Adventurer Tier List

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This tier list should be seen as an investment guide. It is not reflective of an Adventurers raw power in a vacuum. Instead, it shows what Adventurers are most popular and able to clear end game content, Agito and  Master High Dragon Trials in particular. A higher tier unit will have an easier time finding groups, and is considered to be the top choice for their respective content. A lower tier unit might be viable, but will have a harder time finding a group willing to take them. As such, investing in a tier 1 Adventurer will make progression easier and smoother than a lower tier one. 

Please note: an Adventurer's position within in a tier doesn't describe whether they're better or more popular than another Adventurer in the same tier. 

Tier 0 - Game Breaking

This tier is for Adventurers that go beyond defining the meta to breaking it. They are so overwhelmingly powerful that they warp strategies and game play around them. These characters are always on meta and are often so powerful that in co-op modes multiples will be run. In an ideal world, they probably wouldn't exist. 

Once more, a meta warping Adventurer has emerged, and Karina is promoted to tier 0. 

Tier 1 - Meta Defining

This tier is for Adventurers that define the meta of co-op and single player content. If there is a "cookie cutter" composition, these are the Adventurers that make it up. They're not broken, but they are found in almost every clear of difficult content at the cutting edge and are most likely to easily find a place in a Pick-Up group.

Tier 1.5 - Almost Meta

Adventurers in this tier are just barely below those in Tier 1, but for some reason they're slightly less favored. They can definitely be used to clear the most difficult content in the game, but sometimes won't be chosen right away for co-op play or have one or two slight flaws that cause them to see less use. You can find pick up groups with these Adventurers, but it may take a little patience compared to a perfectly on meta choice.

Tier 2 - Off Meta

These Adventurers could clear the most difficult content, but either a little more investment or skill or effort is required to do so, and as such they see significantly less play in co-op or are frequently passed over for Tier 1 and Tier 1.5 Adventurers when creating a team. Often, there is another Adventurer that simply does their job, but better. You will have a harder time finding a pick up group, but with patience and investment you can definitely clear end game content with these Adventurers.

Tier 3 - Underpowered

These Adventurers have some serious flaw holding them back, or a meta game that just renders their kit or resistances useless. You could clear the hardest content in the game with them, but either a monstrous investment, a good deal of luck, or a team built just to support them will be required. They can still pull their own weight, but it would be significantly easier just to use another Adventurer. It will be a real challenge to find a pick up group willing to play with you in end game content when using these Adventurers. 


Following the original purpose of Tier Lists, the ranking of Adventurers in Dragalia Lost is done by counting their favorable matchups. Dragalia Lost may not be a 1v1 fighting game, but for its PvE content, some characters have a higher success rate than others.

Everyone in Dragalia has a niche based on their kit and resistances-- in that sense, only the specific content or “matchup” really matters. But surveying across the whole game, the Tier List favors Adventurers who do well in a number of situations. Tier Lists are misleading when taken literally, so readers are encouraged to seek out guides to Void BattlesImperial OnslaughtThe Mercurial Gauntlet and Advanced Dragon Trials for more details on picking the right characters for specific content.

Factors included in the ranking are:

  • The primary factor is how represented the character is in the games current "meta," or in other words how popular a character is for clearing end game content (primarily High Dragon Trials and Agito Uprising, Mercurial Gauntlet, and to a lesser extent Omega Raids)
  • Damage based on Weapon Combos and theoretical simulation data
  • Synergy with other characters of the same element
  • Co-Abilities and team buffs
  • Status Afflictions and Boss resistances. When opposite-element bosses are immune to an Adventurer’s Affliction, that’s a poor matchup counting against that character.
  • Investment, resources and game progression. Any character is fit to complete content with full Mana Circles and maxed equipment, but in practicality, higher-rarity Adventurers with superior Skills and Abilities advance more quickly.
  • September 7th, 2020
    • Nevin > Tier 2 While Nevin has good buffs and decent DPS, the fact is, Shadow has far better options in the form of Delphi, Patia, Gala Cleo, and so many more. 
      Pinion > Tier 3 With an uncomfortably long ramp up time and a requirement to force strike to unlock her sigil, Pinion just can't perform in current content. 
      Gala Luca > Tier 1 Gala Luca really benefited from having an Agito weapon and combos great with Thor. 
      Radiant xuan Zang > Tier 1 Since poison res is mandatory for Tartarus, Xuan Zang is popular as she's one of the better options for this. 
      Gala Prince > Tier 1 Duel res is invaluable in the new fight, not to mention great buffs and decent enough DPS. 
      Summer Mikoto > Tier 2 Summer Mikoto got shafted by Summer Cleo's spiral. Pun intended. 
      Summer Cleo > Tier 1.5 while her spiral makes her good, the skill share potential she has is just incredible and makes her worth investing in. 
      Chitose > Tier 2 Low personal DPS is not where you want to be right now, especially when Elisanne is just straight up a better buffer, even in light. 
      Lucretia > Tier 1 Song Mom's spiral is belting out an energetic anthem for your entire team. 
      Elisanne> Tier 1 THE QUEEN LIVES! Tartarus's low damage makes a rainbow buffer not only viable, but the go to option. 
      Althemia > tier 2 Shadow gets better, and Althemia doesn't. 
  • August 8th, 2020
    • Gala Laxi placed in tier 1. With incredible DPS and a unique playstyle, Gala Laxi is a welcome edition to the element of Marth and His Inferior Friends. 
    • Patia promoted to tier 1. Stop sending me hate mail on reddit, guys. Fine. Patia's tier 1 now. Are you happy? Jokes aside, her ability to support Grace and provide consistent buffs over a long fight make her a fantastic option for Master Kai.
    • Summer Patia demoted to tier 1.5. Ok, don't kill me. I put the OG in tier 1, so this is balanced, as all things should be. That said, Summer Patia just doesn't do all that well in Master Kai unsupported, though she's still a very strong option. 
    • Gleo, for now, remains in tier 1, but is on notice. This could be the end of an era. 
    • Summer Sinoa placed in tier 1. She has incredible buffs and excellent damage, making her a new top pick for Wind.
    • Summer Norwin placed in tier 1.5. He's very, very good, but not as good as Sinoa or other Wind All-Stars. 
    • Summer Amane placed in tier 2. She's a decent enough healer, but Lowen is just better and most of the time you'll use Grace anyway.
    • Neferia demoted to tier 2. She just doesn't hold up to newer sprials and is bad in Master Kai compared to other options. 
  • July 20th, 2020
    • Summer Patia and Summer Mikoto placed in tier 1. While Summer Patia has fierce competition in Shadow, her insane burst is only just below that of Galex in short fights, which is what Shadow is right now. As for Mikoto, in the anemic Light, he's a stand out. 
    • Summer Celliera promoted to tier 1: Thanks to her Spiral, Summer Celleria is back and better than ever, and can even slot into some cheese teams thanks to her amazing buffing capabilities and burst potential. 
    • Summer Julietta promoted to tier 1.5. She's a good Adventurer, but Karina is just better. 
    • Lily, Gala Elisanne and, Xainfried > Tier 1.5. They're just not as good as newer spirals, and even Gala Elisanne isn't seeing as much use as Spiraled Adventurers. 
    • Eugene, Xander, Yurius > Tier 2. With others coming down, these three just can't maintain their slot.
    • Light reshuffled. Mitsuhide, Alfonse, Fleur, and Yachiyo all demoted. 
    • Louise and Melody promoted up a tier each in Wind. Victor and Wedding Elisanne demoted a tier. 
  • July 5th 2020
    • Further Water updates
      • Xainfried moved to tier 1. His performance in Agito is strong, and merits a boost. 
      • Tiki, Summer Celliera demoted to tier 2. These two just don't perform as well as other options in Agito. 
      • Orsem, Thaniel, Nurse Aleen demoted to tier 3. 
      • Ricardt promoted to tier 2.
  • July 4th, 2020
    • Water update
      • Karina, Mitsuba, and Lily moved to tier 1. Thanks to a combination of spirals and Agito being far kinder to melee, the top of the water tier has shifted. 
      • Eugene placed in tier 1.5: Thanks to his strong buffs and decent enough DPS, Eugene is a solid but not stellar choice. 
      • Catherine placed in tier 2. While Katherine has strong burst potential, her kit is just too unwieldy and its far to easy to lose stacks for her S2. She's OK, but not great. 
      • Xander moved to 1.5. He's gotten a lot better, but he's still not at the top of the meta.
      • Hunter Sarisse moved to tier 2. She just can't keep up with newer Adventurers, and Agito punishes her playstyle hard. 
  • May 25th, 2020
    • Explanations added for Light 1.5
    • Fjorm and Gala Prince demoted, as their niche is Gone with the Blast Wave. 
  • May 17th, 2020
    • Templar Hope moved up to 1.5, due to his extreme usefulness in soloing content. 
    • Explanations added for Wind 1.5 and Water 1.5. 
  • May 15th, 2020
    • Forte and Yurius placed in tier 1.5. They're both strong, but don't upset the current meta. 
    • Ranzel moved to 1.5. He's strong, about the same as Lin You, but he's not going to change Hawk, Sylas, and Tobias' dominance of the meta. 
    • Gauld demoted to tier 3. The fact that you forgot he existed is why he's going down to bottom tier. 
    • Bellina promoted to tier 1. She's proving that her monstrous DPS is more than enough to give her a home in the meta, poor resistance not withstanding. 
    • Celeria, no changes. Why Cygames? Why? You gave her a Spiral, but it did nothing. 
  • May 11th 2020
    • Ramona and Gala Sarisse demoted to tier 2. They no longer are even off meta, having been pushed out by newer and shinier things. 
    • Added explanations to Flame Adventurers in tier 1.5. 
  • May 10th, 2020
    • Tier list overhauled. Tiers redefined, tier's 4 and 5 eliminated. 
      • At this time, further breaking down low tier Adventurers is largely pointless. There is no real discernable difference in the viability of a tier 3 or tier 5 Adventurer in the meta: they will simply never be picked for end game content by experienced players outside of a joke or to flex on content. Yes, you can clear any content in the game with low tier Adventurers, but to play efficiently, you won't.
    • Chrom placed in tier 1. His incredible burst and how well he plays with Marth have earned Chrom a placement in tier 1. He's not going to replace Marth, but he's probably the best DPS to run alongside marth. 
    • Tiki and Sharena placed in tier 1.5. They're good, but they're not going to oust old favorites. Tiki's really hard to place, as currently Flame content doesn't favor melee and her dragon drive is REALLY unsuited to HBH. Expect her to change either up or down when Agito comes out and when we have a firmer grasp on how to use her well.
    • Multiple Adventurers demoted to fit the new tier list. 
  • April 30th, 2020
    • Sylas moved to tier 1. He's now an excellent support and a great pick for Ciella. 
    • Sophie moved to tier 3. She's better now, I guess? 
    • Rodrigo and Kleimann moved to tier 2. They're stronger, but they're in Shadow so does it really matter? Yeah, not really. 
    • Peony placed in tier 1. Look, it doesn't matter what her DPS works out to be. That chain ability is so good that she's completely nuts, and her support is excellent. 
  • April 21st, 2020
    • Grace placed in tier 1. She's an unbelievably strong support with an excellent coability that can be used to cheese basically any content in the entire game, even off element.
    • Aldred placed in tier 3. He's good, but he's shadow, where good isn't enough. 
    • Bellina placed in tier 1.5. Incredibly high DPS doesn't matter nearly as much in an element with Gleo and Galex.
    • Lazry placed in tier 1.5. Strong, great Frostbite enabler. Is also melee, which in Flame is a death sentence if you're not able to cheese a boss in under 30 seconds. 
    • Gauld placed in tier 2. He's just not anything real special right now. 
    • Meme Queen Fjorm is back in tier 1. You can cheese HBH in about 20 seconds with her Spiral, regardless of difficulty. You don't even need a MUB HDT2 to do it. 
    • Alfonse and Marth moved to tier 1. No, they're not quite as strong as Meme Queen, but they're still really great. Alfonse is notably the weaker of the pair, but Light is a far weaker element than flame so he gets a pass for now. 
