Auto Co-Op Available and More in Dragalia Lost 1.11.0 Update August 26th

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New Update Incoming: 1.11.0

On August 20, 2019, Dragalia Lost announced an update coming to the game on August 26, 2019, featuring many quality of life changes as well as enabling auto-battling for co-op.

All players who update to the newest version will receive a Tenfold Summon Voucher, which will be applied by August 28th. 

New Visual Improvements

Icons for buffs and debuffs will now display the numerical value of the buff as well as the duration. 

Also, icons showing the effects of skills and abilities will display during quests for a short time. 

Co-abilities will no longer display at the beginning of quests. 

Mercurial Quests have had several confirmation screens added to allow for smoother gameplay. 

Item Details pages will now display more information when looking at quest rewards. 

New Co-Op, Affliction Changes, and More


The Auto feature has now been turned on for Co-Op Quests in Dragalia Lost. Players who update to the new patch available on August 26th will not be able to play with players on the older version. 

Previously announced changes to the affliction system will be implemented when the update is forced on August 28th. 

There are many more changes listed in the official news post, which you can find at this link here. 

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