Windwyrm's Dragonlight II

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Grants the user a unique force strike that deals damage to enemies in a line. Performing this force strike during a standard attack then immediately following it with another standard attack will resume the user's standard attack combo from their most recent attack. If this unique force strike is performed while in midair during the fourth attack in the user's standard attack combo, a powered up variant that deals more damage will be used instead. When shapeshifting, the user will transform into Primal Midgardsormr regardless of what dragon they are equipped with. Primal Midgardsormr's dragon skill level will match the level of the adventurer's initial skill, displayed at the top of their skill list. Shapeshifting will grant the entire team a team critical damage amp with a maximum team amp level of three. When in dragon form, the user's attacks are granted the ability to dispel one enemy buff. This effect does not apply to the damage dealt as the user shapeshifts.


Adventurers - Ability 1 Upgrade