    • Veronica to tier 1.5. She's a shadow wand who is not Gleo. Don't get me wrong, her spiral has made her incredibly potent and one of the top DPS in the game, but Gleo is still better 99% of the time, and if you're not using Gleo, just use Galex instead. 
    • Vice, Alethemia, and Erik bumped up a bit. Spirals made them stronger, but they're not powerhouses in an element that is beyond broken.
    • Lily, Delphi, Lathna, Curren, Su Fang, bumped down. The broken hits just don't stop coming, and a few adventurers who are strong but not broken moved down. 
  • March 29th, 2020
    • Removal of tier 0. There is no longer a strong case that Gala Cleo is head and shoulders above all other Adventurers. She's still phenomenally powerful and probably the best Adventurer in the game, but Hawk, Gala Alex, and other Adventures have closed the gap to the point where Gleo's ubiquity is in question, and the meta is opening up.
    • Gala Alex placed in tier 1. Her power is the straw that broke the Gleo's back, and Galex is set to take a prominent place in the Shadow Meta. She will not take Gleo out of the meta, but she's a solid argument to not just bring four Gleos. 
    • Patia moved down to 1.5. Though her buffing abilities are excellent, the fact is that she's typically overshadowed by Lathna. While Patia comps are viable, they're not as powerful as other methods. 
    • Jiang Ziya moved down to 1.5. While Jiang is easily the best Water healer, quad DPS comps are increasingly common in HBH and thus Jiang is no longer mandatory. 
    • Emma moved down to 1.5. The fact of the matter is that Flame teams increasingly don't need Emma's buffs thanks to their high DPS and the addition of Chain Co-abilities that allows for other strategies without a dedicated buffer. 
    • Aoi, Hunter Berserker, Mikoto, and Chelsea moved down to 2. As Flame gets better, previously powerful Adventurers lose their sheen. The lower replacement of these four reflects that. 
    • Gala Mym moved up to 1.5. Gaining Dragon Claws and The Red Impulse at the same time has made Mym a lot more viable, though she's not quite a top tier pick, her power is greatly increased. 
  • March 15th, 2020
    • The Wind tier list has been overhauled due to the advent of spirals. Many adventurers have been demoted, including the entire previous meta bunch in Wedding Elisanne, Victor, and Noelle. Hawk and Tobias are now the new meta for Wind. Lin You and Su Fang are promoted to tier 1.5. They are not tier 1, but are much more powerful. 
    • Nobunaga promoted to tier 1. Rena and Ramona demoted to tier 1.5. 
    • Templar Hope placed in tier 3. He's got a good support kit, but have you seen Tobias? That boy is a monster. 
    • Mitsuba placed in tier 1.5. She's powerful, but simply can't break into the meta at this point. A willing group can get clears. 
    • Cleo and Curran are demoted to tier 1.5 They have failed to maintain their initial surge in popularity, and are proving not to be meta corner stones. 
    • Summer Verica, Cassandra, Audric, demoted to tier 2. Their power and performance is falling rapidly in the face of the overwhelming power of spirals. 
  • March 1st, 2020
    • Pipple placed in tier 1, on watch for tier 0. Larry the Cucumber has been introduced to Dragalia Lost, and in addition to warping the meta has introduced Austin 3:16 to Dragalia Lost, which says that he's about to kick HBH's butt. Pipple has the potential to warp the meta in such a way that quad pipple becomes the meta across the board for Water, but we'll have to wait to see if the impact is as long lasting and deep as Gleo's has been. Additionally, he's definitely not the most effective way to clear all Water content at the moment. 
    • Gleo remains in tier 0. While quad Gleo is not the new meta in either HJP or Agito, triple Gleo with a support Adventurer really is, so she's safe as the queen of the meta for now. 
    • Valerio placed in tier 1.5. Aside from helping the Mother of Dragons, Valerio has a strong, powerful kit. The problem is not only is he overshadowed by a vegetable in his own banner, but the HBH meta that isn't the Larryboy Fanclub favors Hunter Sarisse and Gala Elissane and doesn't really have room for melee in a fight that is notoriously rough on them. 
    • Neferia moved up to tier 1. With her new insane DPS potential and her powerful dispel ability, Neferia is now a top choice for Shadow. 
    • Xainfried moved up to tier 1.5. He's not breaking into HBH just now, but Xainfried's buff is much needed and makes him much more powerful. 
    • Cleo moved up to tier 1, Heinwald bumped to tier 1.5. Cleo's access to dispel as well as having a powerful defense buff edges out Heinwald's superior DPS for now. 
    • Lathna moved to tier 1. Poison is the new hotness, and Lathna edges out Curran as the best choice to accompany Delphi and Ieyasu on their adventures. 
    • Nobunaga moved up to tier 1.5. Nobunaga's buff have given her the power, time will tell if she can supplant Rena as the blade of choice. 
  • February 22nd, 2020
    • Valentines Melody placed in tier 1.5: As an excellent poison enabler V!Melody is seeing some use in HMC and in MG, but she's not upset the Double W!Eli meta.
    • Valentines Addis placed in tier 2. While his damage is excellent, and HP conditional and the dominance of Delphi means that V!Addis is already second string. 
    • Verica, Summer Celeria, and Botan > Tier 1.5. While all these Adventurers are still strong, they are slowly getting moved out of the meta by more popular choices, moving them out of tier 1. 
    • Lily > Tier 1.5. Lily is still seeing popular usage and gets moved up one tier. 
    • V!Hildegard, Celeria, Orsem, Summer Julietta, and Akasha > Tier 2. Newer options or a shifting meta have left these choices behind and they all drop down to tier 2 from 1.5. 
  • February 5th, 2020
    • Hunter Sarisse placed in tier 1. Her DPS is now the highest in Water and some of the highest in any Element. She'd be tier 1 no matter what her element, but in the anemic Water she's incredibly potent. 
    • Lily > Tier 2. It's been a long time coming, as Lily's DPS has been stagnant and her utility lackluster for months. Hunter Sarisse so utterly blows Lily out of the water that there is no reason to bring a Lily along when you can use H!Sarisse. She did her best, but now it's time for the frost flower to step back.
    • Elisanne > Tier 1.5. Gala Elisanne has mostly eclipsed her original flavor version in all content for the time being, and thus Elisanne must finally retire as the final original free Adventurer to remain top tier for nearly her entire lifespan. It took an Eli to replace an Eli. 
  • February 2nd, 2020
    • Hunter Berserker placed in tier 1.5. Berserker has not upended the meta, but he has found a niche place within it. He's powerful enough to see some play in Expert Volk and in Master HMS, but Euden is still generally preferred due to enabling Burn. 
    • Hunter Vanessa placed in tier 1.5. Similar to Dragon Yule Malora, Vanessa can be an alternative go a Gala Euden, but is still not preferred over him. She can easily put out the numbers needed, but the meta seems too established for her to upend it. 
  • January 26th, 2020
    • Gala Luca placed in tier 1. Gala Luca is the new best Light Blade and sees heavy use at all levels of content, but especially in Master Zodiark. Another important note: He's made Light viable in MG50+. 
    • Yachiyo > Tier 1.5. While Yachiyo remains at least a decent choice, she's clearly been surpassed by Gala Luca and moves down half a step. 
    • Curran > Tier 1. His mana spiral has given Curran all the tools he needs to be a highly potent DPS in Dark. 
    • Patia > Tier 1. Patia's buff has taken her from mediocre to very, very good. She has a lot of competition, but can keep up with Botan in most situations. 
    • Heinwald, Lathna, Delphi, no changes. As these Adventurers were already high tier before their Mana Spirals, they see no movement. Lathna continues to be a great option that is sometimes overshadowed by Botan and thus stays in 1.5, while Delphi and Heinwald excel in their respective roles and remain in tier 1. 
    • Durant > Tier 2. Durant has proven not to be totally useless, but he's still vastly inferior to Ieyasu and other Dark powerhouses. 
    • Lea > Tier 3. The incredible power of Flame Adventurers puts Lea to shame, and she moves down. 
    • H!Eli > Tier 2. More and more powerful Light choices arrive, and someone has to take the fall for it. 
    • DY!Malora > Tier 1.5. While Malora remains decently popular for mHZD, the double G!Euden comp seems to be outpacing her. She and Chitose are still great choices, but they're certainly not preferred options with Gala Luca on the field. 
    • Lin You, Gala Ranzel, Maribelle > Tier 2. With more powerful Wind choices, it's time for three old favorites to fall in the rankings. This is a bit overdue, but the fact is these three just can't continue to compete in the current meta like fresh new choices.
    • Kirsty > Tier 1.5. Kirsty has fallen in favor greatly from her initial release. She's still viable and usable, but the Double W!Eli comp is so much more consistent and easy to play that she's being pushed out. 
  • January 19th, 2020
    • Kirsty placed in Tier 1. Kirsty has proven that she's perfectly capable in mHMC with or without poison, though she's not quite as popular as the Double W!Eli/Victor comp still. Time will tell if she can keep this placement. 
