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This tier list should be seen as an investment guide. It is not reflective of an Adventurers raw power in a vacuum. Instead, it shows what Adventurers are most popular and able to clear end game content,  Master High Dragon Trials in particular. A higher tier unit will have an easier time finding groups, and is considered to be the top choice for their respective content. A lower tier unit might be viable, but will have a harder time finding a group willing to take them. As such, investing in a tier 1 Adventurer will make progression easier and smoother than a lower tier one. 

Please note: an Adventurer's position within in a tier doesn't describe whether they're better or more popular than another Adventurer in the same tier. 

Tier 0 

This tier is for Adventurers that go beyond defining the meta to breaking it. They are so overwhelmingly powerful that they warp strategies and game play around them. These characters are always on meta and are often so powerful that in co-op modes multiples will be run. In an ideal world, they probably wouldn't exist. 

Tier 1

This tier is for Adventurers that define the meta of co-op and single player content. If there is a "cookie cutter" composition, these are the Adventurers that make it up. They're not broken, but they are found in almost every clear of difficult content at the cutting edge and are most likely to easily find a place in a Pick-Up group.

Tier 1.5

Adventurers in this tier are just barely below those in Tier 1, but for some reason they're slightly less favored. They can definitely be used to clear the most difficult content in the game, but sometimes won't be chosen right away for co-op play or have one or two slight flaws that cause them to see less use. You can find pick up groups with these Adventurers, but it may take a little patience compared to a perfectly on meta choice.

Tier 2

These Adventurers could clear the most difficult content, but either a little more investment or skill or effort is required to do so, and as such they see significantly less play in co-op or are frequently passed over for Tier 1 and Tier 1.5 Adventurers when creating a team. Often, there is another Adventurer that simply does their job, but better. You will have a harder time finding a pick up group, but with patience and investment you can definitely clear end game content with these Adventurers.

Tier 3

These Adventurers have some serious flaw holding them back, or a meta game that just renders their kit or resistances useless. You could clear the hardest content in the game with them, but either a monstrous investment, a good deal of luck, or a team built just to support them will be required. They can still pull their own weight, but it would be significantly easier just to use another Adventurer. It will be a real challenge to find a pick up group willing to play with you in end game content when using these Adventurers. 

Tier 4

Multiple flaws or a meta game that has left these Adventurers in the dust earn a placement in this tier. For the most part, end game content is simply out of these characters grasp unless they are somehow carried by a team of more meta Adventurers, even with a steep investment. One day they might receive enough buffs to enhance their performance, but for now they simply are outdone at every turn. Finding a pick up group with these Adventures will be nearly impossible, and even organized groups will be reluctant to bring them along. 

Tier 5

Simply put, these Adventurers stink. There kits are seriously flawed and their usefulness is questionable at best. Pick up groups will avoid you at all costs, and pre-mades will only bring these Adventures along as a joke or to flex on content. Even with the best investment, they're not capable of performing at the level necessary to clear end game content.

Following the original purpose of Tier Lists, the ranking of Adventurers in Dragalia Lost is done by counting their favorable matchups. Dragalia Lost may not be a 1v1 fighting game, but for its PvE content, some characters have a higher success rate than others.

Everyone in Dragalia has a niche based on their kit and resistances-- in that sense, only the specific content or “matchup” really matters. But surveying across the whole game, the Tier List favors Adventurers who do well in a number of situations. Tier Lists are misleading when taken literally, so readers are encouraged to seek out guides to Void BattlesImperial OnslaughtThe Mercurial Gauntlet and Advanced Dragon Trials for more details on picking the right characters for specific content.

Factors included in the ranking are:

  • The primary factor is how represented the character is in the games current "meta," or in other words how popular a character is for clearing end game content (primarily High Dragon Trials and Agito Uprising, Mercurial Gauntlet, and to a lesser extent Omega Raids)
  • Damage based on Weapon Combos and theoretical simulation data
  • Synergy with other characters of the same element
  • Co-Abilities and team buffs
  • Status Afflictions and Boss resistances. When opposite-element bosses are immune to an Adventurer’s Affliction, that’s a poor matchup counting against that character.
  • Investment, resources and game progression. Any character is fit to complete content with full Mana Circles and maxed equipment, but in practicality, higher-rarity Adventurers with superior Skills and Abilities advance more quickly.
  • January 4th, 2020
    • Mana spirals released, MAJOR changes to tier list!
      • Note: More changes will likely come soon as the meta continues to settle and more spirals are released. 
    • Criteria now includes Volk's Wrath (Expert).
    • Joe tier 3 > tier 2. Better DPS, but below Sarisse and Chelsea still.
    • Xania tier 3 > tier 1. Xania's numbers are now bonkers, and she's easily the best Flame Wand. Now that she competes handily with bows and has full Stun resist, she sees a great deal of play in both mHMS and Volk. 
    • Aurien tier 5 > tier 4. Used to be complete trash, now is only mostly trash.
    • Alain tier 4 > tier 3. Alain is still only passable, but he's a better passable now. 
    • Aoi tier 3 > tier 1.5. The addition of Burn to Aoi's kit has rocketed her DPS to new heights, but she doesn't quite do as well as Rene still. 
    • Euden tier 3 > tier 1.5. Euden's new dispel and massive new DPS numbers make him a good pick for HMS and Volk.  
    • Karl remains in tier 2. He got better, but so did a lot of other Flame Swords. 
    • Naveed tier 4 > tier 1.5. Naveed now hits like a truck and has a tasty dispel in his kit. Euden is better for HMS, but Naveed might be better for Volk. 
    • Ezelith tier 4 > tier 1. Perhaps the greatest improvement, Ezelith went from bottom of the barrel to some of the most insane DPS numbers in the game. Top notch for Volk and even mHMS. 
    • Student Maribelle tier 1.5 > tier 2. Xania is a direct upgrade to S!Mari now. 
    • Marth tier 1.5 > tier 2. Euden and Naveed out perform the Hero King.
    • Halloween Mym tier 1.5 > tier 2. With so many Adventurers moving up, some had to move down. Mym just doesn't have a spot in most teams now.
    • Natalie tier 1 > tier 2. Ieyasu's massive improvement has sidelined Nat for the most part. 
    • Cassandra tier 2 > tier 1.5. Cass got a great buff, but she's still just shy of being optimum.
    • Veronica tier 1 > tier 2. When one wand goes up, one must come down. Veroica is now third fiddle. 
    • Yatan tier 1.5 > tier 2. Yatan just can't keep up with the crazy numbers shadow is seeing these days.
    • Nobunga placed in tier 2. She's good, and the dispel is nice, but Aoi's recent buff makes her less appealing for teams. 
    • Chitose placed in tier 1.5. He can't quite break into the quad DPS meta as easily as Malora did, but he is still seeing high level play and is a godsend for MG. 
    • Mitsuhide placed in tier 1. Mituhide is essentially a direct upgrade to Fleur, though in HZD the difference is marginal. 
    • Fleur tier 1 > tier 1.5. She can still compete, and the difference in performance is slight, but Mitsuhide is the new number 1 light dagger. 
    • Hanabusa placed in tier 3. The lack of complete Curse res really hurts his chances, but he's not actively bad.  
  • December 22nd, 2019
    • Laxi > Tier 4. Laxi's kit has a few upsides, but a multitude of downsides. Combined with the existence of Rena and Mikoto, and even Aoi, and Laxi ends up placed fairly low.
    • Megaman moved to tier 3. Megaman has proven that he is somewhat capable of performing at high levels, but still struggles to be relevant in the current meta. 
    • Lucretia moved to tier 3. Lucretia struggles to perform at higher level play, and as such needed to be dropped down a peg. 
  • December 15th, 2019
    • Dragonyule Malora > Tier 1. Malora has immediately made a huge splash in the mHZD meta. She's proven to be a popular and pervasive pick that fits right at home in the 4 DPS meta. 
    • Dragonyule Xainfried > Tier 2. While DY!Xainfried is seeing use in mHMC, proving his power, most groups continue to prefer Noelle. Noelle is quite simply better at the buffing role. As such, he's placed in Tier 2. He's good, but Noelle is far easier to find groups with. 
