Adventurer Tier List

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This tier list should be seen as an investment guide. It is not reflective of an Adventurers raw power in a vacuum. Instead, it focuses on an Adventurers capabilities in current endgame content presented within Dragalia Lost. A higher tier unit will have an easier time finding groups due to their potent capabilities as either a support, damage or healing unit. Lower tier units meanwhile typically have reduced viability as a result of their kits being inferior to units above them, and as such will have a hard time joining into public lobbies. As such, investing in a tier 1 Adventurer will make progression easier and smoother than a lower tier one. 

Please note: an Adventurer's position within in a tier doesn't describe whether they're better or more popular than another Adventurer in the same tier.

This tier list is primarily ranking adventurers based on their performance in the cooperative environment of the Agito Uprising boss fights. Seperate tier lists for the Shadows of Dominion quests, as well as a solo tier list for the Agito Uprising quests, will be published in the future.

Tier 0 - Game Breaking

This tier is for Adventurers that go beyond defining the meta to breaking it. They are so overwhelmingly powerful that they warp strategies and game play around them. These characters are always on meta and are often so powerful that in co-op modes multiples will be run. These units are so beyond broken that they can also be successfully run in off-element boss fights. In an ideal world, they probably wouldn't exist. 

Once more, a meta warping Adventurer has emerged, and Karina is promoted to tier 0. 

Tier 1 - Meta Defining

This tier is for Adventurers that define the meta of co-op content for the Agito Uprising quests. These units compromise "the meta" for the Legend difficulty quest of that specific element, either as a result of them being the definition of a nuke, or providing support utility that boosts survivability and damage output to a boss. The adventurers that are placed within this tier are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED picks to take on their respective Legend Agito Uprising fight, and will surely grant you easy access to joining public lobbies. 

Tier 1.5 - Almost Meta

Adventurers in this tier are just barely below those in Tier 1, but are slightly less favoured in their Legend Agito Uprising fight. They can definitely be used to clear the most difficult content in the game, but sometimes won't be chosen right away for co-op play. Typically this is a result of their overall damage being marginally off of the best units within the element, or having utility that is not as supportive as those in the tier above. As such, they are NOT RECOMMENDED to take on the Legend difficulty Agito in a public room environment, but are RECOMMENDED in an private lobby, as well as Master difficulty Agito Uprising quests.

Tier 2 - Off Meta

These Adventurers will have troubles clearing the Legend difficulty content of the Agito Uprising, and as such are NOT RECOMMENDED picks for either public or private lobbies. However, their damage and support utility is generally good enough to clear Master content of the Agito Uprising, with a bit more investment and skill then Adventurers in the tiers above. As a result, they see significantly less play in co-op or are frequently passed over for Tier 1 and Tier 1.5 Adventurers when creating a team. Often, there is another Adventurer that simply does their job, but better. You will have a harder time finding a pick up group, but with patience and investment you can definitely clear end game content with these Adventurers.

Tier 3 - Underpowered

These Adventurers have some serious flaws holding them back, or a meta game that just renders their kit or resistances useless. You could clear the hardest content in the game with them, but either a monstrous investment, a good deal of luck, and some patient public players that are willing to help carry you to clear with that adventurer. They can still pull their own weight, but it would be significantly easier just to use another Adventurer. It will be a real challenge to find a pick up group willing to play with you in end game content when using these Adventurers. As such, these adventurers are NOT RECOMMENDED investment choices for both Legend and Master Agito Uprising quests.

Following the original purpose of Tier Lists, the ranking of Adventurers in Dragalia Lost is done by counting their favorable matchups. Dragalia Lost may not be a 1v1 fighting game, but for its PvE content, some characters have a higher success rate than others.

Everyone in Dragalia has a niche based on their kit and resistances-- in that sense, only the specific content or “matchup” really matters. But surveying across the whole game, the Tier List favors Adventurers who do well in a number of situations. Tier Lists are misleading when taken literally, so readers are encouraged to seek out guides to Void BattlesImperial OnslaughtThe Mercurial Gauntlet and Advanced Dragon Trials for more details on picking the right characters for specific content.

Factors included in the ranking are:

  • The primary factor is how represented the character is in the games current "meta," or in other words how popular a character is for clearing end game content (primarily High Dragon Trials and Agito Uprising, Mercurial Gauntlet, and to a lesser extent Omega Raids)
  • Damage based on Weapon Combos and theoretical simulation data
  • Synergy with other characters of the same element
  • Co-Abilities and team buffs
  • Status Afflictions and Boss resistances. When opposite-element bosses are immune to an Adventurer’s Affliction, that’s a poor matchup counting against that character.
  • Investment, resources and game progression. Any character is fit to complete content with full Mana Circles and maxed equipment, but in practicality, higher-rarity Adventurers with superior Skills and Abilities advance more quickly.
  • April 5th, 2021
    • Alberius > Tier 1 Boasting excellent damage and dispel utility, Alberius as the capabilities of rivalling the prowess of Bellina in Legend Kai Yan, and is well deservising of being place with the other shadow juggernauts.
    • Myriam > Tier 3 While her strength amp support will be decent for the Shadow of the Dominion quests, her current utility is far outshined by many other wind adventurers currently in the game of Ciella content
    • Humanoid Midgardsormr > Tier 1 Boasting impressive damage, Stormlash application and an excellent dragon-centric kit, Mids has made a stunning entrace into an excellent damage option for the Legend Ciella fight.
    • Gala Notte > Tier 1 Has instantly become the premier damage unit for the Legend Ciella fight, boasting impressive burst options in break and excellent dispel utility to make clearing this boss a breeze.
  • March 28th, 2021

Yes, apologies for the delay but the tier list has finally been updated to reflect the changing meta that has been occurring over the last several months, as a result of the release of the Legend Agito Uprising boss fights. As such, we will be fully updating the explanations of each adventurer over the coming weeks to reflect their relevant performance in the Agito endgame content, particularly for cooperative content. For solo players though we do plan to create a seperate page tackling Agito fights with AI companions in mind.

We also have plans for creating a seperate tier list for the new Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests to reflect adventurers performance when the Curse of Nihility debuff is involved. For now though, this updated tier list also includes new explanations, which provide more in-depth analysis into an adventurers performance compared to its previous iteration. Explanations will now provide basic information into each adventurers skill, abilities, coabilities (where applicabale) and their synergy that has elevated them into a specific tier. The flame tier list explanations will be uploaded first, with the reset coming over the next few weeks. This tier list update also reflects the recently released Legend Ciella fight and wind units from the 2.5 anniversary update.

