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Following the original purpose of Tier Lists, the ranking of Adventurers in Dragalia Lost is done by counting their favorable matchups. Dragalia Lost may not be a 1v1 fighting game, but for its PvE content, some characters have a higher success rate than others.

Everyone in Dragalia has a niche based on their kit and resistances-- in that sense, only the specific content or “matchup” really matters. But surveying across the whole game, the Tier List favors Adventurers who do well in a number of situations. Tier Lists are misleading when taken literally, so readers are encouraged to seek out guides to Void BattlesImperial Onslaught, The Mercurial Gauntlet and Advanced Dragon Trials for more details on picking the right characters for specific content.

Factors included in the ranking are:

  • Damage based on Weapon Combos and theoretical simulation data
  • Resistances. Many off-resist characters can get by in Imperial Onslaught, but having the wrong resistance for High Dragon Trials makes the boss significantly more difficult. In the same vein, double-resistant Gala characters are extra versatile.
  • Synergy with other characters of the same element
  • Co-Abilities and team buffs
  • Status Afflictions and Boss resistances. When opposite-element bosses are immune to an Adventurer’s Affliction, that’s a poor matchup counting against that character.
  • Investment, resources and game progression. Any character is fit to complete content with full Mana Cirlces and maxed equipment, but in practicality, higher-rarity Adventurers with superior Skills and Abilities advance more quickly.


Let us know if there are any errors with the display! There is also continuous discussion of the Tier List on our Discord Channel and in the Community Forums. 

Adventurer Tier List Changelog


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Tier 1

Despite bearing striking similarities to Musashi, Addis finds ways to stand out and establish himself as a worthy Wind DPS contender. The Noble Warrior brings the best of both worlds to the table, providing both chip damage through Damage-Over-Time afflictions and burst windows from Broken Punisher and Dignified Soul. One defining difference between the two 4★ Wind Blade users is their resistances. Unlike Musashi, Addis can freely navigate the treacherous fields of Water IO, and is superior by several metrics.

After starring in Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse, and the Levin’s Champion Wyrmprint, Albert finally rolls into Dragalia Lost as a powerful 5★ Adventurer. With devastating Force Strikes, high Paralysis uptime, and Electrification, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Notes about Thunderous Impulse

Albert comes with an unusual Skill which recharges gradually over the course of 40 seconds. While the guaranteed SP gain is reassuring, it makes for a strict rhythm of downtime. Regeneration doesn’t start again until the 15-20 seconds are up, meaning Albert is Electrified for about a third of the battle. Still, when the buff provides another 25% Strength, inflicts Paralysis, and enhances Lightning Burst, it’s a potent bonus.  


The Prince of Askr joins the roster as part of the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event. Dragalia’s first free 5★ is a self-contained powerhouse whose two damaging skills double as utility. Built-in Skill Haste and an excellent weapon class allow Alfonse to excel even without team support. Furthermore, his Curse immunity makes him a shoo-in for current and future Zodiark-related content.  


Annelie is a 5★ Light-attuned Lance user, famous for her circus trickery and friendship with Liger. As a unit, she is an all-rounder boasting great damage, team support and defensive merits through her co-ability. Annelie is comparable to fellow 5★ Light Lance user Halloween Elisanne, boasting comparable damage, and identical co-abilities. Annelie's Poison Resistance is what separates her from Halloween Elisanne, giving her the edge in Imperial Onslaught as well as certain raids, facility events and void battles.

The Beauty in Motion showcase transforms Zardin from a nameless understudy to Dragalia’s first 5★ Light Blade user. His weapon class enables robust neutral damage while his kit accords him the fastest Energy stacking in the game. Tragically, B!Zardin comes late to the party, facing fierce competition for a home in Shadow IO. Though powerful in his own right, B!Zardin struggles to make a name for himself among a well-established Light roster.  


Despite being a free 4★ Event Adventurer, Botan pulls her weight and has several avenues for dealing damage. Her Defense label is a bit of a misnomer; Perennial Grace supports the team as a Strength buff, while Bleed ticks for significant damage over time. Thanks to scarcity in the Shadow Lance category (previously represented only by Zace), Botan finds herself as a solid Lance Adventurer pick for any Shadow party.  


Cassandra is Dragalia’s third 5★ Shadow Wand user, facing stiff competition right off the bat. Two notable attributes are her damage reflect Skill and Resilient Offense. Although Cassandra thrives at low HP, she’s hard-pressed to take full advantage of her kit; the risk is two-fold given ranged adventurers’ higher fragility and High Jupiter’s unforgiving Static stacks. With both Veronica and the almighty Gala Cleo looming over her, Cassandra’s true boon is that she’s available year-round in the permanent summoning pool.


Curran makes a grand entrance as a featured 5★ Adventurer of The Accursed Archives, challenging Ieyasu for the title of strongest Shadow DPS. Where Sazanka draws power from her afflictions and Force Strikes, the Dogged Inquisitor is more straightforward, wielding two damage Skills backed by one of the highest STR stats in the game. Though lacking in depth, Curran’s kit cements him as a reliable Shadow powerhouse whose damage is mostly free of conditional gimmicks.


Delphi is Dragalia’s first 5★ Shadow Dagger user, and an oddity at that. Despite the unattractive 60% STR handicap and titanic competition, Delphi makes his case with enemy DEF reduction and damage-over-time Skills. As the only non-Wind adventurer to inflict Poison, Delphi doesn’t compete for Bleed stacks, instead enhancing his Bleed allies with a Crit Rate Co-ability. These factors make Delphi ideal for Mercurial Gauntlet and High Jupiter, as both bosses are immobile for extended periods of time.

Dragonyule Cleo
The flagship of Dragonyule Defenders, Cleo has forsaken her staff for dispensing powerful Water DPS. Wielding Daggers, Stun immunity, and a forgiving 70% HP STR boost, Dragonyule Cleo makes a name for herself as the queen of Flame IO. She is the second adventurer to utilize Skill Shift and also embraces the energy system alongside her bannermates, providing excellent synergy to both herself and her team. Cleo sets herself apart from other energy-inclined adventurers in that raises her own her energy level via combo hits, which benefits Daggers for any content.
Eleonora is a 4★ Wind Bow user characterized by a Poison-centric kit. Unlike other Bow wielders, who depend on clunky Force Strikes, Eleonora’s deals damage slowly through Poison affliction. This chip damage makes her ideal for high-HP enemies such as bosses and Elite Soldiers. While she’s held back by Full HP Abilities and average stats, some players may find themselves forsaking Hawk in place of the Curious Archer.

