Materials Farming Guide

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Materials Farming Guide

Weapon Crafting Table

This table shows which materials are needed to craft and enhance the various weapon types.

Crafting Material Drop Locations

This table shows where in the Elemental Ruins and Imperial Onslaught maps crafting materials can be farmed. All material sets (eg. Iron Ore, Granite, Meteorite) are farmed in the same elemental areas. Tablet locations are also shown.

Weapon Elemental Ruins Imperial Onslaught Imperial Onslaught (Tablet)

Enhancement Material Drop Locations

This table shows the grade of weapons made from each enhancement material. It also shows on which Dragon Trial difficulties the material can be found. 

Material Weapon Grade Dragon Trials Difficulty
Light Metal 3 Star Beginner, Standard, Expert
Abyss Stone 4 Star Expert, Master
Crimson Core 5 Star Master

Upgrader Drop Locations

This table shows where materials used to level up adventurers, dragons and weapons drop.

Upgrade Item Avenue to Power Elemental Ruins Imperial Onslaught Dragon Trials
Crystals x
Orbs x
Whetstones x
Dragonfruit x