  • September 7th, 2020
    • Nevin > Tier 2 While Nevin has good buffs and decent DPS, the fact is, Shadow has far better options in the form of Delphi, Patia, Gala Cleo, and so many more. 
      Pinion > Tier 3 With an uncomfortably long ramp up time and a requirement to force strike to unlock her sigil, Pinion just can't perform in current content. 
      Gala Luca > Tier 1 Gala Luca really benefited from having an Agito weapon and combos great with Thor. 
      Radiant xuan Zang > Tier 1 Since poison res is mandatory for Tartarus, Xuan Zang is popular as she's one of the better options for this. 
      Gala Prince > Tier 1 Duel res is invaluable in the new fight, not to mention great buffs and decent enough DPS. 
      Summer Mikoto > Tier 2 Summer Mikoto got shafted by Summer Cleo's spiral. Pun intended. 
      Summer Cleo > Tier 1.5 while her spiral makes her good, the skill share potential she has is just incredible and makes her worth investing in. 
      Chitose > Tier 2 Low personal DPS is not where you want to be right now, especially when Elisanne is just straight up a better buffer, even in light. 
      Lucretia > Tier 1 Song Mom's spiral is belting out an energetic anthem for your entire team. 
      Elisanne> Tier 1 THE QUEEN LIVES! Tartarus's low damage makes a rainbow buffer not only viable, but the go to option. 
      Althemia > tier 2 Shadow gets better, and Althemia doesn't. 
  • August 8th, 2020
    • Gala Laxi placed in tier 1. With incredible DPS and a unique playstyle, Gala Laxi is a welcome edition to the element of Marth and His Inferior Friends. 
    • Patia promoted to tier 1. Stop sending me hate mail on reddit, guys. Fine. Patia's tier 1 now. Are you happy? Jokes aside, her ability to support Grace and provide consistent buffs over a long fight make her a fantastic option for Master Kai.
    • Summer Patia demoted to tier 1.5. Ok, don't kill me. I put the OG in tier 1, so this is balanced, as all things should be. That said, Summer Patia just doesn't do all that well in Master Kai unsupported, though she's still a very strong option. 
    • Gleo, for now, remains in tier 1, but is on notice. This could be the end of an era. 
    • Summer Sinoa placed in tier 1. She has incredible buffs and excellent damage, making her a new top pick for Wind.
    • Summer Norwin placed in tier 1.5. He's very, very good, but not as good as Sinoa or other Wind All-Stars. 
    • Summer Amane placed in tier 2. She's a decent enough healer, but Lowen is just better and most of the time you'll use Grace anyway.
    • Neferia demoted to tier 2. She just doesn't hold up to newer sprials and is bad in Master Kai compared to other options. 
  • July 20th, 2020
    • Summer Patia and Summer Mikoto placed in tier 1. While Summer Patia has fierce competition in Shadow, her insane burst is only just below that of Galex in short fights, which is what Shadow is right now. As for Mikoto, in the anemic Light, he's a stand out. 
    • Summer Celliera promoted to tier 1: Thanks to her Spiral, Summer Celleria is back and better than ever, and can even slot into some cheese teams thanks to her amazing buffing capabilities and burst potential. 
    • Summer Julietta promoted to tier 1.5. She's a good Adventurer, but Karina is just better. 
    • Lily, Gala Elisanne and, Xainfried > Tier 1.5. They're just not as good as newer spirals, and even Gala Elisanne isn't seeing as much use as Spiraled Adventurers. 
    • Eugene, Xander, Yurius > Tier 2. With others coming down, these three just can't maintain their slot.
    • Light reshuffled. Mitsuhide, Alfonse, Fleur, and Yachiyo all demoted. 
    • Louise and Melody promoted up a tier each in Wind. Victor and Wedding Elisanne demoted a tier. 
  • July 5th 2020
    • Further Water updates
      • Xainfried moved to tier 1. His performance in Agito is strong, and merits a boost. 
      • Tiki, Summer Celliera demoted to tier 2. These two just don't perform as well as other options in Agito. 
      • Orsem, Thaniel, Nurse Aleen demoted to tier 3. 
      • Ricardt promoted to tier 2.
  • July 4th, 2020
    • Water update
      • Karina, Mitsuba, and Lily moved to tier 1. Thanks to a combination of spirals and Agito being far kinder to melee, the top of the water tier has shifted. 
      • Eugene placed in tier 1.5: Thanks to his strong buffs and decent enough DPS, Eugene is a solid but not stellar choice. 
      • Catherine placed in tier 2. While Katherine has strong burst potential, her kit is just too unwieldy and its far to easy to lose stacks for her S2. She's OK, but not great. 
      • Xander moved to 1.5. He's gotten a lot better, but he's still not at the top of the meta.
      • Hunter Sarisse moved to tier 2. She just can't keep up with newer Adventurers, and Agito punishes her playstyle hard. 
  • May 25th, 2020
    • Explanations added for Light 1.5
    • Fjorm and Gala Prince demoted, as their niche is Gone with the Blast Wave. 
  • May 17th, 2020
    • Templar Hope moved up to 1.5, due to his extreme usefulness in soloing content. 
    • Explanations added for Wind 1.5 and Water 1.5. 
  • May 15th, 2020
    • Forte and Yurius placed in tier 1.5. They're both strong, but don't upset the current meta. 
    • Ranzel moved to 1.5. He's strong, about the same as Lin You, but he's not going to change Hawk, Sylas, and Tobias' dominance of the meta. 
    • Gauld demoted to tier 3. The fact that you forgot he existed is why he's going down to bottom tier. 
    • Bellina promoted to tier 1. She's proving that her monstrous DPS is more than enough to give her a home in the meta, poor resistance not withstanding. 
    • Celeria, no changes. Why Cygames? Why? You gave her a Spiral, but it did nothing. 
  • May 11th 2020
    • Ramona and Gala Sarisse demoted to tier 2. They no longer are even off meta, having been pushed out by newer and shinier things. 
    • Added explanations to Flame Adventurers in tier 1.5. 
  • May 10th, 2020
    • Tier list overhauled. Tiers redefined, tier's 4 and 5 eliminated. 
      • At this time, further breaking down low tier Adventurers is largely pointless. There is no real discernable difference in the viability of a tier 3 or tier 5 Adventurer in the meta: they will simply never be picked for end game content by experienced players outside of a joke or to flex on content. Yes, you can clear any content in the game with low tier Adventurers, but to play efficiently, you won't.
    • Chrom placed in tier 1. His incredible burst and how well he plays with Marth have earned Chrom a placement in tier 1. He's not going to replace Marth, but he's probably the best DPS to run alongside marth. 
    • Tiki and Sharena placed in tier 1.5. They're good, but they're not going to oust old favorites. Tiki's really hard to place, as currently Flame content doesn't favor melee and her dragon drive is REALLY unsuited to HBH. Expect her to change either up or down when Agito comes out and when we have a firmer grasp on how to use her well.
    • Multiple Adventurers demoted to fit the new tier list. 
  • April 30th, 2020
    • Sylas moved to tier 1. He's now an excellent support and a great pick for Ciella. 
    • Sophie moved to tier 3. She's better now, I guess? 
    • Rodrigo and Kleimann moved to tier 2. They're stronger, but they're in Shadow so does it really matter? Yeah, not really. 
    • Peony placed in tier 1. Look, it doesn't matter what her DPS works out to be. That chain ability is so good that she's completely nuts, and her support is excellent. 
  • April 21st, 2020
    • Grace placed in tier 1. She's an unbelievably strong support with an excellent coability that can be used to cheese basically any content in the entire game, even off element.
    • Aldred placed in tier 3. He's good, but he's shadow, where good isn't enough. 
    • Bellina placed in tier 1.5. Incredibly high DPS doesn't matter nearly as much in an element with Gleo and Galex.
    • Lazry placed in tier 1.5. Strong, great Frostbite enabler. Is also melee, which in Flame is a death sentence if you're not able to cheese a boss in under 30 seconds. 
    • Gauld placed in tier 2. He's just not anything real special right now. 
    • Meme Queen Fjorm is back in tier 1. You can cheese HBH in about 20 seconds with her Spiral, regardless of difficulty. You don't even need a MUB HDT2 to do it. 
    • Alfonse and Marth moved to tier 1. No, they're not quite as strong as Meme Queen, but they're still really great. Alfonse is notably the weaker of the pair, but Light is a far weaker element than flame so he gets a pass for now. 
    • Veronica to tier 1.5. She's a shadow wand who is not Gleo. Don't get me wrong, her spiral has made her incredibly potent and one of the top DPS in the game, but Gleo is still better 99% of the time, and if you're not using Gleo, just use Galex instead. 
    • Vice, Alethemia, and Erik bumped up a bit. Spirals made them stronger, but they're not powerhouses in an element that is beyond broken.
    • Lily, Delphi, Lathna, Curren, Su Fang, bumped down. The broken hits just don't stop coming, and a few adventurers who are strong but not broken moved down. 
  • March 29th, 2020
    • Removal of tier 0. There is no longer a strong case that Gala Cleo is head and shoulders above all other Adventurers. She's still phenomenally powerful and probably the best Adventurer in the game, but Hawk, Gala Alex, and other Adventures have closed the gap to the point where Gleo's ubiquity is in question, and the meta is opening up.
    • Gala Alex placed in tier 1. Her power is the straw that broke the Gleo's back, and Galex is set to take a prominent place in the Shadow Meta. She will not take Gleo out of the meta, but she's a solid argument to not just bring four Gleos. 
    • Patia moved down to 1.5. Though her buffing abilities are excellent, the fact is that she's typically overshadowed by Lathna. While Patia comps are viable, they're not as powerful as other methods. 
    • Jiang Ziya moved down to 1.5. While Jiang is easily the best Water healer, quad DPS comps are increasingly common in HBH and thus Jiang is no longer mandatory. 
    • Emma moved down to 1.5. The fact of the matter is that Flame teams increasingly don't need Emma's buffs thanks to their high DPS and the addition of Chain Co-abilities that allows for other strategies without a dedicated buffer. 
    • Aoi, Hunter Berserker, Mikoto, and Chelsea moved down to 2. As Flame gets better, previously powerful Adventurers lose their sheen. The lower replacement of these four reflects that. 
    • Gala Mym moved up to 1.5. Gaining Dragon Claws and The Red Impulse at the same time has made Mym a lot more viable, though she's not quite a top tier pick, her power is greatly increased. 
  • March 15th, 2020
    • The Wind tier list has been overhauled due to the advent of spirals. Many adventurers have been demoted, including the entire previous meta bunch in Wedding Elisanne, Victor, and Noelle. Hawk and Tobias are now the new meta for Wind. Lin You and Su Fang are promoted to tier 1.5. They are not tier 1, but are much more powerful. 
    • Nobunaga promoted to tier 1. Rena and Ramona demoted to tier 1.5. 
    • Templar Hope placed in tier 3. He's got a good support kit, but have you seen Tobias? That boy is a monster. 
    • Mitsuba placed in tier 1.5. She's powerful, but simply can't break into the meta at this point. A willing group can get clears. 
    • Cleo and Curran are demoted to tier 1.5 They have failed to maintain their initial surge in popularity, and are proving not to be meta corner stones. 
    • Summer Verica, Cassandra, Audric, demoted to tier 2. Their power and performance is falling rapidly in the face of the overwhelming power of spirals. 
  • March 1st, 2020
    • Pipple placed in tier 1, on watch for tier 0. Larry the Cucumber has been introduced to Dragalia Lost, and in addition to warping the meta has introduced Austin 3:16 to Dragalia Lost, which says that he's about to kick HBH's butt. Pipple has the potential to warp the meta in such a way that quad pipple becomes the meta across the board for Water, but we'll have to wait to see if the impact is as long lasting and deep as Gleo's has been. Additionally, he's definitely not the most effective way to clear all Water content at the moment. 
    • Gleo remains in tier 0. While quad Gleo is not the new meta in either HJP or Agito, triple Gleo with a support Adventurer really is, so she's safe as the queen of the meta for now. 
    • Valerio placed in tier 1.5. Aside from helping the Mother of Dragons, Valerio has a strong, powerful kit. The problem is not only is he overshadowed by a vegetable in his own banner, but the HBH meta that isn't the Larryboy Fanclub favors Hunter Sarisse and Gala Elissane and doesn't really have room for melee in a fight that is notoriously rough on them. 
    • Neferia moved up to tier 1. With her new insane DPS potential and her powerful dispel ability, Neferia is now a top choice for Shadow. 
    • Xainfried moved up to tier 1.5. He's not breaking into HBH just now, but Xainfried's buff is much needed and makes him much more powerful. 
    • Cleo moved up to tier 1, Heinwald bumped to tier 1.5. Cleo's access to dispel as well as having a powerful defense buff edges out Heinwald's superior DPS for now. 
    • Lathna moved to tier 1. Poison is the new hotness, and Lathna edges out Curran as the best choice to accompany Delphi and Ieyasu on their adventures. 
    • Nobunaga moved up to tier 1.5. Nobunaga's buff have given her the power, time will tell if she can supplant Rena as the blade of choice. 
  • February 22nd, 2020
    • Valentines Melody placed in tier 1.5: As an excellent poison enabler V!Melody is seeing some use in HMC and in MG, but she's not upset the Double W!Eli meta.
    • Valentines Addis placed in tier 2. While his damage is excellent, and HP conditional and the dominance of Delphi means that V!Addis is already second string. 
    • Verica, Summer Celeria, and Botan > Tier 1.5. While all these Adventurers are still strong, they are slowly getting moved out of the meta by more popular choices, moving them out of tier 1. 
    • Lily > Tier 1.5. Lily is still seeing popular usage and gets moved up one tier. 
    • V!Hildegard, Celeria, Orsem, Summer Julietta, and Akasha > Tier 2. Newer options or a shifting meta have left these choices behind and they all drop down to tier 2 from 1.5. 
  • February 5th, 2020
    • Hunter Sarisse placed in tier 1. Her DPS is now the highest in Water and some of the highest in any Element. She'd be tier 1 no matter what her element, but in the anemic Water she's incredibly potent. 
    • Lily > Tier 2. It's been a long time coming, as Lily's DPS has been stagnant and her utility lackluster for months. Hunter Sarisse so utterly blows Lily out of the water that there is no reason to bring a Lily along when you can use H!Sarisse. She did her best, but now it's time for the frost flower to step back.
    • Elisanne > Tier 1.5. Gala Elisanne has mostly eclipsed her original flavor version in all content for the time being, and thus Elisanne must finally retire as the final original free Adventurer to remain top tier for nearly her entire lifespan. It took an Eli to replace an Eli. 
  • February 2nd, 2020
    • Hunter Berserker placed in tier 1.5. Berserker has not upended the meta, but he has found a niche place within it. He's powerful enough to see some play in Expert Volk and in Master HMS, but Euden is still generally preferred due to enabling Burn. 
    • Hunter Vanessa placed in tier 1.5. Similar to Dragon Yule Malora, Vanessa can be an alternative go a Gala Euden, but is still not preferred over him. She can easily put out the numbers needed, but the meta seems too established for her to upend it. 
  • January 26th, 2020
    • Gala Luca placed in tier 1. Gala Luca is the new best Light Blade and sees heavy use at all levels of content, but especially in Master Zodiark. Another important note: He's made Light viable in MG50+. 
    • Yachiyo > Tier 1.5. While Yachiyo remains at least a decent choice, she's clearly been surpassed by Gala Luca and moves down half a step. 
    • Curran > Tier 1. His mana spiral has given Curran all the tools he needs to be a highly potent DPS in Dark. 
    • Patia > Tier 1. Patia's buff has taken her from mediocre to very, very good. She has a lot of competition, but can keep up with Botan in most situations. 
    • Heinwald, Lathna, Delphi, no changes. As these Adventurers were already high tier before their Mana Spirals, they see no movement. Lathna continues to be a great option that is sometimes overshadowed by Botan and thus stays in 1.5, while Delphi and Heinwald excel in their respective roles and remain in tier 1. 
    • Durant > Tier 2. Durant has proven not to be totally useless, but he's still vastly inferior to Ieyasu and other Dark powerhouses. 
    • Lea > Tier 3. The incredible power of Flame Adventurers puts Lea to shame, and she moves down. 
    • H!Eli > Tier 2. More and more powerful Light choices arrive, and someone has to take the fall for it. 
    • DY!Malora > Tier 1.5. While Malora remains decently popular for mHZD, the double G!Euden comp seems to be outpacing her. She and Chitose are still great choices, but they're certainly not preferred options with Gala Luca on the field. 
    • Lin You, Gala Ranzel, Maribelle > Tier 2. With more powerful Wind choices, it's time for three old favorites to fall in the rankings. This is a bit overdue, but the fact is these three just can't continue to compete in the current meta like fresh new choices.
    • Kirsty > Tier 1.5. Kirsty has fallen in favor greatly from her initial release. She's still viable and usable, but the Double W!Eli comp is so much more consistent and easy to play that she's being pushed out. 
  • January 19th, 2020
    • Kirsty placed in Tier 1. Kirsty has proven that she's perfectly capable in mHMC with or without poison, though she's not quite as popular as the Double W!Eli/Victor comp still. Time will tell if she can keep this placement. 
    • Joachim placed in Tier 1.5. While Joachim is easily the best wind Poisoner and can make Poison Comps highly successful, the unfortunate fact is that the HP check in mHMC is currently gating him and gating poison teams in general, as it's currently much safer and easier to stick to traditional comps due to the HMC wyrmprint being required as of now. If Joachim can find a way to survive the HP check without using an HP dragon and/or use the poison punisher print, he could easily move up. 
    • Sarisse, Chelsea > Tier 1.5. Since the release of Mana Spirals, Sarisse and Chelsea have rapidly declined in popularity, being ousted mostly by Xania who enables Burn compositions, as well as by other newly popular Mana Spiral choices like Euden and Ezelith. 
    • Gala Mym > Tier 2. G!Mym just can't perform as well as Mana Spiral Adventurers and she's being outdone by her other form. 
    • H!Mym > Tier 1. Though she remains lackluster in MHMS, H!Mym has found new popularity in Expert Volk and is part of one of the more popular comps. 
    • Euden > Tier 1. Euden has found a renaissance in MHMS and in Expert Volk, and that does not appear to be changing any time soon. 
    • Sazanka > Tier 3, Curran Tier > 2. Both Shadow Axes are completely outdone by so many other Shadow Adventurers that they are being squeezed out of most teams and can't hack it at all in high level play. 
    • Amane > Tier 3. Amane can perform decently well on budget teams, though she's still not ready for the big leagues. 
  • January 4th, 2020
    • Mana spirals released, MAJOR changes to tier list!
      • Note: More changes will likely come soon as the meta continues to settle and more spirals are released. 
    • Criteria now includes Volk's Wrath (Expert).
    • Joe tier 3 > tier 2. Better DPS, but below Sarisse and Chelsea still.
    • Xania tier 3 > tier 1. Xania's numbers are now bonkers, and she's easily the best Flame Wand. Now that she competes handily with bows and has full Stun resist, she sees a great deal of play in both mHMS and Volk. 
    • Aurien tier 5 > tier 4. Used to be complete trash, now is only mostly trash.
    • Alain tier 4 > tier 3. Alain is still only passable, but he's a better passable now. 
    • Aoi tier 3 > tier 1.5. The addition of Burn to Aoi's kit has rocketed her DPS to new heights, but she doesn't quite do as well as Rene still. 
    • Euden tier 3 > tier 1.5. Euden's new dispel and massive new DPS numbers make him a good pick for HMS and Volk.  
    • Karl remains in tier 2. He got better, but so did a lot of other Flame Swords. 
    • Naveed tier 4 > tier 1.5. Naveed now hits like a truck and has a tasty dispel in his kit. Euden is better for HMS, but Naveed might be better for Volk. 
    • Ezelith tier 4 > tier 1. Perhaps the greatest improvement, Ezelith went from bottom of the barrel to some of the most insane DPS numbers in the game. Top notch for Volk and even mHMS. 
    • Student Maribelle tier 1.5 > tier 2. Xania is a direct upgrade to S!Mari now. 
    • Marth tier 1.5 > tier 2. Euden and Naveed out perform the Hero King.
    • Halloween Mym tier 1.5 > tier 2. With so many Adventurers moving up, some had to move down. Mym just doesn't have a spot in most teams now.
    • Natalie tier 1 > tier 2. Ieyasu's massive improvement has sidelined Nat for the most part. 
    • Cassandra tier 2 > tier 1.5. Cass got a great buff, but she's still just shy of being optimum.
    • Veronica tier 1 > tier 2. When one wand goes up, one must come down. Veroica is now third fiddle. 
    • Yatan tier 1.5 > tier 2. Yatan just can't keep up with the crazy numbers shadow is seeing these days.
    • Nobunga placed in tier 2. She's good, and the dispel is nice, but Aoi's recent buff makes her less appealing for teams. 
    • Chitose placed in tier 1.5. He can't quite break into the quad DPS meta as easily as Malora did, but he is still seeing high level play and is a godsend for MG. 
    • Mitsuhide placed in tier 1. Mituhide is essentially a direct upgrade to Fleur, though in HZD the difference is marginal. 
    • Fleur tier 1 > tier 1.5. She can still compete, and the difference in performance is slight, but Mitsuhide is the new number 1 light dagger. 
    • Hanabusa placed in tier 3. The lack of complete Curse res really hurts his chances, but he's not actively bad.  
  • December 22nd, 2019
    • Laxi > Tier 4. Laxi's kit has a few upsides, but a multitude of downsides. Combined with the existence of Rena and Mikoto, and even Aoi, and Laxi ends up placed fairly low.
    • Megaman moved to tier 3. Megaman has proven that he is somewhat capable of performing at high levels, but still struggles to be relevant in the current meta. 
    • Lucretia moved to tier 3. Lucretia struggles to perform at higher level play, and as such needed to be dropped down a peg. 
  • December 15th, 2019
    • Dragonyule Malora > Tier 1. Malora has immediately made a huge splash in the mHZD meta. She's proven to be a popular and pervasive pick that fits right at home in the 4 DPS meta. 
    • Dragonyule Xainfried > Tier 2. While DY!Xainfried is seeing use in mHMC, proving his power, most groups continue to prefer Noelle. Noelle is quite simply better at the buffing role. As such, he's placed in Tier 2. He's good, but Noelle is far easier to find groups with. 
    • Note: Yachiyo > No changes. At this time, Yachiyo continues to be an on meta popular choice for mHZD. Her popularity has fallen, but you won't get Sorry'd for picking her and many rooms still look for her specifically. 
  • December 8, 2019
    • Durant added
    • Durant > Tier 3. Durant has the potential to out put good damage, and he can perform well. However, his kit suffers from several drawbacks and he's severely outclassed by Ieyasu and Natalie. 
  • December 2, 2019
    • Added Gala Elisanne, Megaman, and Jiang Ziya
    • Thaniel > Tier 2. Thaniel's kit has long been bemoaned. Now that we have an actually good water staff, expect his usage to plummet, though he's still viable for HBH. 
    • Gala Elisanne > Tier 1. As expected, this Gala Water Buffer is seeing good usage in MHBH and MG50+, though she has not yet completely usurped her free counter part. For now, regular Elisanne remains in tier 1. 
    • Jiang Ziya > Tier 1. As the long anticipated replacement to Thaniel, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize she will invariably end up in all new end game content and mostly replace Thaniel in HBH. 
    • Megaman > Tier 4. Sadly, Megaman suffers badly from Freebie syndrome. His kit is lackluster, and the best thing about him is his co-ability which really doesn't help him stand out much. 
  • November 27th, 2019
    • Further minor edits. 
    • Albert, Karina > Tier 2. Despite the power level these Adventurers have, they just don't see any use at high level play due to poor resistances and other Adventurers simply doing their job better. 
    • Joe, Xania, Johanna, Nicolas, Zardin > Tier 3. Despite their lower rarity affecting their ability to perform, these Adventurers still have kits that can perform at high levels, but require heavy investment. 
    • Aleen > Tier 4. Aleen's kit and low DPS fails to impress.
    • Ryozen Tier 5. A tanky kit but no DPS does no favors in the current meta. 
    • Hope > Tier 4. Hope is actually capable of healing, abet poorly. 
    • Xander, S!Cleo, V!Ezelith, Tier 2. Bad resistances or a meta that doesn't need them have resulted in these Adventurers being dropped down a peg. 
  • November 26th, 2019
    • As the new tier list solidifies, a few adjustments have been made. 
    • Fjorm > Tier 2. Fjorm's initial placement in tier 1 was in error. She has seen markedly less usage as the game has gone on. With new, harder difficulties that cannot be cheesed, her usage in mHBH and MG 50+ has dropped to record low numbers. She is still capable of the hardest content, but Elisanne is just better in nearly every regard. 
    • Yuya > Tier 5. Upon further review, Yuya's kit is broken, and not in a good way. Chicken at Heart completely negates him for a good chunk of many fights, and aside from that his numbers are spectacularly low. 
    • Rex > Tier 3. A closer look at Rex has proven him capable in eHBH, and potentially Master with enough investment. He's still not great, but he's passable. 
    • Aurien > Tier 5. Aurien is simply incapable of doing a healers job well, and winds up with the other junkers in Tier 5. 
    • G!Sarisse, H!Lowen > Tier 1. A new comp using H!Lowen and either G!Sarisse or Chelsea has emerged thanks to the power of the Dear Diary wyrmprint. This comp is highly successful in mHMS, comparable to the previously established Verica/Emma/Rena/Ramona comps. As such, G!Sarisse and H!Lowen are moved to tier 1 from 1.5. 
    • Ezelith/Naveed > Tier 4. Sadly, both Ezelith and Naveed are outshone by a multitude of Adventurers, and their DPS numbers are near the bottom of the barrel. Combined with their nearly irrelevant Sleep Resistance, and they are simply not viable in end game content. 
  • November 25th, 2019
    • Major changes! Tier list criteria redefined, entire list overhauled. 
    • Chelsea > Tier 1. Due to her overwhelming DPS, showings him mHMS and in eHMS, and high skill potential, Chelsea is placed in tier 1. 
    • Yuya > Tier 3. So far, Yuya has failed to make a splash, but his kit potentially has the tools to clear end game content, with the note that he has serious flaws. 


Let us know if there are any errors with the display! There is also continuous discussion of the Tier List on our Discord Channel and in the Community Forums. 

Adventurer Tier List Changelog


Filter Element

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Click / tap to expand. Tiers 1-2 separated by Element --> Quest --> Solo / Co-op

Tier 0

Well pick me up and blow me down! Karina, the pirate lass, do be the new Queen O' The Meta. She be the go to choice across multiple elements for quick and easy clears o' many a map, be they Agito, High Dragon, or Fat Dragons sittin' on a pile o' doubloons. If ye invest in any Adventurer, make sure it be Karina, the Pirate Queen o' Dragalia Lost.

ATTENTION YE SCURVY DOGS! BEHOLD THE NEW QUEEN O' THE META, KARINA THE PIRATE! She be Davy Jones' own crew, smashin' content regardless o' the element and performin' best in multiples, as well as bein' the best choice for Double Buff Exploitation regardless o' the Element. Karina do be the new meta, and all must pay tribute to the Pirate Queen.