Elisanne is a 4★ Water Adventurer obtainable early on in the Story Campaign. Commonly deemed one of the best Adventurer in the game, Brave Bastion allows Elisanne to boost the entire team's Strength and has great uptime. Coupled with the lance weapon type and access to increased Buff Time in her Mana Circle, the Anointed Lance is a versatile Adventurer that can perform well in a wide variety of content, including High Brunhilda's Trial and Mercurial Gauntlet.


The Encouraging Cheerleader embodies the role of a true support, forsaking personal damage to provide a slew of team buffs. Serving as Flame’s version of Noelle / Elisanne, Emma plays even further into her supportive role by padding her team’s survivability. Vigorous Defense is an excellent accessory Skill that rounds out Emma’s status as a team player and booster of team spirit.  

Hailing from the Kingdom of Nifl, Fjorm Princess of Ice comes to us as a Water Lance user. With 100% Skill Prep, Fjorm joins the Freeze Cheese club thanks to her S1 Frigid Smash inflicting Freeze and dealing line damage. However, it's her S2, Ice Mirror, that is really interesting-- this attack essentially reflects back damage with a multiplier, dealing moderate damage if Fjorm is unharmed during its short window. When Fjorm is hit, massive damage goes back to the assailant. If timed correctly around predictable damage, this can carve away huge chunks of HP against bosses such as High Brunhilda.

Fleur is a Curse-immune Light Dagger user and the featured 4★ of the Hunt for Harmony. Similar to her predecessor, Fritz, the Budding Artist moves away from Daggers’ traditional Crit emphasis and focuses on attack Skills and afflictions. Paralysis is a powerful affliction that most Shadow enemies are susceptible to, and Fleur capitalizes with frequent applications and Paralysis Punisher. Crucially, Fleur’s arrival adds a fourth Curse-immune weapon class to round out eventual High Zodiark teams.

Gala Cleo

With Wand in hand and ears revealed, Cleo arrives as Shadow’s first Gala Dragalia star. The offensive and defensive support she provides is unparalleled as shown by her enormous buff zone and abundant Skill Shifts. By boosting the team’s DPS while also shelling out heavy damage, Cleo undisputedly marks her spot in the upper echelons of the Shadow roster for the foreseeable future.

Gala Mym

The Adventurer form of Brunhilda, Mym, arrives as the second Flame Gala Adventurer, wielding a Lance and fire breath. More than any other Adventurer so far, Mym is all about Shapeshifting and capitalizing on Dragon damage. All in all, Mym is incredibly potent, and looks to be well placed to be viable both in Flame and Wind content.

Note that no matter what dragon she has equipped, Mym will visually Shapeshift into Brunhilda her first time and High Brunhilda from her second transformation onwards. Her stats will still be impacted by the Abilities of equipped dragons, but her attack combos are set. 

Gala Prince

After a long year of raids and festivals, the Prince leads the charge as a top tier Light adventurer. The Bearer of Dragonlight is one of a kind in that he introduces the first new Co-ability since Dragalia’s launch, expanding upon the Dragon-focused nature of traditional Sword users. Building further into Shapeshifting, the Prince’s kit allows him remain as a Dragon for ridiculous periods of time, hitting harder and faster all the while. 


The Prince’s neutral gameplay mirrors Albert’s, packing a powerful Skill 1 and an independently charging Skill 2. Teammates enjoy a massive buff zone that grants more freedom to position than the omnipresent Gala Cleo.

Gala Ranzal
Ranzal is the latest addition to the Gala Dragalia lineup, forsaking his Axe to fight for his friends as Dragalia’s second Wind Sword user. In sharp contrast to Ku Hai’s high-risk Crit focus, Gala Ranzal’s kit is reliable and rock solid. Teamwide Defense buffs lessen the chip damage taken by melee adventurers while also benefiting Strength Doublebuff adventurers like Louise. His unique Gauge system fills naturally when attacking, enhancing both his survivability and damage without any hassle.
Gala Sarisse
Gala Sarisse demonstrates the potential of Gala Adventurers by sporting double status immunities alongside a different play style approach to Bows. Despite her label as a Support Adventurer, the Crimson Star topples Julietta for the highest HP stat in the game while also pumping out massive damage with Brilliant Bolt, thanks to a focus on maintaining combo count. Her immunity to both Stun and Sleep makes her viable in any Wind-attuned content. Gala Sarisse gladly serves as the premier ranged Flame DPS Adventurer while simultaneously supporting her party with Strength and Defense buffs, and she is often noted as a great pick for High Midgardsormr's Trial.

Donning a festive outfit, Elisanne’s holiday variant comes along as a premium Light Lance user. Her kit comes with all kinds of bells and whistles for support options on top of DPS that holds its own among the team. Like many Lances, her advantages come through synergistic Skills and a balanced approach to combat. While neither tanky nor a powerhouse, her contribution to the team is significant.

Notes about Sacred Maiden’s Skill Shift

An interesting mechanic introduced by Halloween Elisanne is the Skill Shift, which relies on chaining together her first Skill for added party-wide effects. These effects are as follows:

  • Phase I has no effect, and is simply Halloween Elisanne’s status after using the first attack.
  • Phase II is a teamwide Strength buff.
  • Phase III is a teamwide regen effect.

Thanks to the SP gain effect of Mischief Maker, recharging 2450 SP for Sacred Maiden is quite easy. High damage uptime and avoiding knockback are key to keeping this cycle going efficiently.

Halloween Lowen
Halloween Mym

Mym sheds what was left of her armor as the star of Halloween Fantasia’s second iteration. Her debuff zone is unique to Flame adventurers, and she brings Dragalia’s second new Co-Ability since launch. However, unlike her Gala form, Halloween Mym seems to be all over the place. Her Shapeshift Abilities leave more to be desired and are shackled by needless bells and whistles. Furthermore, her SP costs are abnormally high, a fact compounded by the awful SP gains of Axe users. While she packs a fair amount of team support, Mym finds herself competing with both Emma and Ramona in their respective roles and comes up just short.

Halloween Odetta

Heinwald co-stars as the leader of Accursed Archives, functioning as the truest form of a combat medic. Jack of all trades is an understatement; the Seeker of Truth packs skill damage, party buffs, and burst healing in his kit. This places Heinwald in the unique position of both premier Shadow healer and top tier ranged Shadow attacker. Staff SP gains dwarf those of Wands, so Kleimann and Cleo users alike may find themselves making room for a new team player.


Being the sole 5★ Staff user in the launch pool, Hildegarde immediately set a high standard for healers in Dragalia Lost. Among an abundance of Light Staff users, The Devout Oracle still stands at the top with her combination of Healing Potency and regen. Proactive healing and shielding plus the ability to remove Curse guarantees her a spot for Zodiark content, but even for the everyday Quests, Hildegarde can be easily brought along for neutral matchups outside her element.