    • Joachim placed in Tier 1.5. While Joachim is easily the best wind Poisoner and can make Poison Comps highly successful, the unfortunate fact is that the HP check in mHMC is currently gating him and gating poison teams in general, as it's currently much safer and easier to stick to traditional comps due to the HMC wyrmprint being required as of now. If Joachim can find a way to survive the HP check without using an HP dragon and/or use the poison punisher print, he could easily move up. 
    • Sarisse, Chelsea > Tier 1.5. Since the release of Mana Spirals, Sarisse and Chelsea have rapidly declined in popularity, being ousted mostly by Xania who enables Burn compositions, as well as by other newly popular Mana Spiral choices like Euden and Ezelith. 
    • Gala Mym > Tier 2. G!Mym just can't perform as well as Mana Spiral Adventurers and she's being outdone by her other form. 
    • H!Mym > Tier 1. Though she remains lackluster in MHMS, H!Mym has found new popularity in Expert Volk and is part of one of the more popular comps. 
    • Euden > Tier 1. Euden has found a renaissance in MHMS and in Expert Volk, and that does not appear to be changing any time soon. 
    • Sazanka > Tier 3, Curran Tier > 2. Both Shadow Axes are completely outdone by so many other Shadow Adventurers that they are being squeezed out of most teams and can't hack it at all in high level play. 
    • Amane > Tier 3. Amane can perform decently well on budget teams, though she's still not ready for the big leagues. 
  • January 4th, 2020
    • Mana spirals released, MAJOR changes to tier list!
      • Note: More changes will likely come soon as the meta continues to settle and more spirals are released. 
    • Criteria now includes Volk's Wrath (Expert).
    • Joe tier 3 > tier 2. Better DPS, but below Sarisse and Chelsea still.
    • Xania tier 3 > tier 1. Xania's numbers are now bonkers, and she's easily the best Flame Wand. Now that she competes handily with bows and has full Stun resist, she sees a great deal of play in both mHMS and Volk. 
    • Aurien tier 5 > tier 4. Used to be complete trash, now is only mostly trash.
    • Alain tier 4 > tier 3. Alain is still only passable, but he's a better passable now. 
    • Aoi tier 3 > tier 1.5. The addition of Burn to Aoi's kit has rocketed her DPS to new heights, but she doesn't quite do as well as Rene still. 
    • Euden tier 3 > tier 1.5. Euden's new dispel and massive new DPS numbers make him a good pick for HMS and Volk.  
    • Karl remains in tier 2. He got better, but so did a lot of other Flame Swords. 
    • Naveed tier 4 > tier 1.5. Naveed now hits like a truck and has a tasty dispel in his kit. Euden is better for HMS, but Naveed might be better for Volk. 
    • Ezelith tier 4 > tier 1. Perhaps the greatest improvement, Ezelith went from bottom of the barrel to some of the most insane DPS numbers in the game. Top notch for Volk and even mHMS. 
    • Student Maribelle tier 1.5 > tier 2. Xania is a direct upgrade to S!Mari now. 
    • Marth tier 1.5 > tier 2. Euden and Naveed out perform the Hero King.
    • Halloween Mym tier 1.5 > tier 2. With so many Adventurers moving up, some had to move down. Mym just doesn't have a spot in most teams now.
    • Natalie tier 1 > tier 2. Ieyasu's massive improvement has sidelined Nat for the most part. 
    • Cassandra tier 2 > tier 1.5. Cass got a great buff, but she's still just shy of being optimum.
    • Veronica tier 1 > tier 2. When one wand goes up, one must come down. Veroica is now third fiddle. 
    • Yatan tier 1.5 > tier 2. Yatan just can't keep up with the crazy numbers shadow is seeing these days.
    • Nobunga placed in tier 2. She's good, and the dispel is nice, but Aoi's recent buff makes her less appealing for teams. 
    • Chitose placed in tier 1.5. He can't quite break into the quad DPS meta as easily as Malora did, but he is still seeing high level play and is a godsend for MG. 
    • Mitsuhide placed in tier 1. Mituhide is essentially a direct upgrade to Fleur, though in HZD the difference is marginal. 
    • Fleur tier 1 > tier 1.5. She can still compete, and the difference in performance is slight, but Mitsuhide is the new number 1 light dagger. 
    • Hanabusa placed in tier 3. The lack of complete Curse res really hurts his chances, but he's not actively bad.  
  • December 22nd, 2019
    • Laxi > Tier 4. Laxi's kit has a few upsides, but a multitude of downsides. Combined with the existence of Rena and Mikoto, and even Aoi, and Laxi ends up placed fairly low.
    • Megaman moved to tier 3. Megaman has proven that he is somewhat capable of performing at high levels, but still struggles to be relevant in the current meta. 
    • Lucretia moved to tier 3. Lucretia struggles to perform at higher level play, and as such needed to be dropped down a peg. 
  • December 15th, 2019
    • Dragonyule Malora > Tier 1. Malora has immediately made a huge splash in the mHZD meta. She's proven to be a popular and pervasive pick that fits right at home in the 4 DPS meta. 
    • Dragonyule Xainfried > Tier 2. While DY!Xainfried is seeing use in mHMC, proving his power, most groups continue to prefer Noelle. Noelle is quite simply better at the buffing role. As such, he's placed in Tier 2. He's good, but Noelle is far easier to find groups with. 
    • Note: Yachiyo > No changes. At this time, Yachiyo continues to be an on meta popular choice for mHZD. Her popularity has fallen, but you won't get Sorry'd for picking her and many rooms still look for her specifically. 
  • December 8, 2019
    • Durant added
    • Durant > Tier 3. Durant has the potential to out put good damage, and he can perform well. However, his kit suffers from several drawbacks and he's severely outclassed by Ieyasu and Natalie. 
  • December 2, 2019
    • Added Gala Elisanne, Megaman, and Jiang Ziya
    • Thaniel > Tier 2. Thaniel's kit has long been bemoaned. Now that we have an actually good water staff, expect his usage to plummet, though he's still viable for HBH. 
    • Gala Elisanne > Tier 1. As expected, this Gala Water Buffer is seeing good usage in MHBH and MG50+, though she has not yet completely usurped her free counter part. For now, regular Elisanne remains in tier 1. 
    • Jiang Ziya > Tier 1. As the long anticipated replacement to Thaniel, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize she will invariably end up in all new end game content and mostly replace Thaniel in HBH. 
    • Megaman > Tier 4. Sadly, Megaman suffers badly from Freebie syndrome. His kit is lackluster, and the best thing about him is his co-ability which really doesn't help him stand out much. 
  • November 27th, 2019
    • Further minor edits. 
    • Albert, Karina > Tier 2. Despite the power level these Adventurers have, they just don't see any use at high level play due to poor resistances and other Adventurers simply doing their job better. 
    • Joe, Xania, Johanna, Nicolas, Zardin > Tier 3. Despite their lower rarity affecting their ability to perform, these Adventurers still have kits that can perform at high levels, but require heavy investment. 
    • Aleen > Tier 4. Aleen's kit and low DPS fails to impress.
    • Ryozen Tier 5. A tanky kit but no DPS does no favors in the current meta. 
    • Hope > Tier 4. Hope is actually capable of healing, abet poorly. 
    • Xander, S!Cleo, V!Ezelith, Tier 2. Bad resistances or a meta that doesn't need them have resulted in these Adventurers being dropped down a peg. 
  • November 26th, 2019
    • As the new tier list solidifies, a few adjustments have been made. 
    • Fjorm > Tier 2. Fjorm's initial placement in tier 1 was in error. She has seen markedly less usage as the game has gone on. With new, harder difficulties that cannot be cheesed, her usage in mHBH and MG 50+ has dropped to record low numbers. She is still capable of the hardest content, but Elisanne is just better in nearly every regard. 
    • Yuya > Tier 5. Upon further review, Yuya's kit is broken, and not in a good way. Chicken at Heart completely negates him for a good chunk of many fights, and aside from that his numbers are spectacularly low. 
    • Rex > Tier 3. A closer look at Rex has proven him capable in eHBH, and potentially Master with enough investment. He's still not great, but he's passable. 
    • Aurien > Tier 5. Aurien is simply incapable of doing a healers job well, and winds up with the other junkers in Tier 5. 
    • G!Sarisse, H!Lowen > Tier 1. A new comp using H!Lowen and either G!Sarisse or Chelsea has emerged thanks to the power of the Dear Diary wyrmprint. This comp is highly successful in mHMS, comparable to the previously established Verica/Emma/Rena/Ramona comps. As such, G!Sarisse and H!Lowen are moved to tier 1 from 1.5. 
    • Ezelith/Naveed > Tier 4. Sadly, both Ezelith and Naveed are outshone by a multitude of Adventurers, and their DPS numbers are near the bottom of the barrel. Combined with their nearly irrelevant Sleep Resistance, and they are simply not viable in end game content. 
  • November 25th, 2019
    • Major changes! Tier list criteria redefined, entire list overhauled. 
    • Chelsea > Tier 1. Due to her overwhelming DPS, showings him mHMS and in eHMS, and high skill potential, Chelsea is placed in tier 1. 
    • Yuya > Tier 3. So far, Yuya has failed to make a splash, but his kit potentially has the tools to clear end game content, with the note that he has serious flaws. 