Tier 1

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1

During dragondrive, Bellina possesses incredibly high damage output as a result of her strong standard attacks and Renegade Dragonfall. Bellina’s damage output increases the lower her current HP is, a task made easy by intentionally receiving paralysis from Legend Kai Yan’s opening attack. Additionally, Bellina stands as one of shadow’s premier dispellers, as her dispel is linked to Renegade Dragonfall, a skill that has near permanent uptime and instantaneous buff removal. In terms of damage and utility, Bellina is unparalleled, making her one of the go-to picks in Legend Kai Yan.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1

All of Bellina’s strengths in co-op carry over to solo play. Possessing high damage output and frequent dispels, you can’t go wrong choosing Bellina. However, as a result of the AI poorly managing Bellina’s dragondrive by exhausting the gauge through the overuse of Renegade Dragonfall and the usage of Renegade Shadowblaze, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control of Bellina.

Ciella (co-op) - Tier 1

Dragonyule Xainfried has recently become one of the premier buff bots of wind thanks to the recent release of Legend Ciella and the prevalence of defence doublebuff’s. His Skill 1 Dragon’s Gift possesses a respectable 5% strength and 22% critical rate team buf to wind attuned adventurers. This critical rate buff is perfect for enable the use of the Critical Damage Doublebuff print Felyne Hospitality, which combined with a potent defence buffer enables the damage units of a team to dash out some killer critical damage. To add to this utility, Dragonyule Xainfried possess a potent Skill 2 Breath of the Yuletide, which, while lacking in damage, grants 9% dragon gauge upon hit, and 13% dragon gauge once the user has shapeshifted. This enables Dragonyule Xainfried to frequently shapeshift, allowing him to abuse the skills of Freyja for a more healer and support oriented focus, or Midgardsormr for a more pseudo damage-support oriented setup. Both are perfectly capability of providing the right tpye of support utility to either increase survivability or eliminate the hit-counter bubbles or pesky strength-sapping bird minions during the fight. To add to his pseudo support-damage, he comes with the Primed Strength ability, which increases his strength by 15% for 10 seconds each time his Skill 1 is ready (15 second cooldown), and the Dragon’s Claws ability, which grants him an additional permanent strength buff per shapeshift, up to a maximum of 40% after three shapeshifts. This also combines well with his Dragon Claw’s chain co-ability, which buffs his strength permanently up to an additional 34% after three shapeshifts. Overall, Dragonyule Xainfried’s flexibility allows him to naturally fit into multiple roles suitable for the current Legend Ciella fight requirements.

Ciella (solo) - Tier 1

Dragonyule Xainfried is a fantastic choice in solo play just as he is in co-op. Xainfried’s Dragon’s Gift skill is still an incredibly potent offensive buff for wind teams utilizing the Felyne’s Hospitality wyrmprint, and Xainfried is also one of the best dragon gauge batteries in solo play (alongside Humanoid Midgardsormr) owing to his Breath of the Yuletide skill. When running a support centered build, Dragonyule Xainfried’s Primed Strength ability is a fairly useless one as his personal damage is quite weak. However, in solo play, his Primed Strength is a direct boon to the player controlled adventurer. Dragonyule Xainfried crowning gift in solo play though has to be his absolutely incredible co-ability. Skill Damage and Dragon’s Claws are both some of the strongest co-abilities and chain co-abilities available, and they are especially powerful in solo play where players are a lot more restricted in what co-abilities they may run.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 1

Adventurers like Ezelith are hard to come by in this game due to not only providing excellent raw damage output, but having great support utility to boost, making her a great all rounder overall. Her Skill 1 Howling Meteor, while long, allows her access to her Flash of Genius ability, which enables her to attain a perfect 100% crit rate for several seconds if she at least hits 10 times. Combining this with critical damage wyrmprints and a critical damage co-ability enables her to deal excessive amounts of damage utilising her normal hits and equipped skill shares. A relatively low SP cost enables her to keep great uptime of this ability also. The icing on the cake is her Skill 2 Brilliant Inferno, which not only gives her an incredible 50% strength buff for 20 seconds, but also grants her normal attacks a 35% chance to inflict a 10% defence down on the boss for 10 seconds. This on top of her Broken Punisher ability has made her a popular choice for speed run clears, in which she combines all her buffs into one skillshare attack.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1.5

Ezelith continues to be one of the most potent damage dealers in the flame element in solo just as she is in co-op. As always, Ezelith’s spectacular damage is most notably felt during the Break state due to her innate Broken Punisher. Because of this, it is SOMEWHAT RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Ezelith to properly set up for burst damage during Berserk, but Ezelith is still serviceable as an AI controlled unit.

Formal Noelle
Ciella (co-op) - Tier 1

At the time of the release of Legendary Ciella, Ciella is the Agito fight with the lowest necessity for a healer. She features no mechanics such as Plague like Volk, nor does she inflict as much unavoidable damage as Kai Yan. Although a healer is not entirely necessary in Legendary Ciella, they do make for incredibly comfortable and straightforward runs. And of the healers available, Formal Noelle is one of the best. Her skill 1 Goodwill Mission provides a very potent source of regeneration healing for 40 seconds, and at a relatively low SP cost, can be stacked to create an even stronger healing source. By utilising this skill she activates her Resolute Ambassador ability, which grants her the ‘Friendly Ties’ effect. While this is active, her next force strike will increase the entire team’s maximum HP by 15%, and will grant an additional HP recovery effect if the team has already maximised HP buffs (30%). This provides an additional layer of survivability for both support and damage characters while trying to survive Legend Ciella’s attacks. Additionally, Noelle is one of the very few available adventurers that can enable the use of the poison affliction in Legendary Ciella in spite of Ciella’s naturally high poison resistance. This is due to her Skill 2 Grim Missive, which deal average damage for the SP cost, can dispel a buff, and lower their poison resistance by 20% for 30 seconds. With a poison enabling shared skill (e.g. Formal Joachim) as well as Eleonora’s Skill Haste and Poison Edge co-abilities, Formal Noelle can easily maintain the presence of poison for the entire team. This also lends into her second ability Poisoned Punisher, which grants her an additional 30% increase in damage to poisoned enemies. Tie this with her chain co-ability, which grants her a strength buff of 13% for 15 seconds upon successful poison affliction (10 second cooldown), this positions Formal Noelle as an excellent healer with a decent source of damage.

CIella (solo) - Tier 1

Formal Noelle stands as one of the two strongest healers in the wind element alongside Lowen. Similarly to Lowen, Formal Noelle is also capable of dispelling buffs and increasing the maximum HP of the party in addition to their potent healing capabilities. Lowen’s buff dispel is tied to his first skill while Noelle’s is tied to her second skill. This means Noelle has the lower dispel frequency of the two healers. However, because AI controlled healers generally only use their healing skills when necessary, AI controlled Lowens tend to refrain from using his dispel-enabling skill. Although Formal Noelle has the lower potential dispelling frequency, in practice her rate of dispel may actually outpace Lowen due to her dispel being tied to an attacking skill and not a healing skill so she will always use it when available. Although Formal Noelle lacks Lowen’s defensive buff and bog cleansing tools, she does possess the unique capability of decreasing enemy poison res with her Grim Missive skill. Ciella on the legendary difficulty begins with an incredibly high base poison resistance, so Noelle is a fantastic choice to re-enable the viability of adventurers that are reliant on poison for damage (e.g. Louise, Sylas, Su Fang) and poison-oriented builds (e.g. A Man Unchanging). While Noelle may not provide the same degree of safety as Lowen, she still offers a fantastic amount of survivability to the team while opening up offensive options when it comes to team-building by re-enabling poison.

Gala Chelle
Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1

The introduction of the Legend difficulty of the Agito Uprising brought with it a slew of new mechanics, the most notable being the Berserk state. With increased defense, strength, and resistance to any and all afflictions, Kai Yan in his Berserk state both cuts your team’s damage output and dramatically ups the chances that you or one of your teammates may fall in combat. During the Berserk state, the highest priority is tearing the Overdrive gauge and forcing a break. Fortunately, Gala Chelle is tailor suited for that role with her beefy force strikes and innate Gauge Accelerator co-ability. Gala Chelle also possesses strength down capabilities via her Burlone Gatto skill, reducing the amount of damage from incoming attacks. She can also generate a damage reduction buff zone around her after several uses of this skill, granting even more survivability to teammates. Her Splendido Dominio skill also allows her to apply excellent Shadowblight affliction uptime to enemies, enabling good use of punisher prints.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1

Gala Chelle’s ability to push for a fast break in Berserk once again proves useful in solo play. Reducing the amount of time Kai Yan is active in Berserk is a potent strategy to ensure AI teammates have less blows to dodge. If players still face difficulty with incompetent AI, Gala Chelle’s Burlone Gatto can further up the survivability of your team by reducing Kai Yan’s strength. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control of Gala Chelle due to range AI generally attacking at the furthest possible distance, potentially putting Gala Chelle outside of Kai Yan’s Battleground, cutting her damage output in half.

Gala Leonidas
Volk (co-op) - Tier 1

Gala Leonidas stormed into the game at a time when the relevance of force strike centric units, primarily rapid fire manacasters, greatly increased due to the Berserk state of Legend Agito. His force strike absolutely rips through the overdrive gauge of Volk during Berserk mode, allowing for more opportunities to punish the boss during break, as well as reducing the uptime that Volk has to deal attacks to your allies. Gala Leonidas Skill 1 Sovereign Barrage is a good damage option, with the added benefit of inflicting Scorchrend, enabling for the effective use of Scorchrend punisher prints and his Ruthless Ignition ability, which grants him an increased 30% damage to foes afflicted with Scorchrend, and those who are in overdrive state. His Skill 2 Absolute Dominion provides another good damage source, can dispel a buff from an enemy, and grants him the Draconian Grace effect. By continuing to use his Skill 2, this effect will progressively get stronger until he hits level 5, in which he is granted a permanent 10% strength and 20% damage reduction buff for the remainder of the quest. Finally, his Conquering Scion ability enables him to shapeshift into Gala Mars, a strong dragon form which enables him to attain a 40% strength buff for 20 seconds by utilising his skill twice. The final piece of the puzzle is that while his level 5 Draconian Grace effect is active, shapeshifting into Gala Mars will reset this buff at the cost of reduced dragon time and shapeshift gauge use, allowing the user to begin acquiring levels of this effect again while keeping the permanent buffs from the level 5 version. His chain co-ability also support excellent dragon usage, as it gives shapeshift prep for each 50 hit combo.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1

Gala Leonidas is the premier AI controlled adventurer in the flame element. With the AI prioritizing the usage of his incredible hard-hitting force strike, Gala Leonidas will output fantastic amounts of damage even under computer control. Additionally, his skill Absolute Dominion increases his personal bulk by a sizable degree and is capable of dispelling Volk’s threatening strength buffs. Add together Absolute Dominion’s defensive perks and dispel, Conqueror’s Will’s dual affliction resistance, and manacasters naturally long striking distance, and what you get is an AI commanded adventurer that is not only incredibly powerful in the damage department but also incredibly safe.

Gala Luca
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Gala Luca’s kit is focused around gathering a variety of different buffs in order to increase his crit rate. Unfortunately for Gala Luca, Curse of Nihility makes it a challenge to gather a wide variety of buffs, but that’s not to say there are none available. HP regeneration buffs are typically present, and Gala Reborn Jeanne can provide Gala Luca with a light damage buff icon and a max HP buff icon. Though Gala Luca may not have nearly as many unique buff icons as he would without Curse of Nihility, he can still acquire a fairly high critical rate. The Shining Slash skill’s good damage modifiers and Gala Luca’s blade strength co-ability only further his damage output. In order to make use of Shining Slash’s additional effect of granting increased crit rate to dragon skills and the fact that Gala Luca wants to acquire a max HP buff icon from Gala Reborn Jeanne’s dragon skill, it is MODERATELY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Gala Luca.

Gala Mym
Volk (co-op) - Tier 1

As of this writing, Gala Mym firmly cements herself as the best damage dealing unit in the entire game, and for good reason. Her whole kit has excellent synergy to not only enable her to focus on building a kit which allows for excellent dragon uptime, taking advantage of dragon facilities in the process, but also grant her additional permanent buffs that enable her to ramp up to deal massive damage. This is primarily showcased through her Flamewyrm’s Nature ability, which not only boosts her strength by 15% for the remainder of the quest after 1 shapeshift and forces her to shapeshift into a strong dragon form (Brunhilda), but also shapeshifts her into an even stronger dragon form after the second time (High Brunhilda), with the additional perk of 15% attack rate while in this form for each subsequent shift. The Dragon Time ability helps enable her to punish enemies while in dragon form. To help get to each dragon form, her Skill 1 Dragon Claw deals excellent damage, provides dragon gauge on successful hit, and boosts her strength by 20% for 10 seconds. Her Skill 2 is also an excellent damage choice which gets powered up after her first shapeshift. Finally, she has the Dragon Claws chain co-ability, which grants increasing permanent strength buffs per shapeshift after three times. With a wide range of wyrmprints to add to her synergy of granting buffs after a successful shapeshift for the remainder of a quest, or add to her damage in dragon form, it's no wonder Gala Mym has the perfect damage kit in the game.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1

As the premier damage dealer in the flame element, Gala Mym remains an incredible choice in Legendary Volk solo. Due to the fact that a sizable portion of Gala Mym’s damage output is centered upon shapeshift, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control over Gala Mym in order to actually make usage of her potent dragon form.

Gala Notte
Ciella (co-op) - Tier 1

Sweet sassy molassy! Gala Notte has quickly asserted herself as one of the go to damage dealers in Legendary Ciella immediately after her Gala summon showcase was first made available. Gala Notte forgoes the traditional shapeshift mechanic in favor of a Metamorphosis Gauge that allows her to transform into Mega Notte, a mechanic fairly reminiscent of Tiki’s Divine Dragon Gauge. However, unlike Tiki who possesses a pathetically weak non-transformed form, Gala Notte is strong both transformed and not. In her non-transformed state, Notte possesses fairly strong damaging skills in the forms of her Skill 1 Faerie Punishment and Skill 2 Faerie Illusion, both of which are capable of dispelling buffs from Ciella, granting dragon gauge and dealing respectable damage for their SP costs. This allows for a much higher degree of flexibility for teammates as there will be a much lower reliance of dispelling shared skills when removing Ciella’s stacks of defence buffs in phase 2. Gala Notte’s untransformed state also possesses a unique standard attack combo that has an unparalleled hit rate, making Notte the perfect choice to quickly rid of Ciella’s hit-counter bubbles. In her transformed state, Gala Notte can enable the stormlash affliction with her upgraded Skill 1 Faerie Circlet, allowing teammates to utilize the ‘Sweet Surprise’ Stormlashed Punisher wyrmprint. Additionally, Mega Notte is fantastic at clearing Ciella’s summoned raptor minions as her standard attacks can immediately shatter their shields (akin to a dragon shapeshift form) and her shapeshifted form is immune to the 50% strength penalty if hit by the raptors’ attacks. Not only does Notte possess fantastic tools for damage, she is also incredibly easy to use thanks to her Faerie Blessing ability which grants immunity to bog and freeze. Notte does not have to rely on her teammates to break her out of the frozen state, nor does she have to worry about getting caught by bog and becoming at high risk for death soon after. Notte also boasts respectable damage modifiers for her upgraded skills in her Metamorphosis form, including her Skill 2 Faerie Glory, making her an excellent choice of burst by instantly casting these skills upon shapeshift. To round off an excellent kit, her Flurry Strength ability increases her strength by 20% when combo count is 15 or higher, which is quite easy for her to perform.

Ciella (solo) - Tier 1

One of the benefits of co-op play is the ability for all 4 adventurers to utilize shared skills. This dramatically decreases the burden of dispelling in co-op play as each player can bring a source of dispel.The same cannot be said about Legendary Ciella in solo. Legendary Ciella has one of the highest dispelling requirements of any quest in Dragalia Lost as she frequently gives herself three stacks of defense buffs after the first phase of the fight. Failing to remove these defense buffs will spell a likely time out for the player. Gala Notte excels in solo play due to her unrivaled dispel frequency as she has buff dispels on both of her skills outside of Metamorphosis. Within Metamorphosis, Gala Notte loses her ability to dispel, but as a tradeoff she gains the ability to inflict stormlash with her Faerie Circlet skill. Notte is tailor suited to Legendary Ciella as she gets to freely bypass many of the punishing mechanics of the fight. There are certain attacks that will inflict adventurer’s with an incredibly harsh 50% strength decrease (e.g. Ciella’s summoned raptors, the mist variant of TIdes of Despair). When Notte is in her Metamorphosis form, she is immune to being affected by this strength penalty. If Notte happened to have been stricken by this debuff while not as Mega Notte, then she can quickly shapeshift to clear them as her Metamorphosis Gauge readies itself incredibly fast. Another way Notte is capable of bypassing Ciella’s mechanics is due to her Faerie Blessing ability which makes her immune to both freeze and bog; players simply do not have to worry about Ciella’s many attacks that apply said afflictions. When controlled by the AI and not the lead adventurer, Gala Notte will never utilize her transformed state, therefore it is MODERATELY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Gala Notte. But Notte is still a fantastic choice for an AI controlled adventurer as her non-transformed state still has strong damage output and will be the most reliable dispelling option for the player.

