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Article by Kiera Hoogendam


With the Dragalia Digest ealrier this week, another exciting announcement came: pick tickets will be available until April 15th! The Dream Summon Special allows the player to summon a non-limited Dragon or Adventurer of their choice for 1500 Diamantium. Long considered a staple in many gacha games, it was only a matter of time until this was made available in Dragalia Lost.

The choice opens up a wealth of opportunity... to agonize over the perfect pick, that is. Who is best to summon? Only you can decide, but we've found a few ways to help narrow things down.  


Considering the pick ticket comes “free” with a 10-pull, it’s undeniably a good value. Question is, will it be worth spending real money on? This depends on your purchase history.

For those who have yet to spend on microtransactions, the Beginner’s Pack has the best value at 1500 Diamantium for $7.99 USD. The Welcome Pack, meanwhile, contains 1500 Diamantium with a random 5★ Adventurer pull for $31.99. Upgrade packs and Trials Packs come cheaper with 1500 Diamantium plus other goodies for $19.99 each.

If you have already bought all the beginner packs, then purchasing 1,560 Diamantium directly will cost $31.99. Pretty steep, especially considering that players who make regular purchases will likely have an impressive collection already. But for those who have just had bad luck chasing any of the permanent pulls, a guaranteed summon may be worth the price. 

Note: Don’t redeem until the end!

A whole bunch of free currency is being given out for the Half Anniversary, so there’s a chance the desired Adventurer or Dragon will come home thanks to this event and Gala Dragalia. For those set on the Dream Summon Special, wait until you’re completely done with Summoning (including the Daily Deals!) to acquire the chosen character.


Option 1: Pick a 5★ Dragon

This is probably the most efficient gameplay choice-- Adventurers will come and go with a variety of kits, but hefty stat boosts can be swapped freely among them. Pure Strength is a good choice, but partially defensive Dragons like Prometheus and Gilgamesh are also a great value. Most 5★ Dragons have 40% Strength initially, but Prometheus and Gilgamesh have 35% plus an extra 15% of elemental resistance, which is not bad for a single copy.

That said, High Dragon Trials tend to require a lot of damage from Melee Adventurers, so Cerberus, Leviathan, and Zephyr are still strong picks for those who are missing any. Cupid is also extremely powerful for anyone looking to boost their Light team.

Option 2: Pick a 5★ Adventurer

Given how little time is spent actually playing as a Dragon, it’s usually more fun to pick an Adventurer. The best choice will be largely dependent on your roster-- what’s missing? Who fills in the gaps best? Aside from Blind Res, which everyone is lacking, you may want to use this opportunity to fill out IO teams and balance around elements and resistances. Another option is to pick a High Dragon candidate who is guaranteed to be useful: Mikoto, Xainfried, Lin You, Hildegarde, and Curran are all desirable on Co-Op teams. 

For more info on optimizing picks for progression, see the Reroll Strategies guide.

Option 3: Pick your favorite

Hawk Summon

For all the talk of optimization and opportunity, let's be honest: the real value of a pick ticket lies in being able to choose a beloved character. Unfortunately this excludes the cute seasonals, but there are still plenty of permanent ones to choose from!

It's a difficult path, given the fear of regret, but remember that anyone can be built well in Dragalia Lost. For those who already have a strong roster and no trouble clearing content, might as well treat yourself and summon the 2D guy or girl you'll be happy to see on the Home screen. 

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