Let us know if there are any errors with the display! There is also continuous discussion of the Tier List on our Discord Channel and in the Community Forums. 

Adventurer Tier List Changelog


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Tier 0

Well pick me up and blow me down! Karina, the pirate lass, do be the new Queen O' The Meta. She be the go to choice across multiple elements for quick and easy clears o' many a map, be they Agito, High Dragon, or Fat Dragons sittin' on a pile o' doubloons. If ye invest in any Adventurer, make sure it be Karina, the Pirate Queen o' Dragalia Lost.

ATTENTION YE SCURVY DOGS! BEHOLD THE NEW QUEEN O' THE META, KARINA THE PIRATE! She be Davy Jones' own crew, smashin' content regardless o' the element and performin' best in multiples, as well as bein' the best choice for Double Buff Exploitation regardless o' the Element. Karina do be the new meta, and all must pay tribute to the Pirate Queen.

Tier 1

With a powerful Dragon Drive an amazing DPS, Bellina is just below Galex when it comes to selfish DPS. She can really bring the pain, though she is reliant on spending time in Drive to do so. Her dispel makes her invaluable in Master Kai, and she's easily the queen of that particular content.
Dragonyule Lily
Duel resistance and a bevy of buffs for her team make Dragonyule Lily a good pick for a water healer, even in more damage focused teams.
As the best vanilla buffer in the game and a free Adventurer to boot, Elisanne is a perfect choice for many teams. She's somewhat outshone by specialized buffers, but her utility as a rainbow buffer is unparalleled and she has a room even in off element teams looking to clear hard content.
Thanks her her spiral, Ezelith is one of the best choices in Flame, being an absolute crit machine. However, as more Adventurers get spirals and new ones arrive, Ezelith has gone from dominate to merely very good. She's still a great pick to clear content, and is a power house with the right set up.
Forte is a pretty strong selfish DPS with a good ramp up playstyle focused around Dragon form. She's solid, but in Shadow that only takes you so far, and Forte loses out to the titans of the element.
Gala Alex
She Poisons, she dispells, she deals eye watering burst damage on Break. However, unlike Bellina, Galex's dispels are finicky had can be hard to pull off if you're not keeping careful track of a fight. As such, she's not as popular for Master Kai, despite dealing better overall DPS. Still, a good Galex is a sight to behold, and she pairs very well with Bellina as the second dps.
Gala Laxi
Gala Laxi has some incredible damage to dish out, and is among the best DPS In flame either close in or far out. She can notably ramp her attacks extremely quickly, letting her use flurry prints very well.
Gala Leif

Leif offers both DPS and diverse offensive support via Poison and enemy DEF reduction. Dual immunity grants him maximum uptime during Ciella runs, and while boss Poison Res builds up overtime, DEF reduction stands as a powerful alternative debuff. 


Gala Leonidas
Exploding out of the gate with great DPS and the ability to shred Overdrive bars, Gala Leo (not to be confused with Gleo) is a great pick for all Flame content.
Gala Luca
Thanks to the new Agito weapons providing Luca with more buffs and Thor adding energy as well, Luca has risen to the top of the heap. You would think such an important Adventurer would receive a story version, but for now we'll have to be content with his Summer Alt and Gala versions.
Gala Mym
With the arrival of Chain Co-abilities granting her Dragon Claws as a passive and The Red Impulse offering even more ramping ability, Gala Mym has become one of Flame's strongest choices for longer content. She can play to her Dragon Transformation strength or go all in on skill damage thanks to hard hitting abilities.
Gala Prince
Thanks to his rework and double resistances, Gala Euden is easily the best choice in Light right at this moment for Tartarus. He provides excellent buffs as well, and his dragon boosts work great with Light's dragon choices.
Gala Ranzal
Thanks to his rework and the Wind Meta now heavily favoring Double Buff abuse, Gala Ranzel has gone from a joke to the toast of Wind. He's got great DPS and is a good choice for Ciella.
Gala Zena
Gala Zena has both good personal DPS, good support for her team, and just the right amount of healing to keep teams healthy for Tartarus. She's in an excellent spot in the meta, and a great choice.
Grace has established herself as one of the most unique and powerful support Adventurers in Dragalia Lost. She's a staff that does not heal allies, instead giving a proactive damage shield that can help them survive even blows that could kill them, or provide an extra buffer of safety when autoing. She's essentially required to auto or solo high level maps, even off element. She's also found a home in Expert Ciella and other off element maps in group content for her ability to ignore many mechanics thanks to her shield providing immunity to afflictions.
Halloween Lowen
With one of the absolute best healing kits in the game, Halloween Lowen has made himself a staple in end game Wind maps, such as Volk and HMS. He's essentially required for most teams and burns away any competition for now.
Hunter Sarisse
With a uniquely mobile Force-Strike based playstyle, Hunter Sarisse offers strong DPS, breaking overdrive bars with ease and providing very strong selfish DPS.
With the addition of his spiral, Marth has become one of the most powerful DPS Adventurers in the game. He hits hard, provides burn, and even has powerful support abilities to aid his team.
Thanks to her rework and the presence of Grace in the meta, Natalie is back, and better than ever. She once more is dropping her HP as low as it can go, then laying in to the enemy. Her Energy is still a little lackluster, but the rest of her kit is solid enough that she can bring the pain.
Patia is a fantastic Support Adventurer who enables all sorts of auto content as well as being a powerful option in Co-op, thanks to her spammable Defensive buff and the wyrmprint that bears her likeness, Odd Sparrows. She can both keep a team healthy thanks to healing Doublebuffs and provide strong damage boosts with her Strength increase.
Previously, people perceived Pecorine as potentially problematic, precluded on the preposition her performance preferred protection over punishment. Putting Pecorine's personal performance into practical places put people's prior prevacation to pasture. Pecorine is perceived as Princess of Power and places Pecorine in a place of prominence.
Excellent DPS and support combined with the nuttiest Chain Coability we've yet seen makes Peony one of the few legitimately good Light Adventurers.
Su Fang
Thanks to a quirk of fate, Su Fang was blessed with Therion's Bane. Historically, this was a wasted ability. As it so happens however, Ciella is a Therion, and that means Su Fang becomes a complete monster against her. In other maps he's only mediocre, but against Ciella he's one of the best selfish dps in Wind.
Summer Celliera
Hard work pays off, and at last the true Armsmaster is here. Summer Celliera's spiral has made her into a buffing and damage machine, and she's a top pick for the twins.
Summer Sinoa
With both incredible buffs and explosive DPS, Sinoa is a fantastic addition to the Wind roster. She synergizes well with Adventurers who favor a crit based playstyle, but her buffs are also strong enough that she can slot into any team and perform excellently.
Thanks to his mana spiral, Sylas is now one of Wind's best buffers and DPS. He provides a great deal of utility, from consistent Poison uptime to a potent buff roulette to even a Strength Down debuff that can make clearing far safer.
Templar Hope
Thanks to his rework and the way Ciella works, Templar Hope is the premiere abuser of Double Buffs for Wind, as well as a great support in general. He provides healing, consistent survivability, and excellent triggers for Double Buff skills. Currently, Templar Hope is one of the top picks in the meta.
With a 30% Wind Strength buff, Tobias has one of the best support kits in the game. While is personal DPS is fairly low, his ability to transform his teammates into monsters is what makes him great, especially with his buff time passive and chain co-ability.
Xainfried was the first Water Adventurer to get a Sprial, and so far his is one of the best. He puts out consistent strong damage, and while he's not suited to cheesing fights, he does perform remarkably well at getting in clears. He's earned his place back at the top of the meta after a long absence.