Ieyasu arrives as the flagship of Eastern Emissaries, dethroning Mikoto for the highest STR stat in the game and taking his rightful place as premier 5★ Shadow adventurer. On top of that, Ieyasu is among the first to inflict Bleed status, a Damage-Over-Time debuff that hits harder while lasting twice as long as Poison. Blades are well liked for their versatility, and Ieyasu has both the stats and the kit to use them to their fullest potential.

Karina is a 4★ Water adventurer who makes her home in Imperial Onslaught. Staying true to her defensive classification, she’s defined by her resilience. Healing Doublebuff keeps the Free-Spirited Pirate healthy even in the absence of a healer, while Axe wielders thrive in multi-target environments. Two damage skills coupled with Stun immunity make Karina a solid pick for sweeping Flame IO.  


Karl is a 4★ Flame Sword adventurer from Dragalia’s original launch pool. Although the Hero of Justice was slightly overshadowed by the release of 5★ Naveed, he still thrives in Wind IO. In contrast to the numerous other Flame Swordsmen, his damage is more straightforward and his allies enjoy a teamwide STR buff. This attack-support hybrid approach works wonders for Emblem farming, especially when Sleep Res guarantees full attacking uptime.  


Kleimann is a versatile offensive 4★ Shadow Wand user who experiments with both Force Strikes and Skill Damage. Thanks to his Blind Res, Kleimann is ideally suited for Light IO, with an AoE-based playstyle. Kleimann is best served using Force Strikes and his Skills to devastate large waves of enemies, or in quickly breaking bosses in Overdrive. His S2 also provides CC in the form of Sleep, though it takes a while to charge.


Laranoa is the featured 5* of Hunt for Harmony and a much needed addition to the ranged Water lineup. While Lily is a glass cannon known for AOE and Freeze, Laranoa’s strength lies in her reliable single-target DPS. A Skill Haste Co-Ability and an increase skill gauge fill rate allow Laranoa to fire off attacks in rapid succession.


Unfortunately, Laranoa seems to suffer from a case of mistaken identity. Stun immunity keeps her safe during Flame IO, but Bow users are ill-suited for such high density content. She yearns to be alone with a boss, but is disqualified from High Brunhilda due to a lack of Burn Res. Those struggling with higher end Flame content will likely find better performance elsewhere in the Water lineup.


Lea arrives as Dragalia’s eighth Flame Sword user, competing with Marth as a top tier adventurer. The Sublime Swordsman marries two kits from the Water roster: Xander’s brutal Force Strikes and Fjorm’s damage reflection. The resultant kit is largely self-centered and adds a clear distinction between Marth’s supportive nature. Nevertheless, players who enjoy piloting a solo powerhouse will revel in shredding Overdrive gauges and high Burn uptime.


Lily is a 5★ Water Wand Adventurer with a sharp focus on offense. The Crystalian Princess packs dual AoE attack Skills, Freeze infliction, and additional offensive passives that complements her glass cannon nature. When properly used, Lily can dominate a large portion of the game's Flame-attuned content, including High Brunhilda's Trial. Overall, Lily proves to be a versatile DPS character, especially in the hands of a skilled player.  

Lin You

Heralding the Lunar New Year is Lin You, Wind’s first 5★ melee Adventurer. The Kung-Fu Apprentice is an Axe wielder geared more towards offense than defense, mirroring the concepts of Sazanka and Vanessa. She further breaks the mold as the first Axe user to be centered around critical hits, which is rather counterintuitive of such a slow-hitting weapon class. That said, her kit covers shortcomings intrinsic to the weapon type, and Lin You’s brutal Criticals personify a high-risk, high-reward playstyle.

Louise is a 5★ Wind Bow user who forgoes Force Strikes in favor of Poison chip damage. Sound familiar? But unlike Eleonora-- who is built around the Affliction-- the Doting Sister uses Poison as part of a well-rounded kit. Overdrive Punisher shortens the amount of time bosses spend launching frequent attacks, while Strength Doublebuff brings her offense up to par with the strongest ranged attackers. She won’t be doing flashy burst damage, but steady ranged attacks provide a solid foundation for frontliners.
Lowen is a fun-sized 4★ Staff user and premier Wind healer equipped with several tools for success. Maxing out at 22% unconditional Recovery Potency, the Dependable Brother earns his title with burst heals and an anti-Bog kit. Though he lacks more coveted support skills such as continuous healing or shields, Lowen provides Defense buffs that mesh well with Adventurers that takes advantage of Doublebuff effects. Finally, he is also a High Mercury's Trial staple despite her weak opening blast and lack of unavoidable attacks, as Lowen typically plays the role of the designated ranged baiter.

As the star of Dragalia’s Resplendent Refrain banner, Lucretia sets the gold standard for ranged Light DPS. Those familiar with Amane’s kit will quickly realize that the Songstress of the Century is superior by every metric. In addition to high damage, Lucretia introduces the Energy mechanic, taking on a secondary support role. Though the system as a whole has proven underwhelming, Lucretia sees success because Energy is merely a corollary of her Strength-boosting setlist.


Luther is a 4★ Water dagger user who faces fierce competition from both Orsem and Dragonyule Cleo. The Passionate Dancer sets himself apart from his peers though with his reliability and IO-favored kit. His Strength and Critical Rate are independent of his health, granting him consistency as he ramps up using Striker’s Strength. Stun immunity also ensures that Luther’s combo count remains high, cementing him as a dependable source of Water DPS.

With an arsenal of two attack Skills alongside access to 100% Skill Prep and a hefty Skill Damage boost, Maribelle's resume as an Attack Adventurer is nothing short of impressive. While maintaining full HP for her Skill Damage passive is a hassle, being a ranged Adventurer makes this easier and allows her to stay out of harm's way. Having a built in Defense debuff on Save The Day is icing on the cake, and skilled players will enjoy using the Child of the Forest to wreak havoc across virtually all Water content, including High Mercury's Trial.

The Hero King himself makes an entrance in the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes Showcase. To declare his kit overloaded is a gross understatement; Marth packs everything from Crit to self-sustain to party support. His Skill Shift stands above all others for two reasons: Phase I has an actual effect, and Phase III is the only skill in the game to increase the entire team's  attack speed. Perhaps most notable is his ability to immediately fill his team’s skill gauges after High Midgardsormr’s opening blast, whom Marth seems designed to destroy.  


Melody is a 3★ Wind Blade user who fills a supportive role. While her low rarity and stats keep her behind Musashi and Addis, Melody's bread and butter is found in her primary Skill, which grants the entire party a long lasting, high uptime Strength buff. This allows Melody to arguably contribute more to overall DPS than her higher rarity counterparts, which cements her niche as an offensive buffer that sees frequent use, even in High Mercury's Trial.