Gala Prince
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Although Curse of Nihility removes Gala Prince’s supportive team buffs on the Rising Circlet and Exalted Glory skills, the Prince’s personal damage output remains respectable as far as light adventurers go in Master Lilith. Rising Circlet possesses okay damage while Exalted Glory is one the hardest-hitting skills in Dragalia. In addition to his skills, the Prince boasts one of the strongest shapeshift forms due to his Dragonlight’s Resolve ability and Shapeshifting Boost co-ability. In solo play the Prince can shapeshift incredibly frequently due to his Draconic Charge ability and the Tír na nÓg skill from light Agito weapons. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Gala Prince in order to capitalize on his strong shapeshift.

Gala Ranzal
Gala Zena
Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1

Grace stands as one of the most powerful support adventurers in the game, and Legend Kai Yan is no exception. A healer without any team healing, Grace provides beefy Life Shields and defense buffs that allow teammates to withstand massive blows unscathed. Not only do Grace’s Life Shields block damage, they also provide immunity to Kai Yan’s afflictions. Throw in the fact that her force strike doubles as a readily available, on demand buff dispel and it becomes fairly evident as to why Grace is the go to ‘healer’ for endgame shadow content. Grace is already incredibly strong in a vacuum, and her dominance is furthered by how well she syncs with high DPS units that prefer to stay at low health (e.g. Bellina, Veronica, Natalie) as well as the doublebuff compositions that are pervasive in endgame teams.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1

As the strongest defensive unit in the game, Grace is near essential in solo Legend Kai Yan. Providing AI teammates the ability to tank hits and avoid afflictions allows for significantly smoother runs. Additionally, Grace’s AI prioritizes dispelling Kai Yan’s buffs and Adamantine Shield, making one less headache for the player to manage. Grace’s force strike damage co-ability also can help achieve faster breaks in solo.

Halloween Lowen
Volk (co-op) - Tier 1

Halloween Lowen continues to be one of two premier healers available for flame endgame content. His Skill 1 You Won’t Trick Me! provides great initial burst heal, excellent regenerative healing over 15 seconds, and a defense buff of 10% for 5 seconds to tank an incoming unavoidable attack. This defense buff can also enable the use of doublebuff prints, especially with a relatively decent SP cost. His Skill 2 Here’s a Treat for You! is the real star of the show, providing a significant heal with the added bonus of increasing all allies HP by 10% for the remainder of the quest. This effect can stack up to 3 times, allowing Halloween Lowen to make damage dealing units have the ability to tank more incoming hits and allowing for greater survivability. His abilities, while nothing special, provide him with useful utility to combat Volk’s mechanics. His Skill Prep 75% ability, combined with an additional Skill prep wyrmprint, allows him to instantly remove plague at the beginning of the legend quest, while his Force Charge ability allows him to summon his Skills instantly utilizing a staff force strike if stuck in a tricky situation in which a unit is in danger of being knocked out.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1

Halloween Lowen is a fantastic healer in solo as he has one of the most defensively oriented kits of any healer, providing frequent defense buffs with You Won’t Trick Me! As well as a max HP buff with Here’s a Treat For You! His innate Skill Prep and Force Charge passive abilities also enable him to effortlessly handle the plague requirements present in the beginning of Legendary Volk’s first phase.

Ciella (co-op) - Tier 1

Released in the 2.5 Anniversary tie-in event, Humanoid Midgardsormr is not only the strongest free adventurer ever given, Humanoid Midgarsormr is one of the strongest wind adventurers period. Evidenced by his Windwyrm’s Nature ability, Shapeshift Prep ability and Dragon Haste chain co-ability, Humanoid Midgardsormr is an adventurer focused entirely around frequently shapeshifting and doing incredible amounts of damage in his dragon form. Unfortunately for Midgardsormr, Ciella frequently cancels out shapeshifts throughout the fight which will decrease Midgardsormr’s raw damage output. Fortunately for Midgardsormr, his non-shapeshifted form is quite excellent as well. Both of his skills Ancient Tempest and Catastrophic Blast possess high damage modifiers with the latter possessing the ability to enable the stormlash affliction for the team to capitalize on with the Sweet Surprise wyrmprint. Humanoid Midgardsormr is a fantastic choice to combat Legendary Ciella with his high damage potential and possession of stormlash, the premier affliction of choice against Ciella.

Ciella (solo) - Tier 1

Do not be fooled by the fact that Humanoid Midgardsormr is a free unit. He is currently one of the strongest wind adventurers available at the time of writing. Midgardsormr’s kit is fairly similar to his fellow humanoid Greatwyrm, Gala Mym. Midgardsormr’s skill Ancient Tempest possesses a large damage modifier while also increases the dragon gauge by 3.5% upon hit. Ancient Tempest’s dragon gauge increase coupled with Midgardsormr’s co-abilities of Skill Haste and Dragon Haste, and his Shapeshift Prep ability allows him to shapeshift early and frequently. Not only can Midgardsormr shapeshift often, but in his dragon form he also does exceptional damage thanks to the 18% dragon damage granted by his ability Windwyrm’s Nature. Due to Legendary Ciella possessing a naturally high resistance to the poison affliction, stormlash is the most preferable affliction available and Humanoid Midgardsormr is one of the few wind adventurers that can consistently apply it with his skill Catastrophic Blast which has a low skill energy cost and good damage modifiers. Humanoid Midgardsormr’s high damage skills and frequent shapeshifting makes him synergize incredibly well with Dragonyule Xainfried’s incredible Skill Damage and Dragon’s Claws co-abilities. Although Humanoid Midgardsormr is still an incredible damage dealer, he is generally a less popular choice in Legendary Ciella compared to other stormlash enablers such as Gala Notte and Valentine’s Chelsea due to his lack of buff dispelling utility. In order to capitalize on Midgardsormr’s fantastic and frequent shapeshifts it is MODERATELY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Humanoid Midgardsormr, but he is still serviceable as a stormlash enabler and dragon gauge battery when controlled by the AI.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

Curse of Nihility significantly hampered Ilia’s damage output by stripping her of her alchemic cartridge mechanic. Ilia no longer has access to her incredibly potent unique force strike from her Alchemic Enhancement skill nor does she have access to her Critical Output ability. Yet in spite of these restrictions, Ilia remains one of the strongest light attuned adventurers against Lilith. Ilia’s Enigma ability allows her to achieve a high uptime on DPS as she can continue to damage Lilith even when evading attacks. Ilia’s Drive Buster skill boasts good damage modifiers, though it’s main boon is that it possesses the flashburn affliction. Ilia is one of the rare sources of flashburn and has one of the highest uptimes for the affliction. This allows teams with Ilia to utilize Flashburn punisher prints to heavily increase their overall damage output. It is MODERATELY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Ilia in order to make the most usage of her standard attack-dodge roll attack sequence.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

Similar to Karina and Xander, Lapis’ skill Graceful Bullet gains increasing skill damage scaling proportional to the number of buffs received. While Curse of Nihility has absolutely neutered Karina and Xander by severely limiting the number of buffs they can receive, Lapis has managed to escape a similar fate. This is due to Graceful Bullet possessing a high base damage modifier in a trade off of having a cap on the buff scaling aspect of the skill. Additionally, Lapis, owing to her rapid fire manacaster archetype, possesses a fairly strong force strike. Finally, Lapis also has one of the highest potential dispel uptimes in the game with her skill Fantastic Flight. This is especially handy against Lilith as she increases her own strength at a fairly quick rate. It is SOMEWHAT RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Lapis in order to capitalize on her force strike mobility, but it’s not necessary. Lapis is perfectly serviceable when controlled by the AI.

Ciella (co-op) - Tier 1

The first ever clears of Legendary Ciella in co-op almost always featured Lowen. This is because there are no other staves in the wind element that are as safe and comfortable as Lowen. Although clears with Lowen are noticeably slower than those without the use of a healer, Lowen offers a high degree of safety and reduces the likelihood that a player will experience heavy punishment from a single slip up. Lowen has one of the highest potential dispel frequencies of all wind adventurers thanks to his Pure Soul ability. Also because Lowen’s dispel is tied to a unique force strike, he can save his dispel for when it is actually needed with no drawback. Additionally, bog is the most dangerous affliction present in Legendary Ciella and teammates that have been affected by bog have a very high chance of falling in battle. Fortunately, Lowen’s Winds, Heal Us! skill has the ability to cure the bog affliction from any teammates at the time of casting. Lowen is one of the most reliable adventurers in Legendary Ciella for those who wish to prioritize safety and consistency over speed.

Ciella (solo) - Tier 1

As far as wind attuned healers go, none can match the pure defensive capabilities of Lowen. The Winds, Protect Us! Skill provides a 15 second defense increase as well as a maximum HP increase to the entire party for the entire duration of the quest. The Winds, Heal Us! Skill is a potent burst heal that also has the unique ability to remove the bog affliction from any adventurers affected by it at the time of the casting of Winds, Heal Us! One of the most dangerous attacks in solo Legendary Ciella is Floor of Despair due to the fact that AI controlled adventurers may not de-target Ciella, making it exceedingly difficult for the player to try and get their AI allies protected behind the cryogenic meteor. Lowen’s burst healing, defense buff, maximum HP buff, and bog cleanse when paired with another defensive support adventurer such as Templar Hope can enable the entire team to be bulky enough to simply absorb all the damage from the oncoming Floors of Despair. Not only is Lowen a fantastic choice for ensuring safe runs, he is also capable of increasing the total damage output of the team by a surprising degree. With his Pure Soul ability, Lowen is one of the few sources of buff dispelling in the wind element, allowing him to clear some of Ciella’s defensive buffs after her first phase. Another way Lowen increases team damage comes in the form of his Critical Rate Doublebuff chain co-ability, which will have near 100% uptime due to the sheer popularity of Templar Hope and doublebuff builds in the wind element, especially for solo play.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 1

Marth is the definition of a well-rounded adventurer. Capable of outputting decent damage, good uptime on the burn affliction, and fairly strong team buffs from his Skill 2 Fire Emblem, Marth is a potent and flexible pick for flame content. What truly sets Marth apart from the competition though is Last Boost, which enables the team to output an astonishingly high amount of burst damage in an incredibly short window of time. However, although Marth is a solid choice outside of Last Boost, if the player is not actively centering the ability as a core part of the game plan, it is hard to recommend using him over other flame adventurers. His Skill 1 Flickering Flames is a decent damage dealer for the sp cost, with the added bonus of applying burn for burning punisher wyrmprint abuse, and a decent recovery potency to boot. His Skill 2 Fire Emblem provides excellent support and damage utility while the foe is afflicted with burn, and has increasing support potency as it undergoes skill shift, to a maximum state of 30% attack rate for 10 seconds, a 10% strength buff for 10 seconds to the team, and a 10% strength buff to himself. His second ability Whirlwind Devastation, as well as his chain co-ability, grants him an additional 13% critical rate and 13% strength buff when the combo count is 10 or higher respectively. Due to the amount of hits his Skill 1 possesses this should be relatively easy to get and maintain for Legend Volk. All of these options overall continue to make him an effective option for flame endgame content.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1.5

Marth is a great adventurer in the hands of the computer, providing strong damage, decent team support buffs with Fire Emblem, and high burn uptime with Flickering Flames. Although Flickering Flames’ HP regeneration effect is fairly negligible in co-op, it is a noticeable boon for ensuring the survival for AI that frequently find themselves taking damage. Marth’s co-abilities in Dragon Haste and Above 10 Hits = Strength also contributes a fairly substantial increase in the overall damage output of the team due to good co-abilities having a much larger sway in solo play than in co-op. However, it should be noted that Marth’s defining tool in Last Boost, is not well managed by AI control, so the player may choose to assume control over Marth at key points to activate it (using Grace’s Sorrow’s Requiem via helper skills while controlling Marth is actually a guaranteed way of activating Last Boost. Players can swap to Marth and use this helper skill at moments such as Break to dish out massive damage).

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1

When Patia was first released during the anniversary of Dragalia Lost, she was an incredibly underwhelming adventurer. But thanks to a mana spiral dropped in January of 2020, the Swift Sparrow has solidified herself as one of the best support adventurers in the game. Not only does Patia provide a massive amount of strength and defense buffs to her allies, she also enables the usage of doublebuff compositions (e.g Brothers in Arms, Felyne Hospitality, First-Rate Hospitality) to further skyrocket the damage output of whatever team she is placed in. Patia is especially helpful in increasing the rate at which Grace triggers healing doublebuff, allowing Grace to renew her Life Shields at full health capacity more frequently.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1

Patia has a similar function in solo as she does in co-op: turn the team into walking fortresses and amplify the team’s overall damage output via strength buffs and doublebuff procs. Patia’s enabling of doublebuff compositions also allows for AI teammates to utilize healing doublebuff (e.g. Odd Sparrows, The Dragon Smiths) to further ensure survival. It should be noted that Patia’s AI is not the smartest as it will continually use Swift Skewer, resulting in a lowered DPS. However, this is a fairly marginal loss so Patia is perfectly fine being controlled by the AI for the entire duration of the quest.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Pecorine accumulates a large quantity of strength buffs through her ability Food is the Source of All Life ★ and her Princess Valiance skill, both of which are gone due to Curse of Nihility. Despite losing out on her strength, Pecorine can still rely on her massive skill damage modifier on Princess Valiance and her equally strong special force strike damage modifier. It should be noted that Pecorine has incredibly long skill animations that are prone to being interrupted, so players should familiarize themselves with the best opportunities to use Pecorine’s skills. The base version of the Princess Strike skill has a similarly unwieldy animation time, such that the damage gained is not worth. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Pecorine because the AI will unnecessarily use base Princess Strike skill and also the AI is more prone to being interrupted during Pecorine’s long skill animations.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

Ryszarda cements herself as one of the strongest adventurers in Master Lilith thanks to Curse of Nihility having almost no effect on her. Curse of Nihility does not remove Ryszarda’s ‘Raphael’s Steel’ buff granted by her unique Raphael’s Covenant force strike, nor does it remove her ‘Raphael’s Embrace’ buff granted by her Lentus Oracle skill. As a result, Ryszarda has incredible damage output for a light adventurer in Master Lilith. Additionally, Ryszarda is one of the few light attuned adventurer’s that can inflict the flashburn affliction. With the absence of many buffs, affliction punisher builds are incredibly strong for increasing the damage output of the team, so Ryszarda’s flashburn is invaluable. Additionally, Ryszarda after Sigil Release gains access to an alternate standard attack combo that can dispel on the final attack. This is a very useful tool for clearing Lilith’s frequent self-strength buffs to ensure the survivability of the team. Unfortunately, due to the long amount of time it takes for Ryszarda to acquire this dispel attack, it cannot be relied upon as the sole source of dispel, otherwise Lilith will have already given herself an incredible amount of strength. When controlled by the AI, Ryszarda will not effectively utilize her Sigil Release standard attack combo and therefore will not be able to dispel. For this reason it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control of Ryszarda.

Summer Celliera
Templar Hope
Ciella (co-op) - Tier 1

Similar to his prior role in Master Ciella, Templar Hope returns as one of the premier support adventurers in the wind element. Templar Hope’s skill Knight’s Spirit is a potent team buff that raises the entire team’s strength by 15% and defense by 25% for 15 seconds. This makes Hope one of the best available team strength buffers for wind as well as the only one that can truly enable powerful doublebuff wyrmprint builds for the team. Templar Hopes frequent team defense buffs as well as his Healing Doublebuff (Team) ability allow him to be a perfectly viable substitute for a dedicated healer in Legendary Ciella. Additionally, Templar Hope also possesses full resistance to both the freeze and bog afflictions, which is especially beneficial in Legendary Ciella as she possesses unavoidable attacks that inflict players with said afflictions.