Tier 1.5

As the first Light Adventurer to get a Mana Spiral, Alfonse had a great head start. He's still fairly good, but he's becoming overshadowed by newer spirals and Adventurers. He's perfectly viable for Tartarus light teams, but he's not quite as good as some other options.
Thanks to her Spiral, Cleo is one of the premier healers in the game, which is great because she's free. Grace is, for the most part, better at keeping teams alive, but Cleo can do a great job for those on a budget.
Playing Durant is riding the razor's edge. He needs to remain perfectly healthy to be effective, and he also is incredibly fragile even at full health as he lacks defense. The solution is Grace: her life shield gives Durant that buffer he needs to remain effective, along with Patia to shore up his flimsy defenses when damage is taken. If you can manage this, Durant can provide amazing damage. However, his situational nature makes him hard to use, and thus he's placed lower despite his incredible potential.
With both potent offensive and defensive buffs, Emma offers the best support for the Flame roster. The problem is, Flame has so many incredible options such as Marth who also provide their own personal damage in addition to support, that there isn't really any need to bring Emma along for most content. She's still good and perfectly usable, but the game is slowly shifting away from her play style.
With a Dispel, Burn, Dragon Claws, and being available to everyone, Euden is one of the most popular and powerful picks for Flame. The rework brought him back to the top of the charts, though it may take a while for people to realize that Euden is once more a powerful meta pick.
Thanks to her re-work, Fjorm is now good in a large variety of situations. She's still best in very short maps that can take advantage of Ice Mirrior and Last Bravery triggers, but outside of that she can perform reasonably well.
Formal Noelle
Formal Noelle can be considered a slightly more offensive option compared to Lowen. The lack of defensive buffs hurts a little, but her ability to keep the boss vulnerable to Poison longer can really help out in longer fights.
Gala Cleo
At long last, Gala Cleo's reign is at an end. She's still monstrously strong, and can be a great part of premade groups, but in PUGs Gala Cleo has fallen far out of favor for Master Kai. She's still very strong and worth using, but due to her lack of synergy with Bellina (who is easily the best DPS for that fight) she's not popular at all. In other content, Gleo is still incredible.
Gala Elisanne
Gala Elisanne is one of the best buffers and supports in the game, with an incredibly potent 30% Strength buff and a massive 25% damage resistance. She's eminently well suited to both improving teammates DPS and allowing them to survive hits they have no business do so otherwise. Her biggest failing is the shaky SP gains of Axes, but even then she's a powerhouse.
With her redone Spiral, Halloween Elisanne is now a force to be reckoned with. Don't be fooled by low sim data: What makes her a monster is her ability to have amazing up time with skill share, as well as providing incredible support to the team, something that doesn't show up in raw numbers well. She's incredibly versatile and you should change your load out based on what your team needs.
Halloween Mym
The most notable thing about Halloween Mym is she has an amazing co-ability for Ezelith. Aside from that, she's just not up to par, even with her Gala variant.
Perhaps Dragalia Lost's greatest Cinderella story, Hawk went from being one of the absolute worst Adventurers in the game to one of the best. His damage is eye watering, but what makes him incredible is his utility across Element, able to use his Stun to cheese many mechanics he has no right to be able to and allowing for speed clears and solo strats that would be impossible without him, even off element.
As Light's most powerful Healer, Hildegard should have had a place in the meta, but in the end she fell to the same boogeyman most healers do: The Quad DPS Meta. She's still powerful and the best at her role in Light, but that's just not enough to break into the meta.
Hunter Vanessa
Hunter Vanessa has a good enough kit, and good enough DPS to be worth using. She's outshone by other options, but she can still perform decently enough.
With a unique affliction and good enough DPS, Ilia is a decent enough choice in Light, though lack of punisher prints is holding her back from being top tier at the moment.
Jiang Ziya
Jiang Ziya is unquestionably the best water healer. Unfortunately, at this time, Water content doesn't really call for a dedicated healer in most cases. As such, she's currently mostly relegated to the sidelines, but she's still powerful enough that she merits consideration when building a Water roster.
With pretty good damage and the ability to easily remove buffs from the foe, Lapis is a good pick for Water. However, current Water content doesn't feature any priority dispel targets, so she's currently a tool without a job.
Lin You
With an on demand CC skill that sleeps bosses, hard hitting skills, and fast paced gameplay (especially for an axe) Lin You is one of Wind's premier DPS options. She's a fair bit below Hawk in pure DPS and doesn't provide the buffs or poison that Sylas does, but she's still a generally viable option.
Whereas once she was the superior wind bow, even after her spiral Louise just can't hold a candle to Hawk. It doesn't help that she's HP gated, a fate that makes her extremely hard to use without being propped up in fights where you take constant chip damage. She's alright for autoing, but that's just not enough to save her.
Lowen is the gold medalist healer in two Elements, with his original form easily being the best Wind Healer along with his Flame form dominating Flame. There's just one tiny problem. Grace is a better healer for Wind Content, thanks to her affliction guard, dispell, and life shields. This leaves Lowen in a bit of an odd place. He's still a great healer and viable for Wind Content (especially if run alongside Ranzel, who can also dispell) but most teams will go with either Grace, or employ a quad DPS team.
With a new spiral comes a new song, and that song is "We Are the Champions!" Lucretia is now a pretty good Light Adventurer, and works exceptionally well with Gala Thor, almost to the point where she's a tier lower if you don't have him.
Meene has a unique playstyle and is a good DPS choice for wind. She has more damage over time effects than immediate burst, but that's fine in longer maps especially.
While she's still not as good as Tobias, Melody is a potent buff but in Wind that can really increase a teams power. She's roughly equivalent to Noelle, though she is slightly better in most regards once Spiraled.
Thanks to his Spiral and a rework, Mikoto is back on top. He's not the absolute strongest DPS in Flame, but he's certainly worth using and has a lot of potential with the right support.
Mitsuba offers a unique play style, based off of combos, stances, and frostbite. She's currently one of the strongest Water DPS, and she has a home both in Cheese and traditional comps thanks to her powerful burst and consistent Frostbite applications.
This little mouse packs quite a punch, and Mitsuhide has a great kit for Paralysis Punisher squads, and even does fairly well outside of that environment. She does good work as a Light DPS, though she's slowly being eclipsed as Light begins to receive its spirals.
Nadine has a strong energy based kit, and can dispell enemy buffs to boot, making her a useful pick for many teams.
Despite being a semi-sentient plant, Pipple is surprisingly powerful. He's best known for his ability to cheese HBH in a quad comp that puts out fairly ridiculous numbers, though he's not a terrible option all on his own.
Thanks to his mana spiral, Ranzal now has access to his dispel, which makes him a viable option for Wind Teams. His DPS is a little lacking compared to other top end Wind choices, but the dispel and defensive buffs he brings can make up for this. Ranzel is best used in solo environments, where his extra bulk can make up for AI mistakes.
Despite studying hard, Student Maribelle needs to hit the books and learn about spirals before she's worth consideration.
Summer Norwin
Norwin's energy based playstyle is very strong, and he can take advantage of prints like Dear Diary due to damaging himself. However, he's not quite as good as other Wind buffers or DPS like Summer Sinoa or Gala Lief. Still a very good option, and one worth using.
Summer Patia
Summer Patia is here for a fun time, not a long time. She's a completely monster in short fights (think a minute or less) but falls off sharply after that. That's a problem in Master Kai, but Patia is still good enough to be worth running in non-traditional comps.
While Tiki in her dragon drive is a literal monster, outside of it she's a little girl with a shiny rock. In situations where she can sustain her dragon form she's powerful, and currently she's doing well in Twins and HBH thanks to how tanky her dragon form is.
Veronica is essentially a nuclear warhead waiting for her HP to drop low enough to go off. Her ability to nuke down bosses is frankly impressive, and she packs some self regeneration to get herself back out of the danger zone. Over all, her kit is extremely good, and there are even situations where she can outperform Queen Gleo herself.
Hail to the king, baby! Well, not quite. While Xander's spiral did dramatically improve him, he's still shy of being a top meta pick, or of being the best Water has to offer. He's still strong and with the right buffing support can perform well, but others do his job slightly better.
Thanks to her mana spiral, Xania has a decent burn kit and is able to bring the pain. She's currently Flame's best option for ranged DPS, and she's decently easy to play and aquire, making her a great choice for those just getting started who don't enjoy Euden's play style. Note, however, that Xania is slowly getting pushed aside as new and better spirals and Adventurers come out, and she's showing a lot of cracks right now.
Thanks to his re-work, Yaten has gone from a bit of a joke to being a monster. He's one of Shadow's best selfish DPS, and that's saying something in an element with Gala Alex and Bellina. His energy based playstyle is now incredibly potent, and as a nice bonus he even energizes your entire team, something that can provide a nice all around boost.
Yukata Cassandra
Cassandra has an excellent support kit, but she's held back from tier one by the incredible utility that Halloween Lowen has. Her Stun immunity also doesn't do her any favors, as it means you can't run triple Marth with her in Volk, as someone has to pop those sleep bombs. She's still good, but not quite enough to break Lowen's stranglehold on the meta.