Mikoto: Nature’s Avatar made his debut alongside eight other 5★ Adventurers in the launch pool, and quickly became one of the most coveted pulls. He’s one of few in the roster with a means of increasing his own attack speed, and incredibly high Strength (second only to Ieyasu) paired with Critical Abilities only further enhance his massive power. Of course this comes at the cost of his ability to fulfill other roles, but as the attacker within a well-balanced team, he’s hard to beat.

Musashi, the Wandering Samurai is a beast of the 4★ Wind category, bringing multiple avenues for burst damage. Despite the release of Addis-- a slightly stronger Blade user-- Musashi maintains his niche as a strong Bog-Resistant melee Adventurer. Poison inflicted by Belching Dragon does chip damage, while the (brief yet extremely high) Strength buff provided by Force of the Wild makes him capable of bursting damage in Break State. Between his Shapeshifting, Overdrive Punisher, and Force Strikes, Musashi excels in every phase of combat.

Natalie teeters on the edge of death as a trickier version of Ieyasu. In place of Bleed and Crit, Natalie’s power stems from the numerous enhancements gained when below 30% HP. But unlike another risky pick like Veronica, Natalie doesn’t need to intentionally take hits. Though difficult to pilot and maintain by nature, skilled players are sure to see results rivalling those of her predecessor. 


Noelle is a dedicated offensive support and a welcome addition to the Wind roster. By completely outshining Melody, Noelle frees up the Blade slot to be filled by more aggressive picks. Although her individual damage is rather modest, her teamwide Strength boost is potent, lengthy, and quick-charging, sealing her place as Wind’s premier Wand user for many showcases to come.


Norwin is a featured 4★ of Beauty in Motion and one of two Shadow Bow users to utilize Blindness. An inversion of Nefaria’s kit, Norwin’s primary Skill inflicts Blindness while his secondary Skill deals enhanced damage to Blinded targets. Though heavily reliant on the affliction, Norwin wields a more intuitive and user-friendly kit overall, even bringing a measure of offensive support to the table. However therein lies the problem; despite sporting Blindness immunity, Norwin will find Blinding the Light IO boss exceedingly difficult. Against such a mismatch, the Anguished Author may find his 5★ counterpart a superior option for her wide AOE and safety during Jupiter’s Trials.

Odetta is a Light Sword user and the featured 4★ Adventurer of the Thunder and Splendor Showcase. While bannermate Albert styles himself as a pure powerhouse, the Wanderlust Incarnate is content to adopt a more supportive role. This is not to say she is without teeth, as her damage more than enough to have her among top tier Light melee adventurers. An all around team player, Odetta functions as perhaps the most workable adaptation of a combat medic.

Orsem was released just in time for the Loyalty’s Requiem Raid Event against Flame boss Phraeganoth. Being the featured 4★ in the Gacha made him quite accessible, and as an attacking Dagger unit, he’s a valuable teammate. The release of High Brunhilda only further elevated his status as top Water DPS, with Burn Res and a Melee weapon type granting him relatively easy entry. He’s not the sturdiest of Adventurers, but with nimble control of the Dagger Combo, he can skate over most bosses’ attacks while landing Criticals left and right.


Ramona combines two key assets of Dragalia’s varying Axe users: staying power and offensive presence. Although not as burst-oriented, Ramona runs Primed Strength with a self-proc-able Strength Doublebuff and is rarely sitting at her base Strength level. She’s also surprisingly mobile for an Axe user, and is one of the few characters in the game who can change directions over the course of their Skill animation.


Rena is a unique take on the typical hyper-offensive nature of Blade users. Despite longtime favorite Mikoto retaining his DPS throne, Rena is not without merit. Alongside Fleur, Rena has the rare ability to immediately charge her primary Skill using her secondary Skill. Rena’s lack of consistent Crit Rate is offset by her ridiculously high Crit Damage buff, and she sports potent Abilities that provide passive sustain.  


Due to the nature of Brazier Boosts’s resets, Skill Shifts will generally be a cycle of starting with Phase I, followed by Phase II and III in rapid succession.

Sazanka is a 4★ Axe wielder and a much-needed addition to the Shadow lineup. A direct upgrade to Erik, the Cultured Flower is the first adventurer to inflict two statuses at once, both of which synergize well with her Shadow peers. Gauge Accelerator, though second to Overdrive Punisher, is still an excellent ability for cycling bosses through break states. Naturally, Sazanka pairs well with Kleimann, as both specialize in quickly draining a boss’s Overdrive gauge and make use of Sleep.
Sinoa is the 4★ Adventurer released in the Desert Jewel banner and a pioneer in ranged Flame damage. While her damage is decent at high health, what makes her outstanding is the Custom Concoction Skill, which provides a massive buff to a randomly rolled stat. Though its consistency leaves much to be desired, the pairing with Buff Time +20% allows for various buffs to overlap. It’s unpredictable, but every potential boon will be enjoyed by the party regardless.

Summer quickly approaches! Maribelle is stuck with finals, taking the lead as Ambitions in Bloom’s featured 5★ Adventurer. Many of the strengths that her Wind counterpart possess are still applicable, as Student Maribelle is nearly a carbon copy of the original. A high risk, high reward glass cannon rounds out a ranged Flame roster that was previously dominated by Gala Sarisse. Those confident in their skills will find the schoolgirl version of Maribelle equally potent.

Summer Celliera

Forsaking her Blade, Summer Celliera turns heads as the co-star of A Splash of Adventure. Though less of a powerhouse than Xander, Celliera more than compensates with her supportive capabilities. Reminiscent of Marth, Celliera’s Skill Shift scales over time, culminating in a potent 20% Attack Rate boost. Capable of self-Doublebuffing, Celliera performs well both with a team and in a vacuum.

Summer Cleo

Summer Cleo blows in with the tropical wind, effortlessly knocking aside the four previous Light Bow adventurers. Comparable to Gala Sarisse, Summer Cleo is a supportive Bow wielder whose primary Skill is enhanced by the number of user buffs. Tropical Breeze provides a whopping four buffs on its own, and high Skill Haste ensures that Parasol Shot is firing the maximum number of shots at all times. Curse immunity grants her access to the eventual High Zodiark’s Trial, though the potency of Paralysis in endgame content remains to be seen.

Summer Estelle

Summer Estelle leads a new generation of supportive Wand users and is a direct improvement over her predecessor, Dragonyule Xander. Although released for free alongside a banner of similarly supportive powerhouses, Estelle excels due to her universal DEF reduction and Buff Time focus. For these reasons, high-risk picks like Lily are falling out of favor, making way for suppliers of consistent party buffs.