Ciella (solo) - Tier 1

Legendary Ciella has a wide plethora of attacks that the AI are simply terrible at avoiding such as Floor of Despair and Frigid Beam. Templar Hope's rapid output of defensive buffs and Healing Doublebuff (Team) heavily mitigates the chances that AI controlled teammates fall to these attacks. In addition to the massive increase to team survivability, Templar Hope also offers a great degree of strength buffs and enables the usage of the powerful doublebuff wyrmprints such as Sisters of the Anvil and Felyne Hospitality. The offensive and defensive supportive capabilities make Templar Hope a staple for quick and comfy runs of Legendary Ciella.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 1

Ever since the release of her mana spiral, Valentine’s Hildegarde has risen from obscurity to rival Halloween Lowen as being the premier healer option for the flame element. Her Skill 1 Blooming Love provides instant healing, a good amount of regenerative healing for 15 seconds, and two levels of energy to the entire team. Her Skill 2 Holy Protection, while having a significant sp cost, grants a one-use shield that can protect allies 40% of their hp, which can be a life-saver in certains scenarios. This skill also provides three levels of energy to the entire team, helping towards energising units for use in boosting the damage of their skills or healing effects. While these two skills don’t compare to the healing and defence output of Halloween Lowen, Valentine’s Hildegarde has her own mechanisms of providing defence utility with her offence utility of energy via her abilities. Her Rosy Saint ability is the primary reason why she has boosted herself into tier 1 status, allowing her to have on demand strength down and dispel utility by using her forcestrike on the enemy. To top it all off, she boasts the Skill Prep and Skill Charge ability, allowing her to cast her heals at the beginning of Volk quests instantly for plague removal, as well as allowing her to regenerate her skills slightly quicker.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1.5

Valentine’s Hildegarde is a fantastic choice for a healer in Legendary Volk solo, offering strong heals as well as an on command force strike that can reduce Volk’s strength and dispel a buff from him. However, although Hildegarde provides a decent degree of survivability, she is generally less preferable to Halloween Lowen whose defense and max HP buffs provide a safe cushion for danger prone adventurers controlled by the AI. Additionally, when compared to Halloween Lowen’s decent HP 60 = Strength chain co-ability, Valentine’s Hildegarde’s HP Below 40 = Strength chain co-ability is just flatly worthless in solo play as AI controlled adventurers are not good at surviving below 40% HP, and AI controlled Hildegarde would heal them if they dropped below 40% anyways.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1

Simply put, Veronica is one of the most explosive adventurers in the game. At low HP, against an opponent afflicted by poison, her Gespent will consistently deal damage in the millions. Teams centered on Veronica can burst down Kai Yan’s first phase in a blink of an eye and tear through most of his second phase in similar time. However, although Veronica teams can reach the Berserk state significantly faster than other teams, they will be stuck in a disproportionately longer Berserk due to Veronica’s relatively poor Overdrive gauge damage and Kai Yan’s immunity to Poison. Even without Poison though Veronica will always be a reliable source of raw damage for the shadow element.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1

As in co-op, Veronica remains a walking nuclear warhead in solo. The pressures of buff dispelling and forcing breaks in solo play are much laxer than that of co-op. As a result, many of Veronica’s weaknesses (compared to other adventurers such as Bellina and Gala Chelle) are mitigated. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control over Veronica as she is a fragile unit that prefers staying at minimal health. Additionally, range AI is fairly poor in Legend Kai Yan since AI controlled units will attack at maximum distance, often placing themselves outside of Kai Yan’s Battleground which will severely cut into Veronica’s damage output.


Tier 1.5

Dragonyule Lily
Volk (co-op) - Tier 1.5

Ever since the release of his mana spiral Euden has continued to be one of the premier free to play units for endgame content offerings for the flame element. His kit, similar to that of Gala Mym’s, is focused on utilising dragon form as much as possible to ramp up his damage during a quest. Unlike Gala Mym though, he doesn’t have some of the added perks or abilities which provide a further power boost needed for him to be considered a tier 1 damage option. His Skill 1 Blazing Circlet provides a good source of damage at a relatively low sp cost, as well as filling the dragon gauge on connection and inflicting the enemy with burn, allowing him to be an excellent source of maintaining burner punisher wyrmrpint use. His Skill 2 Exalted Fire, while relatively slow and weak for damage, provides a nice 5% defence down for 10 seconds on the enemy. His Dragon Claws ability meanwhile grants him ever increasing stacks of strength per shapeshift, which goes hand in hand with his kit which primarily grants him dragon gauge. His final ability Dragon’s Dominance, while nothing special grants him the ability to dispel utilising standard attacks in dragon form, making him a good source of removing strength buffs during Legend Volk. This kit in tandem with wyrmprints that synergizes well with dragon centric use, as well as the use of Gala Mars, makes him a solid option for Legend Volk.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1.5

Although the Prince stands in the shadows of Gala Mym in terms of damage, he is still a great option for Legendary Volk freely available to all players of the game. Though the Prince may not dish out the raw numbers of Gala Mym, he does narrow the gap somewhat by providing a serviceable uptime on the burn affliction with the Blazing Circlet skill, applying a small defense reduction with the Exalted Fire skill, and dispelling buffs—albeit fairly infrequently—during shapeshift due to the Dragon’s Dominance ability. The Prince is fairly reliant on the shapeshift mechanic to build up stacks of Dragon’s Claws to do good damage, therefore it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control of the Prince.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1.5

Forte’s kit requires a fair bit of time to ramp up as she grows more powerful after shapeshifting and acquiring stacks of Dragon’s Claws. Fortunately for her, Legend Kai Yan’s extended fight duration gives her an ample amount of time to scale up, leading to extremely high damage output. Forte’s damage is fairly reliant on the presence of poison as she features innate Poisoned Punisher and increased Dragonbrood Demonspear damage against poisoned foes. As a result, Forte suffers a noticeable decline in damage during the Berserk state. Nevertheless, by the time Berserk arrives, Forte will have stacked a substantial amount of Dragon’s Claws strength buffs and will retain her high damage output, even without poison. It should be noted that although Forte’s frequent shapeshifting adds much to her strengths, Cat Sìth’s mediocre dragon form will feel a bit clumsy, and Forte cannot exit shapeshift quickly when protected by Grace Life Shields. However, timing shapeshifts close to when Legend Kai Yan summons any dualism or attacks that places a Sun or Moon buff over the associated character can negate this penalty somewhat.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1.5

Forte remains a viable option for clearing Legend Kai Yan solo with her incredible damage output. It should be noted that as a lance, her HP co-ability does overlap with the popular pick of Patia which very slightly reduces her value. Forte’s potential is entangled in the shapeshift mechanic, something that backline AI teammates are incapable of utilizing. With this in mind, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control over Forte.

Gala Alex
Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1.5

Gala Alex possesses one of the most flexible kits in the game making her a fantastic choice for Legend Kai Yan. Capable of outputting a flurry of high damage skills in an unparalleled fire rate, Gala Alex is fairly reliant on the presence of overdamage (e.g. Goldfish of the Hereafter, Crystalline Magic) to maintain stacks of Gala Cat Sìth’s Skillful Trickery. Unfortunately, the healing aspect of the available overdamage shared skills means that Gala Alex doesn’t always bode well for other adventurers such as Bellina and Veronica who wish to stay at low health. Despite this, Gala Alex still provides a large degree of utility in the form of a source of poison, a defense debuff, and a dispel (albeit a tricky one to use). As expected of a sword adventurer, Gala Alex’s force strikes allow for very high Overdrive gauge damage during Berserk, especially when coupled with the defense reduction within her kit. Gala Alex can both push for break states faster and capitalize on them due to having one of the highest damage outputs in the game while the opponent is broken (which fortunately for her is where most of the damage is done during Berserk). Gala Alex has a ceiling that can go toe to toe with the adventurers residing in higher tier placements, but lack of synergy with other adventurers as well as a harder to use dispel makes her a less comfortable and less popular choice.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1

In solo, the player has to pull most of the weight. It is in these moments that Gala Alex’s Swiss Army Knife-like flexibility truly shines. High damage. Poison. Defense reduction. Dispels. High Overdrive gauge damage. With so many tools at the player’s fingertips, one will have much less need to rely on AI teammates to do their jobs. Gala Alex also possesses one of the highest skill uptimes in the entire game allowing for a high frequency on i-frames to protect allies during the Berserk state. The AI for Gala Alex is quite poor at managing Gala Alex’s Skill Reservoir, Skill Chain, poison, and dispel, thus it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control over Gala Alex.

Gala Elisanne
Gala Laxi
Volk (co-op) - Tier 1.5

While not boasting the raw damage potential of Gala Mym, Gala Laxi is still a strong damage option within the flame element. As a gala unit, her unique mechanic is tied to her Resonant Hearts ability, which provides a charge gauge of three bars. By filling these bars using either her standard or delayed combo (tapping 0.5 seconds after each attack), this charge gauge grants ever increasing effects which include: defence +20% (1 charge), skill damage +15% (2 charges), and strength +15% (3 charges). Once the charge gauge is filled, Gala Laxi can then utilise her Skill 2 Eden Mode, a mode which grants her a unique pet (Fig) which deals damage to the boss at a consistent rate, as well as empowering her damage for her Skill 1 and Skill 2 while active for 20 seconds. This is where her raw damage will lie. Her Skill 1 Code 14: Conviction, rather unimpressive skill damage wise while not powered, will transform into Eden Code 05: Gavurah, which deals respectable damage within a short time frame and a small sp cost. It also applies burn, which can enable for decent uptime of the burning punisher wyrmprint. Her Skill 2 meanwhile transforms into Eden Code 01: Keter, which deals heavy damage at a reduced sp cost, allowing for it to be used approximately 2 times if the user’s damage output is uninterrupted. To add to this raw damage is her Critical Frenzy ability, which grants her a 4% critical rate buff for every 15 hit combo up to 3 times, and adds 4% to the critical damage modifier up to 10 times each time a critical hit is performed. Considering that Gala Laxi is able to rapidly generate her hit count through the use of her delayed combo, added with additional wyrmprints and co-abilities enabling her to generate a higher amount of critical rate, she will have no troubles getting these perks going.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1

When managed by the AI, Gala Laxi will always use her alternative long distance standard attack string which allows her to output high amounts of damage and strike from a safe distance. The ability Mana Kiln grants Gala Laxi resistance to both stun and sleep which will shield the AI from getting stricken by afflictions from Volk’s attacks in the absence of plague, and the Resonant Hearts ability also bolsters up Gala Laxi’s personal defense, further upping her personal survivability. It should be noted that AI controlled adventurers are not the greatest at maintaining combo counts, so Gala Laxi may face moments where she cannot properly utilize her Critical Frenzy ability. Nonetheless, Gala Laxi is one of the premier AI controlled adventurers in Legendary Volk owing to her high damage and fantastic bulk.

Gala Leif
Halloween Mym
Volk (co-op) - Tier 1.5

Halloween Mym’s recent surge in popularity has resulted in her support utility being an excellent enabler of speedrun clears of difficult content. Her Skill 1 Charming Trick deals a laughable amount of damage but provides a defence down zone of 15% for 10 seconds to help boost the damage of supporting adventurers in the party. Her Skill 2 Tempering Fancy is an additional layer of support, granting all flame-attuned adventurers a 20% strength buff for 15 seconds, as well as granting herself the Dream Boost effect for 15 seconds. The Dream Boost effect not only grants herself a 5% critical rate buff, but also adds 20% to the dragon damage modifier while shapeshifted via her Draconic Dream ability. This ability also grants her a 100% defence while shapeshifted, allowing her to tank a few attacks without reducing the dragon gauge significantly while shapeshifted. Her Flamewyrm’s Sweet Nature ability is similar to that of Gala Mym, but only grants her the ability to shapeshift into a modified strong version of Brunhilda with a 15% attack rate buff. Overall, Halloween Mym’s support utility is not to be underestimated, but don’t expect her to pack the punch damage wise.

Hunter Sarisse
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

Although Hunter Sarisse may have lost out of the force strike damage and force strike charge rate buffs from her two skills, she is still one of the most potent damage dealers for Master Lilith as far as water adventurers go. Sarisse’s hefty force strikes are capable of outputting very high amounts of damage while also removing massive chunks of the Overdrive Gauge. Sarisse is the pinnacle of a straightforward selfish damage dealer. Hunter Sarisse’s force strike takes a relatively long time to fully charge, and during that duration, the AI will remain completely stationary when controlling her. This may cause Sarisse in the hands of the AI to swallow a lot of hits as well as interrupting her force strike charging, therefore it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the player assumed control of Hunter Sarisse.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1.5

Wielding both a knife and a gun, Joker is a man of many talents. Possessing a two-charge force strike that is capable of dispelling on command, Joker can make quick work of Kai Yan’s Adamantine Shield with minimal effort. In addition to easy dispelling, Joker’s unique force strike has a very high modifier against the Overdrive gauge making him an incredible pick for forcing Kai Yan quickly into the Break state during Berserk. However, Joker’s personal damage output, although good, is not quite in the same league as the likes of Bellina or Veronica.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1

Forgoing the shapeshift gauge for a Persona gauge, Joker can use his “dragon” form even as an AI. This allows for Joker to maintain a damage output as an AI comparable to a player controlled version. Will of Rebellion gives Joker an intrinsic 6% defense increase making him a fairly bulky unit. In addition to this bulk, Joker’s Phantom Barrage and Eiha both inflict a sizable strength debuff on foes, increasing the survivability of the entire team. When coupled with other adventurers such as Patia, Grace, and/or Delphi, party members will be able to survive a surprising amount of hits even during Berserk. As an AI, Joker will prioritize dispelling buffs with his two-charge force strike. Joker’s strength reduction and dispelling capabilities even allow solo compositions to forgo healers/Grace altogether. Although Joker is a great choice for a player controlled unit, he still performs remarkably well when managed by the AI.

Kimono Luca
Lin You
Ciella (solo) - Tier 1.5

Dragalia’s resident kung fu master possesses a kit centered entirely on maintaining high combo counts to propel her crit rate to do massive sustained damage, perfect for a crit damage metagame that heavily utilizes the Felyne Hospitality wyrmprint. Kung Fu Mastery grants up to an additional 50% increase to Lin You’s critical rate so long as her HP is greater than or equal to 70% and her current combo count is 50 or above. Lin You’s chain co-ability of 10 Hits = Strength further emphasizes her combo centric kit. Luckily for Lin You, she possesses the tools to rake up her hit count and maintain it: her intrinsic Skill Haste & Combo Time ability, her skill Heaven’s Breath which increases her attack rate by 20%, and her skill Typhoon Fist which does 7 (10 hits while Heaven’s Breath is active) and grants Lin You 3 special force strikes which summon a small vortex that do an additional 5 hits. Despite possessing a special force strike, Lin You’s force strike is fairly weak in terms of damage to the Overdrive Gauge, therefore Lin You struggles more against Ciella’s Berserk state compared to other adventurers such as Gala Ranzal. Fortunately for Lin You, Ciella’s Berserk state is much less threatening compared to Volk and Kai Yan in terms of how much damage Ciella’s attacks do. Unfortunately though, Ciella’s preceding phases also give Lin You some trouble. Legendary Ciella possesses many attacks that result in a break in combat (e.g. Tides of Despair, Mist Veil, Floor of Despair) which may make maintaining combo challenging even with Lin You’s combo time. The loss of potential 40% critical rate and the requirement to rebuild a combo count of 50 is incredibly punishing and causes a sharp drop in Lin You’s damage output. Because of the relatively poor ability for AI controlled adventurers to maintain combo, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Lin You.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 1.5

While Mikoto boasts excellent raw damage capabilities for flame content, his lack of additional utility and damage compared to those in the above tier. Mikoto’s Skill 1 Ravenous Fire damage initially is not great for the sp cost advertised, however progressively gets more powerful after each use by activating different stances. After using this skill once, it activates Flare Stance for 20 seconds, which increases the strength of the user by 10%, and grants access to a more powerful version of Ravenous Fire titled Ravenous Fire (Flare). If this Skill is used while Flare Stance is active, it shifts Mikoto into Ruin Stance, which grants the user a 15% strength buff and 30% to the crit damage modifier. This also grants Mikoto the most powerful version of Ravenous Fire called Ravenous Fire (Ruin), which deals heavy damage if used while Ruin Stance is active, and resets the stance, allowing Mikoto to stay within this empowered mode if not disrupted during his damage rotations. To help him combo his Ravenous Fire skill, his Skill 2 Kindled Heart boosts his attack rate by 20% for 15 seconds at a respectable sp cost. To further help him reach his Skill 1 in a quicker time manner he comes with the Nature’s Avatar ability, which not only boosts boosts his critical rate by 10% while at 70% hp or above, but grants him 10% skill haste to his Skill 1 each time he perform critical hit for 20 seconds. To help towards activating this perk, his second ability Critical Rate further boosts his critical hit rate by 10%. All of this synergy tied together enables Mikoto to become an insane critical hit machine, boasting heaving damage whenever a crit is performed, particularly for his Skill 1.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1.5

Mikoto is a blade wielding adventurer, as a result, he possesses the highly sought after Strength co-ability which already makes him a worthwhile choice. Luckily, the Nature’s Avatar is better than a mere co-ability, he is also one of the strongest damage dealers in the flame element. Mikoto’s high damage revolves around the mechanic of maintaining the Ruin stance of his Ravenous Fire skill, which requires Mikoto to continually reuse Ravenous Fire before the 15 second Ruin Stance buff expires. There are moments where maintaining Ruin Stance becomes difficult such as during Snapping Squalls which forces the player into a pause in combat, this is even more felt in solo play if the player finds themselves having to continually baby their inept AI controlled teammates. Because of the need to maintain Ruin Stance to squeeze out as much damage as possible, it is MODERATELY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control of Mikoto, but he is still serviceable as an AI.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1.5