Tier 2

Unfortunately, Albert's spiral is currently very disappointing. Some speculate this to be a result of bugs, but as is he's not worth investing into unless something changes. He's out performed handily by unspiraled Adventurers like Fleur, or by easier investments like Amane.
Althemia might have a 100% HP conditional, but you can ignore that. Even without her Passive, she can still put out great damage and provide a high poison uptime. She does require a large upfront investment because of her spiral, but she's a viable alternative for people who don't have limited powerhouses like Galex, Gleo, or Veronica.
Amane got a spiral. That's cool. Unfortunately, while it did technically improve her, the reality is she's still small potatoes next to basically ever other wand in Light. Better luck next time, kid.
Despite easily being the best Pigeon toting ninja in existence, when it comes to damage Aoi can't keep up with titans like Marth or even her buddy Xania, and winds up being middle of the pack.
Catherine has a unique skill set and attack style, functioning more as a ranged Adventurer despite her lance type. Her S2 is also likely the hardest hitting skill in the game when fully charged up. The problem is that it takes a very, very long time to charge, and if you take any damage, it's potency fall sharply. When the maps Catherine can be used best on have unavoidable damage, this has unavoidable consequences.
Delphi might look bad on paper with his handicap, but thanks to his incredibly potent poison and Defense Down, he's an excellent Adventurer, even in Shadow. He works best as a Support for other Adventurers, but when he's doing that he really shines.
Dragonyule Cleo
Cleo's ability to offer rapid Freeze makes her a prime target for Skill Share. Unfortunately, she's vastly overshadowed by Mitsubu and to a lesser degree Tiki. As such, it's hard to justify using her.
With a powerful Defense Down Debuff and decent enough personal DPS, DY Malora is good enough Light DPS choice, though she's outshone by choices like Alfonse, Mitsuhide, and Gala Luca.
Dragonyule Victor's ability to dispel is invaluable and he combo's well with Adventurer's like Gleo, but Bellina tends to do his job, but better.
Eugene has a powerful kit, with great DPS and support, but he's just shy of greatness. The primary problem lies in how long it takes to charge up his S2 for use, making his DPS somewhat lackluster, and both versions of Elisanne are better as a pure buffer. Still, he's strong, and certainly can find a use in current content.
In Light, Fleur offers some of the highest personal DPS, so why isn't she tier 1? The simple answer is that she just can't keep up with Mitsuhide, who is essentially just Fleur, but better. The difference between the two is slight, but enough that Fleur winds up a tier lower.
Forager Mitsuba
Formal Joachim
Having the new affliction Stormlash is nice, but we currently don't have any way to really take advantage of it outside of Formal Joachim himself. Once we get some punisher prints and other mechanics, expect him to become valuable for duel affliction teams. Until then, he's only decent.
Gala Sarisse
As the first Gala Adventurer, Gala Sarisse is starting to show signs of age. She's still alright, but she's not the powerhouse she once was. Later Adventurers and those with Spirals have largely eclipsed her, though she's still good enough to clear most content.
Halloween Althemia's spiral isn't the worst, but there are better healers in Light, especially Gala Zena. It's not worth the investment for most players to spiral her.
Halloween Odetta
Halloween Odetta is a classic case of looking good on paper and performing terribly in reality. Her buffs are potent and her skills could hit hard, but her buff circle is so tiny it's almost impossible to consistently apply them on maps that require frequent movement and repositioning. As such, her actual performance is very lackluster compared to her theoretical potential.
Jakob is a reasonable support option in Water, but the fact is that Elissane is just way, way better at that job than he is, relegating him to the lower tiers.

After a spiral and rework, Julietta is now good enough. She's not top tier, but she can now get the job done and is very tanky. 

While on paper Karl looks great with buffing and dps, the reality is he just can't compete with Euden and Marth even slightly.
With a strong Frostbite kit, Lazry is a decent enough option for Water. Sadly, right now she's really held back by her weapon type, as HBH really punishes axe users (especially those that are not Gala Elisanne).
Noelle is a dedicated offensive support and a welcome addition to the Wind roster.  Although her individual damage is rather modest, her teamwide Strength boost is potent, lengthy, and quick-charging. She loses out slightly to Tobias, but is generally more accessible due to her lower rarity. 
Nurse Aeleen
Thanks to the buff that a lot of healers received, Nurse Aleene is a decent enough pick for a healer. Unfortunately, current content doesn't really call for one, and Jiang is generally batter as well. Still, she's good enough to consider using.
With a defense down, heal, and Strength Buff, Odetta looks great on paper. But the need to be close to her to benefit from her heal and buff somewhat limits how useful she is compared to someone like Peony who has no such requirements.
Radiant Xuan has an excellent support kit, providing both offensive buffs, and plenty of debuffs for the enemy. She requires good grouping to get the most out of her, but the real key is that she's one of the best Anti-Poison Adventurers, and in Tartarus that counts for a lot.
With great self sustain and an excellent Burn Kit, Rena was popular for a good long while. Now, however, Nobunaga and Marth are really out performing her, and Rena is ending up edged out of more and more teams. She's still decent, but not the queen of Burn she once was.
Thanks to a rework, Serena has become a pretty good Flame Adventurer. She's not up there with the greats, but she's a pretty good budget DPS option for those who have smaller rosters or don't want to invest in Euden's Spiral.
Summer Estelle
Summer Estelle is a decent enough buffer, but her real value is in her co-ability. Providing Skill Damage and buff time is pretty great, and that makes her decent to invest in on its own.
Summer Julietta
With the coming of her Spiral, Summer Julietta got a lot more powerful. She provides great damage and team buffs, but she runs smack dab into a pirate shaped problem: Karina is cheaper to spiral, and outperforms her in just about every regard.
Hard as it is to believe, Verica used to be the gold standard in healers. These days, she's so far below H!Lowen that you don't even remember she exists most of the time.
Vice is another Mana Spiral success story, with a great burst playstyle that puts Poison stacks on a boss fast. The only problem is that Vice has a tendency to overdo it, and eventually the boss will become immune in longer fights. Considering how long most Light aligned bosses last, this usually isn't a big problem.
With powerful support buffs and a nasty Bleed, Victor long reined supreme as Wind's top DPS. Spirals have changed that, and these days Victor has fallen out of favor. He's still good and can clear the hardest content, but you're better off using someone with a Spiral or Tobias.
Wedding Aoi
Wedding Elisanne
Wedding Elisanne does it all: She can heal her team, she can drop her enemies Defense by a significant amount, and she breaks Overdrive bars like a kitkat. Sadly, this just doesn't compete with the power that spirals offer, and as such Wedding Elisanne has been reduced to a maid of honor.
Yukata Curran
While Curran is indeed a tier 1 dad, he's sadly not doing any better as a Light Dagger than as a Shadow Axe in the performance department.
Zhu Bajie
As a good selfish DPS in Light, Zhu is a soild choice for a Light Adventurer. He really needs teammates who can paralyze to get the most out of his kit, however. He also doesn't play well with healers, making him only mediocre.