Summer Julietta

Leaving her timid disposition behind, Summer Julietta makes a bold statement in the A Splash of Adventure showcase. Though classified as an Attack unit, Julietta is more than happy to support her team through Bog applications and Skill Shifts. Similar to Ramona, Julietta avoids damage lulls with Primed Strength, which covers for downtime between Skill Shifts and gives her more power as a standalone DPS Adventurer.

Summer Luca

At long last, Luca receives his first alt, forsaking his Bow for a heavy-hitting Axe. The polar opposite of Julietta, Summer Luca favors raw damage over survivability and earns his spot on the higher end of the Light DPS roster. Although his kit is rather plain, Luca’s low SP costs are complemented by an increased attack rate and a reliable onslaught of damage. 

Summer Verica

Truly a sight for sore eyes, Summer Verica brings much needed Blind removal to the Shadow roster. In contrast to Heinwald’s hyper-offensive nature, Verica has arguably the highest healing potential in the game between her regen heal, teamwide lifesteal effect, and up to 53% Recovery Potency. With Moment of Passion, allies top themselves off over the course of 30 whole seconds, removing the need for individually targeted healing entirely.


Sylas is a Wind Lance user and the featured 5★ of Visions of Amity. The Adept Aromatherapist is a direct upgrade over his predecessor Aeleen, offering superior damage, resilience, and support. Though Inspiriting Scent has an element of RNG, this does not detract from his overall effectiveness and adds another tool with which to reliably clear Water IO.

For Valentine’s Day, Ezelith forgoes her usual flips and twirls in favor of a Bow-using Support role. The Stunning Sweetheart aims for the same goals as base 5★ Ezelith, and while mostly successful, she falls short of similar Adventurers such as Gala Sarisse. Still, the debuff, Burning and combo bonuses allow her to thrive in a team context, especially for Midgardsormr-related content.

Whereas most healers have a more defensive support flavor to them, Valentine’s Hildegarde (V!Hildegarde) is all about offensive support and increasing her teams damage output while providing healing. Her defining mechanic is her Energy boost, which upon reaching five stacks increases her allies next skills damage by 50%. She’s also got an excellent debuff with her Striking Strength Debilitator, meaning she needs to take a more active role by using Force Strikes to reduce the bosses damage output.

Thanks to her Stun Resist, V!Hildegarde is best suited for High Dragon trials or Wind Event Master Challenges that feature enemies that stun. She can perform well off element in Void Agni and Flame IO as well.

Vanessa is a 4★ Flame adventurer with a kit geared towards offense. Her two attack Skills, a Force Strike bonus Ability, and one of the highest STR stats in the game make her a powerful pick. Though lacking the agility of blades or daggers, Vanessa still shines with a brutal Force Strike style that will heavily chunk the Overdrive bar. However, as someone without any damage mitigation, Vanessa must rely on dodging and her teammates to stay alive on the front lines. Thanks to her Stun Res, Vanessa is an excellent choice for High Midgardsormr and can perform well in Wind IO or off element in Flame IO.

Verica is the 4★ Flame Staff user who made her debut as one of the more valuable finds among the launch pool. In spite of competition with higher-rarity healers, she persistently stays relevant thanks to her powerful heals, anti-Stun kit, and Recovery Potency passives. Hildegarde's shielding and burst heals fill a diiferent niche-- Verica instead serves as a steady regen healer alongside Vixel. She’s the go-to for High Midgardsormr, and with Stun being in Flame IO, she’s a strong pick both for that quest and Wind IO where she heals on-element.


The princess of Embla emerges as a Shadow Wand user and a star of the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes showcase. Bloodthirsty as ever, Veronica’s playstyle is a cycle of taking blows, unloading damage, then healing right back up. Unreliant on afflictions or HP gates, Veronica is at the forefront of the ranged Shadow DPS roster, with Paralysis immunity cementing her slot on eventual High Jupiter teams.


Victor arrives as the flagship of Windswept Warriors showcase and is Wind’s first 5★ Blade user. Easier to pilot than Addis, Victor cements himself as an offensive powerhouse by having Bleed readily available on his primary Skill. In addition to his top tier damage output, Victor comes chock full of teamwide defensive utility, most notably an immunity to knockbacks.

Wedding Aoi

Wedding Aoi steals hearts as the co-star of the Wedding Belles showcase. Aoi’s kit shies away from a more traditional Crit focus, instead going all in on Sleep. Also unlike the usual Dagger users, Aoi grants measures of offensive support through both teamwide heals and STR buffs. Sadly overreliance on Sleep greatly diminishes her potential, as Sleep-immune targets like High Mercury invalidate much of her kit.

Wedding Elisanne

Wedding Elisanne is a co-star of the Wedding Belles showcase, joining the Wind roster as a literal waifu. Staying by her side is made more than worthwhile thanks to her new buff/debuff zones, providing potent yet reliable aid for her team. Though not a powerhouse in the strictest sense, Elisanne earns the rare label of dedicated offensive Wind support.

While his potential was unknown at launch, Xainfried rose into the spotlight with Lance updates and the release of High Brunhilda. Not only is the Dragon Guardian an essential burn-immune teammate-- keeping the party alive with his HP Co-Ability-- but also a solid all-around Adventurer with generous support capabilities. Thanks to the long range of the Lance, he can stand back a safe distance yet enjoys the mobility of lunging Force Strikes. This, along with the huge AoE of Dragon Frostfang, make him an okay pick even for Flame IO.

Xander is a 5★ Water Sword adventurer and the premier pick for clearing Imperial Onslaught (Flame) and Void Agni. His kit synergizes well with his weapon class, namely by plowing through enemies with enhanced Force Strikes and ramping up Slayer’s Strength over time. With the SP-charging Force Strikes and powerful AoE attack Skills, Xander is truly an offensive powerhouse, shredding both groups of enemies and bosses’ Overdrive Bars with ease.

Xiao Lei

Xioa Lei has finished her calculations, and is ready to prove her place in the meta. Her kit is focused around providing team support, especially for Critical Damage thanks to her S2, Tactical Analysis. Like most Wands, she’s also focused around skill damage, with her first skill Flash Strike providing a decent nuke. With her poison resistance, Xiao Lei is best suited for Shadow Imperial Onslaught.


Yachiyo, Peerless Duelist, makes a name for herself as the first Light Blade user with Curse resistance and a Paralysis kit. Her S1, Blossom Flash, deals damage and inflicts Paralysis in a line. This will activate her first passive, Paralysis = Strength +15%. When Yachiyo Paralyses a foe, she gets +15% Strength for 10 seconds, but this cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds. She also has Paralysis Punisher 20%, allowing her to inflict massive damage whenever she successfully paralyses an enemy. Her S2, Peerless Heart, causes her Force Strikes to hit much harder, and with good timing she can use this with her other abilities for high burst damage. 


