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Six-Month Anniversary bonuses are huge! The update is big too, weighing in at a massive 1.57 GB! Make sure you've got the space and get to that Wi-Fi hotspot near you!

Six-Month Anniversary Bonus

Six-Month Anniversary Bonus Logins 3/26-4/14 PM PST
Day Reward
1 Tenfold Summon Voucher x1
2 Wyrmite x200
3 Wyrmite x200
4 Wyrmite x200
5 Wyrmite x200
6 Tenfold Summon Voucher x1
7 Wyrmite x400
8 Wyrmite x400
9 Wyrmite x400
10 Tenfold Summon Voucher x1

Total Rewards: Over 40 Summons in Vouchers and Wyrmite! (30 summons and 2000 Wyrmite!)

Don't miss more than 8 days for all the bonuses!

Retweet Campaign

Dragalia Lost Retweet Campaign : Follow @DragaliaLostApp & Retweet for rewards

For the Retweet campaign, 100 winners will be chosen to receive one Dragon of their choice of any rarity! In addition, a lucky 10 individuals will receive a copy of every 5-Star-Dragon currently available in Dragalia Lost as of March 25th!

If the tweet reaches certain milestones, more rewards will be given to everyone!

  • 5,000 retweets: 10,000 Eldwater
  • 8,000 retweets: 8 Summon Vouchers & 20,000 Eldwater
  • 10,000 retweets: 1-Ten-Summon Voucher & 30,000 Eldwater

Unfortunately, the rewards aren't cumulative, but it still means a massive 10 pulls and plenty of Eldwater for promotions at the 10K retweet mark!

Six-Month Anniversary Promotions

Date Bonus
3/26 - 4/1 Double Drops in Avenue to Power and Dragon Trials!
4/2 - 4/6 Double Rupies in Avenue Avenue of Fortune & Double Drops in Elemental Ruins!
4/7 - 4/9 Double stamina recovery speed and Double Drops in Imperial Onslaught!

Gala Dragalia incoming from 3/27 to 3/30!

New to Gala Dragalia is Ranzal (Gala Version), An Attack-based Wind Sword User!

He has Freeze and Bog immunity! Also, he introduces new gauge mechanics with both his regular attacks and force strikes - both of these bars boost his defense when filled, but are consumed when skills are activated to boost their strength! Holy cheese on rye, is he gonna pack a punch!


Dream Summon Special

For 1500 diamantium, you'll get 1 Tenfold Summon Voucher and an adventurer -or- dragon of your choice!

1.6 Update Content

  • Change game speed with a button while in Solo mode! Adventurers can equip two wyrmprints - Unlocked upon Chapter 4 story completion! Abilities with the same effect will stack up to a listed maximum bonus!
  • Trade for missing materials on the spot!
  • Set room conditions when hosting in co-op play! You can limit the elements, weapons and Might of players who join you! (Up to 500 Might above your own adventurers)
  • New Void enemies will appear in Void battles! April 11, Void Agni joins the fight!
  • A dragon is being added to Advanced Dragon Trials. High Mercury joins HMS & HBH on April 17th!

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