    • Note: Yachiyo > No changes. At this time, Yachiyo continues to be an on meta popular choice for mHZD. Her popularity has fallen, but you won't get Sorry'd for picking her and many rooms still look for her specifically. 
  • December 8, 2019
    • Durant added
    • Durant > Tier 3. Durant has the potential to out put good damage, and he can perform well. However, his kit suffers from several drawbacks and he's severely outclassed by Ieyasu and Natalie. 
  • December 2, 2019
    • Added Gala Elisanne, Megaman, and Jiang Ziya
    • Thaniel > Tier 2. Thaniel's kit has long been bemoaned. Now that we have an actually good water staff, expect his usage to plummet, though he's still viable for HBH. 
    • Gala Elisanne > Tier 1. As expected, this Gala Water Buffer is seeing good usage in MHBH and MG50+, though she has not yet completely usurped her free counter part. For now, regular Elisanne remains in tier 1. 
    • Jiang Ziya > Tier 1. As the long anticipated replacement to Thaniel, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize she will invariably end up in all new end game content and mostly replace Thaniel in HBH. 
    • Megaman > Tier 4. Sadly, Megaman suffers badly from Freebie syndrome. His kit is lackluster, and the best thing about him is his co-ability which really doesn't help him stand out much. 
  • November 27th, 2019
    • Further minor edits. 
    • Albert, Karina > Tier 2. Despite the power level these Adventurers have, they just don't see any use at high level play due to poor resistances and other Adventurers simply doing their job better. 
    • Joe, Xania, Johanna, Nicolas, Zardin > Tier 3. Despite their lower rarity affecting their ability to perform, these Adventurers still have kits that can perform at high levels, but require heavy investment. 
    • Aleen > Tier 4. Aleen's kit and low DPS fails to impress.
    • Ryozen Tier 5. A tanky kit but no DPS does no favors in the current meta. 
    • Hope > Tier 4. Hope is actually capable of healing, abet poorly. 
    • Xander, S!Cleo, V!Ezelith, Tier 2. Bad resistances or a meta that doesn't need them have resulted in these Adventurers being dropped down a peg. 
  • November 26th, 2019
    • As the new tier list solidifies, a few adjustments have been made. 
    • Fjorm > Tier 2. Fjorm's initial placement in tier 1 was in error. She has seen markedly less usage as the game has gone on. With new, harder difficulties that cannot be cheesed, her usage in mHBH and MG 50+ has dropped to record low numbers. She is still capable of the hardest content, but Elisanne is just better in nearly every regard. 
    • Yuya > Tier 5. Upon further review, Yuya's kit is broken, and not in a good way. Chicken at Heart completely negates him for a good chunk of many fights, and aside from that his numbers are spectacularly low. 
    • Rex > Tier 3. A closer look at Rex has proven him capable in eHBH, and potentially Master with enough investment. He's still not great, but he's passable. 
    • Aurien > Tier 5. Aurien is simply incapable of doing a healers job well, and winds up with the other junkers in Tier 5. 
    • G!Sarisse, H!Lowen > Tier 1. A new comp using H!Lowen and either G!Sarisse or Chelsea has emerged thanks to the power of the Dear Diary wyrmprint. This comp is highly successful in mHMS, comparable to the previously established Verica/Emma/Rena/Ramona comps. As such, G!Sarisse and H!Lowen are moved to tier 1 from 1.5. 
    • Ezelith/Naveed > Tier 4. Sadly, both Ezelith and Naveed are outshone by a multitude of Adventurers, and their DPS numbers are near the bottom of the barrel. Combined with their nearly irrelevant Sleep Resistance, and they are simply not viable in end game content. 
  • November 25th, 2019
    • Major changes! Tier list criteria redefined, entire list overhauled. 
    • Chelsea > Tier 1. Due to her overwhelming DPS, showings him mHMS and in eHMS, and high skill potential, Chelsea is placed in tier 1. 
    • Yuya > Tier 3. So far, Yuya has failed to make a splash, but his kit potentially has the tools to clear end game content, with the note that he has serious flaws. 


Let us know if there are any errors with the display! There is also continuous discussion of the Tier List on our Discord Channel and in the Community Forums. 

Adventurer Tier List Changelog


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Tier 0

Special Note: For now, only the One True Queen Gleo inhabits this tier. She has proven to be so overwhelmingly dominate in a myriad of content that no other place befits her status as the meta-game defining figure she is. If she were in Tier 1, every other top end Shadow Adventurer would end up in Tier 1.5, which isn't representative of their performance, especially in raids or solo content.

Tier 1