Natalie neatly falls within the archetype of high DPS units that become stronger the less HP they have. Compared to other shadow adventurers that possess the same low HP mechanic, Natalie has neither Veronica’s raw explosive power nor Bellina’s reliable buff dispelling. She’s still potent in her own right, but Natalie narrowly misses the damage mark that others in tier 1 possess.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1.5

In solo play, Natalie proves herself as a powerful damage dealer at low health. Furthermore, as a blade, Natalie provides the coveted strength co-ability to herself and her teammates. Due to the precarious nature of Natalie’s low health playstyle, it is MODERATELY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control over Natalie.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 1.5

Panther of Phantom Thieves fame enters Dragalia Lost as a strong flame adventurer, boasting excellent damage and support utility overall. Like the other Persona units, Panther comes with a unique Persona gauge that works similarly to dragondrive units seen previously, tied to her Dancing Panther ability. This ability also grants her a straight up permanent 6% defence buff, and changes her force strike to that of a rapid-fire manacaster, excellent for shredding the overdrive gauge during berserk mode of Legend Volk. While her Persona is not active, her Skill 1 Wildfire, which deals relatively low damage, fills her Persona gauge, grants her the Fire Boost effect, which increases flame-attuned damage by 10% for 15 seconds, and the Snipe effect, which increases her strength by 10% for 15 seconds. These all contribute to her standard attack chain, which is incredibly strong and where most of her damage output will come from. When the Persona Gauge is active, Skill 1 transforms into Wildfire!, which deals heavy damage to Scorchrend foes at a respectable sp cost. Panther’s Skill 2 Feel the Heat deals respectable damage, fills the Persona Gauge and is her main source of applying Scorchrend to foes. This combos well with her second ability Scorchrend = Flame Damage, which adds 10% of the modifier applied to wind-attuned enemies up to three times for the remainder of the quest. When her Persona Gauge is active, this skill changes to Tarunda, which boasts low damage but provides excellent support utility through the form of a 20% strength reduction to enemies for 30 seconds, and lowers the flame resistance of the enemy by 5% for 30 seconds if the skill successfully dispels a buff. All of this synergy provides Panther with the resources to hit hard with or without her Persona Carmen summoned on the battlefield.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1.5

Akin to her fellow Persona compatriots, Panther is unique in her ability to activate her “shapeshift” while controlled by the AI unlike most other adventurers. Her Dancing Panther ability provides a 6% defense increase and her Tarunda skill during her Persona mode is able to reduce enemy strength and dispel a buff. These two components of her kit give her the high durability expected of a strong AI controlled adventurer. Tarunda’s dispel also lowers the enemy’s flame resistance by 5% for 30 seconds, but the likelihood of achieving this bonus debuff is low as Tarunda has relatively low uptime and the flame element is not lacking in frequent dispellers (e.g. Gala Leonidas, Valentine’s Hildegarde, Naveed). Additionally, Panther offers fairly high uptime on the scorchrend affliction as well as possessing a fairly strong rapid fire manacaster-esque force strike useful for breaking Volk during the Berserk state. However, Gala Leonidas applies scorchrend more frequently and has an even stronger force strike. The dominance of Gala Leonidas in solo play makes Panther's strengths feel a bit redundant. To add insult to injury, Panther has fairly abysmal co-abilities in Scorchrend Boost and Flame Dancer which do not help much at all in solo play compared to those of other flame adventurers.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 1.5

The leader of the Ox Clan has finally come to the Halidom, and with it he brings excellent support utility, while passing off decent enough damage to hold his own in Legend Volk. Seimei’s main gimmick is to summon his flame shikigami pet using his Skill 1 Onmyoji Incantation, which lasts on the battlefield for 40 seconds, and to level it up as it continues to inflict hits against the enemy. This pet’s uptime is tied to a unique charge gauge as a part of the Master of Shikigami ability, which gradually drains over time and must be filled utilising Seimei’s unique force strike to continue enabling it to attack. Seimei’s unique force strike also has a significant overdrive modifier to it, making it an excellent choice to shred the overdrive gauge during Berserk mode of Legend Volk. The standard attacks that this pet does are nothing special, but the utility it will provide does not come through until his Skill 2 is available and it levels up. When it has performed a 15-hit combo, it becomes empowered, where its standard hits deal significantly more damage and has a 35% chance of inflicting a 10% defence down on the enemy for 10 seconds per hit landed (not stackable), and the 40 second timer is reset. This is excellent utility to help improve the damage performance of Seimei’s fellow party members. His Skill 2 Onmyodo Exorcism, recommended to be used when the Flame Shikigami is level 2 and about to run out of time , deals significant damage to the enemy, can dispel a strength buff off of Volk, and provides an additional 10% defence down for 20 seconds. Finally, his second ability Shikigami Vivifier helps fill the Shikigami gauge by 50% per 10% dragon gauge, allowing Seimei to primarily focus on standard attacks instead of utilising his force strike all the time. This well rounded kit overall alleviates Seimei as a great choice for respectable offensive and excellent support utility.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1.5

Seimei possesses respectable damage output for a flame adventurer, but his primary strength is his ability to force Volk into the Break state early and frequently, reducing the risk of danger inept AI controlled teammates may find themselves in during the Berserk phase. Seimei’s ability to make quick work of the Overdrive Gauge is due to his unique force strike as well as his Overdrive Punisher & Gauge Accelerator co-ability he grants to the whole team. It should be noted though that although Seimei can force the Break state more easily, the Overdrive state is arguably more dangerous if the player is using Seimei. This is due to the fact that Seimei has a very low uptime on his skills. The Onmyoji Incantation skill is effectively the only usable option to provide invulnerability frames to teammates to avoid Volk’s lethal attacks during Berserk. A unique trait of Seimei is that his force strike centric kit makes him one of the few flame adventurers that naturally prefers his pactwyrm Gozu Tenno over Gala Mars. This means he is one of the best appliers of Gozu Tenno’s fantastic 10% flame resistance debuff. The desire to shapeshift into Gozu Tenno as well as the AI’s poor management of Seimei’s shikigami and Gozu Tenno’s Smoldering Spirit buff makes it HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Seimei.

Summer Patia
Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 1.5

Summer Patia’s personal damage output may be a bit on the lower side as far as shadow units go, but she makes up for it by supplying a continual stream of stackable defense reductions on the foe as well as moderate poison uptime. As a force strike-centric adventurer, Summer Patia also assists in breaking Kai Yan during the Berserk state. While in the Berserk state or when in possession of Adamantine Shield buff, Kai Yan is immune from being afflicted by poison. This is typically a detriment to most adventurers, but Summer Patia is unique in her ability to capitalize on Kai Yan’s affliction immunity by guaranteeing herself a strength buff every time she fails to inflict poison.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 2

When controlled by the AI, Summer Patia will prioritize using force strikes which may serve helpful when trying to break Kai Yan in the Berserk state. However, Summer Patia’s three tiered force strike is rather slow to charge and the AI does not make good use of Summer Patia’s ability to move while charging her force strike. As a result, Summer Patia may be more prone to getting hit and having her force strike charge be interrupted. Therefore it is MODERATELY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control over Summer Patia. Due to poorer average damage output from AI controlled units, Summer Patia’s defense debuff gets lower mileage in solo than in co-op, making her hybrid damage and support role is somewhat less desirable for a player controlled unit. With all being said though, the primary reason to not pick Summer Patia in solo Legendary Kai Yan is the fact that this will limit one from also bringing the original Patia on the team.

Wedding Elisanne
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Unfortunately for Xainfried, Curse of Nihility hit him relatively hard. Xainfried is an exceptional dragon-centric character that could rapidly build up stacks of Dragon’s Claws, pushing his personal strength to extreme levels. That isn’t doable in Master Lilith, but Xainfried still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Possessing one of the most powerful Skill 1s in the game with Dragon Frostfang, Xainfried can still output respectable damage and maintain high uptime for the frostbite affliction. Additionally, though he may not receive Dragon’s Claws’ strength buff, Xainfried can still squeeze a good amount of damage with his Dragon Time ability and Gala Reborn Poseidon’s strong shapeshifted form. In order to make use of his extended shapeshift form, it is SOMEWHAT RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Xainfried. But it is not too necessary as Xainfried is still a capable damage dealer, frostbite enabler, and dragon gauge charger (via the Guardian’s Fury skill) even in the hands of the AI.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Even without her attack rate buffs, Yoshitsune is capable of outputting a respectable amount of damage with her strong close-range manacaster standard attacks. Yoshitsune also possesses a high uptime on damage as her dodge is also capable of dealing a small amount of damage thanks to her Nimble Repost ability. So even in moments where the player is focused on evading, Yoshitsune can deal some damage, making her better in practice than on paper. The ability for the player to make use of the counter variant of the Kumasaka Flash skill is another case of her being better in practice than on paper. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Yoshitsune because the non-counter variant of Kumasaka Flash and her Shanao Strike skill are both terribly weak, and she will continually use these skills when controlled by the AI.

Yukata Cassandra
Volk (co-op) - Tier 1.5

Yukata Cassandra provides a good source of damage support for adventurers via her abilities, while also boasting some respectable damage for the staff unit class. Her Skill 1 Goldfish of the Hereafter provides a significant heal as well as the overdamage buff, which grants an extra damaging hit to all adventurers based on the user’s strength at the time. As this skill does also consider strength buff’s at the time it is used, it is recommended that Yukata Cassandra users stack as much strength buffs as possible on the team before activating. Her Skill 2 Ritual of Soul Cleansing is a respectable regenerative heal that lasts for 15 seconds, however is not recommended unless in tight health situations. This is also due to her Skill 2 Filled = Strength ability, which increases her strength by 30% while her Skill 2 is castable. Her final ability Full HP = Strength provides her with an additional 20% strength bonus while at full hp. While her support utility compared to other flame healers cannot be denied in terms of damage, she is lacking the defence utility that Halloween Lowen and Valentine’s Hildegarde provide in Legend Volk, specifically no natural skill prep to remove plague at the start of the quest. Her heals are also relatively weak, making it hard for her to keep on top of removing plague and keeping the team replenished in a fight which the boss deals significant damage to your party members, therefore requiring great healing uptime. However, if content in the future is not as heavy handed with healing requirements as Legend Volk, she would be a top consideration for best healer in that respective endgame battle.

Volk (solo) - Tier 2

Due to AI controlled adventurers being much more likely to swallow hits from Volk, the demands for survivability are on average much stricter in solo play than in co-op. This is where Yukata Cassandra struggles. Although her overdamage buff from her Goldfish of the Hereafter skill does contribute a sizeable damage increase for the team, her healing output is very much lacking when compared to more popular flame staffs such as Halloween Lowen and Valentine’s Hildegarde.

Yukata Curran

Tier 2

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

In Master Lilith, the Child of Miracles asserts herself as a reliable choice for an AI controlled adventurer. Amane offers the wand skill damage co-ability to the team and is a reliable enabler of the paralysis affliction with her Empyreal Levin skill. Empyreal Levin boasts good damage modifiers allowing Amane to deal a hefty amount of damage against Lilith. Although Amane’s Hallowed Raiments skill no longer provides Amane with a strength increase, the max HP buff is still granted. This makes Amane a fairly tanky adventurer, increasing her chances of survival when controlled by the AI. Additionally, after Amane reaches the 30% max HP buff cap, Hallowed Raiments will begin to heal Amane which may come in handy when dealing with Creeping Corrosion.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Catherine is an acceptable damage dealer owing to the fact that Curse of Nihility does not remove her stacks of Perfect Escort. This allows her to dish out a good deal of hurt with her beefy standard attacks as well as her Perfect Order skill during moments such as Break. Although Curse of Nihility may not remove Perfect Escort from Catherine, taking damage will. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Catherine to mitigate the chances of her taking damage and losing her stacks of Perfect Escort.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 2

In any other element, Cleo would be one of the strongest healers available. Packing potent heals, the ability to remove paralysis from allies, a defense buff, and a dispel tied to her special force strike, Cleo offers a slew of supportive capabilities. However, Cleo falls far short of Grace in terms of performance. As a more conventional healer, Cleo does not synergize well with adventurers that wish to remain at low health (e.g. Bellina, Veronica, Natalie), making her a fairly unpopular choice for Legend Kai Yan.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 2

Cleo performs poorly in solo Legend Kai Yan. Her AI wastes her special force strike dispels immediately after acquiring it even if Kai Yan does not currently have a buff. Although Ancient Aegis offers a respectable defense increase, it pales in comparison to Grace’s Life Shield, therefore increasing the probability that your allies will fall to a single blow during Berserk. Grace’s Life Shields provide immunity from all afflictions while active, a spectacular boon for AI controlled units that frequently find themselves blinded or paralyzed. Cleo offers no such protection, the closest approximate she has is her ability to remove paralysis with Elder Cure. Even though Cleo is the second strongest shadow staff, the distance between her and Grace is astronomical. Cleo does have Dragon’s Claws as a co-ability, so she at least has that going for her.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 2

Much like Summer Patia, Curran is a shadow axe that can provide stackable defense reductions on the foe. When poison is present, Curran is capable of outputting an impressive amount of damage. In the absence of poison, Curran sees a sharp decrease in his damage output with Circular Judgement facing a 37% damage decrease and Merciless Blow seeing a 50% damage decrease. This severely hampers his DPS during Berserk as Kai Yan becomes immune to being poisoned. However, this is somewhat mitigated by Curran’s innate Overdrive Punisher and defense debuff allowing Curran and his teammates to still do a healthy amount of damage to the Overdrive gauge.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 2

Curran’s optimal attack sequence is incredibly basic, and he will use skills as they become available. Because of this, Curran is an adventurer that operates well in the hands of the AI, dealing good damage and providing a nice supply of defense reductions that the player can capitalize on.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 2

Delphi possesses a unique kit as a result of his ability Poisonous Cage which gives him one of the lowest strength stats in the game. To compensate for his low strength, Delphi is equipped with a variety of strong supportive capabilities. Delphi provides one of the highest poison uptimes in the shadow element due to his skills inflicting a long lasting 27 second poison as well as Poison Edge granting him a guaranteed chance of affliction so long as Kai Yan is not immune. Delphi also packs a substantial 20% defense reduction zone with his Ruination Cage skill, allowing the entire team to do more damage overall, as well as higher Overdrive gauge damage during Berserk. Delphi’s role as an offensive support also makes him one of the most potent users of Ramiel, which will further push his utility as a unit.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1

With a staggering 999,999 points of required skill energy for both of Delphi’s skills, Delphi’s skill uptime is set almost entirely by his automatic charge timers. Because of this, Delphi plays like clockwork with the difference between human and AI performance being nigh indistinguishable. Delphi’s poison and defense reduction continue to be a potent force in solo play, and the enemy strength reduction Delphi can inflict with Corrosive Cage also provides a good degree of survivability to the team. The sheer volume of utility Delphi brings coupled with good AI performance makes Delphi a top choice for AI controlled teammates in solo play.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 2

Dragonyule Victor does not boast the most impressive damage output when compared to his compatriots, but he still has a good handful of tricks up his thick red sleeves. Candy Cane Offensive provides Dragonyule Victor a reliable source of buff dispels, making him one of the most reliable dispellers in the shadow element. Candy Cane Offensive also grants Dragonyule Victor a special force strike that creates a buff zone that will increase the critical rate of all who stand in it. Dragonyule Victor can further capitalize on this buff zone by increasing his own strength and the damage output of Chuting Stars while standing within it.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1.5

Thanks to Candy Cane Offensive’s dispelling capabilities, Dragonyule Victor can help spread out the dispelling burden in solo play. The small burst healing of Holiday Aid and Dragonyule Victor’s defense co-ability make him a fairly bulky adventurer well suited for AI control. During Berserk, Dragonyule Victor’s receiving of a special force strike after Candy Cane Offensive also slightly increases his rate of force striking when under AI control, contributing to faster breaks. Overall, Dragonyule Victor allows for very safe and smooth runs of solo Legend Kai Yan.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 2

As the premier buffing unit for flame, Emma has a lot to offer to support her party members with additional damage capabilities. Her Skill 1 Pom-Pom Pump provides a 25% strength buff to her flame-attuned allies for 15 seconds at a respectable sp cost, allowing her to gain significant stacks of strength for her allies and herself via the combination of continuous chaining of this skill and wyrmprints which grants skill haste or buff time. To help with this she comes equipped with the Buff Skill Time ability, which increases the time buffs are granted to adventurers by 25%. Her Skill 2 Vigorous Defence meanwhile grants a 15% defence buff for 15 seconds, as well as a one-use shield which nullifies damage less than 25% of the unit’s maximum hp. This is an alright defence utility option for party members, but it is not recommended to rely on this as a source of doublebuff usage. Her final ability, Primed Strength, unfortunately does not add anything to her support utility, only providing a 5% strength buff to herself for 10 seconds each time their Skill 1 is active. This ability has a 15 second timer between each cooldown though, so it is a fairly weak damage boosting source. Overall, Emma’s biggest complaint is the amount of units which can boost their own strength capabilities via their own kits, particularly dragon centric characters. This can easily lead to units overcompensating for strength buffs at times, as the strength buff cap cannot exceed 200%. Added to this is the excellent support and raw damage options that are available in Legend Volk, which relegates Emma to more of a niche support option.