Yaten enters the fray as one of Energy’s Shadow-attuned pioneers. As a support system, Energy once again makes little noticeable impact especially since Yaten is currently the only Adventurer capable of raising team Energy levels. That being said, Yaten fully embraces Energy to reach ludicrous levels of burst damage. Should more Energy-compatible Shadow Adventurers ever be introduced, Yaten would surely become a force to be reckoned with.

Tier 2

Tier 3


Enemy turned ally, Alex joins the party upon completing Chapter 8 of the Story Campaign. True to her nature, the Shadow Assassin favors a more explosive, Skill-oriented playstyle as opposed to Crits and basic attacks. Given the rarity of Blindness Res, Alex finds herself at home within Light IO and stands as one of its few reliable DPS options.

Despite her label as a Support Adventurer, the awkward but endearing Althemia is fully equipped for offense. Sporting two damage Skills and a complementary Skill Damage-boosting Ability, Althemia is geared as a straightforward but effective damage dealer. While she won't be topping any DPS charts any time soon, players that work to maintain Althemia at full HP may very well surprise themselves with her damage output from time to time.
Amane: Child of Miracles is a 4* Light Adventurer who fills the element’s offensive niche. With a maximum Strength of 494, she stands out in a color which (in the early days of Dragalia Lost) is populated with support Adventurers. Skill Prep, Broken Punisher and Hallowed Raiments only further strengthen her offensive capabilities around hitting hard and stacking buffs.

Nefaria is an enigmatic winter-themed Egyptian who supports allies by shooting at them. Though her concept was a fair attempt, Dragonyule Nefaria struggles to find an identity amidst a sea of strong Water Adventurers. Her assets are gimmicky at best; applying Special Delivery is more hassle than it’s worth, and procs of Flurry Freezer are few and far between. Her stats are nothing to write home about either, so her best quality ends up being her rare weapon/element combo and seasonal exclusivity.

Despite bringing robust Strength and being classified as an Attack adventurer, Dragonyule Xander falls closer to a support role. In contrast to Lily, who fires off punishing barrages of spells, King Starfall buffs his team’s Strength and energy levels to bolster DPS. Though Monarch’s Boon has low uptime for granting only one Energy level per cast, DY Xander can easily bounce off of lesser spawns for Energy stacks. In short, Striker’s Energy and Stun immunity make DY Xander a premier Flame IO pick just like his 5★ counterpart.
Ezelith is a Flame Dagger user and the very first featured 5★ Adventurer in Dragalia Lost. The Genius of the Century wields both speed and power, outputting consistent damage throughout the fight then closing out with Broken Punisher. Breaking away from the traditional Crit focus of her weapon class, Ezelith provides debuffs that boost the entire team’s DPS and enjoys long stretches of invincibility through Howling Meteor.

Joining the roster of Light Staff users is Felicia, the 4★ companion for Dragalia’s Waltz With Fate Raid event. Although the Captivating Dancer has a budget kit for her rarity, Felicia does come with a powerful Shield Skill and is the first Adventurer to provide Poison relief. 50% Skill Prep is also not bad given her high SP costs, but compared to Gacha healers with healing passives and full status immunity, she ends up ranking average among her class.


Fritz is the featured 4★ in Circus of Dreams and distinguishes himself as a powerful Dagger-wielding Light Adventurer. The Dagger Magnificence joins a shallow pool of Poison-immune Light adventurers, making him a prime candidate for clearing Shadow IO. Fritz is able to perform well in isolation or with party support, capping out at 30% Skill Damage and receiving a Strength Doublebuff from allied defense boosts.

Gliding into the 5★ launch pool is Hawk, a Wind Bow user whose kit is built around inflicting Stun. While he faced much criticism for being reliant on laggy Force Strikes, improvements to the Bow weapon type have left him in good standing. His Stun kit, along with full Freeze immunity, make him a great pick for Imperial Onslaught and adequate against Mercury as well.

Johanna, Untamed Warrioress, is an offensively focused axe user with solid damage abilities, but baffling resistances. With double damaging abilities in Unbridled Rage, a forward slash, and Cyclone Axe, a full AoE whirlwind, Johanna has what she needs to take down large swathes of foes. Her Slayer’s Strength further enhances this, allowing Johanna to gain power for every five foes she fells.


Where she falls sort is in her Resistances and stats. Her primary resistance, Freeze 50%, is very useful for Water IO where Johanna is at her best potential. However, she also has Poison Resistance 25%. Currently, there is no Water content where poison is consistently inflicted, so this is a bit of a waste. Her second weakness is her abysmal strength stat, which doesn’t compliment the rest of her kit well.


Timorous Paladyn Julietta started out as the only native 5★ Axe user in Dragalia Lost. Despite her faint-heartedness, she remains among the toughest Light characters with massive HP and an endurance-based kit. Glorious Guard and Last Recovery are huge survivability boosts, while the Axe Co-Ability keeps the entire party from walking on eggshells. Topping it all off is respectable multi-target damage boosted by Slayer’s Strength. Although lacking in flashy standout traits, Julietta strikes a healthy balance between the immortal Ryozen and glass cannon Lucretia.

Ku Hai

Being the featured 4★ Adventurer of Springtime Spree, Ku Hai debuts as Dragalia’s first Wind Sword wielder. He’s stacked for Critical Damage with a side of rapid SP gains, making for a highly aggressive playstyle. Unlike Axe bannermate Lin You however, Sword user Ku Hai feels much more at home utilizing a heavily offensive kit. High attack speed and even higher SP gains provide plenty of opportunities to dish out punishment, while Keen Blade enables Ku Hai to cut down bosses in Overdrive.


As one of the launch pool’s 5★ Bow users, Nefaria has been subject to a variety of impressions. While cumbersome at first, her Blindness-reliant Support kit proves to be a worthwhile pursuit against single targets such as Jupiter. Player skill will be the ultimate determinant of her success; those who manage to avoid snags around Skill timing and Force Strikes will be rewarded with a strong Affliction and very high damage to Broken bosses.

Nurse Aeleen

Nurse Aeleen has managed to quell her warlust and take up a nurturing role. A direct upgrade over Ricardt, Aeleen packs both regen and burst healing along with some minor support via Skill Shift. Strong Abilities like Skill Prep and Haste are adored by healers, making Aeleen a strong pick for Flame IO. Unfortunately, Aeleen is confined to mid-tier Flame content due to her susceptibility to Burn.


Orion is a 4★ Dagger wielder and among the strongest Melee Shadow Adventurers. Dagger users are excellent in dense battles and solo boss rooms alike, and the Maiden Protector is no exception. Two damage Skills and complementary Abilities allow Orion to effortlessly weave through the battlefield while maintaining consistent damage. Inflicting frequent Blindness greatly compliments his nature as a melee fighter, enabling a more aggressive playstyle without fear of losing combo streaks.