Tier 3

Annelie is a Light Lance, which is an incredibly saturated field. She's not able to stack up to Halloween Elisanne, though her poison resistance does mean she can find occasional use.
Zardin might be beautiful, but he simply does not have the DPS to stack up to Gala Luca or many other DPS options in light. His Energy mechanics are very anemic, and overall he's just a poor choice.
Normally, Adventurers get more powerful when they get a spiral. That's technically the case for Celliera , but she also got weighed down with the burden of now needing to redline her HP to put out acceptable damage. Combine that with the fact that HBH hates on Melee hard, and Celliera is barely worth spiraling.
While Chelsea once provided the best selfish DPS in the game, these days here edge of your seat playstyle just isn't suited to current content and she's left in the dust by almost the entire Flame roster despite still having good damage potential.
Chitose is a solid buffer in Light, he's just not so solid that he's needed for most teams. Gala Euden and Peony in particular will typically be better options in the buffer slot, especially since Chitose's personal DPS is rock bottom.
Chrom has been hit hard by the rework, and is now one of the worst Adventurers in flame. You're better off with just about anyone over him now.
Elias is one of the most hindered of the welfare Adventurers due to his energy mechanics and poor bane. Even in his own event, he's not worth using.
You can be forgiven if you forgot Estelle got a spiral. Cygames apparently did, because her spiral is so bad I'd rather just spend the Rainbow orbs on upgrading facilities.
The biggest use for Felicia is that she is a free healer. She's not terrible at that, but as she lacks a full resistance due to being welfare she's just not a very strong pick.
Forager Cleo
Light has some strong dagger options, including Fleur who is a 4★ as well. Fritz, however, is not one of those, as his DPS is far lower than Fleur or even Wu Kong's.
Halloween Akasha
Halloween Akasha has both a bleed and defense down, along with good self sustain. However, her DPS is low, and she doesn't do well with the Double Buff meta that currently rules the waves.
Halloween Edward
Halloween Edward did indeed get a spiral. It is, however, really weak. Edward continues to be a poor offering in a poor element.
Halloween Melsa
Melsa's free revive is a neat trick, but it's not a treat if you're into defeating bosses. There are too many other and better support options in Wind, including Noelle, Tobias, and Melody.
As a welfare Adventurer, Hanabusa starts off with a severe penalty, and he just can't overcome it. He's OK if you're starting out, but he's not the best choice for more experienced players.
In an element oversaturated with Staff healers, Hope does nothing to stand out, and being a lower rarity is a serious problem he can't overcome.
Hunter Berserker
While Hunter Berzerker has a unique playstyle and destroys Overdrive bars, he doesn't do anything that Euden and Marth do much better.
Ifran has some of the lowest DPS in light, which makes him one of the lowest DPS in the game.
Say it isn't so, Joe. While Joe got a lot better with a sprial, meaning he's usable now, he just can't compare to Gala Sarisse still, nor the much better Flame ranged nuker in Xania.
Ku Hai
Lily's ability to provide duel afflictions in freeze and frostbite is nice, but it's not enough to save her from bad HP conditionals and lackluster DPS in general.
Linnea has an interesting Force Strike based playstyle, and if she were in any other element, she'd be a strong contender for top tier. She's in Shadow though, the element of the most broken of the broken, and as such she's merely passable. She does require a Poison user to get the most mileage.
Linus is one of the lowest DPS in the game. He's not got any real support either. In the end, he's just pretty horrible.
Even with his spiral, Luther continues to under perform. He's just not got the goods to be a viable pick, even when compared to his fell 4★ Karin who is overwhelmingly more suited to current content.
Mega Man
As he was free to get and you can easily max out his mana nodes from his event, Mordecai isn't a terrible choice for an Adventurer, but he's going to be rapidly surpassed once you expand your roster.
Neferia is perhaps one of the biggest success stories when it comes to Spirals. Her kit at launch was frankly worthless, and she was widely considered a joke and one of the worst 5★s in the game. With her Spiral, Neferia is now a viable option for endgame, though she's not quite up to par with limited bombs like Galex or Gleo. Even so, with proper investment, Neferia is a great option in Shadow.
Nevin has pretty decent buffing options, and as Master Kai Yun has a tendency to spend most of the fight in the middle of the map, he's an alright pick. The problem is that there are far better buffer options (Patia comes to mind) and for supper Delphi is always there. For DPS, Bellina and Vice are just head and shoulders above Nevin, even with his sigil unlocked. In the end, he just can't keep up.
With a powerful Dispel and excellent DPS, Nobunaga is one of the best choices for Flame groups. She lacks Marth's team support and the sheer burst potential of Chrom, but makes up for it with her dispel utility.
Raemond is just an old fogey. He's just not very good at DPS or support. You're better off without him.
A tough, high damage kinda gal, Ramona has fallen of late with the release of mana spirals and new Flame Adventurers who out power her. She's still an alright pick, but as of late she's really out of favor at the moment and is waiting on her own spiral.
Rawn's stun punisher kit just doesn't work well with bosses that are typically immune outright, or good only for one stun per quest.
While Renelle's spiral made her usable by fixing her terrible affliction, it didn't make her competitive. Ezelith is far better, as are other budget options like Xania.
Ricardt's spiral is alright, but it's only alright. In the end, it doesn't improve him all that dramatically, and Jiang Ziya is still going to be the go to option for Water healers.
Ryozen is very tough and tanky, but right now that doesn't do him much good in a meta that is all about maximizing damage.
Sha Wujing
Sha Wujing is all about Defense down debuffs, but he's not doing enough to really be worth taking.
As a welfare Adventurer, Sharena is surprisingly powerful. Her kit is decent, and she's strong enough to clear HZD with little trouble. Her co-ability is even amazing for most Light teams, though often you'll want to use her brother or another strong Light Adventurer in co-op or as your active choice instead.
Summer Amane
Despite using an axe, Summer Amane is still very much a healer and support Adventurer. She's not bad at the role, it's just that Lowen and Tobias are incredible, and thus there is little reason for any but beginners to use her. Though being free and getting to 50 mana node her during her event does make her a nice option on a budget.
Summer Cleo
Summer fun is here at last! Cleo's ready to make a splash! Well, not so much her as her Skill Share. While Summer Cleo is good enough on her own, her skill share is the stuff of dreams for buffers like Elisanne and Patia.
Summer Luca
In the grand tradition of Luca, Summer Luca is so forgettable that you'll be forgiven for thinking that the Gala Version was the original.
Summer Mikoto
Even with an oddball playstyle, for the moment Mikoto is at the top of the world in Light. This is, however, faint praise, as Light is by far the weakest element at this moment in time.
Summer Ranzal
Summer Verica
Valerio offers excellent DPS for a water Adventurer, along with a unique playstyle. There's just a few problems: he's heavily reliant on combo count, an he's melee in an element that currently punishes that. As such, it's hard to take full Advantage of what he offers, and for right now he's mostly pushed to the side and has to wait for Flame Agito to have a chance to shine.
Despite having excellent healing potential, Vixel suffers from having a truly awful sleep resistance in light, making him practically worthless.
Wedding Xania
Wu Kong
For a free Adventurer, Wu Kong is not a bad choice if you're just beginning, but he will be rapidly replaced once you get a better Adventurer or two.
Xiao Lei
Low rarity has lead to low DPS in Xiao Lei's case, and she's pretty bottom of the barrel.
Xuan Zang
Like her longtime partner Fleur, Yachiyo lost out to a limited 5★ Adventurer, in this case Gala Luca. Yachiyo is unfortunately significantly worse than Gala Luca, and she really can't keep up with new Light Power Houses like Spiral Alfonse.
Yurius offers Water a ranged Adventurer who also has a Dragon Drive, a unique combination. He's fairly strong, but he just doesn't quite get there compared to Hunter Sarisse. He's still viable and a great choice for HBH, especially since he enables Frostbite Punisher for his team.
After his Spiral, Zaradin has received a significant boost to his abilities, but he's still not caught up with the rest of the meta. Overall, his kit is basic stuff, but what holds him back is the Full HP requirement for his Strength boost. Even if he can maintain it though, others just do his job better.