Volk (solo) - Tier 2

Emma continues to be a fairly potent buffer in solo just as she is in co-op, in fact, she’s arguably even better. Vigorous Defense’s defense and shield buff as well as her generic lance HP co-ability all contribute to the survivability of the entire team. Additionally, Emma’s Primed Strength ability actually serves a purpose in solo, although it is still fairly negligible. Unfortunately, Emma’s chain co-ability is fairly worthless in solo as AI controlled staff adventurers will easily heal the team beyond the 40% HP threshold.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 2

Faris enters the game as the fourth unit with a sigil mechanic, and has a kit which focuses on punishing the enemy via use of his dodging abilities. The sigil mechanic is tied to his Uriel’s Covenant ability, which inflicts the Locked Sigil debuff at the start of the quest for 300 seconds. This timer will naturally go down over time, but can be reduced quicker via his unique force strike, which will enable him to automatically dodge attacks that are iframable by skill animations, deals damage to the enemy and inflicts them with the Uriel’s Wrath debuff. The Uriel’s Wrath debuff will reduce the strength of an enemy for a certain amount of time, increasing the survivability of units who may get hit at times. It also has the added benefit of being powered up further via reapplication of this force strike, his Skill 1 Carbunculus Baletto when his sigil is released, or his Uriel’s Judgement ability, which can be activated by simply dodging an enemy’s attack. By utilising his forcestrike ability with well timed dodging Faris can unlock his sigil in a quicker time frame, which provides him a multitude of benefits including a 35% scorchrend punisher modifier to standard attacks and his unique force strike ability, grant additional sp when these attacks are inflicted, and a 12% skill haste buff whenever they have the Uriel’s Blessing ability activated. This ability can become available via his Skill 2 Prudens Knowledge. Uriel’s Blessing also provides the benefit of three charges of Reflexive Evasion, which provides immunity to Faris from attacks which can be iframable with skills or dodge rolls (attacks with red markers). Finally, his Skill 1 Carbunculus Baletto provides relatively good damage for the sp cost, as well as a source of excellent Scorchrend uptime. Overall, Faris’s kit on paper is excellent but he is very reliable on the boss performing lots of attacks which are tied to red markers for him to succeed in the damage department. This is especially true when his direct competition for this weapon slot, Gala Leonidas, provides a relatively simpler kit for amazing damage, with the added bonus of shredding the overdrive gauge during Berserk mode of the Legend Volk fight. As such, Faris lands himself at most as a tier 1.5 unit if the fight permits, at worse a tier 2 damage and support option for flame endgame content.

Volk (solo) - Tier 2

Faris is more so limited by the constraints of the fight than his own kit. Akin to other apostles, his sigil requires time to release. A major component of his sigil release is the increased scorchent punisher effect added to his normal attacks and force strike. The problem is, during Berserk, Volk is completely immune to scorchrend. Therefore there is only a very small window of time where Faris can make the most of his sigil, between the time he unlocks it and the beginning of Berserk. Additionally, although during the Berserk phase Volk throws out a lot of avoidable attacks for Faris to counter with his force strike, it is still far less reliable than just having an ordinary damaging force strike. The lack of a damaging force strike means Faris is pretty bad at forcing Volk into the Break state during Berserk which might be risky for the survivability of the team. Despite this, Faris still has an okay damage output, incredible scorchrend uptime, and the ability to reduce enemies’ strength by 15% to 30% via Uriel’s Wrath to help with team survivability. Faris’ sigil mechanic is tied to his dodge centric kit, and the AI does not utilize his counter attack force strike, because of this, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control of Faris.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

This bizarro android was released simultaneously with Lilith’s Encroaching Shadow, and surprise surprise, she is tailor suited for the fight. Finni has a fairly decent damage output for a water adventurer once Curse of Nihility is considered. At the time of writing, Finni is also one of only two water adventurers that have buff dispelling built into their kit (the other being Lapis). When controlled by the AI , Finni will make quick work of all of Lilith’s self strength buffs. A unique component of Finni’s kit is all of her skills are charged via timer thanks to her Mana Supercapacitor ability. This means even when evading and not attacking Lilith, Finni is constantly charging her skills; there is never a single second where Finni is not being productive. This makes her a lot stronger in practice and a great choice for the AI to control.

Forager Mitsuba
Formal Joachim
Gala Cleo
Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 2

Once the undisputed queen of shadow, Gala Cleo has seen a significant decrease in popularity since the release of Master Kai Yan, a trend that has since continued onto the release of the Legend difficulty. Offering serviceable damage, a strength buff zone, and an enemy defense reduction, Gala Cleo is a good damage and support hybrid unit. However, this jack of all trades approach has made her a less popular choice as a result. As far as damage dealers go, shadow is in no short supply of heavy hitters. As far as buffers go, Patia outputs a higher magnitude of strength buffs and enables doublebuff compositions which Gala Cleo simply cannot do.

Halloween Akasha
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

Halloween Akasha’s Nameless Abductor skill is one of the very few in the game that has a defense reduction that is capable of stacking with itself. This allows Halloween Akasha to reduce Lilith’s defense by a good amount, increasing the entire DPS of the party. As a blade, Halloween Akasha provides the strength co-ability for the whole team. In the hands of the AI, Halloween Akasha is fairly competent as her Bleeding = HP Recovery ability gives her a good degree of self sustain to cushion herself from Lilith’s attacks as well as Creeping Corrosion.

Halloween Melsa
Ciella (co-op) - Tier 2

Halloween Melsa is the dark horse of the many wind buffers. Compared to Templar Hope, Halloween Melsa provides no defense or healing, and cannot enable doublebuff teams. Compared to the likes of Tobias, Noelle and Melody, Halloween Melsa lacks the raw strength buffing potential. Yet in spite of these weaknesses, Melsa has found a niche for herself in Legendary Ciella thanks to her Venom Bite skill. In the legendary difficulty, Ciella possesses a high base poison resistance which severely limits the viability of many wind adventurers that are reliant on the presence of poison to do damage. Halloween Melsa’s Venom Bite skill allows Melsa to reduce this high poison resistance to more manageable levels. With Eleonora’s Skill Haste and Poison Edge co-abilities, Halloween Melsa can be a competent strength buffer and poison enabler.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

You get a heal! You get a heal! Everyone gets a heal! When Hildegarde’s spiral first dropped, it was incredibly unremarkable. While other staves received incredible utility tools such as dispels, Hildegarde’s mana spiral only boosted her healing capacity which was already superfluous for the available content at the time. Fortunately for Hildegarde, Master Lilith has one of the highest healing requirements of any quest in Dragalia due to Lilith’s Creeping Corrosion mechanic. Hildegarde is capable of clearing Creeping Corrosion so quickly, its presence is almost unnoticeable, leading to incredibly comfortable runs for the light half of the fight. Additionally, Hildegarde’s Radiant Savior skill is capable of removing the curse affliction from allies, and curse is the only affliction Lilith can apply to the team in the light half of the fight. Due to her unmatched healing output, Hildegarde firmly solidifies herself as the premier light attuned healer for Master Lilith.

Hunter Vanessa
Jiang Ziya
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

There once was a time when Thaniel was the premier choice for a water staff back when High Brunhilda was the hardest content for water adventurers. Players recognized that Thaniel’s healing was fairly bad compared to other staves at the time, but he was the most well-suited for the content at hand. Fast forward some time when Jiang Ziya was released, she completely outclassed Thaniel with a similar kit but straight up better. Months later with the release of Master Lilith, Jiang Ziya finds herself in a similar position to her predecessor Thaniel. With her skill Provident Protection’s defense buff being removed by Curse of Nihility, Jiang Ziya’s contribution to team survivability is very clearly worse than her equivalent Hildegarde, the most popular staff for the first half of Lilith. Yet despite this, Jiang finds herself as the most popular choice for healer in the water half due to her inherent Skill Prep ability which allows her to tackle Creeping Corrosion early before it spirals out of control.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

Because the strength and defense increase granted by Glorious Guard’s ‘Indomitable Spirit’ buff is tied to a knockback immunity effect, the buff is spared from Curse of Nihility. This makes Julietta one of the few adventurers that can make use of their full kit in Master Lilith. This means that Julietta is one of the strongest damage dealers in the light element for Master Lilith. Not only does Julietta dish out a lot of damage, she can safely take a lot of damage too. Every single skill and ability in Julietta’s kit contributes to her personal bulk. Whether they be personal defense increases, strength decreases on foes, or ways of self-healing, Julietta is a nearly indestructible mega tank. Julietta’s incredible bulk makes her own of the safest choices for an AI controlled adventurer. It should be noted though, that Julietta lacks resistance to the curse affliction. So an AI-controlled Julietta may be able to survive most attacks, but they may also become prone to getting cursed which will make Julietta’s damage output plummet. Fortunately for Julietta, she has multiple ways of getting around this issue. Hildegarde’s Radiant Savior skill can naturally clear allies of curse and full curse resistance can be obtained through wyrmprints, including the new Crown of Light print obtained from Lilith herself.

Kimono Elisanne
Volk (co-op) - Tier 2

Kimono Elisanne sits in an awkward position in the flame meta as a result of low personal damage output and low team buffing capacity when compared to raw team support oriented adventurers such as Emma. Her skill 1 Lady Nonpareil’s provides the New Year’s Prayer buf to flame attuned adventurers, granting 3 levels of buff potency based on the amount of taps inputted during the skill animation. While her level 3 variant grants a strength uff of 40% and a 15% damage reduction to wind damage for an incredible 60 seconds, it is an effect which cannot be stacked, making her incredibly weak for damage boosting support. Her Skill 2 Lucky Day has an incredibly low skill damage modifier as well for the sp cost, with its only utility being the application of scorchrend to enemies and reducing their resistance to this affliction by 10% for 30 seconds. This enables for greater uptime of scorchrend affliction to abuse punisher wyrmprints, particularly for longer fights. With her low damage and weak support utility, you are probably asking why she is sitting in tier 2 for tackling flame-attuned endgame content. Well, surprisingly enough her abilities in combination with her Skill 1 make her a decent pseudo support-healing option for Legend Volk currently. Her first ability Skill Prep allows her to instantly cast all skills she has equipped, while her second ability Good Tidings grants her skill haste based on the level of the New Year’s Prayer buff active, as well as gradually filling her Skill 2 up every second. These two abilities enable her to carve out a unique niche as a pseudo-healer with a moderate team buffing utility when equipped with healing shared skills.

Volk (solo) - Tier 2

Kimono Elisanne is a decent utility option for solo Legendary Volk. In addition to her decent strength buff, her 15% reduction to wind damage from Lady Nonpareil offers a decent cushion for the team in terms of bulk. Her innate Skill Prep and skill haste in Good Tidings also makes her a good choice as the shared skill user as she will have exceptional uptime. Unfortunately, Kimono Elisanne’s HP on Revival co-ability is quite literally the absolute worst co-ability in the game as Volk doesn’t even allow revives on the legendary difficulty. Her chain co-ability Combo = Critical Rate is on the other hand, quite strong, but not incredibly effective on AI controlled adventurers that have difficulty maintaining combos.

Ku Hai
Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 2

Lathna hits decently hard as far as shadow units go. With an innate dragon haste chain co-ability, Lathna can quickly transform to build up stacks of Dragon’s Claws. Frequent shapeshifting is not typically a desirable route for many shadow adventurers due to Cat Sìth’s poor dragon form, but fortunately for Lathna, she can bypass this issue due to her strong unique shapeshift form. A downside to Lathna is her high reliance on poison. In situations where Kai Yan can not be poisoned such as Berserk, Lathna loses out on the 15% damage increase against poisoned enemies from The Faceless God and both of her damaging skills are cut by half in terms of power.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 2

Lathna is a decent option for a damage dealer. Boasting a fairly strong dragon form, it is SOMEWHAT RECOMMENDED that the player assumes control of Lathna to take advantage of this fact. But Lathna’s damage is still fairly decent in the absence of shapeshifting and her optimal attack sequence outside of shapeshift is fairly basic, leading to serviceable AI control.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 2

OK, I know Nadine’s personal damage output like might not be SUPER CRAZY or anything, but like girl has so much spunk from her energy-centric kit. Her Skil 1 Snappy Selfie is like totes super rad. You can dispel a strength buff off of Volk faster than you can say “OHMIGOSH BESTIES!” and like it has pretty good uptime on the burn affliction. Forget what the haters say, girl is on FIRE! Joking aside, this skill has moderately great damage, which ramps up in terms of potency and effects based on the amount of allies and enemies caught within the picture. With six or more hits, Nadine can continuously energise herself after each use, which enables her to empower her skills on a regular basis. To help her attain this high hit count, her Skill 2 Careful Composition can grant her Skill 1 additional hits for 15 seconds if she receives the Trendsetting Photographer buff. However, there is also a chance that she will receive the Passionate Photographer buff, which does not include the extra hits perk, adding a level of randomness to how consistently good her damage output is. Both buffs though grant a respectable 30% strength increase for 15 seconds at a relatively low sp cost. To add to her energy synergy, her first ability Extra Energy grants her an 80% chance of receiving an additional level of energy each time her energy is increased, making it a bit more forgiving for herself to get energised. This is important as her second ability Energised: Strength grants her a 20% strength buff for 15 seconds each time the user is energised. Overall, while her kit is very synergistic to her continuously chaining the energised state to activate her strength buff, her Skill 1 overall alright damage modifiers and average sp cost, in combination with her Skill 2 random factor, makes her an decent damage option with inconsistency issues that prevent her from entering the tier 1.5 and tier 1 brackets.

Volk (solo) - Tier 2

The positive qualities of Nadine’s kit remain the same in solo as in co-op. She still possesses a good uptime on the burn affliction and a fairly high dispel rate. Her inherent lance medium distance striking range and HP co-ability gives her a fairly high degree of survivability in Volk when controlled by the AI. But like, why would you want to play this game in solo when you can play with your BESTIES!

Volk (co-op) - Tier 2

Nobunaga possesses one of the most interesting tool kits in the entire game, centering upon applying the Burning Ambition buff onto enemies with her Skill 1 Dream Offensive, and then dispelling said buff with her Skill 2 Flash of Unity to deal additional damage to the enemy.. Although buffs should preferably be dispelled using Flash of Unity to activate the stronger damage modifier, Nobunaga can also dispel with her force strikes thanks to her ability World’s Dream. World’s Dream allows Nobunaga to dispel with her force strike at any time she wants so long as as her combo count remains above 15 hits, which is a pretty insubstantial prerequisite due to her innate Combo Time chain co-ability allowing her to maintain a consistently high combo count. Burning Ambition can also be regularly dispelled from other adventurers or damage sources, enabling her to focus continuing her blade combo in a team of dispel sources. Her second ability Flurry Strength grants her a 20% strength buff when her hit count is 15 or above, granting her an additional source of damage. While her kit is amazing synergy for expected great damage, in reality she does not compete well with units who solely deal damage in the upper tiers. Her high sp costs for both her Skill 1 and Skill 2 in relation to her damage output, as well as the inability to optimally access a 40% skill damage print, means that she is on the lower end of acceptable damage for a fight such as Legend Volk.

Volk (solo) - Tier 2

Maintaining combo is an integral part of Nobunaga’s kit thanks to her abilities Flurry Strength and World’s Dream. The AI’s tenuous ability to properly maintain the combo counter makes it MODERATELY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control of Nobunaga. But it is not an absolute must, as Nobunaga can still effectively dispel using Flash of Unity in the hands of the AI. The best quality of Nobunaga in solo play is arguably her co-abilities, as she possesses the fantastic blade Strength co-ability and the helpful Combo Time chain co-ability.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

Unlike much of the water roster, Pinon was allowed to keep most of her buffs while affected by Curse of Nihility, so what was once an alright damage dealer is now one of the strongest. Because the water team does not take the spotlight until the second half of Master Lilith, Pinon is actually capable of beginning her side of the fight with a fully released Sigil. This makes Pinon an incredibly flexible unit, as the player can choose to primarily focus on her strong force strikes or focus on her Sigil Released normal attack combo to great effect. Pinon’s Sigil Released standard attack combo also provides Pinon a way of healing herself, countering the effects of Creeping Corrosion. Unlike her fellow Tier 1 adventurers Hunter Sarisse and Lapis, Pinon is also capable of supplying the frostbite affliction herself with her Sanctus Arrow skill. However, Pinon should be sparing in her usage of Sanctus Arrow and only use it to reapply frostbite as it takes away time that could be spent on using her force strike or standard attacks, because of this it is MODERATELY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control of Pinon.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 2

Serena is a crit centric adventurer that has an above average damage output within the flame element, and boasting some decent support utility as well. Her Skill 1 Assault Flame deals average damage for the sp cost, but grants herself and her allies a 10% crit rate buff for 10 seconds. With a relatively low SP cost, Serena has the availability to have a decent uptime of a 20% crit rate buff to the team during the fight. Her Skill 2 Blazing Pain however is relatively weak for the sp cost advertised. Her main selling point hence is her ramp up potential that she can attain from the use of her two innate abilities. Her first ability Barrage Obliteration must achieve a 20-hit combo three times, granting her a maximum 21% bonus to the critical damage modifier. Her second ability Barrage Devastation even heftier 30-hit combo three times to get a maximum bonus of 15% critical rate for the remainder of the quest. Her critical abilities also lend well to her chain co-ability, which increases the critical rate by 12% to flame attuned adventurers when the combo count is 15 or higher. This enables her to have a strong dragon form, which carries the bulk of her damage. Without a source of combo time, as well as the relatively slow hit count of swords compared to other weapon archetypes, Serena might have difficulty maintaining and achieving these combo strings, especially in moments where Volk forces the players into pauses in combat such as Snapping Squalls.