Ranzal is the free 4★ Adventurer obtained in the Story Campaign. With tankiness, Slayer’s Strength, and even more tankiness, Ranzal is a hardy mercenary with defensive boosts that spill over to guard the whole team. His Axe is especially compatible with Slayer’s Strength, being a multi-target sweeping weapon, and the knockback from its Force Strike slows down oncoming assaults. He's overshadowed in everything by Lin-You and the Freeze-Resistant Johanna may have him beat in Water IO, but Ranzal is still a solid F2P  pick for any type of content, despite his reduced strength stat. 


Just like her sisters, Renee manages to break the molds set by her weapon class. Two attack Skills and Crit meet a blend of offensive and defensive support as Renee brings a smorgasbord of perks to the table. Most notably, she is the first Adventurer to feature Healing Doublebuff as a teamwide effect, allowing her to phase out the need for Aeleen and Thaniel within Flame IO entirely.


While some people might not appreciate a stack of dead foes as a gift, most players would be pleased to have Rodrigo pile the corpses of their foes at their door. While his kit might not be overly exciting, Rodrigo has all the right tools to be an excellent starting point for a Shadow team. His two damage abilities and HP 70% > STR conditional allow Rodrigo to be one of the budget picks for a Shadow team, though he can easily be replaced by other free units such as Alex or Boton. 


Serena joins a long line of Flame Sword users and faces steep competition from Marth in particular. Sporting a full Crit kit, the Purehearted Warrior markets herself as an upgrade over Euden, with Stun immunity granting her access to the High Midgardsormr fight. Similar to Naveed, Serena thrives in longer content where she’s allowed to rack up combos and stack her passives.

Living up to his name, the Valentine’s Guardian takes a defensive approach to the support role. While teamwide Defense buffs have been mostly relegated to Lance and Axe users, Orion becomes the first Sword Adventurer to fill this niche. Although held back by low stats and misplaced Curse Res, The Valentine’s version of Orion stays true to his base form with close-range damage and a reliable Affliction.


Vixel is the 4* adventurer featured in the Resplendent Refrain Summon Showcase, joining a massive pool of Light-attuned healers. The Musical Maestro maxes out at 39% Recovery Potency while at full health and under Agitato Assault, making his regen heal incredibly powerful. Vixel, along with banner-mates Lucretia and Pia, are the pioneers of the Energy Levels support system. Only time will tell if Vixel becomes a valuable Energy-inclined healer, as he currently struggles to make a name for himself among his many peers. As it stands, Agitato Assault feels lackluster when it could be replaced with a second heal, a shield, or even a DEF buff.

Wedding Xania

At long last, the Wind Staff pool receives some new blood in the form of Wedding Xania. Sporting both burst and sustained healing, the Magical Bride makes a name for herself by braving perils of Water Imperial Onslaught while still remaining a viable High Mercury pick. Although she needs full HP to reach her full potential, Xania establishes her case for replacing longtime favorite Lowen as preferred Wind healer.

Xuan Zang

Xuan Zang is the 4★ Adventurer coming with the Echoes of Antiquity Raid Event. Although largely overlooked in favor of Gala Mym, the Erudite Sealer performs well without the need to Shapeshift. Xuan Zhang’s kit revolves around keeping enemies debuffed to deal enhanced damage, a feat supported by allies like Student Maribelle and Vanessa. High Lance SP gains complement two damage skills nicely, leading to high debuff uptimes and a strong offensive presence.


Zace the Bone Collector is a solid addition to any roster, being a damage-focused Shadow Lance user. For a 3★ Adventurer, Zace’s kit is exceptionally optimized, making him a great pick to invest in. He boasts two solid damage skills in Skull Hunter and Bone Slinger, which are both straightforward frontal melee attacks. Even better, his ability is an unconditional +20% Skill Damage modifier, allowing him to hit hard. He has good resistance with 75% Paralysis res, making him a great choice for Jupiter’s trials, though he needs a wyrmprint to hit 100% resistance.

Zace's main weakness is his frailty, though this is somewhat made up for with his HP Co-Ability and by maintaining a safe distance from targets. 

Tier 4

Tier 5


Being the Wind counterpart to Elisanne, Aeleen fills the Support role of most Lance users with a teamwide Defense buff. Because she’s best on Imperial Onslaught-- being one of few with Freeze immunity and Slayer bonuses-- Defense Up is a welcome aid against the barrage of projectiles and small spawns. Doublebuff users will rejoice when she and Lowen accompany them.


Aoi the Impassioned Ninja comes as a natural 3★ Flame Adventurer wielding a Blade. She’s notable for her great weapon type and powerful Skills, which also have low SP costs. As far as damage-dealers go, Aoi is straightforward yet effective, best suited to Imperial Onslaught and Void Zephyr due to her Sleep Res.

Berserker, the Frenzied Warrior, is a dark 4★ sword user with Blind Resist, and a kit focused around long-term survival. His first Ability, Calamity Wheel, is a full circle slash that debuffs enemy strength, but it’s his second Skill, Living Fortress, that defines him. This ability gives Berserker a stacking HP buff, which turns into HP regen once the cap is reached. This makes Berserker nearly unkillable with healer support and affords him easy survivability on the front lines. He also has the Striker’s Skill and Last Offense +30% Abilities, which means as the fight goes on or he dips low in health, he gains even greater strength.

Being the sole 4★ Shadow Staff user, Cleo falls easily into her role and serves it well for a Story Adventurer. With Paralysis relief, a Defense buff, and Skill Prep, she comes out ahead within her element but has an average healing toolkit. Still, the Status cleanse and her own immunity to Paralysis sets her up for High Jupiter's Trial and other content that warrants Paralysis Res.


Erik, Feral Noble, is a 3★ Shadow Axe user with a kit built for Force Strikes and AoE Skill Damage. With two attacking Skills Erik consistently delivers serious damage, while his Abilities augment the potency of his Axe’s already excellent AoE Force Strikes.


With Blind Res, Erik is ideally suited to Light IO, where the hordes of enemies can be cleaned up by wide Force Strikes and whirlwind damage.


The Loving Preacher Estelle is a member of the rather oversaturated Light Staff user club. Aside from having two dedicated healing Skills, Estelle doesn’t bring anything especially interesting to this category aside from bonus damage on Force Strikes. While the multiplier for Overdrive damage is highest on Staves, her healing role and the corresponding HP builds will equate to little Strength. Split resistances to Curse and Sleep also drag her down somewhat, but Estelle is an otherwise strong starting healer.  


