Silke's.
Mercury’s stat boost is modest, and being for only HP, it puts her below the rest of the story Dragons.
Midgardsormr gives an 8-10% boost to HP and Strength, decent enough on a Wind team but outclassed by more specialized dragons.
Mini Hildy
Zodiark is similar to Brunhilda with the 15-20% Strength boost. It’s small, but appreciated by offensive Shadow Adventurers.