Volk (solo) - Tier 2

Serena is all about producing large combo strings to ramp up her critical rate and damage from her Barrage Obliteration and Barrage Devastation abilities. Therefore, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Serena to ramp up her damage as early as possible. Serena also possesses a fairly decent co-ability in the form of Dragon Haste and Above 10 Hits = Critical Rate which could make her a worthwhile choice for solo Legendary Volk.

Sophie (Persona)
Volk (co-op) - Tier 2

Student Maribelle is an explosive adventurer with very strong damage output within the flame element thanks to her decently hard-hitting skills coupled with her Full HP = Skill Damage ability. She also provides respectable support utility with the 5% defense debuff she can apply on enemies with her Skill 1 Study Break. Considering the low SP cost of the skill it has excellent uptime during the majority of a fight. Her Skill 2 Happy Memories also a respectable damage option for Maribelle, though at a relatively high sp cost. Similar to other explosive adventurers such as Ezelith, Student Maribelle’s already high damage output is further pushed to comically high levels during Break due to her Broken Punisher ability. However, unlike Ezelith whose explosive nature comes packaged in a highly consistent kit, Student Maribelle’s damage ceiling is less consistently achievable. This is due to her skill damage ability requiring her to be consistently at full health which might not always be feasible in practice, especially during moments such as Volk’s Blood Moon phase where players are continually being drained of health over time. Her average skill damage modifiers, particularly for her high Skill 2 SP cost, means that she lacks the punch that damage adventurers within the tier 1.5 and tier 1 brackets can attain.

Volk (solo) - Tier 2

It is SOMEWHAT RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Student Maribelle because the player is more capable of avoiding damage and therefore maintain Maribelle’s Full HP = Skill Damage ability active. Additionally, the player can better plan skill usage for break to make the most of Student Maribelle’s Broken Punisher ability. Despite this, Student Maribelle is still functional in the hands of the AI as she attacks from a safe distance due to her being a wand. Speaking of wand, Student Maribelle also offers the incredible wand Skill Damage co-ability.

Su Fang
Summer Julietta
Summer Norwin
Summer Sinoa
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

Tiki possesses next to no self buffs within her personal tool kit. As a result, her damage output in isolation is not much worse in Master Lilith compared to other content that lacks Curse of Nihility. While many of the formerly strong water adventurers saw their damage plummet due to Curse of Nihility, Tiki remains roughly the same in terms of damage, making her now one of the strongest DPS adventurers relatively speaking. In conjunction with this high damage output, Tiki is also one of the tankiest adventurers in the game when in her Divine Dragon form and a consistent enabler of the frostbite affliction. With these factors in mind, Tiki is a no-brainer choice for a reliable AI controlled adventurer in solo play.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 2

Much like units such as Bellina and Veronica, Valentine’s Addis’ damage output is inversely proportional to the amount of health he currently has. Although his damage output is significantly worse than those aforementioned adventurers, Valentine’s Addis is unique in that he is the only one of this archetype that can supply his own source of poison.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 2

As one of the earliest adventurers to be granted a mana spiral, Xania was at one point in time also one of the greatest success stories for the spiral system. Although Xania no longer stands as an incredibly popular choice in the flame meta, she is still a relatively viable choice for players in Legendary Volk. Her Skill 1 Ivyblaze and Skill 2 Pyreblossom have middling damage modifiers, but they still contribute a fairly sizable degree of damage thanks to their low sp costs as well as Xania’s unconditional 35% Skill Damage ability. Xania is also one of the few viable adventurers that is capable of applying the burn affliction. However, her uptime on the affliction is not the most consistent. Both Ivyblaze and Pyreblossom only possess a 100% chance of applying burn (as opposed to the more common 120% chance) and the presence of two separate burn afflicting skills might mean Xania may exhaust affliction resistance too quickly. During the timeframe that the burn affliction is available though, she can abuse her punisher mods of both skills, as well as a burning punisher print to maximise damage output.

Volk (solo) - Tier 1.5

Xania is a reliable choice for AI controlled adventurers. As a wand, she attacks from a safe range and provides the team with the valuable Skill Damage co-ability. Because of her incredibly basic kit, her optimal attack order is essentially what the AI will do: normal attacks and use skills when they are up. Xania also enables the team to structure builds around the burn affliction with wyrmprints such as Me and My Bestie! and Elegant Escort.

Kai Yan (co-op) - Tier 2

Yaten possessives good damage output as far as shadow adventurers go. With a kit focused upon the energy mechanic, Yaten becomes progressively stronger as he increases his energy levels. Yaten’s Bold Blade also provides a nice degree of support by supplying the team a steady stream of energy. Yaten’s tremendous strength from his Energized: Strength and Energy = Strength abilities coupled with the strong force strikes of the sword weapon type allow for Yaten to make quick work of the Overdrive gauge during Berserk.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 2

Yaten is a perfectly acceptable adventurer in the hands of the AI. Enacting good damage and giving the entire team periodic energy increases, Yaten is a solid option for Legend Kai Yan in solo. However, the AI is not as consistent in utilizing Yaten’s strong force striking capabilities to destroy Kai Yan’s Overdrive gauge, thus it is SOMEWHAT RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Yaten.

Volk (co-op) - Tier 2

With the introduction of his mana spiral, Yuya managed to grow up from a helpless chick into the cock of the walk. His first ability Chicken at Heart grants Yuya a sizable strength increase of 20% when his HP is above 60%. The ability also grants up to a 20% increase in skill damage if Yuya manages to successfully land all hits of his Skill 1 Deadly Joyride against Volk. However Chicken at Heart is a double edged sword, as, if Yuya is below 60% HP, he will be struck by a strength reduction. Additionally, the skill damage increase granted by Chicken at Heart is coupled with a personal defense reduction for Yuya. This might make Yuya risky to play and players might face disaster during moments such as Volk's Steal Vitality attack. But if players familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of Yuya's high risk playstyle, they will be rewarded with an adventurer with good personal damage output and a decent degree of support via his Skill 2 Rowdy Rumbler, which grants the entire team with a 15% strength buff and 10% defense buf for 15 seconds, and a one-use shield. At a relatively high sp cost though, this skill should not be relied upon as an excellent support utility option. His second ability Primed Devastation grants him a 10% critical rate buff for 5 seconds each time the Skill 1 is available for use, adding more towards him banking his damage using his Deadly Joyride skill. To add to this solid damage output, the Deadly Joyride skill provides him with a 20% attack rate buff for 10 seconds, allowing him to chain successful uses of this skill easily as a result of its relatively high SP cost.

Volk (solo) - Tier 2

The Rowdy Rumbler skill’s defense increase and shield can provide a small bit of survivability for the team in solo play. Due to the unwieldy nature of the Deadly Joyride skill, the fact that the Chicken at Heart ability requires Yuya to be at moderately high health, and that Chicken at Heart reduces Yuya’s own defense after Deadly Joyride, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the player to assume control over Yuya. Yuya is much more fragile than the average adventurer and ill suited to be controlled by the AI.

Zhu Bajie

Tier 3

Aurien's poker design aesthetic is actually an incredibly fitting one, because the chances of success is a total gamble when using a unit as awful as him.
"Anything can change!" And that change came with the Version 2.0 update, in which Chrom went from a good flame adventurer to a completely unremarkable one overnight. I suppose he'll get his chance...another day...
Dragonyule Cleo
Edward has only partial resistance to blindness. Get it? Because he wears glasses. That visual joke is probably the only thing good about this adventurer.
Ciella (solo) - Tier 1.5

Although Eleonora has traditionally been a fairly middle of the road adventurer within the wind element, in Legendary Ciella she uniquely opens a larger degree of flexibility for team construction. Ciella on the Legendary difficulty has a very high base resistance to the poison affliction. Due to Eleonora’s Poison Edge chain co-ability and Full HP = Poison +50% skill, Eleonora has the highest affliction chances of any wind adventurer. At full health, Eleonora’s VIper Bolt skill will have a 205% of afflicting poison (guaranteed poison as long as Ciella has not reached full resistance), and her Vendetta Arrow skill has a near guaranteed 195% chance. When paired with an adventurer that can lower poison resistance such as Formal Noelle, Eleonora can essentially guarantee the continual presence of the poison affliction. This allows adventurers with kits that rely on the presence of poison to do damage to not be utterly neutered in Legendary Ciella.

Forager Cleo
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1

Although Forager Cleo’s personal damage is fairly middle of the road as far as water goes, she does possess an invaluable tool in her defense reduction zone on her Camping Memories skill. Because of the lack of strength buffs due to Curse of Nihility, defense reductions are more sought after in Dominion. Forager Cleo also carries with her the fantastic wand skill damage co-ability making her a great choice for Master Lilith.

Gala Sarisse
Volk (solo) - Tier 2

Sarisse is a fairly straightforward adventurer and a safe choice for an AI controlled unit. Capable of providing the team with an infrequent defense buff with her Cheerful Assist skill, possessing resistance to both stun and sleep, and attacking from a safe distance with her bow, Sarisse is capable of avoiding most of the danger in Volk. Although a decent portion of her kit revolves around building combos (Sylvan Strength, Combo = Energy Level Up), she is still perfectly serviceable as an AI controlled adventurer.

Halloween Edward
Halloween Odetta
Hunter Berserker
Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 2

Ieyasu is capable of outputting a serviceable amount of damage as an AI controlled adventurer. Blade Formation provides him with a moderate HP regeneration effect increasing his survivability under AI control. Possessing the fantastic blade strength co-ability, Ieyasu will up the damage output of all his allies on a solo team. It should be noted that a significant portion of Ieyasu’s damage comes in the form of bleeding which has a maximum limit of three stacks. The existence of this cap therefore reduces some of Ieyasu’s damage output because Patia when controlled by the AI will use Swift Skewer which will compete with Ieyasu’s bleed stacks.

Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Curse of Nihility strips away Lily’s Crystalian Princess buff granted by her Frozen Gale skill, but this is a fairly minor loss for Lily. Even without her special standard attacks, Lily can output a respectable amount of damage against Lilith. Lily possesses the powerful wand skill damage co-ability for solo play, but it should be noted that her chain is notably worse than her fellow water wand, Yurius, who has dragon haste for his chain co-ability. In fact, many aspects of Lily are worse than Yurius. Her damage is worse than Yurius, especially when one considers that Lily’s Full HP = Strength ability is hard to maintain in the presence of Creeping Corrosion. But unlike Yurius, Lily has a much more consistent application of the frostbite affliction making her a worthy consideration for the team if a player lacks a good affliction enabler.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1

Linnea possesses one of the hardest hitting force strikes in Dragalia Lost. And because it takes the form of a special force strike, the AI will always prioritize using it when it is in control of Linnea. This powerful force strike coupled to the fact that Linnea is one of the few viable sources of the coveted blade strength co-ability, makes her one of if not the most reliable Overdrive gauge destroyers available. Lycoris Refrain is also capable of dispelling on every other usage, providing a nice supplemental supply of dispels. Linnea’s ability to trivialize Kai Yan’s Berserk state, dispel, do decent damage all while possessing one of the most sought after co-abilities available makes Linnea a no brainer of a pick for an AI controlled adventurer in Legend Kai Yan.

Compared to the other available adventurers in the light element, Linus simply falls short, unfortunately in more ways than one.
Mega Man
Nurse Aeleen
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Nurse Aeleen is a decent choice for a healer in Master Lilith. Her inherent 75% Skill Prep and United Haste make her fairly well prepared to immediately tackle Lilith’s Creeping Corrosion debuff. Her high skill uptime also fashions her to be a well suited carrier of the shared skills in solo. Inherent Stun Res provides her with safety from the only affliction Lilith can apply in the water half of the Master fight, and her Naturopathy skill might even cleanse an ally of the stun affliction—though this is unlikely to happen owing to Naturopathy’s absurdly high skill energy cost. Nurse Aeleen also possesses an above average chain co-ability in the form of Dragon Haste. Despite the many good aspects of Nurse Aeleen’s toolkit, her raw healing output is fairly weak, and players may experience some difficulty in terms of survival if they run her.

Opera Karina
Raemond is just an old fogey. He's just not very good at DPS or support. You're better off without him.
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Ricardt possesses inherent Stun Res, shielding him from the only relevant affliction for his portion of the Master Lilith fight, and his HP chain co-ability is a nice cushion for team survivability in solo play. The healing output of each of Ricardt’s skills is quite impressive. Unfortunately for our meek healer, his actual healing uptime is fairly poor. Both of his skills have incredibly high skill energy costs, and his kit lacks any intrinsic skill prep or skill haste, meaning he might have difficulty handling Creeping Corrosion early on in the fight. Nonetheless, Ricardt is still a serviceable choice for a water staff.

Sha Wujing
Sharpshooter Joe
Coming fresh out of the Persona 5 Strikers crossover, Sophie is a fairly decent free light axe owing to her...what? Wrong Sophie? Wind staff? Who???
Summer Amane
Summer Cleo
Summer Estelle
Summer Luca
Summer Mikoto
Roses are red, beach waves are blue. Summer Mikoto's cat is missing, and his damage is too.
Summer Ranzal
Summer Verica
Despite possessing one of the most intricate kits in the game, Valerio simply does not have the damage output to make using him worthwhile. Combining a high barrier of entry to play with little reward makes this chef the Idiot Sandwich of Dragalia.
Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 2

As of the day of writing, Vice stands in the unique position as the only adventurer to be directly nerfed in the history of Dragalia Lost. Although he is but a shadow of his former self, Vice is still capable of outputting a serviceable amount of damage. Additionally, Vice enables a high uptime on poison for his team to capitalize on. Like many other shadow adventurers, Vice’s skills are reliant on the presence of poison so he will experience a noticeable decline in DPS during the Berserk state. Fortunately for Vice, he still possesses a few tools for handling Kai Yan during Berserk. Lethal Edge grants Vice a special multi-hit force strike, so he will do above average damage to the Overdrive gauge when managed by the AI. Additionally, the Break state is where most damage is dealt during Berserk and Vice possesses an exceptional 35% damage increase against broken enemies.

Kai Yan (solo) - Tier 1.5

Vida serves one goal and one goal only: to break Kai Yan during his Berserk state—but boy is she is comically good at that one niche. Scheming Slice grants Vida a unique multi-hit force strike as well as a general increase to her force strike damage. Combine this with her innate force strike damage increasing ability and what you get is an adventurer that completely obliterates the Overdrive gauge, essentially immobilizing Kai Yan to repeated breaks during the Berserk state. But that’s sort of all she can do as her personal damage output is quite embarrassing. Kai Yan might enter the Break state a bunch of times, but Vida will not be doing a bunch of damage while he is broken. Nonetheless, the ability to completely neuter the most threatening segment of Legend Kai Yan is a noteworthy feature of Vida, allowing for very comfy cozy runs. It should be noted, as a 3* launch adventurer without a mana spiral, Vida only possesses resistance to stun. Therefore Vida is susceptible to every affliction Kai Yan can potentially throw at her. It is thus near mandatory for Vida to be run with Grace to shield her from crippling afflictions.

Wedding Aoi
Wedding Xania
Wu Kong
Xiao Lei
The Halidom's resident math nerd. Unfortunately for Xiao Lei, she can't use her handy abacus to crunch better damage numbers.
Xuan Zang
Lilith (solo) - Tier 1.5

Once a fairly middling water adventurer, Yurius is a solid choice for Master Lilith as Curse of Nihility has only stripped him of a fairly minor component of his toolkit, being his self-inspiration buffs. Possessing serviceable damage, Yurius’ main contribution to the team in solo play is his co-ability. Both Skill Damage and Dragon Haste are fantastic for outputting high damage and clearing Master Lilith more quickly. Yurius can also act as a supplemental supplier for the frostbite affliction, though his uptime on the affliction is not necessarily high enough to permit him being the sole supplier of it.