Euden, the protagonist of Dragalia Lost, is a Flame-attuned, Sword-wielding 4★ Adventurer. Among the Flame element he sets himself apart thanks to guaranteed availability, a great Weapon type for Force Strikes, and 100% Resistance to Stun. Boosted Player EXP is also invaluable for progression, through the ability won’t contribute to combat.

Dressing up for the occasion, Halloween Althemia retains some of her former offensive capabilities in the form of Bitter Trick, an AoE attack that also heals.  This skill proves especially effective against groups of enemies, as she recovers health based on the total amount of damage Althemia dishes out.

Halloween Edward

Edward, the Bloodsucking Butler is a seasonal 3★ and the first Light Blade adventurer, debuting on the Halloween Fantasia showcase. Unlike his Shadow version, Halloween Edward is fully offensive. He gains the ability to heal via his Nightmare Waltz skill, an AoE that attacks around Edward and heals based on damage output.

What he gains offensively he loses defensively, as he has the some of the lowest HP compared to other light units. However, he makes it up with his strength, which can be boosted higher with his Full HP = Strength passive. Though it is difficult to maintain full HP, with a healer such as Hildegarde or Verica, Edward should see no problems.


Jumping into battle with his axe, Linus the Bantam Hero is a defensive front liner with double damage skills and a HP 70% defense passive. He’s not got a lot to stand out from the crowd, as HP is high and STR low as is standard for a defensive adventure. He has Curse Resistance, and can perform passably well in Jupiter and Void Chimera, but isn’t a stand out in either.


Luca is a 4★ Light Bow adventurer obtainable from the Story Campaign. Being one of four total Light Bow users, the Woodland Archer struggles to find an identity in competition with several strong ranged Light Adventurers. His resistances are scattered, and his stats are low even by 3★ standards. Despite this, Luca finds his saving grace in maintaining Paralysis, an affliction that plagues several Shadow bosses. Where Rawn shines in Shadow IO, Luca makes his home in Zodiark Trials where he’s unpressured by mobs of enemies.

Malka the Golden Armorer is a support-focused Light Lance user. Blaze of Gold is an AoE whirlwind attack good for damaging a large numbers of enemies, while Pride of the Forge, his second Skill, offers a respectable 10% Strength boost for 15 seconds. His Full HP Defense passive is spotty at best, but thanks to 75% Poison Res, he's a great pick for Shadow IO, especially alongside a regen healer.
Melsa: Resolute Friend is a free 4★ Fire Dagger obtainable in the “Kindness and Captivity” event upon reaching 500 Friendship. Like many support Adventurers, she is a straightforward damage-dealer with two fast-charging attack skills and Crit Rate Up as her Co-Ability. Her kit bears a strong resemblance to Orsem’s, but as a Flame Dagger she faces fierce competition with Ezelith. Still, even alongside the same weapon type, Melsa is a worthwhile teammate on the Hypnos raid, especially with recent AI improvements to attack speed.

Humming a supporting tune, Pia takes the stage as a Wind Lance user. Her kit is built around providing an Energy buff to her team, and building her own energy to hit with her first skill, Ka-boom!, a line damage attack. Unfortunately, Pia builds Energy at a fairly slow rate, with her S2 Cheer Up Chums! having a long charge time and only raising energy by a single stage. Her Energy Double Buff is useful, but she has no way to trigger it herself, and it only affects her energy level.

Rawn is a Light Bow user who boasts poison resistance and a kit focused around Stun and Force Strikes. His first ability, Fiend Crush, deals line damage and inflicts a strength debuff, providing good utility to the team. Critter Slayer is a decently fast charging second skill that stuns its target, allowing Rawn to exploit his Stun Punisher ability. His Striker’s Strength ability allows him to gain a stacking buff every time he slays an enemy with a force strike, making Rawn ideal for wave content like IO.
As a 3★ Water Staff, Ricardt fills a budget healer niche for the element. He’s got two fantastic skills for healing, and a respectable 75% stun resist when fully upgraded. Ricardt is best suited fort content that inflicts Stun where there is consistent damage, as that puts his Heal Over Time and larger heal to good use. Flame IO and Void Agni are the maps where Ricardt can shine.
Among the 4★ launch units in Dragalia Lost is Ryozen, a Light defensive hero who uses a lance. Despite his rarity and availability, this tank has unparalleled sustain and HP. He carries a teamwide defensive buff in Celestial Citadel, and with healing doublebuff, the boost grants Regen to himself for continuous healing. Although his damage output is limited, Ryozen can anchor his team and provide a solid line between enemies and casters.
Su Fang

Pyrotechnician Su Fang is the freebie Adventurer of Dragalia’s Skyborne Spectacle event. Sporting the slightly novel Wind and Dagger combo, he’s a decent upgrade over Francesca with unconditional +20% Skill Damage and a self-buff for Strength. Aside from these rarity upgrades however, he’s got the weaknesses typical of Raid allies: a situational Bane Ability, and only 50% Res against a single Affliction. Su Fang still proves a reliable and evasive attacker against Valfarre, but in an element saturated with powerful melee attackers, he may find himself on the bench.

Summer Ranzal

Summer Ranzal has shed his armor for an island vacation but has lost his sense of identity in the process. His concept is plain to see: a support-focused adventurer who also seeks to contribute to DPS. However, Ranzal comes up short on both fronts; his banner mates both inflict Bog, outdamaging him and providing more comprehensive support. While most in the Water roster have defined niches in which they can excel, Ranzal struggles to justify his own team slot.


This ex-Marine is by no means a first choice among the playerbase; because he has only one healing skill, many find it difficult for Thaniel to keep up with the demands of the average team. Yet for High Brunhilda, he’s the best option-- nobody else can clear Burn status, and Seafarer’s Pride blocks a bit of incoming damage. Burn Res and access to additional healing with the Marine Staff make Thaniel a staple for the fight, and a solid option elsewhere for on-element healing to Water Adventurers.


The Meandering Mage Xania is a 3★ Flame Wand user with a kit designed to make her enemies go up in smoke. Her S1, Ivyblaze, is a line damage skill, whereas Pyroblossom is a target-centered AoE blast. Both of her skills have good charge times and damage multipliers, and her passive +20% Skill Damage boost makes them hit even harder.  For a 3★ Adventurer  Xania has an excellent Strength stat, but this comes a the cost of flexible HP. Her 75% Stun Res also means that, with a little help from Wyrmprints, Xania can perform well in Dragon and even High Dragon trials.


Yue is the featured 4★ of Visions of Amity and Dragalia’s second Flame Axe wielder. Contrary to Vanessa’s hyper-offensive nature, the Hungry Hunter takes a more unusual approach. Paradoxically, Yue makes herself easier to kill while trying to outlast her enemies. Attempting a sort of berserker/brawler-type build, Yue risks life and limb but fails to outshine her predecessor and may end up relegated to auto-battling Wind IO.